tagLoving WivesHer Husband's Fantasy

Her Husband's Fantasy


James Chadwick checked the creases in the back of his pants in the full-length mirror in his office. He smoothed the fabric over his tight buttocks, and then examined his heavily starched shirt. He stretched and tucked his shirt into his pants more at the sides to make sure that it did not lap over his belt.

James was not a very big man, standing five foot seven at a hundred forty-five pounds, though he appeared more slim than skinny. He had the look of a fashion model, but some would say that he looked a bit gay with his clean professional look. His elegant style commanded attention, but the gold band and his soft tone kept women at the plant at bay.

James checked his cufflinks before walking out of his office. His secretary, Debbie Anderson scurried behind him with a notepad and a pen at the ready. She stayed close finding his soft-spoken voice hard to hear over the plant machines, besides she liked his scent. Workers who noticed him made themselves hurried at their tasks avoiding eye contact with him.

James stopped at an assembly station. He noticed that the technician was using discontinued fitting tools, while the other workers used the upgrades. The technician stopped what he was doing to give James his attention.

"What is your name, sir," James asked. He looked the man in the eyes, which made many of the homophobic men uncomfortable.

"Ricky Lewis," the man answered.

"Debbie, find Mr. Lewis' supervisor and have him to come down here please," James said. "Mr. Lewis, is there any particular reason you are not using the standard equipment?"

"I was not issued the new equipment," Ricky replied. He leaned back trying to re-establish his personal space.

Debbie was back in less than a minute with the assembly supervisor.

"Mr. Mullins?" James said approaching the older man. "Could you tell me how we can expect workers to do their jobs if we don't provide them with the proper equipment?"

The assembly workers tried to hide their smile as the supervisor, Mr. Mullins stuttered.

"I know that the new equipment is here," James said.

"I'll get it for him right away sir," Mr. Mullins replied.

James followed Mr. Mullins' eyes. "Don't worry about that Mr. Mullins, you're fired."

"Debbie, send out a memo to all the supervisors," James said not giving Mr. Mullins another thought. "It is the supervisor's responsibility to make sure that all workers be trained at their jobs and have the proper tools to do it with." He picked up the SOP for that assembly station. "I want every worker to be tested at their jobs, and if they fail, I want them trained until they know how their jobs are supposed to be done."

Some of the workers who did not like Mr. Mullins wanted to cheer, but other feared that they could be the next one fired. Low mummers were heard mixed with the noise of the machines after James left the assembly floor.

Mr. Mullins was still sitting in the parking lot at the plant when James left for the day. Neither of the men looked at each other. James held no ill will for Mr. Mullins. It was business, no more and no less.

James stopped by the dry cleaners, the seafood market, the grocery store, and the movie rental store before rush hour could catch him on the road. His wife, Julia was having a few of her friends from the department store after she got off work. He wanted to surprise Julia with shrimp scampi and wine.

It only took him forty minutes to cook up the dish after he had put away the dry cleaning and the groceries. He set the kitchen table with the delicious smelling dish and opened a bottle of wine. He relished the site of his perfectly set table as he heard the sound of cars pulling into the driveway. He removed his apron and gave himself a once over before greeting them at the door.

James took out his wife's slippers and sat them in the foyer. He wanted for Julia to open the door, and then he took her by the waist. He turned her around and jammed her against the wall as he shoved his tongue in her mouth in a passionate kiss.

"Woooooo!" the women clamored.

Julia stepped out of her high-heel pumps and into her soft slippers as they broke their embrace.

"Good evening ladies," James said with a smile.

The women smiled and giggled.

"What is that fabulous scent?" Barbara, Julia's co-worker said.

"I thought you ladies might want a little snack," James said giving Julia another quick peck on the lips before picking up her shoes and took her purse.

Tamara, the woman that worked in house wares at the department store, noticed how attentive James was being towards his wife. Lisa, another sales associate at the department store feasted her eyes on James' good looks. Lisa winked an eye at James, but he looked away as if he had not noticed.

"He cooks too?" Tamara laughed.

Julia blushed.

"Watch out girl, he might be up to something," Barbara said. "You know how they do. Try to butter you up to get something or to get away with something."

"I trust him completely," Julia said pouring the wine into the glasses.

"You trained him well then," Lisa said.

"Nope, he was like this when I met him," Julia said.

"Com'on." The women laughed.

"Tell me where you found him, honey...cause I show can use one like that," Barbara said. "Mmmmm...and this is so good."

"There has to be something wrong with him," Tamara said.

"Nothing," Julia said. "I love him just the way that he is."

"You must really be putting a Mo-Jo on him in bed," Lisa joked.

"He's not complaining," Julia said amusing the women. "...and neither am I." "You go girl," Barbara exclaimed.

The women did not linger too long on Julia's love life as they had more gossip to share from their job. Many of their managers were transferred to other stores and there were rumors about some people being promoted. Julia was hoping that her name would be included in that list.

Julia cleaned up after her co-workers and headed up to the master bath. James sat in the Jacuzzi tub filled with bubbles, drinking wine, and reading a novel. The light scent of coconut lingered from the bath oil and candles.

"The ladies really enjoyed the shrimp scampi," Julia said unbuttoning her blouse as she sat on the edge of the tube. Her voice was low and seductive. "They were really impressed. I saw the look that Lisa was giving you. I'm sure she'd jump at the chance to get with you. Wouldn't you like me to watch you fuck her?"

James put down the book and put his fingers to the arch of her right foot. He traced the line under her foot up to her toes, and then over the top and around to her calf. "What I would like is to watch you." His fingers continued slowly up her inner thigh.

Julia tossed her bra on top of her blouse on the floor and worked the zipper on her skirt down. Her panties were soaked from the swelling of her cunt in anticipation of his touch. "You want to watch me with Lisa?"

"No." He rubbed his fingers over her hot panty covered pussy. "I want to watch you get fucked hard by a bum."

"Mmmmm." Her eyes rolled back in her head before she closed them. She spread her legs obscenely as she felt his fingers slip under the crotch of her panties.

"I want to hear you moan as he drives his desperate dick into your sweet pussy." He twisted two fingers in her tight pussy. "I want to look into your eyes as you take his cock again and again."

"Ahhhhh!" Julia lifted with the thrust of her husband's fingers. The thought of a strange man fucking her while her husband watched was a fantasy that crossed her mind a time or two. She grabbed hold of his wrist and closed her legs tightly as a small trimmer erupted deep inside of her.

James felt that his manicured fingers were magic, because of how easily he could make his wife cum with them. To him, Julia was perfect. She was only a couple of inches shorter than him and each of her tiny little bubble butt-cheeks fit neatly in his hand. She had perfectly natural thirty-six D-cup size tits. Her belly was flat, but soft, not hard like women trying to fit an image. Julie was light with skin with just enough color to keep her from looking pale. Her skin was smooth and even just like his, and except for her hazel light-brown and green eyes, they could almost pass for twins.

"Mmmmm." Julia opened her eyes and smiled. She removed her skirt and damp panties before sliding down in the opposite side of the big tub. "I'm I suppose to stand on the street corner like a hooker and let some guy pick me up?"

James lifted her foot out of the tube and massaged it with his soapy fingers. "No. I would not want you to risk being arrested. There is a chain store down off Hamilton. I am sure it would not take long for some guy to try to pick you up with these gorgeous legs."

Julia giggled as James ran his hand all the way up the underside of her leg. She quickly reached between his legs and grabbed his balls. "If I show my legs then you have to show yours."

"I don't think so." James laughed.

"Why not?" Julia began slowly stroking his hard cock under the warm soapy water. "No one could tell that you wasn't a girl on Halloween. You make a really good-looking woman and your butt look better than mine in a skirt. All you have to do is shave your legs and arm pits. It's not like you have a hairy body." She grabbed her razor and began sliding it across his lower leg.

James' legs were not particularly muscular. He was athletic, but did not participate in anything more than tennis. He had a tight little cute butt that many women found attractive. He had done a great job passing as a woman at the last Halloween party they attended and several men tried to pick him up.

James sat up on the edge of the tub and allowed Julia to shave his legs. They had gotten pedicures a few days earlier, so he would not have to do more than add polish to his toenails. He wasn't a hairy guy, so the hair came off with ease.

"Smooth." Julia ran her hands down James' legs. She looked up at him and giggled as she cupped his balls. "Mmmmm." She took the entire length of his six inch hard cock completely in her mouth.

James pulled her hair back into a ponytail as watched as she sucked vigorously on his cock as he sipped his wine.

Julia rolled her tongue around the circumcised head and pulled on the shaft with her lips causing a popping sound when she released it. She slid a soapy finger under his balls and into his pucker to the second knuckle.

James jerked up spilling his wine at the sudden intrusion. He came back down slowly as she worked the tip of her finger in and out of his butthole. "Arrrggh." He gripped the tub as Julia pushed the entire length of her finger up his ass and began to work another one in. He thrust his hips up fucking mouth as his asshole was stretched even more. "Oh yes! Fuck my ass!" He strained and jerked spasmodically as he shot his cream man juice into Julia's hot mouth.

Julia held her fingers in the tight hole as she drank his cum. She found that finger fucking made his toes curl when she was sucking or fucking him. She rose after her fingers were forced out of the tight pucker.

"I can hardly wait to see some guy nail your sweet ass." James said.

Julia giggled as she stepped tub with help of a solid slap on her wet butt-cheek. "Awwww!" She giggled getting a towel and tossing one to James. She continued into her closet and chose a simple knit mini dress for her mission. She tried her best to hide her nervousness about caring out his fantasy. It was one thing to take off her clothes for strange men on amateur night at a strip club, but it was completely different to pick up a strange man and bring him home. She hid her nervousness behind her flirty smile, as she got dressed.

"Don't wait on me." James adjusted the silicone breasts in the bra. "I'll be ready by the time you get back."

"Okay, hot stuff." Julia popped his smooth naked butt-cheek with her open palm.

James let her get away with the swat as he continued to adjust the fake boobs. He wondered could he get away with having boobs of his own. He chuckled as he squeezed the silicone through the bra.

Julia fought the butterflies in her stomach. She felt like meat on a hook and completely naked by the way men were going out of their way to get a look at her. She could feel her dress rising and the eyes on her butt-cheeks. She struggled with the urge to yank her tiny little dress all the way to her ankles to hide her flesh.

"Some body is very lucky."

Julia turned locking eyes with a smiling young man. "Oh, thank you." She smiled nervously.

"Your husband isn't afraid someone might still you away in such a pretty dress."

Julia looked surprised by the young man's insight, but then he pointed out her wedding set.

"Picking up a little wine for diner?" His eyes dropped briefly to the tops of her smooth breasts. He raised his eyes back to hers and smiled.

Julia noticed the Gucci watch on the man's wrist and the small scuffmark on his shoes. "No, just some cheap wine to drink."

"Merlot 1996...not all cheap wines are bad."

Julia had recently read about good cheap wines with James.

"I'm Darion, by the way."

"Julia." She allowed him to hold her hand.

"So, is it just you and your husband, or are you having company?"

"My husband isn't there, but I have company." She smiled holding onto batting her eyelashes.

"So, am I invited?" Darion locked his fingers in hers.

"If you don't mind my friend watching..." She started walking letting her fingers linger.

Darion looked upward with silent enthusiasm and followed Julia to the checkout counter. He moved in closer to her at the counter placing his hand to the small of her back. "You are so incredibly sexy," he whispered sliding his stretched fingers down over her butt-check and closing it firmly and then moved it back up to the small of her back.

Julia could feel Darion's anticipation growing. "Follow me in your car and try to keep up." She winked her eye at him and headed across the parking lot to her car.

Darion ran and jumped in his car and pulled in behind Julia as she exited the parking lot. It only took them a few minutes to arrive at Julia's home. Darion hurried to open the car door for Julia and got a glimpse at the crotch of her blue panties as she stepped from the car. He walked a couple of steps behind Julia to the door watching her butt-cheeks rise and fall under her thin dress.

James wore one of Julia's gray pleated mini-skirts with a thick belt to make his hips look curvier. The black tight v-neck short-sleeved top showed off his fake breasts. He had gotten hairpieces that blended in with his highlights and blue eyes. He stood heel to toe in the four and a half inch ankle strap sandals in the foyer. "I see you bought something back with you." James took the bottle of wine from Julia and smiled at Darion.

"Jamie, this is Darion. I met him at the store." Julia was amazed at how beautiful her husband looked. She could barely see the difference between James own hair and the extensions, but she doubted that any man could tell such a slight difference. She was staring harder than Darion.

"It's nice to meet you." James raise his voice a couple of octaves and extended his hand to Darion.

"The pleasure is all mine."

Julia's eyes widened as Darion bought James' hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it.

"Why don't you two go on into the den, while I get some glasses?" Darion turned walking with one foot in front of the other.

"It's funny how beautiful women always seem to have beautiful friends."

Julia smiled brightly knowing the Darion was completely fooled by James. The jitters she had felt earlier were gone. She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from bursting out into laughter at the sight of the huge bulge in Darion's pants. She had not noticed it at the store. She could only assume that it had come from the sight of James in that mini-skirt.

Darion placed his hand on Julia's ass and squeezed it gently in his hand. "Is she going to watch or will she join in?" He moved his hand from one cheek to the other. "You don't mind if she just watch, do you?"

"Of course not..." He pulled her against his muscular body. "I just wondered if she wanted to join in." He smiled showing all of his teeth as he lifted the back of her dress. "You have a perfectly round ass." He moved a hand up and captured one of her succulent breasts.

"She sure does." James winked an eye at Darion and handed him a glass of wine. "Luscious tits also..."

"Really?" Darion reached into the top of Julia's dress and popped out one of her tits. "It looks luscious." He sat pulling Julia down to the sofa next to him.

James brushed the back of his skirt under his butt as he sat. He crossed his ankles and pressed his thighs together. His cock was already hard seeing his wife's tit in the man's hand. He placed a hand over his crotch and sipped on the wine.

"I am one lucky motherfucker." It was obvious that Darion was speaking to himself. He worked Julia's dress open and pulled it off her shoulders. He cupped both of her slightly hanging big tits in the palms of his hands. "Mmmm..." He clicked and sucked on one nipple then the other.

Julia smiled keeping her eyes on James. He looked even prettier than he had at the Halloween party. His toes and fingers were painted the same color red as the glossy lipstick he wore. She allowed Darion to move her about as he stripped her completely naked. She leaned back on the sofa and smiled as Darion removed her heel. She did nothing to guide Darion as she watched James followed every move Darion made.

James tried not to move. He didn't want to distract Darion. He felt electricity shoot all the way up his leg to his balls as Darion traced Julia's instep with the tip of tongue. James' cock strained against the thin fabric that was trying to hold it back.

"Mmmmm." Julia took her eyes off James took her big toe into his mouth. His tongue slid between her toes as he cradled her calf in one hand and gently held her heel with the other.

"You have lovely feet." Darion kissed the top of her foot, around to the bottom, and then down to her heel. He lowered her foot and slid his hands up her legs. "Your skin is so soft and smooth like butter on a hot summer's day."

Julia lifted her butt as Darion stretched the waistband of her panties and pulled them off.

"Your scent is intoxicating." Darion held the crotch of Julia's panties to his nose. He tossed the panties over his shoulder without looking to were they might land. "You're so sweet, I could eat you up." He pushed her thighs apart as he knelt on the floor between them. He began kissing her inner thighs making his way to her moist pussy. His hands slid under her butt-cheeks and lifted them slightly from the sofa.

Julia glanced over at James and saw that he too was paying very close attention to what Darion was doing. She looked back as Darion covered her entire cunt with his hot mouth. His tongue pressed against her throbbing clit and then dug into her hot box. "Mmmmm." She arched her back as he lifted her ass completely off the sofa to his greedy lips.

James leaned forward a bit seeing Darion's tongue flick out at Julia's click and his lips smacking on her cunt. James kept his hand over his crotch to keep his cock from making a bulge against the skirt.

Julia's eyes rolled back in her head. She pinched her hard nipples between her forefinger and thumb, while spreading her legs obscenely for the stranger. "Ahhhhh."

James tried to discretely stuff his cock between his legs. He could tell by the Julia's face distorted that she was cuming.

Darion raised his head and began removing his shirt. "You are so fine." His upper body seemed thicker with his shirt on, but it was still very well defined. His pecks and stomach muscles were sculptured and the veins in his arms were swollen. He slipped off his shoes and then stood up in front of Julia and dropped his pants down to his ankles.

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