tagBDSMHer White Master

Her White Master


Janet was a black slave living in the twenty-first century. She was owned, but not bought. It was her choice, her lifestyle, and she would live no other way.

Carl was her Master. He was middle aged white man living in the suburbs of Atlanta. He was divorced with two kids. Janet wasn't his first slave. He had many in the past fifteen years. He would keep a slave for a year or two, then release her. They all knew this before they put on his collar.

Janet wasn't his first black slave. But he didn't pick them by color. He knew what he was looking for in a slave, and usually got what he pursued. At 46, he was beginning to feel like he needed more stability. Someone to live with. Could Janet be the one? She was certainly beautiful with her dark caramel skin and her dancer's body. But too young for him at 24. He knew that soon he would have to release her.

They had met on a bdsm cruise. At the time he had another slave under contract for a year. She did a few poly scenes with them on the boat and ashore. It was Tess, the slave, who suggested to Janet that she should let Carl train her. Janet had always been attracted to older white men. The idea of a contract intrigued her. She was working on her Master's degree in psychology at Emory, and while wanting to be owned, at the same time she didn't want to be tied down. There was much in the world that she wanted to experience.

It had been two weeks since their last adventure. She was getting ready for the long drive into the mountains to his cabin. She was allowed to wear only a robe and shoes until the reached the gate of the property. Then she would drive nude down the quarter mile drive. He would be there waiting for her. She never knew quite what to expect. His only pattern was unpredictability. Her mind flashed back to other meetings. Her pussy was damp with naughty thoughts. And still she was an hour away. The wait was almost unbearable. At last she drove through the gate and threw off the robe. He was waiting at the end of the drive. She got out and kissed his boots, then laid her face against them.

"Hello slave. And don't speak. It's such a nice day we are going to play outside for a bit. I have something to set up. It won't be long," he said.

She felt like she had been tied for hours. But it had only been thirty minutes. Her back was getting sore from the irregular pine bark. Her hands were tied around the tree as she sat at the base. Her weight kept the butt plug deep in her ass. The three-foot horsehair tail attached to the plug was pulled forward in front of her. Her legs were shackled with an eight inch heavy chain connected to leather restraints. She wished for the irons, but they left abrasions and he wouldn't use them except on special occasions. She was blinded by a full leather hood, and thankful that it was a cool spring day and not summer. At times she could hear him passing in and out of the cabin. Other times she could feel his eyes on her body.

She felt his footsteps around her. He was a massive man who once played some college football and still made an effort to stay in shape. She was 5' 8", but felt like a child next to his 6'4" frame. She felt two large fingers working into her wetness. They could feel like a cock, and he had fucked her that way at times, driving her to orgasm after orgasm. He pulled off her hood, and stuck his cock deep in her mouth until she gagged.

"Good afternoon, slave, it has been two weeks since I've seen you. Has it been a long two weeks for you?"

"Yes, Master, it has been an eternity, how may I please you?"

"In many ways as always, slave. Let's get you untied and in the cabin."

He attached a six-fool leash to the collar and led her across the grass. She struggled with tiny baby steps to keep up with him. He got behind her as they got to the steps in case she fell as she hopped up the six steps. He opened the door for her. Once inside, she dropped to her knees and kissed his feet.

"Get that ass up in the air," he said.

She knew what was coming next. She wasn't an anal virgin before she met him even though his huge cock made it feel like she was. And gentle wasn't in his vocabulary when it came to ass fucking. She cried the first time. It wasn't until the third time when she could get past the pain enough to enjoy it. Now she craved it like nothing else.

"Damn, slave, you have one fine ass. What is its primary function?"

"The same as your slave's mouth and pussy. To suck the cum out of Master's beautiful cock," she replied

"What is its secondary function?"

"To be Master's favorite target in the entire world," she replied.

"Ah, you please me with your answers, slave."

He crouched over her and popped the large mushroom-shaped cock head into her tight ass.

"Now fuck my cock till you cum and then stop."

She moaned as she pushed back taking all nine inches. Then she began a rhythmic dance, moving her hips to a primal beat, squeezing her outer sphincter around his hot cock. The initial pain gave way to pleasure. She was taking it all deep within her bowels on each stroke. He grabbed her by the hips, pulling her hard each time she pushed back. She moaned loudly into the quiet country air. His cock felt so good inside. Filling her as no one else had. She wanted his cum deep in her ass. Her pussy was drenched and her clit throbbed. He could tell by her contractions that she was fighting back the orgasm. He slapped her bottom hard.

"Cum for me, slave."

He felt her ass squeezing and releasing around his cock as she trembled, moaning and groaning as her fingernails raked against the cold slate floor. Then she went still as he began to fuck her ass roughly. She braced her hands against the floor as he pounded deep inside her, pushing her entire body forward with each stroke. He fucked like a beast, moaning each time his pelvis slapped against her round ass. His cock was like a slick piston, driving in and out of her puckered hole.

"You want my cum, slave?"

"Please Master, shoot it deep inside me."

"Oh yes, I'm going to cum."

Right before he came, he pulled out of her, and shot his white cum all over her chocolate back. He rubbed it into her smooth skin. He removed the restraints and chains from her legs.

"Crawl to the bathroom and prepare to clean me. Later I have a surprise for you."

She cleaned him all over with a sea sponge and liquid soap. Then he left her to clean up herself. He had to prepare the table. The dining room table was oak, eight feet long and very sturdy. First he covered it with a large tarp. He had cut rope to the desired length so that it would run under the table, then up to her restraints tying her securely to the table. He also had two sections of rope with snaps that would hold the rope until she was fastened in.

Janet walked in looking curiously at the table. She was used to being tied to the brass bed.

"Get into your play gear, slave."

"Yes, Master."

She placed the restraints on her wrists and ankles then secured the play color around her neck. Dropping to her knees, she lowered her head and waited for his next command. He pulled upward on her dark hard nipples until she rose.

"I have a new plaything, my slave. It was very expensive. Didn't get much change back from my thousand dollars," he said.

"Really? What is it, Master?"

"It's a surprise. Something I want you to experience before you see. Hop up on the table and lie on your back."

He placed the blindfold around her neck and pulled it tight. Next he put a bit gag in her mouth. It was on an elastic band so she could push it out with her tongue and at least mutter her safeword. The ropes snapped into place on her restraints and she was bound to the table. He went to the freezer and pulled out the nipple clamps. They were huge clamps six inches long that clamped like pliers then screwed down to the desired gap. Her nipples were so large that normal clamps were useless. She reacted to the coldness not knowing if it was hot or cold for a second. He tightened it down until she cried out, then backed down a few turns. Then he did the same to the other breast. Then he stepped back and viewed her. Her shaven dark lips were slightly parted from excitement revealing the most beautiful pink. He ran his fingers over her slit feeling the wonderful wetness. He pushed a down pillow against her ass.

"Raise your hips, slave. This is not for your comfort. I just need that wet pussy to be a little higher."

He went into the bedroom and returned with the fucking machine. It looked like a toolbox, but with a steel rod sticking out the end. Attached to the rod was an eight-inch dildo. When turned on it was capable of delivering a five-inch thrust. Around 180 thrusts a minute, or three every second. At the lowest setting it fucked at 30 thrusts a minute. And it never went soft or got tired.

He placed it between her legs carefully lining up her waiting pussy. He turned it on slow and glided the silicon dildo into her tightness. The speed could be controlled with a remote. He lit his pipe, and sat down to watch the show. She was into it right away, pushing her hips to meet the trusts. It was much quieter than he imaged. He could hear her moans as he slowly cranked it up. As soon as it hit high speed she started to cum. She had so many orgasms it almost seemed like one continuous one. She had never experienced female ejaculation before, but the cum was forming a puddle on the tarp, and soaked the pillow. After thirty minutes he cut it off. And mercifully asked if she was ready for the real thing.

To be continued.

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by C_frommn05/14/17

So When?

Are you going to Follow-up and finish. it seems that their Contract is about up. it's time fir him and her to decide their way forward in life.

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