tagIncest/TabooHer Pass Ch. 02

Her Pass Ch. 02


Anne held the steering wheel tightly with her left hand, while her right hand kept the phone close at her ear. She could barely stand the anxiety. What was Jack going to think?

The dark streets winded back and forth with few other drivers out. The black night set the perfect backdrop for how sinister this all seemed. No moon, no stars, no other headlights going by. Just the two lane suburban streets. They occasionally widened to four lanes before cutting back to two.

Her stomach tensed and her foot pressed the accelerator further. She pushed the German luxury sedan harder into the night and listened to the rings at her ear. Pick up, Jack.

After a few rings, she expected his voicemail. One click and then it was his voice. Live.


"Hey Jack."

"How are you doing? You okay?" His voice sounded tight.

"Uh, yeah. I am." She knew at once she didn't sound it. "Feel really weird and all, but am fine. And you?"

"I'm great. Kinda in disbelief, but great."

A wave of relief washed over her as she got her first indication he wasn't regretting what they had done. She felt a big smile beaming on her face. Hopefully, he wouldn't freak out over what she had to tell him.

"Um, Jack, there's something I need to tell you."

"Yeah? What's that?"

"Well, I got home, and it... well it was just horrible."

"He was pissed you had been out or something?"

"No, no. I mean, he wasn't horrible. I'm saying I felt horrible. He was trying to talk and be normal. He wanted to ask questions. And, I just felt like... I didn't want to be there. At all."

"I don't blame you."

"Good. Good. Because I can't believe what I did."

"What's that?"

"I left."

"You left?"

"I couldn't stand being there. I realized I hated it."

There was a pause. She thought he would respond, but he evidently was processing her news. She continued.

"Anyway, I packed a couple of bags. I told him I needed to leave."

"Did he ask what was going on? Did he ask where you were going?"

"Yes. Yes, he did. Uh, I hope you don't mind. I told him I was going back over to your place. I should have checked with you first. I just... ."

Jack didn't hesitate. "That's absolutely fine. Don't worry about that. You're on your way now?"

"Yeah, I'm about five more minutes away. You sure you don't mind? I mean, I can go to a hotel."

"Mind? Hell, I'm excited. Come on. Be careful, okay?"


They hung up and she blurted a big sigh. She didn't get just how presumptuous she had been until she was on the phone with Jack. Here she had put Jack squarely in the middle.

She made two more turns to get to Jack's building, and the streetlights gave more clarity for her passage to Jack's. The tall apartment building reassured her. Jack awaited upstairs.

After parking the car, she pulled one of her bags from the trunk. Nervous pangs rumbled in her stomach, but there was also another physical reaction she noticed. Excitement stirred between her legs.

She entered the apartment building and walked briskly to the elevators. She avoided eye contact with anyone. This can't be a good idea. I know better, and yet here I am. But I want to see him.

Jack hugged her straight away. She barely got in the door, and he took her into his arms. Her chest mashed tight against his solid abdomen and she couldn't help but think back to how defined he had been nude. She chastised herself for having this memory of him.

When they withdrew from the hug, she gave a brief nervous smile. "Hi."

Jack smiled, too. But his next words stopped her cold.

"Dad called."

"Oh no."

"Yeah. Guess we should have expected that though, right?"

Uneasiness shook Anne. She let go of the handle of the bag she had brought in and it clumped to the floor. It struck her that, ever since she had left Jack's place the first time, she had been simply acting out. No contemplation. Not really. Just making this move and that move. She had not worked through any of this, not really. She left home and now she was at Jack's. How utterly reckless.

Jack's voice tried to calm her. "He was shocked, and yes, he was a bit pissed. He wanted me to try to calm you."

"What did he say?"

"He wanted me to find out what your thinking was. He says you acted like you had gotten over being mad with him. He never expected you to leave."

"Did you say I told you about his affair?"

"No, I didn't. He didn't ask and I didn't offer it."

"I'm not sure what to do. I just know I don't want to be there. I need away from him right now." She tucked a strand of hair behind one ear and her eyes glanced down.

Jack led her over to the sofa. "Can I get you something? Another wine?"

She hesitated. On the one hand, she needed her wits. On the other, she could use the respite. "Sure."

Jack brought them both wines back, and she eagerly took a sip. Her hand went into her hair and she shook it. Her mind raced with what might happen next. Why did I come back here?

"Did he say anything else?" She heard her own voice come across shaky.

"No. He didn't. Just wanted me to talk to you."

She took a long drink from her wine, set it to the table, and then descended back on the sofa. Her shoulders sagged and her head tilted back to where it rested on the sofa cushion and pointed up to the ceiling. She closed her eyes.

Jack put his wine down and he moved to her. He sat close, let his head fall to the sofa like hers, and then turned his face to her. With her eyes still closed, but a faint grin at her lips, he pecked her cheek very softly. His mouth near her ear, he whispered to her.

"I don't want you to worry. Everything's going to be alright."

She took a full breath. "Yeah? I wish I could believe that."

"I can convince you."

Her eyes blinked open, but she didn't turn to where his face was still close to hers. "You can, huh? How are you going to do that?"

Without even looking to him, she sensed he grinned back at her. Another breathy whisper came quick from him.

"I'm going to take you upstairs and help you relax."

She squeezed her eyes shut and a hand lifted to her face and tried to cover her eyes. She pursed her lips a second before half-whispering her reply.

"Jack, we cannot be doing that again. You know? I mean... for goodness sake. I'm... I'm your mother."

She winced and a couple of her fingers massaged her temple.

He started to speak, but then he rose from the sofa. He put a hand towards her.

"C'mon. You should get some rest."

As they started towards the stairs, her phone rang. She glanced quickly to it and saw it was her husband, James. She tapped the phone to send the call to voicemail.

They were headed up the stairs when Jack's phone rang. They kept going up the stairs, as Jack pulled the phone to his ear and took James' call.


They reached the top of the stairs, and Jack listened to whatever was being said on the other end. Jack pivoted towards one end of the hall, and Anne paused. She motioned for Jack. When he looked to her, Anne pointed at the other end of the hall. She reached for her bag in Jack's other hand.

Jack shook his head 'no' to her and then he spoke into his phone to his father.

"Yeah, she made it here. She's fine. She's just going to crash here."

More talk sounded on the other end of the line, but Anne couldn't possibly make out what was being said. She shrugged her shoulders towards the bedroom at the opposite end of the hall from Jack's room and she took a step in that direction.

Jack dropped the bag in the hallway and stepped to Anne. At the same time, he spoke evenly into the phone. She braced even knowing they were talking at all. The memory flashed of their shared time with Jack's baseball team. This is so very wrong.

"No, I'm not going to try to convince her to come back over tonight. Let's just let her get some rest. She can stay here."

Anne flinched. Her mouth fell open at the same time Jack clasped her hand. He started walking her in the direction of his bedroom. She listened to Jack talk into the phone, and she couldn't resist feeling a bit stunned.

"I get that you're surprised. And no, I'm not being difficult. I'm just saying she should stay here tonight."

Anne lowered her look to the floor and tried to imagine just how agitated James likely was that Jack wasn't doing James' bidding. She took small steps along the hall, following Jack into his room. She walked in as Jack stepped back into the hall, retrieved her bag, and then brought it over to the foot of the bed for her. Jack motioned with his hand towards the bag, and Anne began unpacking her toiletries.

Jack stayed silent on his end of the call and Anne got what she needed to go the bathroom to ready for bed.

"Yeah, she's said you guys have had issues. She's talked about that. I don't want to get into all of that."

Anne's torso sunk with hearing Jack having to engage with James about all that. She started to the bathroom, but hesitated there to hear Jack end his call with his father. Her face angled down but her eyes peered up and over to where Jack stood. He had one hand on his hip as the other cradled the phone.

"I'm not going to argue with you, Dad. I'm really not. You guys take a break for right now. That's how I feel."

Jack's eyes darted about the room as he let James have one more say.

His voice raised a notch. "Okay. You can think I'm being shitty all you want. I'm calling it a night."

Jack took the phone from his ear and clicked the call off. He looked over to her and he reacted to what must have been abject concern on her face. He stepped over to her and gathered her to him.

Emotion caught in her throat and tears welled in her eyes.

"Hey, hey. It's okay." His voice was low and measured.

She hugged him back and felt so dazed by it all.

After their hug, she slipped into the bathroom. After she shut the odor, she stared at herself in the mirror. This is crazy. She noticed her own reddened eyes staring back at her, and she fought what could have easily deteriorated into a stream of tears. She swallowed hard and went about removing her make-up. She washed her face, brushed her teeth, and teased at her hair, all while wondering how she would handle Jack wanting her to sleep with him.

She opened the door to go back to her bag for something to wear. She would get her modest long-sleeve tee and some shorts she would wear. Nothing provocative.

Jack sat waiting on the edge of the bed. His chest was bare, but his jeans were still on.

Her voice weakly explained she need to get her night clothes. "Got to get something to sleep in from my bag."

"Okay, I'm going to go real fast." His tone was nonchalant.

Anne went to her bag, and Jack popped into the bathroom. He didn't close the door and she could hear the toilet lid lift. A second later, she heard the unmistakable sound of water splashing with streaming urine pouring into it.

Instant shock hit her. She quietly gasped and stood still. Did he really just leave the door open like that?

A warmth moved her as the notion set in. He did that on purpose. He wanted me to hear him pissing.

The sensible side of her said she would typically be put off or annoyed. Another side of her reacted wildly intrigued. She wasn't sure why, either. I must be losing it. There absolutely cannot be something compelling about that. Just can't. She pulled her clothes close to her. There's something primal about that. Plus, he's deliberately doing this so I can hear. Unabashed.

She was still in dismay when he walked out of the bathroom.

"It's your turn." He smirked and walked over towards his closet.

As he went by, she noticed his jeans were zipped up, but they were not clasped back together. The effect was to create a small vee where his black pubic hair partially showed. She gawked at him as she staggered over to the bathroom. She got just inside the bathroom when she looked over to him once more.

He faced his closet and away from her, but he must have sensed her viewing him. He looked over his shoulder and she diverted her eyes. But as she went to close the bathroom door she noticed him move.

Her eyes went back to check on him, and he faced her. Her eyes first glimpsed down to his fly still peeled open, and only when he froze in place did her eyes climb up to meet his face. Their quiet stare and the acknowledgment that he had caught her first looking downward made her cringe. She couldn't suppress a frown.

His hands moved and she kept watching him. His left hand held his jeans and the right hand found his zipper. His hand tugged down and then it grasped the other side of his jeans. Both hands pushed down.

Jack slid the jeans from his hips and Anne didn't look away. The jeans crumpled to the floor and he stepped out of them. There at his exposed crotch a patch of black pubic hair matted right above his swollen cock. The semi-engorged stalk swayed back and forth on its own, dangling between his legs.

They could both hear her inhale hard, as she retreated into the bathroom further and shut the door. Her hands shook as she pulled off her skirt and blouse. She shed her bra and panties, but she vowed to herself she would keep the shorts and tee on. I have to. Keep control of all this. Don't do... that. Not again.

Before she opened the bathroom door again, she paused. She drew a deep breath. She mussed at her hair. Holding her head high, she yanked the door open and she stepped back out.

To her surprise, the bedroom light was off, and Jack was in bed and facing away from her. Her body relaxed at not being watched come to bed, but a twinge of disappointment hit her that he was turned from her. She switched off the bathroom light and carefully made her way onto the bed in the dark.

"You alright?" His words were muted.

"Yeah. Thanks."

She shifted about some in the bed, getting comfortable. One hand brushed hair from her forehead and gathered it behind her ear, while the other brought the covers higher on her chest. The mattress cradled her comfortably. The sheets were exquisitely soft.

Despite all that she knew practically about what was going on, she also was absolutely sure about how she felt. This is exactly where I want to be right now.

Jack turned her direction onto his side. She could make out the bare chest and little tufts of back hair near his nipples. The faint scent of a musky cologne wafted about. At first, there was silence between them.

"You think you'll be able to sleep?" His question took her off guard.

"Yeah, I think so."

More quiet.

Her voice came very low to ask him the same. "And you?"

He shrugged and the covers moved with him. "Eventually."

"Jack, thank you for having me back over. I know this is all strange. That couldn't have been easy with your father."

Jack eased closer to her and it felt like his body loomed over hers.

"I'm glad you're here."

She smiled in the dark. A slight giddiness ran through her and she cursed herself for feeling it. I'm glad I am, too.

His hand came to rest on the covers over her stomach and she jumped.

Neither of them said more and his hand rubbed up and down a couple of times. When his hand ventured from her torso to her neck, it left the covers and trailed onto her bare, sensitive skin. His palm left her but his fingertips remained as they traced first her jawline and then each cheek.

She could tell she was breathing hard and there was nothing she could do about it. The mattress yielded with his lifting himself more towards her and she tried to think of something to say. She hadn't yet spoken as his lips found hers.

His lips grazed hers and then he pecked softly to them. The tenderness of it made her squirm. It felt like her entire body tingled.

For a second, his lips left, but they returned right back. This time they lingered. The feel of them joined and motionless sent electricity through her.

A couple of moments they kissed, and then his lips withdrew. Her breath was ragged and she didn't think she could stand it. His lips met hers again and she turned her face from him. She faced to her right and small pants escaped her.

He put two fingertips to her chin and he coaxed her face back to him. She let her face follow his lead. When she did, his lips touched to hers once more. His kiss pressed just a little more onto her, and then she surprised them both. She pressed her lips back at his hard and her face closed to his. Her lips widened, opening both their mouths.

He didn't hesitate and he kissed her back. His tongue slipped between her lips. He flicked it about with hers and she ran her tongue over and over his. The liveliness from her must have jolted him, because he immediately brought himself over her inside the sheets and he slanted his face at hers. His mouth covered and massaged hers. Gradually, his tongue delved further. He savored all of her mouth, kissing her deeply.

Their faces worked back and forth against one another. He pressed his body onto hers and she instantly felt the hardness between his legs. Between the intense maneuvering of his tongue filling her mouth and the stiff erection he pressed against her, she gave up trying to be calm and moaned hard into his mouth.

Her hands ran through his hair and her body grinded to his. When his hips wiggled to center himself at her crotch, she responded to help him. She spread her legs away from his and her hips pushed at him.

His lips and tongue kept playing with her own, and the more they twisted the more she wanted to feel. Her middle soaked and she wondered if she might have an orgasm already starting. Sensations coursed throughout her body and she felt lightness.

They kept kissing hard until she lost track of time and the semblance of anything other than the feel of him on her and taking her mouth. At one point, she realized they were rocking together in bed in their embrace. His hands started yanking at her top and she knew he wanted at her breasts.

He brought her top up over her breasts and when they were open to the air, his kisses went from her mouth and down onto her neck. She panted hard now and tried to find her voice. Her nipples ached being stretched taut, and when his lips kissed at them, she lost it.

She yelped out sharply. "AAAHHHH! JACK!" Her back arched off the mattress forcing her nipples at him.

When she felt his mouth envelope her entire right nipple, she screamed out.

"Please, please." She grunted from her throat. "Please fuck me."

At once, Jack lifted and put his hands to the waist of her shorts. She planted her feet into the mattress and lifted her hips. He peeled her shorts off and threw them across the room. He glanced down and for a split second, she crazily worried he would soon feel just how absolutely wet she was. Then she didn't care. Instead, she wanted him to know.

He pushed her legs apart and dragged himself up at her on the mattress. They looked in each other's' eyes, just in time for her to see his reaction to what she next did. His face was overs and looking down to her under him.

Her face lifted just up, but her eyes never left his, as she moved. She bent her legs and drew them up, and as she did, her legs spread wider apart. Her feet angled away and she groaned aloud, knowing her pussy was open to him.

He frantically reached between them and grasped his base. Resting himself over her on one hand beside her head, he brushed the head of him through her lips and coated himself with her. He smeared himself two or three times, before he placed his other hand on the bed and beside her head.

She felt the smooth head of him ply her lips and she braced. His body lunged forward and over her and he sank his hips straight into hers. He went several inches and he didn't slow. He kept his body diving forward several more inches, and even when he fully filled her he pushed. Both their bodies dragged up the bed.

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