tagInterracial LoveHi My Name Is Tine! Ch. 04

Hi My Name Is Tine! Ch. 04

byDanish Cuckold©

After our breakfast the company driver came and picked us up at the hotel.

He drove us out to a shop selling Safari equipment.

Rashid was greeted by a young white female, who started by showing us a Land Rover equipped for 4 people to sleep and with equipment for cooking, Rashid told her with a big smile that we wanted to try the beds before buying it, the young woman just smiled and said: "Go ahead and feel at home!"

We entered the back of the Land Rover and Rashid pulled closed the curtains and pushed me down on one of the beds, I pulled my skirt up around my waist and revealed I had no panties under my skirt, Rashid dropped his pants and gave me a real good fucking -- if anyone passed during that they couldn't be mistaken about what happened inside, the Land Rover was rocking as Rashid fucked me hard and fast, I tried to hold it back but couldn't help it and finally I screamed my orgasm out real loud when I got a big orgasm as Rashid pumped me full of seed.

We lay tightly together for 3-5 minutes after before we arranged our clothes and got out again.

The young woman and 3 black workers stood outside with big naughty smiles on their faces, they were in no doubt at all, and the beds have been approved.

When we was on our way into the store the young white woman discretely gave me a paper-handkerchief and pointed down on my legs, I looked down and wiped Rashid's seed of my legs.

Rashid bought the Land Rover after the saleswoman assured him there was all the equipment we would need for a safari trip.

Now it was my turn to be equipped for the trip, we got into another part of the store where a young black woman took care of my shopping, Rashid throw me a "leopard-skin" bikini on the desk then I smiled at him and said: "I don't really think it's me to wear that!" He just laughed and said: "Go on try it on Tine I'm sure it will look great on you!"

I did as he asked and I must admit it fit like it was made for me, maybe the top was a bit small but Rashid was very pleased with the way it made my breasts pop up looking like the top would bust open, he found a pair of golden chains as well, one for me to wear around the waist and one for each of my ankles, he gave me an approving look and said something I didn't understand to the black woman, she smiled and came back with a very short skirt of the same material as the bikini, Rashid asked me to try it on instead of the bikini-pants, I looked at him and said a bit shy: "It's very short Rashid!"

Rashid shook his head and laughed a bit and said: "Try it on Tine -- now!" His voice became hard for a moment and I felt it made me very wet and I disappeared for a moment and came back with the top and skirt. It was so very short, if I bow down to pick something up I would have revealed I wasn't wearing any panties.

Rashid told me to turn around in front of him and gave a whistled as to approve it then he told the black woman that we took that as well and I would keep it on.

My god I was so hot and wet, horny as hell and at the same time a bit shy at the situation.

I didn't know anything about the last part of the shopping, I got wet down my inner thighs and only wished that Rashid would end the shopping so we could get back to the hotel again so he could give me what I needed so badly -- his big black cock that was the only thing in my mind.

Rashid said something to the black woman and laughed, she pointed at the cabin where I had put the dress on and laughed.

Rashid pushed me inside and dropped his pants, he bends me over a chair and with one hard push he was inside me to his balls inside my soaking wet pussy, while I screamed out loud.

The black woman came and joined us sat down on a chair and said something to Rashid while she pulled up her dress and revealed she was as naked under her dress as I was.

Rashid told me to lick her pussy and when I hesitated he said: "Do it now Tine lick her pussy NOW!

I obeyed and kneeled in front of her and licked her pussy while Rashid fucked me real hard from behind, I was totally caught in a web of lust and had to cling to her as I licked her and nearly exploded in a big orgasm.

Rashid pulled out and forced me to swallow his big cock which tasted of our mixed juices, while the woman fucked me with her fingers when Rashid's seed squirted down my throat I exploded in another orgasm.

After that I had to finish her with my fingers and tongue before Rashid was satisfied.

As we left the store and our shopping's was carried out into the Land Rover I saw the smiles on the employees faces and I was sure all of them know what happened inside the cabin.

Rashid drove the Land Rover back to the hotel and we packed our things for the coming trip, when that was done Rashid carried it down and placed it in the Land Rover.

As he did that I phoned home and talked about 10 minutes with Henrik before Rashid returned, while I still was at the phone with my husband Rashid bend me over the table let his cock slide back and forth over my pussy before showing it inside me to his balls, I moaned out loudly even when I tried to suppress it to hide to Henrik what happened at the hotel room.

Henrik asked me if I was ill or something like that.

Rashid said: "Tell him like it is, he will find out sooner or later, you can't hide it when I start fucking you for real."

I moaned out loudly when Rashid pumped me hard one more time: "OOOOO Henrik nothing is wrong, it's only Rashid fucking me now like I need I'm just fine ooooh yeees fiiiineee oooh!"

Henrik didn't hang up and now he listened for 20-25 minutes how I moaned, screamed and begged Rashid to fuck me even harder until he came inside me with a roar.

I told Henrik goodbye and asked him to kiss the kids from me and hang up.

We took the elevator down told the porter I would be back again and wanted to keep the room.

We got inside the Land Rover and Rashid looked at me and asked if I was ready to meet his family and see where he grew up.

I just looked at him and told him to drive.

To be continued...

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