tagErotic CouplingsHer Oral Embrace

Her Oral Embrace


Two weeks I've known Kelly.

A strangled gasp catches at the back of my throat. I stare down my prone body to where my manhood should be. Kelly's full lips have sunk to flatten my pubic bush. Her chin rests in my ball sack and that brilliant blue gaze watches my groan-stiffened face. By slow and careful manipulation her long fingers have kneaded and encouraged my cock to bend as she wishes; down toward my feet so she is at liberty to mouth-fuck me while keeping her head up and back, eyes fixed on me as she saps my willpower and dissolves me like a lolly-pop trapped and pulled over her tongue.

I am just below average height and my engorged sausage, though stiff as stone, could be considered a moderate length.

And therefore ideal for Kelly to swallow whole.

I've been locked in her delicious oral embrace now for several minutes, riding waves of rapture, my hips juddering on occasion. Kelly barely twitches an eyelash as she rides out my involuntary spasms, keeping eye-contact, soaking me up in every way.

Her palms skate circles, skim up my waist, tummy and chest, fingers split wide as they wash over my aroused nipples. Then flexing on the down strokes to lightly graze my body with her nails. At the mercy of those dragging tingles I am breathless. Her nostrils pant on my belly.

Her eyes close, lashes long, and she gives her head a little shake, hair bouncing, swabbing my cock-end in her throat. She draws back and pulls off me with a wet pop. My cock springs back to slap my belly with a smack. Kelly's mouth becomes a mischievous grin at the plop sound.

"A way to go yet lover boy."

Hard blue eyes; I realise she's barely started on me.

"In a while I'll give you something to remember." Her teeth clench. "First I'm going to do this."

Her hand holds me up in a reverse grip around the bulb. She twists me like a bottle cap, other hand milking my root.

"Like that don't cha?"


Her flexing wrists speed up, screwing me in opposite directions.

"Fuckin' love it don't cha."

"Ohhhh Fuuuuck Yeeeah."

Breaths fly out of me like great wing beats. She wrings me like a rag, inciting a rush, a taut heat that boils and hardens my testicles, stiffening my pleasure base. Savouring the view at the same time I teeter toward explosive bliss. As if in response to my keen scrutiny Kelly kneels lower, giving me the eager bitch demeanor and nuzzles her face on my thigh as her motions lighten. Her shiny tresses drape over my legs and frame her face, her back an arch up to the heart-shaped mound of her smooth bum. I drink in every inch of her creamy skin. She is groveling between my legs like an elegant animal.

She spits and curls her fingers over my knob end, palm engulfing the underside of my plum, the heel of her hand brushing the glands. An affectionate grip that enlivens my fat head to match her lips; reddened with arousal, swollen into a 'fuck-me' pout.

On this warm afternoon in her bedroom sunlight kisses her hands, highlights her nails polished to perfection, the white crescent tips, her shapely knuckles and joints as they work me, long slender hands that can elicit whimpers from grown men, lacquer affection upon a man with delicate artistry or squeeze him to enthralled submission.

The wood-frame bed creaks softly as she spits and tugs me through a variety of grips, hands writhing my pre-cum around, pushing me through interlocked fingers, waggling the base to beat my cock on the flat pillow of her tongue. Those hands twist on me over and over, slimy through a lather of spit-bubbles. She dabs a few kisses on the tip that make me twinge then drums my belly using my cock. I laugh at this novel perversion.

"Kelly, you're more depraved than I am."

She's all smiles, shaking my rod on my body with thumps. "I'm not sure that's possible."

She lays me flat, presses her palms over me completely. Massaging the balls, stroking the underside and knob all at once. A method that immerses me in such a swell of sensitivity that I roll my head in the pillow, moaning and sweating, twisting the sheets with fists.

Have to hold on... Rocking beneath those hands I glance down and see her cheeks blushed with passion, Kelly's mouth agape, held in a silent gasp. Her control over me has her mesmerised. She can mould and fuck the cum out of me in any way she so wishes and she knows it too.

"Ohhhhhhh," she coos.

She gifts my sensitive cleft with an abandoned rub of her sweet nose, polishing the delicate angles of her tip in my juice.

She stops, scoots up my body and lays on me, sandwiches my cock in her cleavage. Rests her cheek on my chest, the top of her head under my chin. My panting slows and her weight settles on me, comforting.

"Your heart is racing," she whispers after a minute. She's right. My ears are throbbing. "You know what I love about you?" Her voice reverberates through her chest into my loins.


"Some guys clam up, try to deny themselves and pretend blowjobs aren't their thing. Not you. You let yourself go. You really let me see how deep I can take you. You're uninhibited and make a racket. I like that."

Her nipples are hard buds against my belly. The firm globes of tit-flesh hug my cock. I offer a slight shrug.

"For me it's even better than fucking your pussy. I've always adored pretty womens' faces, their hair."

I tuck hair behind her ear; tweak the lobe in my fingers. A sigh blows out of her, over my shoulder. A waft of serenity. I feel as though my lower regions are stuffed to the brim with candyfloss. Sweet inflation.

"Do you adore my face, my hair?"


"I washed it this morning," she says, giving the scintillating tresses a leisurely finger-comb.

"It's in great condition, so glossy." I breathe the scent of her hair, timotae shampoo, and my sweaty fingers catch in the clean gold. Her legs bend up and cross at the ankles. I wonder where all this is leading and become absorbed by the sight of her toned calves, curves of muscle accentuated by the miles of cycle riding she loves to do. She cuts a great look in high heels.

She tucks her knees under her, nipples trailing like beads down to the tops of my thighs. Beneath the spill of hair I feel her kiss my nipple, suckle on me. A thrill blooms through my chest. She gently plucks the nub between her teeth. I reciprocate, cupping her tits to roll her pert teats in my palms. I twiddle them between forefinger and thumbs. The feel of her erect nipples enlivens my nerves, is a gentleness that lingers in my hands, tickling me.

A breath quivers from her.

She crawls back, sinks down on her front, face leaning on my thigh, chin nestled in the fold of my groin.

"Today's treat," she says with a girlish grin that wrinkles her nose. Using both hands she gathers her hair as if to tie it back then flops it over her freckled shoulder. Scooping up my erection she oh-so-slowly wraps the silk around and encloses my base in it with her hand. The feathery soft nest gives her grasp a cool slippery texture. I am robbed of breath. Adrenaline so intense surges as I swoon, my back jolts, straining to arch.

"Oh fuck."

I shudder back from the brink to see fresh tears of pre-cum weep from my tip. Still holding me, Kelly laps her free palm a few times. She checks I'm watching with dirty glances while performing languid flat-licks, smearing her hand with saliva. Her moist grip enfolds my knob, leaving just the dewy duct visible. She leans up and flicks her tongue into the ooze, stirring my juice in her fist.

The situation pounds though me and I sit up. Kelly doesn't pause, just continues to thrill my hole, scrunching her hair around my hilt. I tangle my fingers in her hair and pant, squeeze her shoulders and groan, kiss the top of her head and curl my toes.

"Suck me now Kelly. Come on, suck me. Please."

"You taste amazing." Her tongue persistently lilts over my cockeye causing me a frantic ache. I take her hand away and grip the bond of hair. I pump it up and down myself. I want to speed up, pull harder but can't. I'll shoot if I do. Kelly drinks in my desperation, licks her lower lip and bites it. I wank the softness surrounding my pole hard as I dare, then flop back onto my elbows and screw up my face, fighting to contain the pressure.

My lungs labour to cope, a feat made all the more difficult because Kelly is scrunching the hair around my rod again. My abdominals contract and I grit my teeth. Somehow I keep myself from melting.

Kelly bides her time, soothing me. When my pulse settles she pushes on my thighs and arches back, rising, lifting her hair, slowly uncoiling it from my proud member, one corner of her mouth crooked in a smile. Twirling free, my manhood flops on me.

Kelly suddenly scrabbles her nails over my belly. A hard grab and she 'aahhhhhs' her gob and throats me. Forces my plump end into her gullet, far as it can shove. She gags, her head shivers but she is stubborn as fuck and her roving nails bite into my thighs, rake my butt, head bobbing and hair wild, making depraved squelches on me, throating me in glugs and gags and turning a spiteful glare up my squirming body to lock my eyes in her furious stare. An inferno of erotic moodiness.

Feeling her choke on me gives me immense satisfaction and I shunt my hips against her down strokes, battling her in rubbery hammer-blows.

I am losing myself to her.

She presses down. My thigh and back muscles give in, unable to resist, to match the weight of her head, the power in her neck. My arse bulges the mattress downward under her domineering strength and my cockhead jams a half-inch deeper, further than she has ever managed before. Her nose-tip nuzzles in my bush; her lashes flutter, teasing my abdomen. The contractions around my tip are her swallowing on me. Her head quivers with each relishing gulp. Tiny shakes of her head seem to work me deeper still, movements that shift her hair in gentle cascades over my lap.

I wrap my legs over her back, clinging to her body.

Never before have I been eaten so entirely.

I am losing myself to her.

Her lips appear elongated and consume my base, her cheeks are suction-hollowed. As if to intensify our embrace our hands glide in. My fingers slide into the curtains of her hair; I take her ears in my palms while her long fingers curl tight in my pubes, pulling on the tuft of hair to add a measure of pain to my experience. Her other hand cradles my scrotum like ripe fruit.

Wracked with ecstasy I grunt and sob and stare at the top of her golden head when I can face it. The wealth of sensations, the brush of her lashes, the cool nose-tip, my fingers enmeshed to the roots in smooth hair, her fragrant skin; I drown in it all and a plaintive moan lifts from me, builds to a wail as a white hot contraction steals into my every nerve and solidifies my muscles.

My world collapses in a profound seizure. Balls tight, a fizzle of pressure blasts up my cock. I am frozen as Kelly gulps my bulb in earnest.

She is drinking my essence and I have lost myself to her.

The central wave is colossal, so intense it sends me back to the first time I ever came. Then the release and I find myself thrashing like a landed fish, mouth agog. The bed creaks under us as I quake out the last throbs. She stays locked over me, pigging on it, seemingly unwilling to cease her gorging.

Slowly she draws her lips up me and I half-expect cum to drool down my sausage. Sucking back to the recess behind my knob-end and still none. Only spit-slick inches of my flesh. Her lips bow over the shape of my bulb and then I am free, supported in her hand. Not a spot of jizz.

She has swallowed my load perfectly. My weak thighs flop from her to the bed.

On all fours she brings the moist bulge of her pussy to hover over my prone pole. Her hair dangles around my face and she eyes me for a few gasping moments.

A cheeky half-grin. "All that sucking's got my cunt hot." I catch the aroma of my cum on her breath. "Fuck me good and I'll do you again. Tomorrow maybe, if you're lucky."

We roll over. Her shapely legs slither wide and I cup her hip, aiming myself with my other hand. I cram my hard self root-deep. A ripple shivers up her body, her neck arches back, lifts her shoulders from the crazed sheets.

We're going to be at it awhile yet.

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