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Hidden Fantasies


My wife Liz and I have been married for some time. We had kids but they were grown up and gone. It's funny, while parenting, your entire life revolves around your kids. Once they're gone, your focus is on yourselves and realizing that some areas need work.

After the kids were gone, we both concluded that, even though the love is there, the passion we once had as newlyweds was not. It's wasn't due to physical attraction. She's 45, 5'7" with a medium build and 34C breasts with brown, shoulder length hair. I'm slightly older with a medium build because I run and a penis that is slightly larger than average.

We discussed this lack and concluded that it's just a rut and we need to "spice things up" in the bed.

I asked her what her fantasies are and she acted like she just got caught robbing a store. Liz said "I don't know. I don't really have one. What's yours?" I know her so well through the years that I knew what she was really saying. She REALLY meant that she has fantasies but doesn't know how I'll react if she opens up. Oh well. Instead of following her reaction, I decided to start the ball rolling and take my chances on her reaction by telling her what turns me on.

I told her that as much as I love her, I've always wanted to see her with another guy. I can't explain what the eroticism of it is. It's one of those cerebral oddities and it is what it is but I fantasized about it often.

She had this look of shock on her face and said "really?!"

"Yeah but I don't know if I would be angry seeing you in the arms of another guy or if it would kill our marriage or if you would like it and leave me or...." I answered.

Liz said "I could never do that, and for those same reasons plus, who would it be? Where would we do this? Would you watch?

I could tell that it intrigued her. She may be saying "no" but her body language could be read like a book and it read "hell yes!" Her mind was spinning with questions that, if answered, could be fun!

That night we went to bed and Liz was a possessed woman during sex. She was wet from the start and did things she used to do when we were young. She usually comes once when we made love but that night I lost count. She was screaming and talking dirty. It was unreal.

The issue wasn't brought up for months but that didn't diminish sex. We made love more often and the intensity never waned.

On a Friday, I was working at the office and a note popped up on my screen that the wife and I first met on this day way back when. My work was caught up so I thought I'd leave early and surprise her with a night out.

When I got close to the house, I noticed that the city had torn up our street and workers and equipment were all over the place. I squeezed through and parked.

Our house is a nice size with a large back patio off the dining room. Since our house is in the country, we have no nearby neighbors so Liz sometimes takes advantage of this by tanning in risqué clothing on hot days.

With all of the noise going on outside, Liz would not hear me come in.

After looking around for her on that hot, sunny day, I started toward the back porch. It was there that I saw Liz talking to somebody.

There, on the patio, was Liz and one of the construction guys chatting. She was on a towel, arms bracing herself behind her, wearing her red bikini with a sarong around her waist. He was sitting on the bench of our picnic table with a glass of lemonade she had obviously given him.

Liz is not one to be so bold and this bikini happened to be one she only wore in our backyard for tanning because she always felt that it didn't cover much. Nobody has seen her in it but me, and now this guy.

I decided to just watch them from inside like a peeping Tom. With the sun bearing down on them, there was no way they could see me inside watching them.

The top is bright red with strings. it looked like it should have fitted a smaller chested woman. It covers her nipples and the underside but not much more and with her "C"'s, it's quite a sight.

The bottom is the same color and is a thong. Liz has this amazing ass. It's round and firm. That's one of the things that attracted me to her years ago. I'm a butt man and that ass has satisfied many a fantasy for me. Her ass in that suit is a match made in heaven.

I have always gotten hard when watching her tan in that suit.

The guy was probably in his later twenties, rugged yet good looking and with big arms. He was wearing jeans and a sweaty white t shirt.

By the looks of their body language and laughter, I would say they were enjoying each other's company.

At closer look, I noticed that her nipples were rather prominent in her top. Liz has nipples that are like erotic gauges. When she gets aroused, they grow and if I could see them stick out from my distance, she had to have been horny as hell. I had to admit that even though I was feeling jealous, I was also hard as a rock. How far will my wife take this?

After a few moments of chat, he gets up like he's ready to leave but before he does he grabs her baby oil from the picnic table and gestures like he's asking her if she would like some on her for tanning.

She shakes her head no so I'm thinking he crashed and burned and will just leave. He seemed to be relentless because he gestured for her to turn on her stomach as he gets down on his knees next to her.

He's good! She did as told and rolls to her front and immediately reaches back to make sure the sarong has covered her backside - with her feet toward me. I was getting a great view up her sarong.

He filled his hand with the oil, rubbed his hands together and started to rub her back with the oil.

After a couple of minutes of obvious chat and rubbing, he casually reaches for the string holding her top on and unites it. She tried reaching back to stop him but was too late. I could see him talk to her in a reassuring manner so she brought her arms back to brace h head and enjoy the sensuous massage

I thought to myself "I bet he's going to take the sarong off". And just when I did, he turned his body to her bottom and attempts to untie the sarong. She tried to get up but couldn't because her top was undone but in that flash, she had given him a quick peek at her round hard nipples. She did use her left hand to stop him. Their hands were entwined by the knot and then I saw his head lower to her ear and whisper something. At first she shook her head no but after a minute of him obviously working on her trust, she released her grip.

He united the sarong, lifted it to the other side of her body, and the look on his face was priceless. His eyes bulged out and his lips said "WOW"!

Here was my wife, on her stomach, her naked ass showing (a thong really doesn't cover much) and a stranger drooling over it.

What do I do now? Do I put an end to this? Do I see how far she goes? I asked myself how I felt and my answer was that my heart was pounding, my breathing became heavy, and I was so damn turned on I wanted this to go on!

The guy reached up for more oil but his eyes never left her ass. I knew what he was going to do next and I was right.

His strong hands squirted the oil on her back but then slowly and erotically dribbled down to her butt. She turned her head toward him quickly as if to tell him not to but this time I noticed a smile on her face. That told me she was getting turned on by all this

Sure enough. As he rubbed the lotion onto her lower back, she slowly and slightly raised her ass in the air! He took that as an invitation and untied the thong! Boy had this moved fast!

Seeing my wife taunt this guy with her ass behind my back should have enraged me but it not only did that, it shocked me that she could be so erotic!

This time, when he untied the thong, she did not resist so he tested the waters and pulled it off of her from underneath. She not only let him as her ass was in the air but she then lowered her ass and spread her legs a few inches. Liz shaves everything down there but a thin strip so there I was looking right up her legs to her inviting pussy.

With her body language teasing him, he didn't miss a beat. He gathered more oil from the bottle and went straight to those cheeks. He kneaded, rubbed and toyed with them with a huge smile on his face

Then he started on her upper thighs and every so often his fingers would rub her pussy or slide slowly from her lips to her back door. Every so often he would insert a finger in one or both holes.

From my point of view, I was behind them so I could see him fingering her holes and I could see her lips glistening from the sun.

If you want to turn on my wife you rub her pussy. It is almost like a "hot" button. Once pushed, you're in, literally

He stopped rubbing and started pistoning several fingers into wet hole. This drove her crazy with lust because she was screaming that she was gonna cum while lifting her upper body so he could get deeper access. For the finishing touch, he took the thumb of his other hand and went knuckle deep into her puckered hole.

That did it. She was moaning, her shoulders and head turned red, and she was cumming louder than I've ever heard.

Once she came back down from that amazing orgasm, I watched him get up and discard his clothes while she slowly got up, tossed her top, and watched him

Her eyes did the same thing after he took his briefs off like his eyes did when he saw her ass. There in front of her was a massive dick! He made me feel a twinge of jealousy because he had this rippling muscular body with a dick bigger and wider than mine.

She then stood up and shook her head no, which surprised me. What that "no" meant was that they should not be outside anymore and that he should follow her inside to finish.

"Oh crap!" I had to think fast and hide! I ran around a corner that I knew they wouldn't be near and waited.

She came in from the porch, dragging him behind her, and threw him on the couch. The fall landed him on his back so she jumped on top of him like a Puma and positioned herself to ride him

My view from around the corner was perfect. I could see them feet away and they could not see me because the room I was in was dark

What I saw was so hot I had to muffle myself because I had just cum and I didn't even touch myself!

She had slowly positioned his large pole so just the head penetrated her tight hole. She gave out a grunt and then said in exhausted breathe "Lord your huge. I can't believe this"!

Then she let out this guttural moan and started pumping up and down on his cock like somebody possessed.

She started cumming right away and continuously. Her head was bright red, her hair wet with sweat, her nipples hard and sticking out as far as I've ever seen and her neck jutting her head back in pure ecstasy.

His hands went from pinching her nipples down to her waist, helping her pump him harder and then back again. Over and over.

He then grabbed her hair to pull her head to his and kissed her passionately while his other hand went around her waist to that gorgeous ass.

As she continued to moan loudly with her mouth full of his mouth, he released his grip on her hair and grabbed both of her cheeks and said "I'm gonna cum!"

She said "YES!" and hopped off of him so she could finish him with her mouth (something she never did with me).

As she squatted in front of the couch, she grabbed his meat with one hand and jerked him off furiously while mouthing the head. Her other hand went between her open legs and frantically played with her clit.

Suddenly he grabbed her head and shoved it down upon his pole and helped her piston his dick while he let loose with a loud grunt of ecstasy.

She went up and down on it with her Italian lips securely around his flesh and took every drop.

As he came, she did too from her own hand and had to open her mouth as wide as she could to breathe and scream high pitched moans I've never heard her say before. This made his jiz drip from her lips onto his swollen member.

Liz then laid her exhausted head on his stomach - eyes toward his crotch - while still gently stroking his long dick.

As much as they obviously both wanted to continue with the incredibly erotic scene, he apologized but had to leave before the construction crew came looking for him.

In another shocking moment, she turned to him and said "and that's a bad thing why?"

WHAT? OMG! She had to be kidding! I hope! Who was that woman?!

Liz got up and walked naked to the back porch to retrieve their clothes. I thought she would suddenly feel dirty and try covering herself but no. She gave him his clothes and plopped herself on the chaise with her legs spread, puffy lips wet and inviting, facing him. From where I was, I could hear her "mmmmmm. Nice".

He finished dressing and approached her. He bent down, gave her a long sensuous kiss and said thank you while looking into her eyes.

She asked "how long are you guys working on our street?"

He replied "see you Monday" and left.

Suddenly she said "where are you dear?"

She knew I was watching.

I came from around the corner and gazed upon her gorgeous, glistening, naked body and said "I'm shocked!" Then asked "I thought you couldn't do that to our marriage?"

She replied "I couldn't and didn't plan on it. I want you to know that but I saw movement inside the house and I knew it had to be you so I decided to see if I could actually make our fantasy come true."

"OUR fantasy?"

"Yes. It was mine as well but I couldn't tell you. I didn't know how you'd respond but when you said you wanted me with a guy, well.... My other was to be watched being the dirtiest, nastiest sex nut alive - someone totally unlike myself, in front of an audience and honey, you fulfilled that! Now take off your clothes and fuck the hell out of me!"

We had the most incredible sex that afternoon and night. I never did take her out.

When we finally spent every last drop of energy, I turned to her and asked what she planned on doing Monday?

"Oh, did I mention the other fantasy I always wanted to fulfill? It involves having all of my holes filled at once. I'm sure there will be a few street workers that are gonna want some lemonade!"

I can't wait.

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