tagLoving WivesHer First Date as a Married Woman

Her First Date as a Married Woman


Let me start by saying that at the time of this story, (1982) my wife was a young 5'5" brunette with a great figure. Other than one encounter in 1978, (See:"My Very First Time") my wife had never fucked another man up until then. She was a virgin when we married, so as you can guess she fucked him after we were married.

We had discussed her dating other men for some time and after we were stationed in Germany for the second time, she started dating. She like many wives we read about, was reluctant, but the idea did not repulse her. We did the usual stuff of fantasizing in bed but nothing more until...

We went to a German Fashing party in a local small town nearby, there was a live band and lots of people there, we were with a few other friends that night. As the night progressed we danced and socialized, she eventually kinda went off on her own to dance.

After a time it was getting late and the party was coming to an end, she returned. Her face was flushed and there was some traces of white makeup on her face. We were pretty tired so didn't talk about it until we got home.

Later after we got home she asked me if I was still serious about her dating other men and I said that I was.

I asked her why, and she said, "I met someone!"

She went on to tell me she had met an other soldier at the dance and they danced together, and she found him to be attractive.

She continued to tell me that after dancing a few dances, he suggested they go outside and get some fresh air. She agreed and they went out to our car.

She told me they began to make out and she was surprised that she really enjoyed it. It started to get late and they came back in. She told him she wanted to see him again, but in their rush to get back to the party, she didn't get much info from the guy, just his name and where he was stationed.

Then she said, "If you want me to date other men, then I would like to try with this guy, but you will have to set it up."

Well when you give me a mission, I can be very resourceful.

It didn't take me long to find him and I even talked to him on the phone. I gave him our phone number and asked him to call my wife under the pretext that he had left something in the car, and my wife would like to return it to him.

This really got the ball rolling, as he called her shortly after and they agreed to meet.

As I had had a vasectomy and she didn't use contraceptives, we had to get her started on something. We didn't want her to get pregnant if she decided to have sex with her date. We had decided that if she was to have sex with other men, she wanted it to be natural so she could experience sex with him the same way she did with me.

The next day I made her an appointment with the doctor to get her on some sort of protection.

She arranged with the doctor to have an IUD put in. The day came for the procedure and I took her to the doctor. When she came out she told me about how it went. She said it was a bit invasive and embarrassing, but was excited about it all at the same time.

Then she made a comment that really turned me on. "I cant fuck for a few days, but now I am have protection, I am ready to fuck other men and I don't have to worry about getting pregnant."

"Whew," my head was really spinning as you can imagine, was my dream finally going to come true?

Let me side track a little here, you see in my fantasizing, she would go out and when she came home, she would act all coy and tell me she had been naughty, I would kid along and she would then take my hand and put it on her panties and ask me to feel them.

Of course they would be wet from fucking and soaked from another man's sperm.

I would then have her lay down and I would take off her panties and inspect and smell them, then she would show me her pussy so I could see what her pussy looked like after another man had fucked her.

Later when she finally did start fucking other men, we would play this little game almost every time.

Back to the story...They made a dinner/club date to see each other, and that day finally arrived.

She was excited all day as was I and finally she started to get ready for her date, she took a bath, and then walked naked into the bedroom.

She then sat down at the mirrored make up table and started to do her make up and hair.

I sat on the bed watching her get ready. The feeling of watching my wife getting ready for a date with another man was so erotic, my cock just would not stay down.

She put on a one piece black lace corset with little frills at the bottom and had me do the hooks in the back, then she sat down as I watched her put on her black nylons, hook the front garters, then stood up and had me hook the back ones. Then she bent over and slowly with both hands began to smooth out the wrinkles in the nylons, one leg at a time.

The view of her pussy was so exotic, you can imagine the thoughts going trough my mind.

Finally she slipped into on her black panties.

She then stood up and did a little twirl and asked me how she looked.

Even though I had seen her dressed this way before, this time it was different...she was wearing it for another man...

She looked so hot, I wanted to fuck her right them.

But she said "No, I need to be clean for my date."

She then put on a short black dress and she was ready to go, except for one last thing...her Opium perfume..there is nothing like this perfume that says "Fuck Me," more.

We then heard his car drive up, it was a French car with a distinct sound, so we knew it was him.

She then turned to me and said "Are you sure you want me to go through with this?"

I told her yes, I was not going to go back on my word.

Then she asked "What if I want to fuck him?"

I told her that if she wanted to, then to do so, "That it is all part of dating, right?"

He came to the door and off they went in her car.

She later told me that they had gone to the local Wienerwald, and had a bit to eat. While there they kissed a few times but stopped because they were getting a lot of looks from other patrons.

However that didn't stop them from playing under the table, touching each other. After dinner they went to the local Casino Night Club and danced and teased each other.

She could feel his hard cock against her as they danced, she said it really turned her on. When they weren't dancing, the sat at a table in a secluded part of the club and kissed and she said they couldn't keep their hands off of each other.

They only stayed there for a short time because she was getting so horny, her pussy was soaking wet she could feel it through her panties. She wanted to leave, she had made up her mind, she knew she wanted to fuck him.

They returned to the car and drove around town and found a secluded street and parked. The started to make out and playing with each other, she is a rather impatient woman so she had him pull his pants off and sucked on his his cock for a minute to make sure he was good and hard.

She then told him not to move and got out of the car and went around to his side and took off her panties outside.

She then reached in and hit the recline lever for the seat and climbed in and straddled his cock.

She rubbed the head of his cock up and down the crack of her pussy then slowly began to slide his cock in to her wet pussy.

She told me that as she was sliding down on his cock that she thought to herself "This is it, I am fucking another man!"

Soon he began to breathe harder and moan, and he filled her pussy with his sperm.

She thought "Wow, this is what is feels like to have another man cum in my married pussy, it feels so good and I want more of it!"

She said they only did it one time in the car and left soon after to come home.

As she drove back to the house to drop him at his car, she decided to not end it there, because she wanted more, so she brought him home with her and had him wait for her in the living room and told him she was going to go check on me.

I was still awake when she came into the room.

She looked at me and said "I did it!"

My heart skipped a beat and my cock became instantly hard.

She took my hand and put it on her panties and I could feel they were wet, she asked "Do you like?"

I said "Yes, it feels like someone had fun."

She then looked at me and said in a coy voice "I was a naughty girl."

It was totally erotic, feeling those wet panties, knowing they were wet from another man sperm and their love making juices.

She then had me pull them off so I could see and smell them. What a smell, the only way to describe it was simply SEX.

She then spread her legs and I got a look at her pussy.

In those days she was not as stretched as she is today so she seductively spread her pussy lips, reveling that they were they were sticky from his sperm, but there was not a glob coming out of her hole like you see in many porno clips.

Our little game over, she climbed up on me and rubbed my cock between her pussy lips and asked me "Am I wet enough?"

I told her she was and then she asked.

"Are you ready for your present?"

I said "Yeeeeees!"

She arched her back and lined up her pussy hole to my cock and slowly lowered herself on to my cock.

What a feeling, it is almost indescribable soft, velvety, like silk, wet, not stretched just slightly snug, and as she raised and lowered her self on me, more of the juices began to flow, it felt soooooooooo good.

It was better than I could have dreamed....Wow what a memory. It took me about 1 minute to come in her pussy, all that time, my hopes and dreams were wrapped around my cock and I was living it in better than Three D.

Needless to say I had one of the best orgasms of my life and filled her to the brim with my sperm.

After we were done, she pulled off and asked if I liked it?

I said "I loved It."

She then said, "Well I have to go take care of him now, I'll see you later."

She left and went to fuck her new boy friend in the living room. They did it several more times during the night and she fell asleep with him in the living room and I finally fell asleep in the bedroom.

I woke up the next morning at the sound of his car leaving, just before daybreak.

She came into the bedroom and told me he was gone and told me they had fucked three more times that night and once before he left.

As you can imagine we fucked again, and again until I could not do it anymore.

As we lay there still feeling the effects of from her naughty night out and coming down from out sexual high, she remarked.

"I can't believe that I just fucked two men almost ten times in one night!"

I looked over at her pussy, and said "I can!"

As a foot note, in-case you are wondering...yes she did tell him in her first phone call that her husband told her that she could date other men, just to clear the air. She also told me that it really turned him on knowing he was fucking a married woman, whose husband was OK with it.

She fucked this guy every chance she got for over a year, until he left the service.

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