tagFetishHer Petite Possession Ch. 08

Her Petite Possession Ch. 08


It had now been almost two months since Kate had transformed her boyfriend, Brad, into a pair of pink silk panties. Since that time he'd spent at least twenty three hours a day on her body, stretched around her hips and pulled tightly between her legs.

Last night Kate had made out with Emma, her blonde flatmate, and Brad was now was aching from the combined passion of the two women. Usually when he was alone with Kate, on her hips, massaging between her legs, Kate was gentle and seductive. But with both Kate and Emma together, the long held desires and lesbian infatuation had made for a more desperate fervour. It also made for a threesome in which Brad was definitely number three. While the girls looked into each other's eyes, Brad was stuck at the other end, servicing them both.

When the girls finally relented, Kate slipped him off her warm body and held him in front of her face.

"Now, be a good boy while we shower," she whispered as she dropped him on to her bed and disappeared into the bathroom.

Brad tried to move. He tensed one side of his silk body and pulled himself slightly across the floor. He repeated the movement and soon fell off the bed and on to the wooden floor. The girls had closed the bedroom door behind them which made escape from Kate's room impossible, but he could hide. Inch by inch he edged under the bed and waited.


"Where are you?" Kate exclaimed as she returned to her room and searched through the sheets, "Brad!"

From under the bed Brad watched Kate's bare feet hurry back and forth around the room. She appeared to be naked, with her short silk negligee not visible from his lowly position. Then suddenly she crouched down and her big brown eyes appeared.

"What the hell are you doing?" she cried as she dragged him out, "You could have been hurt!"

Very quickly Kate's fear turned to anger as she unlocked her small safe and held him by the opening.

"I may choose to sleep with girls from time to time, but you're still my soul mate," Kate hissed, her anger at odds with her cute, dishevelled look, "and I will protect you whatever it takes!"

Brad desperately wanted to talk, but Kate wasn't offering to put him on. Instead she reached inside her safe and laid him down on her jewellery box. Her robe had undone a little exposing one of her naked breasts.

"This is your punishment," Kate said, "I'm locking you up!"

A second later she slammed the safe door and Brad listened as the bolts slid across. Fuck, she really had locked him inside and he hadn't even had a chance to explain. The safe was locked and only Kate knew the combination and only Kate had the key. Brad lay worrying in the dark. Was she really upset? Did she look as though she'd forgive him? And even worse, was she being unfaithful and wearing other underwear?

It was cold inside the safe and Brad had bunched up into a ball in an attempt to keep warm. It hadn't worked and he found himself dreaming of being slid up Kate's warm legs and regretting his earlier actions.

Kate was surprised by the thrill she got from locking him up. She pulled out the keys and danced around the room jangling them like an instrument. She thought about getting dressed, but didn't know how to start as she hadn't worn anything other than Brad against her pussy for months. She opened her underwear drawer and pulled out a few pairs, but just couldn't bring herself to put any of them on. She brushed her hair added make up, but still walked aimlessly back and forth around her room in only her short robe. It didn't feel right without him.

Kate was disappointed with her own will power as she unlocked the safe less than twenty minutes after slamming it in his face, she had intended to be much meaner. She placed him on her bed, before removing her robe and slowly and deliberately putting on a pair of blue satin panties.

"Jealous?" she asked.

She lay down on her side with Brad resting on her inner thigh only inches from her new underwear. The blue material appeared to hug her body just as tightly and yes Brad was jealous.

"It's so hot in here," she teased as she rubbed between her legs, "whereas you can't even speak."

Brad felt terrible as he instinctively tried to move up her leg, a move that ended in failure when Kate closed her legs, pinning him in between.

"No, you wanted out," she snapped.

Kate turned on to her front and placed Brad on the back of her thighs so that he could see the blue underwear stretched across her round butt. To Brad it felt like she was having an affair, being unfaithful and there was nothing he could do. Once again he tried to ease closer to her butt, but Kate simply opened her legs and he fell between them and on to the sheet. Kate then stood up leaving him helplessly on the bed.

"I could lock you back in the safe and leave you there forever!" Kate said, her arousal giving her a gravelly tone.

Brad looked up at her beautiful big eyes.

"Or I could just sit on you," she purred as she turned and carried out her threat.

Now Brad couldn't see anything.

"Or I could put you back on and wear you forever," Kate finally suggested, looking more attractive than ever with her long brown hair framing her face.

Brad tightened into a ball as his way of saying yes.

"Good, but if you ever try to escape again, I'll lock you back in the safe for much 'much' longer!" she warned, removing the adulterous blue underwear and sliding him back up inside her robe .

Brad shivered silently as he snugged into her.

"Ooh you're cold!" she cried as she sat down on her bed and waited for her body to warm him up.


With Brad just about warmed up to her body temperature, Emma knocked on Kate's bedroom door and poked her head inside. Emma now dressed in a short black dress which contrasted against her long blonde hair.

"He tried to escape!" Kate said in her best school teacher voice.

"I think he is jealous," Emma giggled, "he thinks he owns your pussy."

"Well, he's in maximum lockdown from now on!"

Kate pulled up her short silk robe to reveal the front of Brad just showing between her legs. Her thighs resolutely pinned together, the silk material that ran down between her legs moving gently back and forth.

"Well it doesn't look as though he'll be escaping from down there," Emma remarked.

"No he won't," Kate replied determinedly, "Plus he's got a lot of making up to do..."

"So I see."

A smile came across Emma's face as her boots turned and clipped back out of Kate's bedroom, only to return a minute later with the chain and padlock that she used to secure her bike.

Kate looked on with smiling wide eyed. "Are you going to lock me up?"

"Mmm, maybe I will bring this along next time we make out, but this time it's for Brad."

Kate's big brown eyes were still showing surprise as Emma took her hand and pulled her to her feet. She reached inside Kate's robe and gently threaded the silver chain through the crotch of Kate's underwear> She then pulled Kate over to the metal bars at the foot of the large wrought iron bed. Once there, Emma simply looped the ends of the chain around the bed frame and padlocked them together.

"You' have locked me up!" Kate exclaimed, as she explored the chain that connected the crotch of her underwear to the bed frame.

As she stepped back, the chain pulled against the crotch of her underwear which made the rest of her panties pull tight around her butt. Only when Brad cried out in pain did she step back towards the bed.

"You can always get free by slipping him off," Emma explained, "but there's no such escape for Brad."

With Emma refusing to unlock the chain, Kate reluctantly removed Brad from her hips and both girls watched in amusement as the pink silk lingerie, now chained to the bed, tried to shuffle away.

"I think that should work," Emma said as she unlocked the padlock and let Brad fall on to the floor.

Within a millisecond Kate was standing on him with both of her bare feet, "Try to escape if you want," Kate giggled as they both watched Brad try to move away to relieve the pain inflicted by her full weight. Kate finally put Brad of his misery by pulling him up her legs and snugly into place around her waist and then dressed in a grey woollen top, jeans and boots.

"As I said, maximum security," Kate smiled to Emma as she tightened her belt an extra notch.

Emma, who was still holding her chain and padlock, decided to put them to use by locking Kate's slim wrists together behind her back and then gently kissed the shocked brunette on the lips.

"Now even you can't remove Brad," Emma breathed, reluctant to remove her lips from Kate's.

Kate's shock soon turned to sexual excitement as Emma sat down on her desk with her legs provocatively apart and her dress hitched up.

"This time you really have locked me up!" Kate exclaimed as she struggled against the chain.

"Yes, I have."

"Is there any way for me to escape?"

"Not without this key."

Emma hitched her dress up a little further so that Kate could see the key that was tucked into the crotch of Emma's underwear. Kate smiled knowingly as she walked over and knelt down between Emma's thighs.

"I can't really use my hands," Kate noted.

"Well then use your mouth."

Emma moaned out loud as Kate's lips explored between her legs. Brad missed the action as he was hidden under Kate's robe, but could feel the extra heat radiating from Kate's body. Finally Kate's lips moved to the silver key that was only just protruding from Emma's black thong. But Kate's first tug on the key was Emma's signal to stand up, leaving the horny chained brunette kneeling helplessly on the floor.

Emma was grinning as she took the key that was on the inside of Kate's bedroom door and put it in the keyhole on the outside of the door.

"No Em, wait!"

"See, ya!" Emma replied as she closed Kate's bedroom door and locked it from the outside.

With Emma gone, Kate struggled to her feet and looked down to explore her predicament. The buttons and belt needed to release her from her jeans were at the front, and her hands were locked at the back. There was no way for her to get free of her jeans and therefore definitely no way for Brad to get out.

"What's happening?" Brad asked.

"She's chained my hands together!"

"Well ,you seemed to be enjoying it," Brad replied, as he had no choice but to absorb the extra heat building between her legs.

Kate leaned against the back of her locked bed door, "I can't undo my jeans like this."

"Well then I guess you can't stop me doing this."

Kate shrieked with laughter as Brad tickled her between her legs. Betweeen fits of laughter, Kate tried every way possible to reach around to stop him, but the tightly locked chain stopped her.

"Brad, stop it, or I'll fart in your face!"

Brad stopped tickling and started to caress her clit.

Kate fell to her bed and started to writhe around in delight. She climaxed and lay panting as Brad started again.

"Stop it," she shrieked, slapping her own butt in an attempt to bring him into line. It didn't work, instead the slapping aroused Brad and they came together.

"You know you're going to make it a sauna in there," Kate breathed as her fingers played with the back of her jeans, trying to find a way inside.

"It already is."

"Well that's your fault and I you know I can't let you out."

Brad was now warm and damp and covered with her scent. He wanted to see her hands chained together and tried unsuccessfully to peek through some of the stitching at the back of her jeans. When that didn't work, he tightened himself and pulled himself in between her cheeks.

"You're a sucker for punishment," she purred, "it can't be very nice in there."

Brad didn't have the breath to reply as her writhing body brought him to another orgasm.


Brad and Kate lay talking for another hour until the two glasses of wine caught up with the horny brunette.

"Brad, I don't want to worry you, but I need to pee!"

"You'll always threatening to piss on me," Brad observed as he looked inwards at her urethra and imagined what might happen.

"Yes, but being the nice girl I am, I haven't done it to you... but now I might have no choice!"

She climbed to her feet and walked up to her locked door.

"Em, I need to pee!"

Emma finally unlocked her door and after some more begging also unlocked Kate's wrists. She dashed into the bathroom and on to the toilet.

"You were lucky," Kate said, looking down at Brad who was down by her ankles, crumpled inside her jeans.

Kate couldn't hear Brad unless he was pulled up tightly into her crotch and so conversations while she was on the toilet were very one sided. But that certainly didn't stop Kate from talking as it was the one time where Brad couldn't interrupt.


As usual Brad spent the night nuzzled into Kate's crotch, although this time Kate had worn her white cotton shorts over the top of him. They were her tightest shorts, bought when she had been in a particularly tarty mood and were really too tight to wear in public given the unwanted comments from guys.

However, the shorts were a perfect punishment for Brad as they inflicted a night of cruel compression to anything unlucky enough to be inside. Brad had explained that the shorts felt like lying underneath sofa cushions and then having people sit on top. It didn't hurt, but it was impossible to move. Kate had listened carefully to his graphic description before giggling, reading some more and then falling asleep.

The evening making out with Emma, the shorts and the chain had combined to give Kate a wet dream, but even the feeling of dampness inside her tight white cotton shorts didn't make her take pity and release Brad. Instead she turned over and stretched and snoozed until almost midday.

"Katie? Katie?"


"What's happening out there?"

"Your world is in there," she reminded him as she played with Emma's chain, her mind wondering.

"These shorts make it a very small world."

Kate smiled.

Brad gave up and returned to massaging her clit as best he could in his confined space, knowing that it was probably his best chance of freedom.


An hour later and Kate climbed out of bed and struggled out of the tiny white shorts. She showered and quickly slipped back into Brad. She then took Emma's chain, wrapped it around her waist and padlocked it in place, the spare end of the chain swinging between her legs.

She then pulled the spare end tight between her butt cheeks, through her legs, up between the lips of her vagina and used a second padlock to lock it back on to the front of the waist chain.

"What does my crotch chain feel like for you?" Kate asked as she checked herself out from all angles in the full length mirror, her fingertips running wildly over her own body.

"The human equivalent of being hogtied," Brad puffed, exhausted from his failed attempts to pull himself out of Kate's butt.

"Mmm, it's pushing you right into my pussy and you can't get out."

Kate smiled, her fingers now squeezing between the front of the chain and her clit, "I look forward to seeing you escape from this!"

Escape certainly wasn't an option, with the chain pulling Brad particularly deeply and tightly between her butt cheeks, where he was almost lost from sight.

"Even I can't take you off!"

Kate tried to pull him down, but he was caught on the chain that ran between her legs. Having proved her point, she quickly pulled him back up around her butt. She dressed in jacket, jeans and boots and then used the mirror to check what the outside could see.

"The chain is so tight that nothing shows," she proudly announced, "the world will never know your little predicament."

"Little for the world, but big for me!"

Kate smiled.

"And anyway, how are you going to go to the toilet, this chain is too tight for that."

"Guess we'll find out," she giggled, "especially as I thought we could go out for a walk without the keys."

With visions of a desperate girl peeing all over him, Brad decided to act. The chain prevented most movement, but he was just able to vibrate the part of him that was held between the lips of her vagina. The effect was immediate, with Kate doubling over and giggling.

"Oh wow, stop it!

But Brad continued and soon both of her hands were between her legs, trying to stop the inevitable arousal, "Oh...Oh!" Kate climaxed, but still Brad continued. This time, Kate's slim hands with the red painted nails grabbed the belt, fumbling in her hast to undo her jeans. Her jeans were now down by her knees and her fingertips were trying and failing to pull the chain away from her vagina.

"Where did I put the keys!" she shrieked as she rolled on to the floor in a hopeless mess, "Brad please!"

This time Brad stopped, although just too late to stop Kate coming for a second time. She crawled across the floor to retrieve the keys and popped open the padlocks.

"OK, bad idea," she gasped as she stripped off her jeans and replaced them with denim shorts and ankle boots.

"For once I win!" Brad replied.

Kate looked down at the tight denim shorts that encircled her. "I've turned you into underwear, you're trapped inside my shorts and now I have every reason to punish you. You really think you've won?" she laughed.

"Yes," Brad replied hesitantly.

As she left the house and started to walk to the river, Kate rubbed the back of her shorts with her hands to make him cum, as her butt cheeks buffeted him with every step.

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