tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHer Husband's Boss Pt. 03

Her Husband's Boss Pt. 03

byGeorge VI©


1. Blackmail
2. The Banquet
3. The Janitor's Closet
4. The Gap in the Curtain

5. The Bikini
6. Shaving Creem
7. The Cocktail Party

8. The Gang's All Here
9. Linda and the Hooker
10. The Finishing Touches
11. Back at the office


Linda lay back on Karl's lap, panting and gasping for air, tears smearing her makeup. When Karl had sufficiently recovered, he had to push Linda off of his lap to get up. Linda stood up, dizzy and wobbly-kneed, and quickly collapsed on the couch between Larry and James.

Her husband's two closest co-workers each reached up and grabbed a tit. Linda was offended, but in no physical or mental condition to object. She sat back and allowed them to feel her at will. Larry took her hand and placed it on his crotch over his slacks. Linda obediently cupped the protruding mound and rubbed it. Larry stopped her long enough to unzip his pants and pull them halfway down his thighs, allowing his hard cock to pop up. Linda put her hand over the warm shaft and stroked it. James also unveiled his hard on, and soon Linda was giving dual hand jobs to the men who were fondling her breasts. James and Larry each put both of their hands on a tit, as it took two hands to cover Linda's monsters. They shook and jiggled them, squeezed and massaged them, and rolled her big nipples between their thumb and forefingers, while the other employees and clients watched in continued amazement and arousal. They took turns pressing their lips against hers and engaging in long, wet tongue kisses.

James and Larry both leaned over and planted their lips on her tits, licking, nibbling and sucking them all over. James reached between her legs and rubbed her hairless pussy, then inserted two fingers and spread them wide.

Linda was going through her cycles of shame and arousal. She was whimpering and rotating her hips. No matter how ashamed she was of her actions, she couldn't help her building moans and gyrations. Her eyes were alternately wide open, and scrunched shut.

Larry whispered to her, "Suck it like you sucked Ron's in the pool." Linda obediently got on her knees on the carpet between Larry's knees, and lowered her lips down over his shaft. As she sucked on his cock, she reached over and continued to stroke James' member.

Will, one of Glenn's ambitious young employees right out of college, kneeled behind Linda. Will was not particularly good looking, and was kind of short, but had an aggressive personality. Fairly drunk, he wasn't going to pass up an opportunity, even if it was to fuck his boss's wife. Whenever he saw Linda, he thought that his boss was a lucky guy. Linda was always friendly to him at company outings, but he thought of her as a fairly boring and conservative churchgoer. When he heard the story of how the others watched her fuck his boss he was skeptical. Then this morning he saw her in that sleazy bikini. He watched her give head to her husband's boss. So that was how Glenn kept his job. And now she was shamelessly fucking and sucking cock and letting several other guys feel her tits in a room full of her husband's closest business associates. He wondered how he could be so wrong about this slut.

Will kneeled directly behind Linda. He unzipped his pants and dropped them to his knees, letting his hard cock stick straight out. He looked at her bald pussy between her legs, aimed his cock head at it, and slowly slid it in. Linda instinctively moaned once, but didn't stop her fucking and sucking. She was able to look back just long enough the see that she was about to be fucked by Will, thirteen years her junior. But she felt helpless to stop him. Will slid his cock in and out of Linda's warm, slippery pussy, doggie style.

Mick, one of her husband's other young employees, sat next to Larry on the other side of James. He brazenly whipped out his cock, and put her free hand on it.

Linda instinctively, gave Larry a fast, hard and juicy cocksucking. It became second nature to stroke James and Mick at the same time. And she was unable to ignore the young man repeatedly lancing her wet puss with his slippery saber, slamming his hips into her ass and pussy.

The other men not directly involved in the carnal scene stood around with drinks in their hands. They watched Linda's stretched-out lips glide up and down on James' wet cock, her long fingers stroking James' and Mick's hard cocks, her hanging tits swinging, and her ass shaking and rippling as Will repeatedly crashed into it.

"How could they do this to me?" Linda wondered. She was still hoping that someone would show her some respect and put a stop to this. "These men had all been friendly to me, seemingly respecting me. But the minute they got an opportunity, they treat me like some blow-up doll for their own gratification. They don't care about me as a person one bit. They're treating me as a… SEX OBJECT!" Linda had never really thought about the phrase before. "How could I be blind for so long? Any time a man showed any respect or consideration, all they every really wanted was to have my body. To men, that really is my only purpose in life."

Larry could hold back no longer. He grunted a couple of times, but his first squirt caught Linda off guard. When it hit her throat, she recoiled back, releasing the cock from her mouth. Larry's next several squirts shot onto Linda's face. She closed her eyes as the shots hit her nose, cheeks, hair, and eyes.

Linda just kept stroking James and accepting Will's cock in her pussy, with her head up, her face covered in sticky cum, her eyes closed due to the cum hanging off of her eyebrow. Will pulled his cock out of her pussy, and shot load of jism onto Linda's ass and back.

Linda collapsed on Larry's lap momentarily. But soon Larry got up, and James slid over to his place. Linda looked up at James, then down to his cock, and began sucking it. One of Glenn's clients took Will's place behind Linda. Soon Linda was again sucking on a cock while getting fucked doggie style. This time, before the men could fill her with more sperm, Linda reluctantly emitted moans and gyrations, and had her own powerful orgasm.

After several more blowjobs and doggie style fucks, Linda looked up to see Brett with his hands around her. Brett was another of her husband's young employees. Linda was secretly attracted to Brett. Not that she ever expected anything to happen between herself and the younger man. But Brett was good looking, tall, and very charming. Secretly, she looked forward to seeing him at company gatherings.

Linda was hoping the gallant young man would stop all of the humiliating sex she was being forced to endure. But instead of leading her away, he grabbed her and laid her down on the carpet. The cum-covered housewife was on her back on the floor as Brett slid his hands down her long thighs, and onto her sloppy bald pussy. He inserted a finger, then two, then three, wiggling them around while he looked at her and laughed. Linda moaned as Brett's digits stretched her pussy. She looked up to see the others watching her, but it appeared that it was Brett's turn to do her. She spread her legs, awaiting Brett. But Brett wasn't interested in fucking the older woman. Instead, he pulled off his pants, stood over Linda, and lowered himself down on her chest. He straddled Linda's chest, and laid his long cock between her fat tits. He took her hands, and had her press her own tits around his cock, as he slid the unit between them.

Linda was mortified that the young man didn't find her worth fucking, that he was only using her for a kinky sex toy. He thrust his hips in and out, as his cock slid in and out of her cleavage. Linda looked down to see the cock head disappearing and reappearing from her cleavage, inches from her face. The others cheered Brett on, and someone reached between her legs and fingered her pussy. Linda held her breasts in place for him, wrapping the big jugs completely around his cock. When Brett came, he shot cum all over Linda's tits, chest, neck, and face.


Clients were continuing to arrive at the hotel suite. Ron heard a knock o the door, and peered through the peephole. Damn, he almost forgot about his backup plan. He opened the door, and an African-American woman in a long coat entered the room. Ron, fearing that Linda might not work out, had hired a hooker to entertain. The black chick appeared to be in her early 30's although it was hard to tell. She had thick processed hair, a very dark complexion, and was fairly pretty.

She smiled and introduced herself as Marva. Ron immediately paid her, but said that there may be a bonus and tips if things go well. Marva said that she was very experienced at stag parties and other groups. Ron explained what he wanted from her as she surveyed the group of men around the naked white woman. Linda was getting fucked by a client, on her back on a coffee table, her tits bobbling all over. Marva presumed that Linda was another working girl like herself.

When the client finished and pulled out, Marva went into action. "You, slut!" she shouted. This got everybody's attention. Linda looked at the black women with confusion. "You two-bit whore, you fucking cunt! You will pay for your slutty perversion."

Linda looked at Ron, who just stood by watching Marva. "Get on your knees!" Marva ordered. Linda climbed off of the table, and kneeled on the floor several feet away from Marva. Marva untied her coat belt, and quickly threw off her coat. She was wearing a black push-up bra, lacy black thong panties, and high heels, nothing else. She stood before Linda, unhooked that front clasp of her bra, and removed it. Her tits were not nearly as big as Linda's, but they were firm and pointed straight out, capped with black puffy nipples. "Suck my titties!" she commanded to Linda. Linda, confused, looked over at Ron. When Ron just stood there ginning, she started to realize that this was something that he had cooked up. When Linda didn't immediately obey, Marva reached around and spanked Linda's ass one time. Marva held back, but it still stung, and Linda squealed. Marva again ordered, "Suck me!" and this time Linda obeyed. Kneeling before the black woman, Linda put her hands on Marva's hips to steady herself, and pressed her lips over the left breast. The hooker continued barking out instructions, making Linda suck and lick and fondle both nipples. Linda was forced to grope her bare, firm ass jutting out. In turn, Marva reached down and fondled Linda's breast in a very experienced way.

"Take off my panties!" Marva barked, and Linda slid them down the woman's thighs. Marva's black pussy was also shaved, and her pink slit could be seen. "Eat me! Lick me!" Linda, for the first time in her life, leaned down and began licking another woman's labia. The foul-mouthed hooker continually berated the white woman with obscene insults. She drove her tongue deeply into the hooker's twat, licking all over.

"That's not good enough, let me show you how it's done." Marva made Linda lay on her back on the floor. Marva stood above Linda's head, and dropped her twat down on Linda's face. Marva fell on to the taller woman, and managed to find Linda's pussy with her lips. Linda was forced to engage in the 69 activity for the benefit of the cheering men. Linda was grossed out at licking another woman's pussy, but did the best job that she could. Marva was an expert at it, and Linda did to Marva whatever Marva did to her. The woman's licking was arousing Linda. Marva clamped her black thighs around Linda's head. The men could hear Linda's muffled moans.

Marva was realizing that Linda was not a pro, probably just some slut that the men had picked up. Linda wiggled her hips and clamped her thighs around Marva's head. They gyrated on the floor together, licking and panting. Marva could tell the difference between a real orgasm and a fake one, and as Linda gyrated and squealed, Marva knew that she had given Linda a real orgasm.

Marva climbed off of Linda. She lied down next to Linda, who was still in a daze. Now Marva changed personalities, from a dominatrix, to a lover. "That was wonderful, honey, you must have done that lots of times," teased Marva. Marva then planted her lips onto Linda's. Marva worked her tongue inside Linda's mouth. Linda kissed the thick-lipped black woman, and tasted her own cum. The men roared watching the two women lying on their sides, Marva swirling her tongue around Linda's. Marva touched Linda's tit. Linda looked down at the small black hand caressing her large pale breast, the fingers circling her nipples. Marva grabbed her own tit and pressed her nipple against Linda's. The two nipples had sort of a sword fight as they circled and jabbed each other. Marva emitted fake moans, and Linda answered with real ones.

Marva's hand roamed down and found Linda's pussy. Marva tickled her lips quickly and toyed with her clit. Linda again moaned, spread her legs wide and humped Marva's hand. Marva took Linda's hand, placed it on Marva's pussy, and whispered,"Finger me, honey." The women passionately kissed and fingered each other on the floor in front of the crowd.

Marva took Linda's hand away from her pussy, and made Linda lick and suck on her own finger. Soon Linda was in the throes of another orgasm. She bucked her hips around Marva's hand, let out an unusual wail, and shuddered.


Marva retired to the bedroom and serviced as many men as her allotted time allowed. Someone figured out that the couch was a sleeper-sofa, and opened it up. Linda was led into the sofa bed by Karl to continue the fun. Karl had studied the way that Linda fucked her husband the night before, and wanted to recreate it. He lied on his back on the bed, and had Linda climb on top of him. Linda lowered herself onto Karl's cock as Karl told her just what he was doing. "I want it just the way that you gave it to Glenn last night."

Linda, embarrassed at being reminded that Karl watched her personal moments with her husband last night, thrust her hips just like she had twenty-four hours ago. Karl leered up at the tall woman as she sat fairly upright. Karl rubbed her hips and thighs before grabbing her thrusting ass cheeks the way he saw Glenn do it. Then he grabbed her bobbling tits and tugged on her nipples. Linda leaned over and let her tits hang in Karl's face. She looked down at him as he grabbed her swinging pendulums and stuffed a nipple in his mouth. She fucked fast, as she did the night before, and got hot again.

Ron, who had come in Linda's holes three times in the past twenty- four hours, had paced himself this evening. He had one more thing that he wanted to do to his employee's wife, and now he saw his chance. He climbed onto the bed where Linda was on top of Karl. He got behind Linda, between Karl's legs. Karl saw Ron, knew what he was doing, and nodded in approval. Ron pushed Linda down on top of Karl's chest. As Linda kept fucking Karl, Ron could see Karl's dick going up into Linda's twat, just below her little asshole.

Ron had a tube of lubricating jelly in his hand. He put some on his middle finger, and touched the outside of her asshole. The startled Linda turned around, but Karl held her down. Ron slowly worked his lubricated finger up into Linda's asshole. Linda let out a sharp, "Oh!" It was a strange, uncomfortable sensation having something inserted into her butt.

Ron ran his finger in and out until he was satisfied that she was well lubed. Then he dropped some jelly on his cock, and aimed the head at Linda's ass. Karl held Linda still as Ron began to slowly work his cock in. Linda figured out what he was doing, and squealed, "No, I don't do that, I don't know how!" As Ron had guessed, he was entering a virgin asshole. "No, Ron, yours is too big!"

Ron slowly worked his cock in, inch by inch, as Linda squealed and squirmed. Karl whispered, "Relax, relax your muscles, it'll fit." Linda did as she was told, but trembled as the rod proceeded into her. Ron slowly pumped his cock in and out of her, and Karl resumed his pumping. The two men chuckled as they worked at getting a rhythm going.

Linda felt more degraded than ever. It was a strange feeling to have the two cocks in her in close proximity, stretching her holes. She pretty much lied still as the two men pumped into her from above and below her. She looked around at her husband's coworkers on either side of the bed, grinning and cheering their bosses on.

"Oh, Oh!" Linda moaned. Her moans turned to groans as she felt another orgasm approaching. Soon she was sweating profusely, grunting in a very unladylike manner. The guttural sound emitting from her throat sounded like nothing that had ever come out of her. She puffed like a freight train, and the men chimed in. The three-way grunt-fest had the bed rocking and shaking.

"UH! UH! UH! UH! HUUUGGGGGG!!!" croaked the wife and mother.

The volume and the speed increased. Linda's grunts could be slightly distinguished by the lower-voiced men, but generally mixed in. Linda's grunting became once long, loud wail, as she thrashed and gyrated. Karl came in her pussy, and then Linda felt the unusual gush of Ron cummning in her ass. Linda's wailing continued long after the other two were silent. As Ron popped his cock out of her ass and Linda allowed Karl to get up, all of the men crowded around the sleeper sofa broke out in applause. Linda fell onto her back on the bed, and looked at the clients and employees, lining up with their erect cocks out.


On a weekday two months after the convention, Ron was sitting in his office just before noon. He heard a quiet knock on the door, and saw Linda peeking her head into the open doorway. Ron had not seen her since the convention.

"Well, hi!" Ron said.

"Uh, Hi, Ron," Linda quietly replied. She stood silently by the door.

"Linda, come in," said Ron. Linda walked into the office and quietly closed the door behind her. She stood in front of Ron, across from his desk. Ron couldn't help but check her out. She looked hot in a tight blue tee shirt, and a very short, tight, blue denim skirt showing off her bare thighs.

"I was looking for Glenn. I thought I'd see if he could go to lunch with me."

Ron paused. "Glenn's at an all-day meeting at a client's. I don't expect him back today."

"Oh, I, uh, didn't know that." Linda didn't move from her spot before Ron.

"I thought you did. In fact I was in Glenn's office when he called you this morning. I heard him tell you he would be out of the office the rest of the day."

Caught in her lie, Linda looked at her feet for a moment. "I, uh, wanted to thank you for getting Glenn out of that jam."

"Oh, don't mention it." Ron was wondering why she would thank him for that after all that he put her through. "Glenn is a good employee. I'm glad that everything worked out for you both."

Linda hemmed and hawed for minute. Ron pushed his chair back from his desk, leaned back, and broke the silence. "Did Glenn learn anything about what went on at the convention?"

"Oh, no, not at all," replied Linda.

"Can I ask you one question?"


Ron was hesitant to ask, but he was dying to know. "What did Glenn think of your, uh, shaved bottom?"

Linda tried to suppress an embarrassed smile. "Oh, he thought it was a nice surprise, but he didn't show any interest in having me keep it that way."

Now Ron smiled, bolstered by that frank discussion with Linda. "So are you letting it grow back?"

"Uh, yes."

Ron was surprised by Linda's appearance here, but he knew that she would be a changed woman after the convention. She had way too many obvious, wild orgasms not to admit to herself the she enjoyed some aspects of the weekend.

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