tagLoving WivesHidden in a Circle of Friends Pt. 03

Hidden in a Circle of Friends Pt. 03


If you are reading this from the location of my publishing you would know this is a wife sharing/cuckolding story. If you're not into stories with this kind of content please politely move on as this isn't for you. If you're the type of psycho that just likes to write ignorant comments without an explanation or helpful advice: get fucked idiot!! For the rest of you I hope the read is partially original, and enjoyable.


I knew things were getting out of control when I could no longer deny the excitement I felt about Colin possibly involving Jay as our other guy. I couldn't have cared less for other men, but the safety and comfort of a close friend buried my feelings of denial. I should have known something was wrong because Colin hadn't showed interest in opening up to his friend; let alone share me with that friend. I thought Colin was the jealous type, and in some ways I guess I still do.

When Jay announced he was going to drop Colin's phone off that afternoon I rushed to freshen up before he arrived. Not because I wanted to look presentable, but because I wanted to look good. I felt horrible about letting our bedroom secret slip, but I felt comfort knowing it was an accident. I had no intention to pursue any course of action to alert Jay of how his name entered our bedroom as a person of interest. He only appeared in conversation that fed my husband's dirty fantasy and my compliance to discuss it. Maybe I should have felt guilty using him as the topic of my arousal, but then again why shouldn't I be able to enjoy the fun of role-play in our bedroom at the same time. I am a woman with an imagination, and if he wanted me to envision myself with other men I should at least get to demand that the vision be sexy to me. It was that vision that woke my romantic thoughts of our friend Jay.

"He is only coming over to drop the phone off," I said speaking to myself while looking into my drawers. The thought of him coming over at this exact moment after my reveal was intoxicating, and no matter how hard I tried I could not tap into the shame I should have been feeling. Instead of just changing my gym pants and t-shirt for something less like pajamas; I swapped them for a sundress and blouse I had considered a go-to combination when I wanted to look good. I tossed the combination on the bed and took off what I was wearing. I then looked into the mirror and seen I was wearing my everyday bra and panty set, and realized they were not the most flattering. "He is only coming over to drop the phone off," I repeated to myself as I slid my panties to the floor. I rooted through my dresser for my favorite lingerie set and started to put them on when I noticed my pubic area had a dark shadow. I hadn't shaved the last few days and other then my bothersome moistening lips I felt rough. I waddled into my on-suite bath with my thongs around my ankles and patted water around my bikini area before taking my razor in hand. As the razor slid across my skin and left my private parts smooth I repeated, "He is only coming over to drop the phone off." I knew I was lying to myself, but as I got dressed and looked into the mirror I wondered if he was struggling with his inhibitions as much as I was. I fixed my hair in the mirror, and applied enough makeup to make me look more feminine. As I stood in front of the mirror checking myself over one last time I repeated, "He is only coming over to drop the phone off," while finishing my grooming with a subtle spray of perfume.

I went to sit in the front room and waited for his car to pull up. I considered running back to my room and getting into a house coat to hide my efforts, but I knew more than ever I wanted him to see me at my best. He had been in our home many times over the years, but never with the knowledge of my feelings about him. I had admitted in that text message I was willing to be with him, and I was unsure how he would take that information.

His car pulled into the driveway and I had a feeling of butterflies shoot straight through me. I was so anxious I felt like a foolish school girl, and to sooth my nervous energy I got up and met him at the door.

I greeted him at the door and seen he was still dressed like he just left his garage; I loved his rugged appearance. As he stood inside my door I took the phone from his hand. I was numb with feelings of stage freight, and I missed reaching for something else he was handing me. It was the milk I asked Colin to get when I still thought it was him on the other end of the text messaging. The milk fell to the floor and blew open. The contents splashed everywhere and even managed to shot up onto my face and well prepared outfit.

"Dammit, I thought I would have been able to come over here without shooting my white stuff on yaw," he joked after looking at my condition.

"I wish," I shot back while ushering him in and shutting the door.

We both stood there at the closed entrance to the home I shared with my husband and looked at each other. Our opening comments were a bit juvenile, but in the past being such close friends allowed us to get around those concerns. I could feel a drop of milk roll down my chin as I looked for him to shoot back at my last comment, but I could tell he was being careful with his words. "Things have already changed," I thought to myself.

"I am sorry; I shouldn't have said that right now. Maybe saying things like that caused this in the first place," he said looking down avoiding eye contact.

"Maybe, but this only happened because I felt comfortable with you. Changing the way you talk to me won't change the past, or how I feel about you," I said trying to lower myself to provoke his gaze.

"Do you really think it's wise to pretend its ok to flirt with each other after we just admitted to having a common crush," he responded finally looking directly at me.

"When did either of us pretend to be wise," I smiled before finishing my thought, "I bet Colin will be in the future, unless he wants you to be a much closer friend then you are now," I wanted to sooth his worries and remind him that this wasn't all his fault.

"Does your husband wish that," he asked looking a bit guilty.

"I think so, he is just nervous of having people find out about it," I said muffling a laugh he shared with me.

"I guess we are too good of friends to do something like that without something going wrong, and it doesn't help you already like me," he teased making lite of the awkwardness.

I pointed a finger into his chest and cut him off, "You can't say a word about that, and don't pretend you aren't thrilled to know your buddies wife would...," I said trailing off not knowing how to finish my thought.

"Would like to join team Jay," he said interrupting me before I could salvage my full admission of what got us here. He let out a booming laugh were his head tilted back as he continued to enjoy his last comment at my expense. He continued his playful teasing as I stood still pointing into his chest in defiance. "Get your husband to drop you off at practice some night and you might just make the team."

"So you would if he asked you then," I said laughing at catching him return to his flirty ways. "I think that means it would be you that would end up on team Rachel," I said laughing back at him.

I saw him grimace and take a step back. I made him visibly look shy. "This is too hard," he said lowering his head once again. "I would do it, and I don't want to do it. There have been countless times I found myself momentarily alone with you and wondered what today would feel like. I can't tell you how good I feel right now that in those moments you might have been feeling the same way," he paused and took in a deep breath, "I am also feeling the same guilt waiting for Colin to appear and bust my happy ending. I am attracted to you, and my feelings as a friend would be hard to maintain with how I feel about you. I am also well over ten years older than you."

"Now you understand why I choose you. I don't want a cheap fling either and so that you don't forget, you're a sexy man for that age of yours," I said pausing and thinking. "Since we are making confessions I want to remind you it was me that asked for you, even though it was his idea to mention other men. Was it wrong of me to include you, and should I just leave the subject about you alone?"

I looked at him and I couldn't help but see from the corner of my eye that he was sporting a hard-on under his clothes. I wanted to block it out but I found myself liking my visual effect on him. "How long has this been going on and how serious is this," he questioned looking up to study me very intently.

"Not long, maybe a few weeks. I told you it started with me catching him online discussing this stuff, and I got it confused. When I confronted him he told me the truth and admitted that he gets turned on with the idea of me introducing new guys to the bedroom. I have been with enough strangers in college to know it does nothing for me, but I wanted to bring a spark back in the bedroom," I said answering only part of his question.

"How serious is this," he repeated.

"I am convinced he is serious, but we can't agree on something. The harder he pushed to change my mind, the harder I visualized making it appealing. He still tries to change my mind, but he knows my soft spot. He used your image to get me interested in his fantasy, and what he got was his choice. This should have been serious to all of us before today, but now I think it's become very serious."

"You told me he was thinking of asking me, but was scared how I would take it," he said trying to finish my sentence.

"That's how It started," I said preparing to make a big admission, "I have been waiting for him to...to...I tried to convince him to include you."

"Does this mean you're looking to trick him into giving you...an affair," he asked looking nervous and more rigid then before.

"Well...No, Did you check his phone before you came over? He usually leaves his history open," was my answer to the question I didn't want to answer.

"I checked his phone," he said with a snicker. I opened the phone browser and found a bulletin board site pop up, "He is describing our situation pretty well," he said finishing with an embellished awkward look.

"Yeah, I think he was discussing us. Did you read it all?"

"Yeap," he answered.

As I read the screen it was clear unlike before what title my husband held in his conversation. I no longer needed to fear other women, and knew he was looking for advice on his fetish with pleasing me. "This is all true," I answered. "I am not looking to have an affair when I have the man who wrote those words, but part of me tells me I need to get this out of my system before I make him do something he will hate me for," I answered.

"So you want him to play cupid, and then condone your affair. That sounds riskier than just doing it without pressuring him," he said reasoning with me.

"I thought being honest with everyone would make this fun, and maybe keep things between us from changing. I like the way things are, I just wanted what he wanted. What do you think I should do," I answered feeling how flush my face had become.

He reached and took the phone from my hand and placed it on the hallway table beside me. His brow was sweaty with unmoving emotions. "You ask me," he said in tone looking to hide its passion.

"I..I..ca..can't..shouldn't," I answered understanding were this was going.

"Ask me."

"I..I want to ...but," I said tripping over my words as I felt his hands run down my arms.

"Ask me," he repeated sliding his hands around me and behind my waist.

"I don't ...don't want to hurt...we shouldn't...do..do..you...shouldn't...ahhh," I said hearing myself moan as I felt and heard my skirt start to become unzipped.

"Ask me," he repeated as the sound of his voice mixed with the sound of my skirt sliding down my legs sent shivers through my body.

"Oh god we weren't supposed to...you..your going to...ahhh but..but," I said exhaling as he turned me to face the wall with the desk in front of it.

As I turned I felt his gentle persuasion to have me lean forward onto the desk. As I steadied my hands on the top of the desk he began caressing my bent and thonged behind. I remained motionless in that position as he waited for something, but I was too lost in the moment to go back and too fearful to go forward. I didn't want to say no, I wanted to say yes.

"Ask me," he said as he lightly spanked me that first time. I moaned that first time, and the second and third time as well. As I was moaning for the man that I normally competed with for one-shots it wasn't lost on me how satisfying this must be for him, and I loved it.

As I waited with baited breath for his next move I looked down and saw my skirt lying on the floor and the previously lost phone lying on the desk in front of me. I only glanced at the screen but found, "It would be easier if she made the first move," written as if my mind was searching for a reason.

"Ask me," he repeated as one of his hands pleasantly pressed between my legs and rubbed me in a place begging for his touch.

"Oh god yes...oh fuck...yes," I moaned as he worked his hands over my mound. As he helped slid my blouse up my back I eagerly moved my arms to allow it to fall on the floor. I was his in that moment and there was no stopping him right now even if it meant getting caught, and just thinking this to myself started turning me on in ways I never understood.

"Ohh ahh ohhh...Jay...oh Jay...I won't stop you...do it please," I purred as I reached back and scoped my fingers through the sides of my thongs and pulled them low enough to let them continue their fall to the floor.

"Ask me," was his reply as he once again spanked me from behind and gently pulled my hair so that he led my gaze to the mirror in front of me.

"Ohhh fuck your good...I had no idea...I...I...I...fuck spank me please," I begged as I reach back to remove my bra. As his hand again landed against my backside I felt sensations build inside, "I am so...so horny...please show me...I want it," I said trying to turn and reach for his bulging wood pushing from inside his pants.

He held me tight by the hair and steadied my body with the other hand so I remained bent before him; "Ask me," he repeated slapping my ass once again and then undoing his pants.

"Do it..DO IT...I want you too...FUCK ME PLEASE...Yes yes I want..," I begged with lust bursting through ever part of my body.

"Was that so hard," he answered as he let his pants fall to floor before stepping out of them. As he positioned himself behind me I closed my eyes and imagined what he must of thought. It had been years since I felt another man, and I missed the feeling of strange hand as it touched me for the first time. I wanted to believe he was just a friend, but my body already knew he was different. "I don't have a condom is that going to be a problem for your husband," he asked sliding the tip of his shaft against my threshold.

"We can't... he won't...," I gasped at the thought that he would find out. I shifted my legs wider as I thought about what was about to happen, and I felt the head of his thick cock slide into the entry of my wanting loins. "He can't...he won't find out..ahhhhh," I exhaled as I pushed myself back onto his rigged shaft. I felt every vein and all of his girth as I pushed his victorious manhood inside me.


"How could I of done that," was on repeat in my mind all afternoon after leaving Colin's and Rachel's home. I left right after we were done, but I wasn't even down the street when I knew I wanted to drive right back. It was amazing and it was something I never expected to happen. I wanted to say I just fucked her, but in truth I made better love to her then he must have done for a very long time. I was going to pretend things didn't change, but the changes were unavoidable. I was trying my best to avoid what was coming, but when she confided in me that it was her coaxing Colin to speak with me I started to listen. I felt invited to make a move when said she would somehow benefit from an affair; I lost control and gave her one. We both tried to play hard to get after being honest about our mutual crush, but the longer we denied destiny the harder it lured us together. I may have removed her clothing, but it was her that removed the lingerie. It might have been me that scooped her body up as I carried her to the bedroom, but it was her that pushed me inside her that first time.

I admit I was risky with her that first time. She never showed signs of being a freak in the sheets, and I never knew how being firm with her would strip away her inhibitions. She was always a tough girl of sorts, and not someone that would take teasing without trying to give it back just as hard. She always seemed to be on the conservative side, and that's why it thrilled me the way it did when I undressed her restraint. She was hesitant when I let her skirt hit the floor, and still feeling indignant when I bent her over the desk in her hall. When I spanked her that first time she melted away and became another women. She wasn't my buddy's wife in that moment; she became mine. I don't recall how many times my hand lightly struck her backside, but I remember her peeling off her lingerie in a hurry. I hadn't even begun to undress and she was prone and waiting for me; begging for me that first time. I could still recall the youth of her body and how familiar her frame looked even outside of her clothing. As I lined up my rigged piston with her previously taboo canal, her moist warmth slid over me imprinting the moment in memory. If there had been any doubt I didn't belong inside her married and sacred body it was removed when she leaned back to push me inside her. She was very tight at first, but she was so wet that it hardly mattered. I told her I didn't have protection and I imagined it was her comfort in me that let her continue without it, but in the moment neither of us cared anyway. I carried her to the bed she shared with her husband, and laid her down before plunging my cock deep inside her. I felt her nails on my back, and her legs wrap around my body.

"Fuck me Jay, fuck me...ohhh...sooo gooood," she moaned as I pushed myself in and out of her.

I held her by the wrists as I pushed myself up while laying on top her in missionary position. I grinded my body into hers, I could feel her excitement and how her wetness welcomed me. I said things like, "I am going to make your husband need to find you a boyfriend. Tell me the name you have been calling out, tell me what you have been asking for."

I thought of how she screamed, "Take me...fuck me...Jay...oh god Jay harder I am going to cum...more...yes more...yes yes I need this...arhhh," as our bodies joined to make one. We were so worked up that neither of us were going to last long before cumming, and it was only at the last second did she think to tell me her 32 year old body wasn't protected. "Jay...Jay...I..I'm not on the pill," she panted with her legs still wrapped around me.

I could feel her pussy start to pulse on my cock as she said those words. I could hear her words turn to moans coursing through my ears as I built a coming eruption to match her own. "I am about to cum," I said in preparation to pull out of her.

"No..no...wait...do you want too...do you...," she answered as she locked her feet together and held me inside her. She looked at me from the bottom with her sweaty brow and tangled hair and urged for me to say something. My answer was to fuck her as hard as I could in those closing seconds, but as the moment got closer her legs remained locked around me. My body wanted what hers was offering, and I let her orgasmic plea take control, "Please...I am asking...IN ME...don't pull out," she moaned as she took me all the way.

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