Hidden Camera


As I previously wrote I had arranged for my wife to get a massage and taped it and it turned into a wild sexual scene between her and the masseuse. The more I thought of it the more I liked the idea of a hidden camera in our bedroom. I searched on line and finally found a wireless hidden color camera with sound in a nice desk clock and purchased it. After I received it I set it up on my dresser and spent a considerable amount of time getting it adjusted to give me the best line of site and then I hooked it up to be received by the VCR in my home office.

I proceeded to play with it and videoed my wife and I numerous times making love, but nothing to write home about. Last week, my wife climbed into the shower with me and proceeded to get very frisky. By the time we got out of the shower my dick was harder than blue steel and I was ready to jump her bones. She pushed me away and told me to get dry and go sit in the big arm chair we have in our sitting area of the master bedroom. She grabbed my now half mast member and started licking it like a lollypop to bring it back to full mast. Once I was rock hard again, she put just the head of my dick in her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around and around the glans. Then she slowly slid my cock into the back of her mouth. She then proceeded to slide up and down on my johnson while she held it at the base. It wasn't long before I exploded into her mouth. It was a load reminiscent of my younger day. As it ran out the corners of her mouth, she suddenly sat up and planted a big wet kiss right on my mouth. We kissed deeply for a couple of minutes and then I spun her around on the chair and started at her left ankle with small little kisses and lite bites. Suddenly my cell rang. I tried to ignore it, but it was my business calling and finally we gave up. I felt bad that she was left hanging and suggested to her that she get out her rabbit and finish the job after I left for work. Our kids were all at summer youth camp and she would have the morning to herself. Then it hit me-the camera-so before leaving I ran into my office and quickly set the timer, kissed her goodbye and I was out the door.

Our hectic lifestyle caused it to be almost a week before I could rewind and watch the camera and this is what I saw.

My wife walked over to our bed with a bottle of lube, her rabbit and a smaller regular vibrator, she stripped down and laid upon the bed. She grabbed the remote and turned on the DVD to one of her favorite adult vids After a couple of minutes her hand started caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She bent her head down and stuck her tongue out and licked around her nipple and then put as much of her nipple in her mouth as her 38 B tits would allow. This was a first for me-to see her attempting to suck her own tits, and I can't tell you how much a of a turn on it was. Then her hand slid down to her honey pot and she slowly slid her fingers up and down her slit, being careful to avoid her tender clitoris. She grabbed the rabbit and put it into her mouth to lube it up good and then started to fuck herself with it. After a couple of minutes of outright slamming herself with her rabbit, she pulled it out and turned it on and started to tease her opening with the gyrating head. Finally, she slid it in and brought the rabbit ears up to her clit. I have never heard her moan as loud as she was right then. Every time she got close to orgasm, she would pull the rabbit away from her clit and let herself calm down.

It was what she did next that almost had me coming in my pants. She took the smaller regular vibrator, slid a condom on it and then lubed it up. She turned slightly on her right side and began to probe her anal canal why keeping the rabbit going. After 4 or 5 thrusts in her ass, the vibrator was buried to the hilt. She reached down and began to really work that rabbit in and out, making sure she gave her clit plenty of attention. I could tell she was getting close as her moans and breathing became much more pronounced. Suddenly she started to convulse in orgasm and then she did something that I had never seen happen in our 25+ years-she squirted. Over the next 5-10 minutes she brought herself to 3 more orgasms, before she finally allowed things to calm down. She lounged quietly for a few moments before she got up and changed the sheets. I have tried without success to create the same situation where I might get to watch my goddess of a wife once again pleasure herself.

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