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Jackie and I were married for five years when we had our first sexual experience outside the marriage. Jackie is a lovely, five foot-four redhead with green eyes. She has a great figure, 36C, 34, 36 with gorgeous legs that go all the way up to her sexy ass. I'm average looking, 6 foot tall, average weight and built well, about a 7 inch cock.

Jackie and I have a terrific sex life. We're very compatible and have tried just about everything. So why go look for more? Well, it's the same old story; even when you have it so good, you wonder if you can make it better. Over those first five years we had many discussions about swinging and we both realized that we loved and trusted each other completely and we both wanted to experiment.

After our discussion, we didn't go out looking right away for sex partners, but we both were on the alert for an opportunity. It came unexpectedly one morning.

I work at home, but it's necessary for me to travel for a few days at a time. On one of those days when I was out of town, Jackie found it necessary to call a plumber. She called a local guy who owns his own business. Big Jim, as he was called, arrived on a morning when my Jackie was wearing a pair of white shorts and a halter top. The top revealed plenty of cleavage and the shorts were so short that when she bent over just a little bit you could see the bottom of her very sexy ass.

Big Jim quickly finished the repair under the kitchen sink and said, OK, I'm done. You can finish those dishes now."

Jackie thanked him and as she bent over the sink, Jim was on his knees, putting his tools away. He got a look at those pretty ass cheeks. and came up behind her. He cupped her ass in his big hands and nuzzled her neck.

"Babe," he said. "You really turn me on. How about a quickie?"

"That could be arranged," she said, to his surprise. "But it can't be now, and it won't be a quickie."

Jim, stood back and looked at Jackie. "Name the day and time babe," he said.

When I got home the next day Jackie barely said hello before she started to tell me about Big Jim the plumber.

"Are you sure you're OK with this," she asked?

"OK with it," I said. "I'm getting a hardon just thinking about it. When are you going to get it on with him?"

"Oh, Mike, I'm kind of nervous about it. Without you here I'll be a little scared, I think."

"I have an idea," I said. "How about if I stay in the guest room? It's right next to our bedroom and, even though I won't be able to see you, I'll get hot listening to your lovemaking."

"Oh," Jackie cried. "That will turn me on too, knowing you are listening."

The day came and I had parked my car at the gas station down the street and walked the half mile back to the house, so Jim would think I was away.

"Here comes his truck honey," Jackie said. "Go in the guest room now. I'll take over from here."

I gave her a passionate kiss and said, "Go for it baby."

As she opened the door for Jim she was wearing the same outfit that turned him on the first time he saw it.

I could hear them from my hiding place, but couldn't make out what they were saying until they came into our bedroom. Then everything was clear as a bell. I had instructed Jackie to make it very verbal, so I would know what was happening.

Jackie isn't much for foreplay. She likes to get right down to business. I heard some rustling and I heard the bed creak a little.

"Let me see what you've got in there." Jackie said. I heard a zipper.

"You're ready for me huh," she said. "No underwear. Oh, my! That is a big cock. How big are you anyway?"

"Last time I measured it was ten inches."

"I can see why they call you Big Jim. I've never had one that big before. I hope it doesn't hurt. Mmm, your balls are big too."

More rustling, more bed creaking.

"Here, let me get that top off so I can see those luscious tits," Jim said.

"Let me help you, it unties right here."

"Oh those are beautiful," Jim said. "They feel so soft and they don't sag a bit."

"Thank you. Here suck on my nipples. I love that."

"Mmmm." (Slurping sounds).

"I love the way the skin slides back and forth over your cock. You're not circumcised, are you?"

"No, keep that up and I'll cum in your pretty little hand," Jim said. "I want to fuck you babe. Let me stuff this thing in your sweet little pussy."

"Wait. I like to have my pussy eaten. You do eat pussy don't you?" Jackie asked.

"I love pussy juice. Lay down and I'll eat you 'till you cum."

"No, you lay down on your back. I'll sit on your face and you can suck the juices out of me. That way I can suck that big cock of yours at the same time."

"Like 69 do you?"

"It's my husband's favorite position. Mine too"

More rustling, more creaking. I had a hardon that was like stone. I quietly unzipped and dropped my pants and let it have some air. I stroked it slowly.

"Oh, your tongue feels so good. Lick it all over Jim. Stick your tongue up inside me. Oh, your cock is so big. I hope I can do it justice. Mmmm. Mnnnf. Whew. I got the head of it in my mouth, but I can only go down to about half of it. Mmmm. Mmmm.

"Mmmm, you're cunt is so sweet. I could lick it all day. Mmmmm."

"Right there Jim. You've got my clit. Right there, ohh, I'm gonna cum. Don't move it, I'm cumming, cumming! Ohhh. Ahh, ahhh.

Heavy breathing. More rustling, more bed creaking.

"That was so good. You have a great tongue."

"I was about to cum in your mouth babe. Why did you stop sucking me?"

"I'd love to drink your cum, but I want that big cock now."

"OK, lay down so I can drive it in your sweet pussy."

"No, you lay down. That thing is so big, I want to control how it goes in my pussy. I'll just sit on it and let it slide in slowly. Like I said, I never had a cock that big."

More bed creaking. I had to stop stroking my cock. I didn't want to cum yet. I knew there was more to come.

"Oh, I can't even get my hand around it. There, I've got the head in. Oohh it feels nice in there. No, no. Don't push up. Let me slide down on it."

"Babe, get it in there, you're torturing me."

"OK, ummm, I'm sliding down on it. I can't get over the size of it. It's filling me up."

"That's it babe, I'm half way in you. Keep sliding down on my cock."

"Oh, It's all the way now. I can feel your balls against my ass. I am so full. I feel you in my womb. Oh, Jim, just let me sit on it for a minute. Don't move. Wow!"

I was close to cumming without touching my cock. I had a twinge of jealousy there, but I got over it.

"Baby, your cunt is so tight. I have two balls full of cum for you. If you start moving I think I'm gonna blow it."

"Well, let me have it Big Jim. Fill my cunt with your hot seed."

Bed creaking loudly now.

"Oh babe, your cunt is sucking me. I can't hold it any longer. I'm gonna cum big."

"Ohh, your cock is spurting. I can feel it. I'm cumming too. Ahhh, Ohhh, yes! fill me shoot it in me. Fuck me, fuck me!"

Quiet, except for heavy breathing, then total quiet. After a few more minutes there was more rustling.

"Jim, you shot a hell of a load in me. Look, it's leaking out of my cunt."

"Babe, you have a tight cunt. Your husband is a lucky guy."

"I hope it's still tight after your big prick got through with it."

"I'd like to stay and fuck you all day, but I got plumbing to do. The regular kind."

Laughter. Movement away from the bed. Clothes rustling. I heard them move into the kitchen area. I waited.

The door closed and Jackie ran into the guest bedroom naked. She threw her arms around me and knocked me down onto the bed. Stradling me, she sank down on my hard cock. When her ass touched my balls I came like a volcano and so did she.

"Oh, Mike. Thank you. That was so hot! Next time it's your turn."

To Be Continued...

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