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Her Little Secret


James reached down an toggled on his computer. The system booted up, accompanied by the usual beeps and whirrs as he settled down in his chair. Ordinarily, there'd be an amusing sound byte too, but the hour was late and James didn't want his wife to hear him in here. Not that she'd really do anything, but he didn't want her to see what kind of sites he planned on surfing. Besides, if she really didn't want him in here, she would have done more to keep him occupied in the bedroom. As it was, their sex life was adequate-barely, and barely adequate if you asked James. So he didn't feel guilty at all with what he was about to do, and hadn't in quite some time either.

He quickly logged into the computer, firing up the Internet and opening a folder of some choice downloads while he waited. It didn't take very long, and soon James was banging away at the keyboard, checking on all the usual stuff. First, he went through their regular emails, and a few sites that they did share a knowledge of. For the most part, James gave all these a cursory look, only half paying attention to their content. When he saw nothing was new, his real web surfing began. For James, the purchase of a computer for home use was the best possible investment he could have made.

When Annemarie was in one of her more frigid states, which seemed to be happening all too frequently these days, it was an outlet, a gateway into a sexual world that he hadn't dared imagine. Before the computer, James would occasionally steal away to one of the local gentlemen's clubs if he needed a fix. If he was feeling especially adventurous, there were several peep shows available too. James preferred the ones with live girls who would strip and he could fantasize with. Those he would frequent more rarely, but he always left with a smile on his face.

The problem with going out like that was that it wasn't always easy to get away from the house long enough to make the trip worthwhile. He had dabbled in phone sex too, even going so far as to obtain a separate credit card, one that his wife would never see the bill for, but there was always the fear that someone would call back his number and reach her instead. Picking up videos or magazines was more convenient, but then there was always the problem of Annemarie finding them, or leaving him alone enough so that he could peruse them. The Internet solved all those problems, and more, for James, it was the ultimate sex toy.

His sexual exploits online were enough to finally keep himself satisfied. Besides, the universe of possibilities that it offered seemed to be endless, and James was always finding new and different sites of practices that even he never dreamed existed. As time went on, James found new and interesting ways to get his rocks off. One week he might do nothing but chat, finding the free adult chats available on various sites. Or he'd go looking for pictures, often finding the most unimaginable hard-core images someone's mind could conceive.

He didn't limit himself to free sites though, that secret credit card of his came in handy once in a while to buy a monthly membership somewhere. It was never the same with him, for James was intent on sampling all the online erotic world had to offer. One week it might be cum shot pics, then the next he'd want nothing but lesbians. After that, who knows, sexy models, gang bang whores, girls next door, anything and everything was fair game, and James was loving it. The way things were, James was about to embark on his nightly routine, a box of tissues at the ready, just in case. As he returned to the browser screen, James accidentally clicked on the 'history' button on his screen.

When he did, a list flashed up of all the sites he'd been to so far, and he saw nothing unusual. James always made it a point to erase this incriminating file every night. So far, his wife hadn't caught on. While she was capable of using the computer, Annemarie wasn't particularly good with it, and didn't know half as many tricks as he did. James saw that she'd been online earlier, and was about to close the extra window when the name of one of the sites stood out.

It wasn't one that James was familiar with, of that he was certain. The title, however could be taken in more than one way. Since James already had his mind set on more prurient interests, he took it to be a more titillating description, and he hoped he was right. The site opened up, and James was happy to see the usual warnings about being of age and such on the splash page.

Without any hesitation, he clicked on 'enter' to see what he had stumbled across. As the page loaded, he checked the history folder again, to see where else his wife had been web surfing. It was more than likely that she ended up here by mistake, but at least he'd found the place. The graphic files loaded up, one by one, and James saw that the site was one of those so-called 'amateur housewives' sites. From his experience, he knew better, but he was intrigued by the pictures, especially after rationalizing that it wasn't likely his wife would find even a link to such a site. His eyes scanned the page quickly, and James liked what he saw. In fact, he was about to take them up on the offer of a 'free tour and trial,' even though he knew what that really meant when he noticed the flashing member's entrance.

Curiosity got the better of him, and James moved the pointer down over the flashing button and clicked. To his amazement, the site didn't redirect him to a sign up page. Instead, it brought him directly to the main site index, and several pictures of some very attractive girls opened up. At first, James thought it was his lucky night, but as he went to copy down the URL, he noticed that the site already had a member's password filled in. That was a shocker to him, and he sat back in his chair, puzzled by this. Who else would be using the computer, and who would have entered a password for this kind of site? James pondered that for a little, and decided to do a little more exploring.

What he found was quite interesting, to say the least. James had spent about half an hour flipping from page to page on the site, lingering over some of the pictures more than others. The women on it were quite lovely, and he noticed that as one went deeper and deeper into one of the mini-sites for these ladies, the photos grew hotter and hotter. By the end of some of these galleries, they were not only completely naked, but also engaged in some rather provocative hard core poses.

It was a good thing that James stumbled across these erotic shots, for he was growing a mite bored at the regular nude shots. The harder shots of girls finger fucking themselves, or playing with various toys kept him on the site, and then he found the really good ones. Several of the women on the site did photo sets with their men, leaving nothing to the imagination. James felt his cock stirring as he meandered through the last cum shot pic. That set was hot, the girl had gone as far as having two guys come over and fuck her. He was stroking himself a little, reveling in the feelings along his hard shaft. James figured he'd probably go one more gallery before he got off, and that was fine with him. Without even looking too closely at the girl he was picking, he used his free hand to maneuver the mouse over and started up her part of the site. When the images finally loaded up, James was in for a bit of a surprise.

The girl smiling back at him from the screen was no stranger, it was Annemarie's best friend, Nicole! The pretty blonde was all decked out in a very sexy bikini, showing off that body that James loved to secretly watch whenever they were together. The scenes appeared to have been taken in her backyard, James and Annemarie had been over there countless times, so he knew it was really Nicole he was seeing here. Her breasts were gorgeous, so firm and perky looking. James had always fantasized about seeing them uncovered and now here they were, right in front of him. His cock stirred as he made his way past more pics, watching her taking off that bikini bottom and giving him an unobstructed view of her fine ass and delectable thighs. As he made his way through her gallery, his cock grew harder and harder, and he stroked himself more and more. He was lingering on her hotter pictures, eyes wide as he watched her slipping out of that bikini, frame by frame.

Nicole's next set was even better, she started out naked, and progressed to spreading her legs for the camera. As James had suspected, she was a bleach blonde, but he could definitely forgive that. Besides, as he stroked his cock faster and faster, his eyes were focused on the hot pink cunt he saw spread before him. It was as if Nicole could see him, and was teasing him because she brought out her toys for this set too, causing James to gasp as he saw a close up of her licking the side of a hot pink dildo. Her sensuous tongue wrapped around the plastic shaft, making James wish that were his cock instead. His stroking grew more and more furious as he watched her, in shot after shot. The shaft of her vibrator caressed her face as Nicole teased the camera.

The suggestive captions that accompanied her pictures turned James on ever more as he wended his way through her sexy portfolio. She slid the hot pink toy all over her body, teasing her tits with the tip before bringing it down to her pussy. Now she was letting the toy glide over her thighs as she spread her legs in preparation to take it. James could feel the cum welling up in his balls as he watched. In virtual slow motion, Nicole eased the toy inside her pussy, pushing it deep down, all the way until only a little bit of the base remained outside. James groaned as he saw this, stroking his cock and wishing it was her wet pussy wrapped around him. Nicole did several shots where she had her legs spread completely, guiding her dildo in as a hand caressed her tits. He could tell she was wiggling her hips as she fucked herself, and he knew he was at his limit.

Without any hesitancy, James opened one last picture file, one showing a naked and wet Nicole, reclining back as if screaming in the throes of an orgasm. She had the vibe pulled out of her pussy, but the gleaming tip was poised just at the opening to her hot fuck hole. That was enough for James, as he stroked his cock faster and faster, grunting as he came. He shot out gobs of his cum onto a waiting tissue, wishing that he was splattering his seed all over Nicole's flat tummy and trim thighs. He massaged the last few spurts of his cum out while keeping his eyes riveted on that hot picture of her. James wondered what it would feel like to fuck such a hot chick, but decided that for now seeing her photos online like this would be enough. As his cock softened, he cleaned himself up a bit, then saw that Nicole promised to post more sexy photos of herself online about every other week or so. James logged off the computer when he was done, careful as always to cover his tracks. Already he couldn't wait to see what Nicole would have in store for him the next time.

It took James a little more than a week to find enough time to get back to Nicole's site. He was getting anxious, for she had said she'd have new sets up in about that time frame. In fact, James was downright excited once he saw Annemarie was asleep this night, and it was early enough that he could spend some real time online. He powered up the computer and logged on as soon as it came up. On a whim, James checked out the history folder again, and sure enough, the site was there. Although he was a bit perplexed by this, he had some suspicions but kept them to himself. Instead, he made his way over to Nicole's part of the site as quick as he could, to see what the night would bring. As soon as James reached her newest pages, it was clear that Nicole wouldn't disappoint. She was wearing a sexy lace bra, and a matching little lace skirt.

Her lingerie revealed a lot, and by the next few pictures, it was revealing even more. Matching stockings graced her shapely legs, and the skirt itself had garters attached to it. That alone was sexy enough, but she was already starting to peel pieces off. Nicole's poses were hot as well, she seemed to excel at finding just the right seductive positions. Some of the most attractive ones were when she was bent over, flaunting her cleavage for the camera. Sexy Nicole didn't stop there, of course, there were plenty of shots of her firm rear as well, which got James' cock throbbing. She wasn't shy about things either, for the very next pose found Nicole with her legs spread and her lace thong barely concealing her cunt. James watched as the next series of shots showed Nicole slowly removing those skimpy articles of clothing, and the captions she had typed in teased him mercilessly the whole way. Each successive shot left him wanting more and more as his hand started to stroke. Her bra had gone by the wayside first, and James stared at those beautiful tits as Nicole pranced around. The lacy skirt followed, leaving James hoping that she'd end this set with a little toy show too. After a few more shots, it seemed like Nicole was about ready to say good bye to her little thong too, but then she stopped. Seductress that she was, sweet sexy Nicole had yet another surprise in store.

While James leered at the topless beauty before him, he did notice that Nicole's captioning referred to several emailed compliments she had gotten regarding the toy show that she had put on. They had given her much encouragement, and she alluded to several requests that other site members had made. Her seductive smile grew as she slipped out of her thong, and announced that she was pleased to have a helper for her next photo set. Without further introduction, out stepped Annemarie!

James stared at his screen, flabbergasted at seeing his lovely wife posing with Nicole. She was wearing a very revealing robe over a bra and panty set, with garters to boot, but none of that lasted very long. With Nicole's help, Annemarie slowly removed each piece, until the two women were completely bare. James' cock was throbbing by this time, as he scrolled thorough each picture of his wife and her sexy friend playfully stripping each other. While there hadn't been any overt sexual contact between the two, it was quite obvious that they were brushing their hands over each other's bodies as they stripped, and neither one attempted to avoid this contact.

This was particularly clear as Nicole removed Annemarie's bra by cupping her breasts before tugging at the lacy material. As James looked at these shots more closely, he could see Nicole's fingers pinching his wife's nipples before they continued. That got his heart racing, as did the next few poses the two lovelies struck. They seemed to be teasing him as he clicked his way through, watching intently. They were close, very close to each other now, with Nicole even going so far as to pose with her head tantalizingly close to Annemarie's breasts, or her head down by that exposed pussy.

James paged through, his excitement growing as he waited to see if they'd do more. His cock was already stiff as he stroked himself, waiting to see what else would transpire. Fortunately for him, he didn't have to wait too long. As Nicole teased him and Annemarie by pursing her lips closer and closer to those sweet, sexy breasts, she let the gap close, and wrapped her tongue around her friend's nipple. This got James stroking himself faster and faster, wishing the pages would download quicker. With each passing page, Nicole was on Annemarie more and more, first sucking on her breasts, then moving on further. James gasped as he watched the scenes of his wife having her pussy licked by her best friend, it was almost enough to make him cum.

The expression on her face told him she was really enjoying this as he saw Nicole's fingers slipping inside that sinfully hot box. The camera angle was perfect, darting the point of view around as Nicole's tongue lashed out onto Annemarie's clit while she finger fucked her. James could almost imagine his wife's cries of passion echoing through the room as she came, succumbing to the pleasure Nicole was giving her. Those probing fingers slipped out of Annemarie's cunt slick with her juices, and as Nicole sucked them clean, James cried out himself, gasping for air as he came. His hot cum spewed out all over his hand as he furiously stroked his cock, wishing he was there to fuck his wife's hot cunt, then have Nicole lick them both clean.

With that thought, James shot the last of his load, spraying his cum all over, but he was too far involved to care. James' strokes grew gentler and gentler as his orgasm subsided and his spent cock softened. As his breathing returned to a normal rate, James cleaned up a bit, and was tempted to shut down the computer for the night, but he noticed that the counter on the screen indicated that there were a lot more pictures available. Not being one to pass up on a chance for something really special, he picked up his mouse and started paging even further. He was only half paying attention, for he was still well satisfied from his last jerk, but then he couldn't believe his eyes.

Of all the people James didn't expect to see, Nicole's husband Ron was on top of the list. He appeared naked and aroused, as any man would have been with those two beauties in front of him. As James watched the scene unfold in front of him, Ron approached the two women as they made love, clearly intending to join in. He was right there with them as Annemarie got up, recovering from her orgasm, and Nicole was smiling along with her. The next shot was a close up, one that commanded all of James' attention. While he had certainly enjoyed watching Nicole fucking his wife as only a woman could, he could hardly believe what he was seeing.

Sure, watching Ron and Nicole kiss deeply seemed only natural, but that wasn't what James was looking at. There on her knees between them was lovely Annemarie, with Ron's cock in her hands. It didn't stay there long though, for in the very next frame, she had it in her mouth. James watched wide eyed as his wife went down on another man's cock, a scene he had only dreamed of. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself too, sucking him all the way down into her throat before pulling him out again. Ron's cock glistened with her saliva as she pulled it from her mouth, only to plunge down on him again. It was clear that he was enjoying this, and he was getting into the action as well.

He had already reached a hand down to caress Annemarie's gorgeous breasts, and he also had one of Nicole's sweet tits in his mouth. James watched him with some jealousy, keenly aware that while Ron was sucking tit, he was getting his cock sucked as well. As Annemarie's husband, James was well aware of just how amazing her hot mouth felt when it was wrapped around a thick hard cock. So often it had been his, but not as much lately. His cock started to stir again as he watched, and smiled when Nicole drew away from Ron to join Annemarie.

The two ladies kissed passionately, wrapping their lips and tongues around the shaft of Ron's cock, then Nicole took over the cock sucking duties. Annemarie wasn't left out in all of this, for she rose and was now enjoying Ron's mouth on her breasts. Ron seemed to be enjoying as well, and he soon had his hands and mouth all over Annemarie's tits. As well he should, thought James, what with Nicole sucking his cock while he got to suckle on Annemarie's tits. Hers were bigger than Nicole's, Ron was getting the best of both worlds now. By now, James had a hard on to match Ron's, and he started to stroke as he clicked his way through the gallery, anticipating what they had to have next.

James didn't have to wait much longer, for after Nicole got her sucks in on Ron's cock, it was time for the real show. Once again, a surprise awaited James, for he had guessed Ron would have started fucking Nicole any minute now. Instead, he gasped as he saw the next picture in line, with Annemarie on her back, legs spread, and Ron's thick cock sliding into her pussy. James started stroking his cock as he watched, awestruck at the sight of his lovely wife taking another man's cock. In each picture, he could see Ron's cock slipping deeper and deeper into Annemarie's waiting pussy while Nicole stood by watching.

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