Her Niece Saved Me


"Ok. I'm off to lunch. See you tomorrow evening." I ended the call. I parked behind her car and went inside the house. I was amazed. Not that I expected her things to still be there, they weren't. But, the house was all but empty. The entertainment center and the equipment were gone. The living room couch, chairs and tables were gone. In our bedroom all my clothes were there, in a pile in the closet. All the furniture was gone. Every room in the house was just as empty.

I went out to the garage and discovered that it too was empty. All my tools and my partially rebuilt 1934 Ford Victoria sedan were gone. I stood there with the garage door open and for the first time since I met Brenda and the evidence of Denise's cheating I cried and felt anger to the edge of rage. All the evidence was clear. Denise had no feelings for me at all. If she had any feelings she would have left me the car. She knew I had invested thousands of personal hours on that car.

A car honked somewhere in the neighborhood and snapped me out of the feelings. I closed the garage door and went back inside the house. I found her two suitcases in the closet by the front door. I took them both into the kitchen and opened them. They were full of brand new clothes, still with the tags on them. I was already angry, the sight of all these new clothes pushed me farther towards rage.

In the laundry room I found a partial bottle of bleach and a partial box of detergent. I left the soap and took the bleach back to the kitchen. I dabbed bleach on each and every item in each suitcase. I neatly refolded each and restored it to it's place, perfectly packed for her getaway.

As my hand started to close the first suitcase I felt an urge. Instead of closing the suitcase I lowered it to the floor and squatted over it, dropping a couple of turds inside. I put the other suitcase down and finished my business in it. I closed the new Samsonite suitcases and put them back in the front closet.

As I left the house I realized that Denise would be back for those suitcases. She would want to take her BMW, as well. She could park it at the airport and I'd have to pay to get it out or maybe she was selling it. I went to her car and removed one wire from it. Now the car wouldn't start. I got in my pick-up and drove away. Smiling.

My cell rang. The caller ID showed me the number of my friendly FBI agent. I answered and he said, "I bought your tools and the Ford. For what I paid, you get them back, although I am tempted to keep the Ford."

"You want cash or a check?"

He laughed and said, "Either. Where are you headed now?"

"I thought I'd drive near the real estate office and watch the reaction to Denise being served."

"Park at the bank and I'll pick you up. She might recognize your car otherwise."

When we were parked in his gray Ford Victoria down the street from the real estate office he made a call on his cell and said, "Ok. Serve her."

We watched a man carry a box into the office and I said, "Wouldn't you like to hear her reaction?"

Mr. FBI hit a button on a remote he aimed at the office and we heard the man carrying the box ask, "Is Denise Peterson here?" We saw everyone in the office gather as Denise said, "I am Denise Peterson."

"Due to the nature of this gift I'll need to see some identification, please."

We watched as she got her purse and showed the man her driver's license. He extended the package to her and said, "How does the joke go? You've been served."

Denise took the box and asked, "What joke? I've been served? What the hell is going on?"

The man said, "Open the present and find out. It's not from me."

The older woman I'd seen in bed with Denise produced a pair of scissors and cut the tape on the box. I saw Brenda standing just to one side of the older woman. She did resemble her. Denise opened the box and found the divorce papers stacked inside. She looked up at the process server and said, "That son of a bitch! A divorce!"

The man turned and walked out. Before the door closed we heard Denise say, "It's Ok. I'm free of him anyway!"

We waited and a few minutes later Denise and the older woman left in a Caddy. We followed and it went to my house. Mr. FBI said, "We had to let her rape the place, otherwise we might have tipped her off. I'm sorry."

"Worst part was my car. At least you saved that."

Denise went inside and came out with the two suitcases. She hefted them into her car and then discovered it wouldn't start. Ten minutes they worked on it and it wouldn't budge.

I said, "This wire would fix it, I'd bet on it." I showed him the wire I had removed. We quietly laughed and watched as they transferred the suitcases to the Caddy. They drove off.

"They're going to their good-bye party. Wanna go?" Mr. FBI asked.

"How about dinner first and then we crash her party?"

"You serious?"

"Damned right. This could be fun." He started the car and we found a nice place for dinner. I even had a glass of wine. When we pulled up in front of the house with the Caddy in the driveway there were four other cars parked in front.

Mr. FBI said, "I'm not going inside. I'll wait here for you. Ok?"

"You'll miss a lot of fun." I said as I exited the car. Through the small window in the front door I saw the six women inside in various stages of undress. Very gently I tried the front door and found it unlocked. I opened it and stepped inside.

Three women screamed and tried to cover their best parts. Denise stood up and said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I heard there was a going away party and I didn't want to miss it."

"You serve me with divorce papers and you want to attend my going away party?"

"Yes, Sweetheart. If you want to go to the airport tomorrow with everything you took from me, you'd best grant me a few minutes of your time."

"And if she says no?" One of the women asked.

"Then I promise that tomorrow night she will still be here, not in France or anywhere else."

Denise got a look on her face that plainly said she had underestimated me. She said, "How many minutes?"

"About ten. Probably less."


"On the front porch would be fine with me. Your friends can watch through the windows if they like, but they can't listen. I see a stereo. As long as I can hear the music I'll talk to you. The music stops and the deal is over."

Brenda's Mom turned up the music and Denise followed me out onto the porch.

I said, "I know you never loved me. You can't love a man. But marrying me to steal from me, to do your best to take everything from me? That's just mean. Now, just so you know, I know what you've done. I know all my accounts here in town have been emptied. I quit my job, emptied my 401k and you took it all. You even sold my Ford. Here's what you don't know, I can legally stop you from leaving town or I can walk away tonight and never speak to you again."

"How can you stop me? You don't have a damned dime!" Her face was red with her emotions, her belief that she had won, scammed me of everything.

"I had enough money to hire some men who hate women as much as you hate men. See the gray car across the street? If he doesn't see what he's supposed to see then he makes a call on his cell phone and every woman here tonight will be sorry for the rest of her life. You thought I was an easy mark. If you believe I can't do anything, call my bluff."

She thought for almost a minute. "What's he supposed to see?"

"You, stripped naked and sucking me to completion... and swallow everything I give you."

"No problem. I've been doing you for years." She took off her clothes and dropped to her knees. She unzipped me and pulled my cock out of my pants. The porch light made it easy for the women inside and for Mr. FBI to see what was happening.

Ten minutes later she swallowed and I wiped my cock on her cheeks. I zipped up and said, "Good-Bye. I'm not coming to the airport in the morning to see you off. Air France, isn't it?"

She nodded and started picking up her clothes. I walked across the street and got into the car with Mr. FBI.

"That has to be against the law." He said.

"Yeah, it probably is. Didn't it look like she did it willingly?"

"Who cares? Tomorrow she goes to prison."

And she did. So did my brother and so did Brenda's Mom. I refurnished the house and finished rebuilding the Ford Victoria. The new contacts I made at the conference brought in over a million dollars in commissions to me. As for our new relationship, well Brenda's so busy running the real estate office that we mostly see each other on our days off. At home.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/03/18

Good, yet

Four stars.

Pretty good, yet sucking him off at the end was a bit much and unnecessary.

Who would say, "suck me off and I'll let you steal all my money and get away". Who would be stupid enoughmore...

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by penneydog5501/01/18

Yeah I Liked It

Wow what a Bitch! Glad you hung the horses collar on her! Thanks for sharing this Fantastic Story with us! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ WOOF!
Oh Oh Oh! Few years ago my brother and I went into our suburban Pharmacymore...

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by Evil5212/01/17


I know you like to have readers comment. For me I have a hard time with comments but I rally enjoy your stories. Keep writing, as for this story I enjoyed it a lot!

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by Anonymous11/25/17


There was a lot of presumptive shit in the story that I let pass but saying, "Th- th-that's all folks", instead of giving us a detailed wrap up of what happened and how it all ended dropped the story frommore...

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by Anonymous08/28/17

where's the wrap up

It needs the include the reaction to the arrest and divorce. The ending was rather anti-climactic.

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