Her Mouth


He gasped and bucked as she licked the back of the head of his penis quickly, then moaned as her tongue ran around to the front of his shaft, just under the head, to that magic place of perfect pleasure. She worked her way down, to the base of his balls, then slowly came upward, onto his shaft, and up, up, up until she finally reached that magic place again, licking quickly and pressing hard, lifting him into a arching orgasmic plateau. She took him as far as she could into her mouth, holding him tight and moving her mouth slowly. He moaned deeply, caressing her face and shoulders, and said, “I won’t be able to take much more of that until I come in your mouth.”

She sucked deeply from the root of his penis, pulling upward until her lips popped over his head, making him jerk and gasp. “You already are,” she said, opening her mouth upward to let him see the white cream she’d gleaned from his well-worked penis. She had been at this for more than a half hour, and could suck on him anytime she wanted and get a good bit of his sweet, salty cum. She could feel the sheet soaked underneath her, where her pussy and gotten wet, dripped, and overflowed at her excitement from his agonizing expressions of pleasure at what her mouth was doing to him. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t gotten hers already. He had fingered, vibrated, licked, and fucked her pussy, bringing her to many orgasms before they had decided it was time to let him get off. She remembered how that right after she had had her last orgasm, screaming, on top of him, wriggling like an impaled animal around his steely shaft and the excruciating vibrator she couldn’t seem to jerk away from, she lowered herself, still a little light-headed, to his penis and took it into her mouth, still white with her sex cream.

She remembered that taste, salty, just a little pungent, and started dripping even more where she lay. As her excitement built again, she started getting more and more anxious to bring him to orgasm and feel…

She lowered her mouth to his balls again, and worked slowly, steadily, upward, making him burn in the anticipation of her tongue reaching that place again. Oh, she’s coming up, oh almost there, oh, oh, oooohhhhh……! She took him into her mouth deeply again, as if to sooth his overstimulated penis, then tricked him by shifting her tongue quickly to the back of his head and flicking her tongue quick and hard, lifting his whole body into a jerking, quaking, bucking spasm while she somehow rode it out with her tongue maintaining its torturing spot on his head. She relented, and took his penis deep into her still mouth, and he moaned at the pleasurable cessation of excruciating pleasure, and the incredible feel of her mouth, just simply tight and still around him. After a few seconds, she increased the suction, and started sliding her mouth off his penis. He tensed in anticipation of the abrupt break from his head, then jerked and gasped as her lips popped off him.

Her eyes widened at the amount of cum in her mouth. She moved her tongue through it, pulling it back and forth in her mouth, wanting to savour it fully before she swallowed it and searched for more.

She could stand the anticipation no longer. She lowered her mouth onto his penis and her tongue onto his pleasure center as if it had been designed just for that place. She sucked slightly and rubbed her tongue up and down, not too hard, and not too lightly. He tensed and relaxed simultaneously at the immense pleasure thrumming throughout his body, centered in that one nerve cluster underneath her warm tongue. He rocked in rhythm with the movements of her mouth, and his penis started to swell even more than its already erect state, jerking of its own volition every few seconds, clear honey almost flowing from the tip of his head. His movements grew more emphatic as his penis jerked more often, and continued to swell. Finally, she felt his whole body go rigid underneath her, his penis swelled to steely hardness in her mouth, and he started moaning a low, continuous moan even as she slowed her tongue and mouth to prolong that wonderful crest of sensation, the edge of orgasm.

His dick pulsed once and his body broke, then his penis pulsed again and shot thick, sweet, salty cream hard into the back of her mouth. She swallowed all she could in preparation for the next shots, which came so big, full and regular that she totally lost track of swallowing, sucking, rubbing, and simply existed in a world full of his semen, his moaning, and his writhing body. It filled her mouth, spilled onto her face, shot onto her neck…his penis started to wilt just a bit as the pulsing slowed, and only small drops of cum came out. She sucked eagerly at it, wanting to get the last drops of that sweet nectar straight from the source. After his dick was dry, she lapped at his belly, licking up all the cum that had spilled there, tasting that sweet saltiness for as long as possible.

After his penis was soft and dry, and his belly clean, she rolled off of him. She felt her creamy pussy and knew she would have to have a last orgasm before she went to sleep. She looked over at him, but it was obvious that his strength was zapped and she would have to get hers on her own – but she didn’t mind. She reached over and found the vibrator, turned it on, and felt her pussy leap at the sound. She touched it to her clit, and was swept away by the incredible vibration sweeping through her, and felt the sweet darkness close over her as her clit and vagina leapt together in the final orgasm…

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