tagFetishHer Wild Oats

Her Wild Oats


As I watched my wife's open mouth fill with piss, I wondered how much more about her I didn't know, and where our relationship would go from here. This day had shown me several new inclinations on her part, each one incrementally more surprising, but this; this wasn't just the next step up; this was a leap to another planet! But as I had at each new revelation thus far, I was erotically charged at her willingness and desire to participate in such wild behaviors, and my cock sprang back to life as her mouth closed, and she swallowed while the stream of piss splashed onto her momentarily closed mouth, coating her face. When she was done she immediately reopened and refilled her gaping maw.

Her eyes were wild with passion and desire, wide open and sparkling wet. She panted through her nose, and her breasts heaved as the stream dwindled and sputtered, and finally stopped. She closed her mouth, swallowed again, then took his dripping, semi-hard tool into her mouth again, sucking him. The piss had rinsed some of the semen off her face, but the remnants gleamed in the harsh light, leaving sparkling wet trails where they dripped from her eyebrows and nose. It was the nastiest, sexiest and dirtiest thing I had ever seen, and I had never expected she was capable of tolerating such debauchery, never mind participating enthusiastically.

After five years of marriage, enjoying the fulfillment of a loving and sexually satisfying relationship, we had taken a break from our working lives for an anniversary vacation. I had expected relaxing in the sun and endless, passionate sex, away from the cares of our everyday lives, but had never dreamed of anything like this. I stroked myself casually as the guys around her began forcing their cocks into her mouth. She took them in turn, her mouth empty only momentarily as she switched from one to another, her hands busily stroking two others. Occasionally she would stop and hang her head back like a baby bird on the cue of one of the guys, who would launch another blast of cum across her face and open mouth, coating her extended tongue. She would swallow what she caught, proudly wear what she didn't, and go right back to sucking and stroking cocks until the next ejaculation. Men moved in and out of the circle as they finished, or returned for more.

This was her second round through these guys, only now she was dripping in piss as well as cum. She had already fucked a few and sucked off the rest in the first round. And she showed no signs of stopping. I had gotten concerned a couple of times when I thought they had treated her too roughly, or done something that was too far out. But each time she rose to the challenge, and took it further than the guys expected. Clearly there was more to her than I had ever suspected despite her occasional references to her 'wild oats' phase before meeting me, but overall, despite my momentary misgivings, I was full in for the rest of this ride. Earlier I had actually been the first one to shoot in her face, while she was riding another guy's cock, and it was one of those hesitant moments for me, having never given her a facial before. It flashed in my mind that she might object and become angry, and the night's adventure would come to an ugly halt. But no, she took it all, mouth open, and when I was done, she called for more, in the dirtiest language I had ever heard her use.

"Fuck, yeah, cum in my face! Fucking cum all over me like a fucking slut, Come on, boys," she called out, "who has more cum for me?"

This had all started this afternoon when, while looking for a secluded spot on the beach, away from the crowds, we had stumbled on the clothing optional area, and I got my first surprise. Her eyes lit up, and she grabbed my hand as I was about to turn back. "Come on," she urged, "let's do it; It'll be fun!" So I followed her, resisting a little because I thought I should, but inwardly feeling excited to see how she might act.

I got my next few surprising insights within the hour. The first was watching her strip off her top, still standing, in full view of assorted naked folks scattered around us. As she unleashed her proud, smallish breasts and her perfect nipples, I noticed they were erect, and I understood that she was excited to be stripping in front of strangers, in public. Before I even had my shirt off she was slipping the bottoms off, still standing, and her beautiful shaved pussy was exposed for all to see, tan lines and all. She didn't blanch as she applied sunscreen to her white spots, either.

As if getting naked in public wasn't enough (and it clearly wasn't) she surprised me more by not hiding herself when folks walked by, and even commenting on the bodies of men and women she saw. I could tell she was excited by how she looked around, gawking and saying hello to everyone who passed. A pair of guys who passed more than once, attracted by her friendly tone, stopped to chat, and she just laid there, naked, allowing them to gaze at her. Then another surprise, she complimented them!

"You boys have very nice cocks," she told them, "I'll bet you keep the girls happy!"

I was so stunned I could barely breathe, but thrilled at this heretofore unknown woman who I married. Where had she been hiding? Her openness and carefree attitude was really turning me on. When they left, she turned to me, and noticed my full erection.

"Whoa, look at that!" she erupted, "what happened there?" She narrowed her eyes and kidded me. "Don't tell me those nice boys' cocks turned you on like they did me?" She wasn't deriding me or teasing that I was gay; it was all in fun.

"No, it was you, and your reaction to them," I confessed. "I've never seen you like this."

"I told you I sowed some wild oats before I met you, you know that," she hinted.

"Sure," I replied, "but I never experienced your wild oats before."

"Honey, this isn't wild." Her eyes narrowed a little more. "But if that little bit does that," she said, pointing to my throbbing cock, "then you better strap yourself in."

My head swirled, imagining what she might mean. "You got turned on by those guys?" I asked, and was not prepared for her response. Another surprise.

"Are you kidding?" she asked, sitting up and turning her legs to me and opening them wide, showing me her pussy. "Did you see those beauties? Who wouldn't get turned on? Look how wet I am!"

The afternoon continued like that, her saying how much she liked the cocks of her visitors. Those first two boys returned with some friends, and soon there was a group of people, three couples and four single guys, all hanging out with us, all nude, and mostly younger than us and very good looking. Her effusive appreciation and good nature made her a natural attraction, despite the fact that we were a few years older than the rest.

She regaled them with stories of nude sunbathing in her youth, and joked with me about how hard my dick was seeing her like this, in front of everyone. When some of the other guys became hard, she made sure to point it out and comment.

Then, for my next surprise, she invited the entire group to our room! She recommended that everyone go back, shower up and grab some adult beverages and meet up at our place. One of the single guys offered his instead, as it was a suite he was sharing with his buddy, who was sporting a full erection. She agreed, as did the rest.

In short time we were on our way to their suite, and arrived to find most of the beach group already there. I had it in my mind that we might see some of the couples pairing off and maybe witnessing some sex, but more surprises awaited me. When we walked in, one of the girls was on her knees in the middle of three guys, sucking one and stroking the other two, and I was barely in the door before my wife was naked and on her knees next to her, helping her suck cocks! Holy shit! My dick grew to full size immediately, and I stepped right into the circle, presenting my cock to my wife, but the other girl got to it first. So there I was getting blown by this young hottie, and watching my wife switch back and forth between two other guys. Seeing her mouth wrapped around their fat shafts, and witnessing her enthusiasm, it made my head spin! I thought that it couldn't get any hotter or more surprising.

Of course, I was wrong again.

My shock went to another level when she pulled off the guy's cock she was sucking and laid on the floor." Somebody fuck me," she yelled, and before I could get my cock out of the mouth of the girl in front of me, a guy was between her legs, and driving into her. I stood there dumbfounded with my mouth hanging open as he slipped his dick into her shaved pussy, and she grabbed his shoulders and made him ride her hard. The other guy she'd been sucking, not to be left out, knelt by her head and she took him back into her mouth without hesitation. I was so stunned at my wife's comfort level of having two cocks that I couldn't concentrate on what the lovely young lady was doing to me with her mouth until she stuck a wet finger up my ass. Another surprise for me.

Just as I was getting close to cumming, she pulled off and switched to another guy who had stepped into her circle. Still thinking that there might be a chance that this was beyond the bounds of my wife's past 'wild oats', I thought I should see if she was alright. But as I moved towards her she reached up and grabbed my cock, stroking it. I watched drool spill from her mouth as she blew the guy across from me, her tits bouncing as the guy fucking her lifted her hips to drive himself deeper. She pulled off the other guy's cock to shout out to her fucker.

"Oh, fuck yeah," she said through gritted teeth, "gimmee that cock!" The guy pulled out and pulled her arms up towards him as he lay back on the floor, and she squatted over him and dropped herself down on his shaft. The guy she was sucking stood up faster than I could move, and she took his cock back in her mouth in a flash. I didn't even realize I was jerking off until I felt myself cumming, and stepped to her face.

As I said, I had a flash of anxiety, as I had no idea how she would react to taking a load in her face, seeing as I had never done anything like that with her before. I needn't have worried, apparently; as the first blast hit her cheek she pulled off the other guy's cock and opened her mouth, her tongue out flat in what seems now like a practiced move. The other two guys cheered as she took my hot load across her face and tongue, and when I finished she looked at the guy she was sucking, she was holding his shaft, and called out for more.

She took him back in her mouth, stroking his shaft vigorously, and he came in her mouth. She let most of it drool out down her chin, to spill onto her breasts. One of the other girls came over and started licking it off, and sucking her tits, and the guy she was riding began grunting, and thrusting up into her, and she grabbed the girl's head to her chest as she cried out her climax, and the guy under her filled her cunt with his load.

I was momentarily spent, and found myself in a daze, sitting on the couch, naked, with a drink in my hand, and watched my wonderful, sexy wife dish out one surprise after another. She pushed the girl onto the floor and sat on her face, pulling her hair and making her suck the cum out of her. Girl-on-girl sex, I thought. Those must have been some oats! What an erotic thrill! Later I saw her return the favor! And another surprise, she licked the girl's ass! This wasn't the woman I remembered marrying, but I'd be damned if I wasn't married to the hottest woman in the world!

So, like I said, I was in for the whole ride, and I watched my wife and the other two girls work their way through every guy there as many times as they could get back up. I had cum three times by the time I saw the guy piss in her mouth, and I got hard again, but couldn't cum, and I went soft again. I fucked one of the younger chicks; that was hot, and another one blew me, and swallowed my load. Both were exciting, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, but sitting on the couch, watching my wife finishing up sucking off a bunch of guys she just met, her face streaked with cum and her body dripping piss, I had to wonder what other surprises she had in store for me.

I felt my dick stir. I could hardly wait to find out!

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