tagLoving WivesHer Secret Life... Ch. 04

Her Secret Life... Ch. 04


Joyce Cody, Chris Blackshear, and I (George Blackshear) bought the multi-acre three story mansion that the women had wanted. Chris and I were married to each other and Joyce was Chris's twenty year lover from before Chris and I were married. Chris and I had both lost our first loves to cancer and met, fell in love, and married while attending a support group for survivors who had lost loved ones. We were married five years before the fateful phone call that revealed to me Chris's secret life. Her twice yearly visits to Albany, NY had been for her to continue her sexual relationship with the other person she was in love with, Joyce. She had done everything I had demanded of her to save our marriage and we had even had a threesome with a beautiful redhead that belonged to the same gym we did. Joyce had sent photos of our evening with Sally and veiled threats of exposing Chris and me if we didn't allow her to start seeing Chris as a lover again. My law partner and best friend had suggested we make friends with Joyce because of her family's mob ties. Chris and I had not only become friends with Joyce but also lovers and the sex between Joyce and I had produced a son. That and the fact we were all in love with each other led us to buy a bigger place. Joyce had difficulties trying to give birth to George Jr. and required a hysterectomy while the surgeon was doing the C-section to remove Jr. from her body. I figured he would be my only offspring but life is full of surprises.

I heard a woman's moans as soon as I entered our house that fateful Wednesday afternoon. The trial I had spent most of the night putting the finishing touches on had been settled earlier in the morning in the judge's chambers. The defendant's lawyer had offered my client a large settlement which I encouraged him to take. The only stipulation was that no admission of quilt would ever appear on the defendant's record and the terms of the settlement would remain secret. After explaining to my client that the benefits from the settlement outweighed the satisfaction he would receive if the trial continued and everything became public, he took the offer. I had promised I would help him manage his new found wealth with the assistance of an accountant that I trusted and used. That was why I was home early.

I followed the sounds of the woman's moans and now squeals of pleasure. They weren't either of Chris' or Joyce's and I was beginning to wonder who they were coming from and what or who was making them come from her. I found the answer to both questions in the family room. Maria Sanchez, the twenty something Hispanic woman Joyce and Chris had hired to replace the elderly woman and her husband who maintained the grounds and who had quit when they realized that my family unit involved two women who had sex not only with me but with each other, was naked on the cushioned mat Jr. played on with Chris between her legs licking and sucking on her wet sex.

"Chris, what are you doing?! I thought you weren't going to cheat on me again!"

"I'm not cheating; I'm getting Maria ready for you! Will called and said you were on your way home so I thought this afternoon I would give you a treat! Maria watched Joyce and I make love to each other one day and it turned her on. She wanted to try it with me, but I told her she'd have to let you fuck her also. She's not had an orgasm from fucking before and I want you to give her the first one! Hurry, get naked, and come fuck her while I watch! Then we'll have another playmate to enjoy together!"

I looked at the young woman with Chris closely for the first time. Darker skinned than Chris, same black hair, small but pert breasts that I would find out were 34B cup in size, slight paunch in the belly, and a neatly trimmed but full bush the same color as her hair covering her pussy which was wet from my wife's oral stimulation of it. I immediately stripped off my clothes and my 7", 2" thick cock was ready for action. I replaced Chris between Maria's legs and gave her pussy a tongue lashing of my own. When I felt she was on the verge of an orgasm, I rose up and placed my turgid rod to her inviting opening. I managed to slide my cock all the way to the hilt within her with a slow but continuous stroke. I began pumping in and out of her hot, tight snatch with long easy strokes. Maria came on my dick after only five minutes of me fucking her. I began to pound her pussy with hard fast strokes after her orgasm and we both came within seconds of each other. As soon as my penis had softened and fell out of her body, Chris pushed me away and began licking and sucking up our combined juices from Maria's upper thighs and leaking snatch. I heard Jr. whimper over the baby monitor so I went to check on him.

Jr. was still asleep when I got to his room so I sat in the rocking chair we had placed in his room and watched him sleep. I faintly heard Chris' screams of pleasure and assumed Maria was returning the favor for the multiple orgasms Chris and I had given her. I was still in his room when Chris and Maria, both still naked, came looking for me.

"George, can Maria move into the maid's quarters in the east wing? Her ex-boyfriend was abusive and won't accept that it's over between them. She'll even agree to a cut in pay as rent if you need her to."

"Chris, she can move in and she doesn't need to worry about rent. Has she looked into getting a restraining order against her ex?"

"No Senior Blackshear, I haven't."

"Maria, my name is George. I just finished sticking my cock into your hot body so no more of that Senior crap, okay?"

"Yes, George and you can do it again anytime you want to!"

"Tomorrow I'll take you down to the courthouse and help you get a restraining order against your ex. You don't love him, do you?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"Because if he shows up here causing trouble either me or Chris will kill him and not think twice about having done it either."

That was one of the many things Chris and I had in common, a love for guns and the proficiency in their use. We both had concealed care permits and never left the house without one of us and usually both strapped. To be honest Chris was a better marksman than I was, but we were both classified as expert.

"George do you think Joyce's is going to be okay with us sharing Maria?"

"You've known her longer and better than I do, but if we include her in our sharing of Maria's beautiful body; I think she'll be fine with it!"

That night we had a four person orgy in the king sized bed that the three of us had been sharing since moving into our estate. I did get to stick my erect penis into Maria's hot body again and again deposited my seed deep within her. I managed two more erections and both Joyce and Chris enjoyed my steely pole in their pussies as well. Maria never made it to the bed in the maid's quarters.

I helped Maria with her ex-boyfriend problem and luckily for all parties concerned he didn't show up at our home. I continued to enjoy Maria's body with either Chris or Joyce or both about once a week for the next couple of months. Having been with two women who couldn't have children for so many years, birth control didn't even enter my mind so when Maria informed us she was pregnant, we all were a little shocked, overjoyed, and embarrassed. Maria assured me that I was the father and the four of us agreed that we would help in the raising of the child.

Maria had a very easy pregnancy considering she was carrying twins. We decided we didn't want to know the sex of the babies until they were born. After twelve hours labor mine and Maria's twin daughters, Consuela and Carmelita Sanchez-Blackshear, were born within fifteen minutes of each other. They were healthy and after a couple of nights in the hospital, Chris and I took them and Maria home. Maria moved out of the maid's quarters and into the bedroom across the hall from the master suite. DNA testing confirmed that I was the father and that the twins were identical.

I went to a family clinic and had a vasectomy so that I wouldn't be able to father anymore children. I had gone from two women sharing my cock to three, but who's complaining. The weekend alone together that Chris and I had started when we first began in our relationship with Joyce continued with us either going away for the weekend or us occupying another wing of our mansion for that weekend. When we went out in public together, Chris was always on my right with Joyce on the left and Maria beside whichever one of the two ladies the mood struck her to be beside. Chris was the only one I spent alone time with and when we were alone together we made slow gentle love to each other. I loved all the women in my life, but I loved Chris more than either of the other two. That might not have been right, but it was the truth, and I wasn't ashamed to admit it. Joyce and Maria knew it and accepted it. Maria and Chris shared the house cleaning and child rearing duties and Joyce and I brought in the income. Our little family was happy and loved each other so we could easily ignore the racial slurs and other derogatory remarks send our way.

Will and Cheryl became god parents for all our children. They accepted the unconventional family that Chris and I had put together and were our best friends. Bonnie's farm was still intact and her son in Dallas had relocated back to it. His eldest son was interested in farm life and looked to be the one to care for it when Bonnie was gone. Brian's inconsiderate answering of Chris' phone had exposed her secret life to me, but if it hadn't happened, the happiness that one man and the three women he loved and that loved him wouldn't have occurred. Yes, my wife cheated on me, but in the end it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was the luckiest man in the world. I didn't find two women to love but had found four. Susan still had a piece of my heart and always would, but God gave me a big heart and the other three women in my life shared the rest of it.

The End

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