tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHer New Girlfriend Ch. 01

Her New Girlfriend Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Discovery

Like most guys I guess, I like women's sexy lingerie except I like to wear it too. I love putting on my girlfriend's undies, walking around the apartment in them and masturbating until I explode all over the place.

Cheryl my girlfriend is on the athletic side and her things easily fit on my more slighter frame. She is very shapely with long sculptured legs, a tight body and C-size breasts. Her dark thick short hair just reaches her shoulders and frames her attractive face: Big eyes; big pouting lips and almond eyes. She really is a total package.

She always dresses hot with tight outfits, short skirts and high heels. Underneath, she almost always wears lacy bras and panties. I love making out with her when she is dressed up and I can feel her sexy undergarments rub against my skin.

Cheryl was gone for the afternoon so I took my time and went through her lingerie drawer. I tried a couple of different things and paraded around but decided on her red lace bra and matching panties. They must have been new since I had never seen them before. The panties would have been just large enough to cover her pussy so it was difficult for me to contain my cock inside them. I had to kind of tuck it under to try and contain it.

I walked around our bedroom and admired myself in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty good. My body is pretty hairless, so from the neck down, I looked very feminine. The outfit on my slim body was perfect and my legs were shapely for a female never mind that I was a male. I found some matching stay up stockings which really made me look totally hot.

As I pranced around the room in front of the mirror, my cock popped out the top of my panties. It reminded me of some of the TSTV web sights I visited and I stroked and rubbed my cock and balls through the lacy material.

Finally I couldn't stand it any more. I jumped on the bed and vigourously started to jerk off. I grabbed her vibrator from the night stand, lubed it then rolled over onto all fours. I pulled my panties down just exposing my ass and turning the toy on to low.

As I place the tip right on my back door entrance, it ran a shiver right through my body. I pushed it inside me a bit at a time until most of it was inserted. I turned it up more and more. Then I let the pressure from my sphincter push it out before I pushed it back in like it was fucking me.

I turned it to max. My entire body was shaking. With the vibrator fucking my ass, I barely had to touch myself when I started to climax. I shot my huge load all over the bed underneath me.

The vibrator shot out of my asshole as I collapsed face down on the bed. My cock smeared into my warm pool of cum beneath as I continues to experience mini-spasms from my orgasm.

Finally gaining enough strength to move, I got up.

"Shit!" I realized I just smeared my....her panties and stockings with cum. I threw the panties in the hamper and prayed she wouldn't figure anything out. I had to hand wash the stocking because I knew you don't machine wash them. I hoped they would dry before she returned.

I didn't realize how late it was. I put back her bra and stockings then cleaned up the bed and replaced the toy just in time.

"Hi honey!" Cheryl shouted. "I'm home!"

"Hi!" I said still excited but trying not to look guilty. "How was shopping?"

"Bought some new girlie things. Maybe we can have a fashion show later." Cheryl winked at me as she went to the bedroom to put her stuff away.

We had some dinner, but my mind was elsewhere thinking about the new outfits Cheryl bought and how they might look on me.

"Let's watch some TV." Cheryl said out of the blue. "I've got a new DVD to watch, but I'm going to change into something more comfortable." which usually meant she was going to put on some of her sexy things and we'd watch some porn.

She took a little time to get ready, so I cleaned up the dishes. I was disappointed when she came back wearing her dressing gown since I wanted to her to show me her new outfits.

Then she let the front of her gown fall open.

"Holy shit!" I thought to myself. "Is that the same panty I jerked off in?" I thought I could see some cum stains.

She slid in the DVD into the player and cuddled beside me on the couch. "This should be interesting." She said as if it were a documentary.

I looked puzzled as it started to play. It looked familiar. It was in our bedroom. It was me!

"What is this?" I asked.

"I kept finding my panty drawer disturbed and who could be going through my things, so I set up the DVD recorder in our bedroom. And voila! My hard core proof it's you."

"I know some guys like to use women's underwear to jerk off.....But oooh! Look at that! I didn't realize you like to wear it too!" Cheryl said as she saw me in one of her white thongs. "You look good in that one."

I was stunned but tried got up to turn it off. Cheryl threatened me. "Don't you dare. I want to see this." I stood there like a stupid dolt with a huge tent in my sweat pants.

She watched me try on a number of different bras and panties; a couple of teddies and her bustier. Finally I put the red lacy bra and panties. "Oh yeah!" Cheryl exclaimed. "Those suit you best. They look better on you than me, don't you think?" As she showed me her panties; the ones I wore earlier and still smelled of cum.

Then she watched me start to masturbate. "You look really hot jerking off like that." She observed. Then the vibrator part viewed. "Oooh, my little girl likes it in her ass!"

Did she just call me her little girl?

Then finally, I came and collapsed. My cock was so hard right now, it almost burst out of my pants.

"Well, my little girl likes frilly lacy things. Let's try on some of the new things I bought today." She told me to wait where I was.

My body was tingling with excitement as Cheryl ordered me to change in the middle of our living room. Standing there naked while she decided on what I should wear, had me rock solid. She made me try on a number of things she bought, and then handed me a hot pink thong with a butterfly over my crotch, however my rock hardness could not be contained and was sticking out the top.

"You need to fix that." She pointed at my hardness.

"How?" I asked. "I'm too excited for it to go down."

Cheryl licked her lips and smiled. "Think about it."

I stood in the middle of the room with this massive hard on sticking out of my panties. I tentatively moved my hand to my crotch and took hold of my cock. Cheryl looked at me with lust in her eyes then whimpered as I started moving my hand up and down.

I was so horny, it felt like only seconds as I jerked off and shot a wad on the floor in front of me. I could barely stand after coming, but that did it. My cock was soft enough to tuck inside my panties.

Cheryl then had me put on a pair of black fishnet stay ups but made me put on a beautiful red and black bustier with garters to hold them up anyways.

Cheryl also loved wigs. She had many in her wardrobe and would put them on when she wanted to go out to be slutty with me and not be recognized. Cheryl put the red one on me.

As I stood in front of a full length hallway mirror, Cheryl approached me from behind. One of her hands cupped my bum then down my crack and between my legs. Her other hand tweaked my nipples.

I stood there unable to move. My legs were still trembling making it difficult to stand.

Her hand ran down my chest, over my belly and on to my crotch. She played with my balls through the thin panty material. Her other hand reached around and started stroking my cock. She pulled my body into hers and ground her crotch into my ass.

Cheryl grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, led me to our bedroom and threw me face down on the bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched her grab the lube bottle and pour it over my ass. She then grabbed her double-ended cock-shaped dildo and lubed it against my ass. Holding it from the middle, she easily inserted one end into her wet cunt then aim the other end on my lubed soaked asshole. She pushed with constant pressure as the cock head popped inside me. Her left hand pushed my head into the bed as she thrusted her hips back and forth causing the dildo to fuck both of us.

I could no longer hold back. I started to shoot my cum between the bed and my body while Cheryl continued humping me until she was able to orgasm as well.

My body was totally spent; every muscle was twitching; my cock still spasming from the massive orgasm I just experienced. I couldn't move even if I wanted to. I laid on the bed with the dildo still sticking out of my ass when I heard "Click! Click!"

I turned to see Cheryl taking pictures. "This will be easier for me to carry around and show rather than carrying the DVD."

At this point, I really did give a damn what she meant.

"I'll have to think about what to do about our little secret."

That night, Cheryl made me sleep in one of her short black embroidered baby doll with panties. Even though I was exhausted, between my new sleeping apparel and what she might have planned for me, I didn't sleep a wink that night.

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