tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHidden Valley Pt. 06

Hidden Valley Pt. 06


The mayor stepped forward to address the crowd as he stood beside Romy's naked, bound form.

"Folks, we have here this new vagina in our midst. She can really take the pain and enjoy the pleasure, can't she? Did you see those orgasms she had? Mmmnn. Mmm. Truly remarkable, Romy." She could only whimper in response, and I wondered again about the false promise not to damage her body.

He smiled and joined in another round of applause. I stood by Romy's side as she lay exhausted on the wooden table, looking at her with pride and concern.

Her dark curls were plastered to her brow and cheeks with perspiration, and her eyes looked tired and panicked now. The Scarlet Sadists came and unhooked the rings in her nipples, labia, and clitoris, and she assumed this meant she would be released from bondage and her suffering would be over. However, she remained bound to the table, and the mayor wasn't finished at the microphone. His next announcement elicited a woeful groan from Romy's lips.

"Now for our final event, the Gangbang. You've all seen Romy whipped and fucked. Now it's your turn. Would any men who want to fuck our festival queen please come forward and form a line in front of me?"

People in the hall began to move in different directions: some to the bleachers to sit and watch, some men into the line for the gangbang, and some men who tied women to the bondage furniture placed around the floor.

"I don't want to be fucked again," Romy whined. "Haven't I suffered enough? You saw what they did to me. And why didn't you stop them?" she added petulantly.

I was relieved that I didn't have to answer her because the Sadists had released a catch under the wooden table that held the top section in place. It flopped down and slid back under the main part of the table, leaving Romy's head hanging down backwards. The mayor was organizing a line of men from the crowd, the first of whom came right up to her and stuck his penis into her mouth, forcing the head of his cock right to the back of her throat.

As the gang fucking of her mouth began, a husky naked farm lad with a huge penis approached the wooden table. The rear section had also been flopped down and slid under the top to provide standing access to her pussy. As the farm lad stood between her outstretched legs and introduced his cock into her cunt, I saw close up the marks of the punishments they had inflicted on her naked body.

The welts from her whipping were still clearly visible on her belly, breasts, and pussy mound. Although the bamboo rods and cable ties had been removed from her breasts, they were still red and swollen. Worst of all was her cunt. Her plump, symmetrical pussy lips were now raw red and distended, punctured with steel rings. Her clitoris ring had been pulled up by the tension on the electric cords and heated with electric current so that her clit was now twice its size, distended and inflamed after its abuse.

In spite of all the fucking Romy and I had done before we came to Johnson, and in spite of how familiar I was with her luscious body, she seemed different now. The body being pounded under the farm boy seemed older yet charged with more sexual energy than anything I'd ever experienced with Romy.

Her face wasn't visible because her head was thrown back over the side of the table with a man's penis thrusting in her mouth. The presence of the man himself, a well built middle aged man with a shock of brown pubic hair and a long cock shaft, made the woman being screwed on the table seem somehow both alien and still familiar to me.

As each man fucking Romy's mouth or cunt ejaculated into her, the mayor assigned the next man in line to replace him. Some who found themselves between her outstretched thighs decided to invade her anus instead of her vagina, so both orifices soon ran white with semen.

The line was long, a testament to the power of fresh pussy and the enthusiasm of men in Johnson for sex, and I began to understand why the sheriff had so casually asked us on the road whether she was willing to share her vagina. Would she have agreed if she had known what they had in store for her in Johnson? I wasn't at all sure.

Suddenly the crowd was startled by a loud bang from the rear of the hall, and the double doors in the service entrance flew open. To my astonishment, a great sorrel horse and rider burst into the arena, followed by three others. All activity stopped as the crowd stared in shocked silence before the first excited whispers began: "It's The Four Horsemen".

Dressed in working cowboy clothes, they wheeled their horses around and around the table where Romy was bound, scattering the lines of men at her mouth and cunt, and sending people in the crowd running in all directions.

A few panicked revelers headed for the exit and the change rooms, but most of the audience ended up in seats high in the bleachers, including the mayor and sheriff, so I assumed they were not totally frightened at this intrusion. I found that I was frightened not for myself but instead for Romy who lay helplessly bound on the fuck table.

The first Horseman must have been six and a half feet tall and robust in his physique. He dismounted and, throwing off his clothes, mounted Romy. Without hesitation, he pushed the head of his huge penis into her vagina, a monster cock that dwarfed any currently on display in the hall.

The story in the locker room was true. There were indeed Four Horsemen who roamed the Land of the Giant Penis, and one was right in front of me now, ravishing my Romy with his monster penis. She groaned as she felt the great length and girth of the Horseman's cock sliding up her cum-filled cunt and filling her vagina completely.

Some of the women in the bleachers shrank into the arms of their men folk and bit their nails nervously. I expect some of them had previously been forced to experience that same giant prick that now rammed itself deep into Romy's vagina. Those women knew themselves what pain and pleasure such a fucking with an enormous cock brought them.

The ramming and reaming of Romy's cunt continued for a long time as the Horseman prolonged his pleasure, slapping her tits and pinching her voluptuous thighs until they had purple bruises. He was cheered on by the other three Horsemen who whooped and waved their Stetson hats. Orgasm eventually ended his ride on her prostrate form as he roared out his sexual release and filled her vagina to overflowing with his thick cum.

When he climbed off the table, he released her from her bonds while the second Horseman dismounted. This next one was even taller and heavier than the first. His long, severe face featured a drooping moustache and a widow's peak under his hat, and his narrow, darting eyes threw a menacing look up and down Romy's naked body. Then he threw off his boots, jeans, shirt, and underwear in short order to reveal his cock and balls. These were also bigger than the first Horseman's, a human male cock that came erect to a full nine inches with a baseball-sized scrotum dangling below.

Romy was sitting up and rubbing her sore wrists and ankles on the table. She was trying to jump off when the second Horseman leaped onto the table in one bound and grabbed her. He lay back on the table and bounced her up on his torso to face him, spinning her around and forcing her cunt down on his cock. She threw her head back in pain at the sudden distension of her vagina as his penis plowed its way into her sheath and began a forceful thrusting upwards.

He pulled her down close to him to nibble her ears and squeeze her breasts lustily. Some folk left the security of their bleacher seats to get a closer look, being careful not to spook his horse as it nickered and pranced nervously beside the table where its rider was reaming Romy's cunt.

Between her creamy white buttocks that jiggled with each thrust of his penis, Romy's clutching labia perfectly framed his cock as it hammered methodically in and out of her cunt like a piston.

Then he stopped his thrusting and spun her around on his crotch without withdrawing from her pussy. He resumed his unrelenting thrusting, holding open her cunt lips so we could all see how his penis was abusing her vagina. She screeched with each thrust deep into her cunt, and we could feel how the flaring great head of his cock was banging painfully against her cervix.

Like the first Horseman, the second could not prolong orgasm forever. He roared out his climax in a flurry of furious pushes of his giant cock up between the swollen lips of Romy's cunt, covered with her dark pussy fur now curly and wet with sweat. Great gobs of semen flowed out between her cunt lips as he ejaculated with a muffled bellow, and he cast her off his crotch like a rag doll when he had finished fucking her. As she lay sobbing on her side, he jumped off the table and began to dress.

The third Horseman remained on his steed, a magnificent black animal with an elaborately tooled saddle. Somehow he managed in an athletic way to remove his clothing while still mounted. The first Horseman took his clothes and placed them in a pile on the table, and then grabbed Romy's leg and pulled her off the table. Finding herself suddenly standing upright, the Horsemen didn't give her long to wonder what would happen next.

The first Horseman held her up by the waist while the third leaned down from his horse, gripping her under her arms and lifting her into the saddle in front of him. He was even taller than the second Horseman and sported a magnificent erection that stuck straight up from his crotch to his navel, a good ten inches of male organ. The head flared out at its base to two inches around, and I wondered how Romy would manage to accommodate it in her cunt.

She managed. He lifted her up and skewered her cunt on his cock, easing her body down in his huge hands until the flaring head had forced her vulva lips open and the walls of her vagina expanded around the shaft as it traveled into her secret depths.

He then clucked his tongue, and his black steed began a sedate trot in a circle around the hall. With each stride, Romy rose up with the motion of the horse and fell back down, fucking herself on the giant cock. The motions of the horse were irregular, so sometimes the fuck was a long, graceful glide down on his penis that felt incredibly long and thick in her vagina. Other times the fuck was a short, violent bounce that forced his cock so hard into her cunt that it hit bottom and battered her cervix and made her yelp.

At the end of the second circuit of the hall, the third Horsemen lifted her up and away from his dark, hairy chest and, pushing her away a little, fitted her cunt onto the pommel of his saddle.

With a shock I realized that the pommel was shaped like a giant penis, a smooth hard cock made of stainless steel covered with fine leather that slipped easily into her cunt and reamed relentlessly into her vagina with jerky thrusts as the horse jogged around the hall.

When he finally slowed the horse and hauled Romy up off the pommel, I could see the leather lathered dark with her cunt juices. Then he pulled her down onto his prick again and started off on another gallop around the hall.

The third Horseman's climax came quickly. He suddenly stiffened and let out a war whoop. He pulled up the reins sharply, and his horse reared on its hind legs, throwing Romy up so high that his long, stiff prick almost left her cunt.

But then the horse landed, and she came back down hard and deep onto his spurting penis, sending shock waves throughout her pelvis and punching her cervix. The horse continued to prance up and down like an equine acrobat as the third Horsemen continued to enjoy the deep ramming of Romy's cunt. She was hurled fiercely up and down on his giant cock, sending spurt after spurt of his semen into her vagina.

Sated with his fuck, the third Horseman reined in his mount and threw Romy off the saddle into the waiting arms of first and second Horsemen, who bore her to the circular stage in the middle of the hall. There they fastened her down with hands buckled over her head and legs pulled back beside her head to side restraints, leaving her ass elevated and her pussy wide open to assault by the fourth Horseman.

This fourth giant stood beside his magnificent palomino stallion, stripping off his clothing and revealing his glistening black body. He was nearly seven feet tall, all rippling muscles under his smooth ebony skin, and as he turned toward the circular bed where Romy was bound, I could only stare at the monster cock that dangled between his legs.

It was nearly a foot long and topped with a pink, arrow-shaped corona that seemed to expand as his cock grew hard and erect, pointing at Romy first outwards and then up, up to his navel and higher. The hall grew silent then, and women gasped as he strode firmly to Romy's bedside and climbed aboard between her legs.

"They never forget Lester's cock," murmured a young man standing beside me, whose erect penis was no small affair itself. His girl was clutching him tightly as she stared at Lester's fully erect penis hovering at the entrance to Romy's vagina.

It seemed impossible that she could take in its prodigious length and thickness, a great black pole ready to spear her in the guts. As if he read my mind, the young man told me, "She can take it. Don't seem like it at first, but she can take it."

Up and down Romy's cunt slit, the Horseman rubbed his great, rubbery cock head to lubricate it. Her clitoris already stood at attention from the brutal coitus she had just endured from the other Horsemen.

She lay quivering with fear and anticipation as she felt the first contact of his penis with her intimate flesh, and her whole face and body tensed as she felt the first push of his prick in her cunt. Her pussy lips reluctantly parted wide and wider, and the huge head of the Horseman's penis disappeared from sight inside her luscious vaginal channel.

"Aaaaah. Aaaaah. Hhhnnnn," she gasped and cried as he pressed his shaft further and further into her cunt. "Eeeeehhhhhnnn," she shrieked as his corona banged up against her cervix, yet we could still see inches of cock shaft outside her pussy lips. With a wolfish smirk, he withdrew an inch and then rammed forward hard.

"AAAAaaaarrrrgggghhh," she yelled as pain shot through her cervix into her abdomen, but that didn't stop the Horseman. He began driving his cock into her cunt right up to his balls with long strokes that set her flailing in her bonds in a vain attempt to dislodge the black cudgel that was invading her vagina.

What happens in a woman's cunt when the cock is bigger than the female sheath? Does the cervix open to accommodate it? I doubted that. More likely Romy's vagina walls expanded and extended to form a well below the cervix where semen can pool once ejaculated from the end of the penis.

I hoped this fucking would not permanently ruin Romy's cunt for me as I imagined what all this violent, internal rubbing and battering was doing inside her vagina. "Remember," said the lad beside me, reading my worried frown, "women have babies through that channel, and it returns back to its regular shape afterwards." True, that.

Watching the biggest Horseman of them all fucking Romy excited me more than I wanted to admit as we continued to stare in fascination at the Horseman's muscular black buttocks rising and falling with the force of a jackhammer between Romy's white thighs. The flesh of his bum cheeks quivered with the effort and his great ball sac smacked her asshole with a wet sound with each thrust. He maintained his dominant position on top of her as he rhythmically drove his cock up and down the clutching walls of her cunt.

Romy's screams with each ram of the giant penis into her vagina gradually modulated into tired grunts and whimpers, and eventually into sighs and then moans of real arousal. These rose as he continued to batter his cock into her cunt and became shrieks of passion. Then her body tensed as she gasped and the first ripples of orgasm coursed through her. "Oh oh ho ho Ohhhh. Fuck me. YES. Fuck me," she pleaded. "Do it. Do it. Do it."

The crowd's excited murmurs grew louder as they edged nearer to the stage for a better view of Romy being fucked by the fourth Horseman's giant penis. The circular stage rotated slowly to reveal to the audience continuous new aspects of this ferocious conjunction of the fourth Horseman's cock in the festival queen's cunt, naked black male body pounding on naked white female body. The grunts and sighs of the performers on the bed wafted into the crowd surrounding the stage, along with the odors of the sex fluids that flowed copiously from Romy's widely spread cunt lips.

The Horseman's thrusting was relentless, now fast, now slow, now pausing to push and hold his giant penis as deep into Romy's cunt as he could, savoring the warm envelopment of her sex sheath, and grabbing her tits in his great, meaty hands to squeeze and rub and pinch them.

Gradually, the pile-driver rhythm of his prick picked up speed again, and he began to pant out his pleasure. Romy tensed and screamed out another orgasm as his whole body slammed down on hers, ramming his cock into her cunt faster and faster.

The frantic writhing of the sex act between the giant black Horseman and the delectable Romy came to an end in a crescendo of orgasms, a thudding union of sweaty bodies in the summer heat. The Horseman threw his head back and roared out his ecstatic male pleasure as the first jets of jism rocketed from the tip of his penis into the dark cavern of her cunt. Romy threw up her hips to meet his thrusts as she felt his monster cock pulsing with ejaculation inside her most private recesses. They continued to hump together, groaning and gasping for breath, as the passion subsided into satisfied giggles and grunts.

The Horsemen slowly, slowly withdrew his long, thick penis from Romy's vagina and stood up to display it for the crowd, slick with their combined sex juices. Her pussy was red and sore, the lips puffed up with the pounding they had taken and running with gobs of semen that dribbled down into her asshole. He leaped from the bed as the circular stage continued to turn slowly and dressed while the other three got busy.

From a corner of the hall, they wheeled up a small brazier that had been prepared. I realized with a jolt that they were going to brand Romy. The brazier glowed red with hot coals and a brass rod. Fixed to the end of the rod was a brand in the shape of the Johnson logo, an erect penis and testicles.

Romy couldn't see this because it was behind her on the bed on the circular stage which had now stopped rotating. As the first Horseman turned the brand over in the brazier to check it was hot enough, the second and third began to lick and suck Romy's nipples. This got her going again, but it also concealed from her view what was about to happen.

The fourth Horseman, tall black Lester, seized the glowing brand from the hot coals and strode around the bed to where Romy's thighs were spread wide. With the brand in his right hand, he stretched out his left to her pubis and began to stroke her vulva, lining up a spot just above and to the right of her pubic mound.

For a moment, the brand was poised high over her delicate sex tissue. The crowd fell into a hush. Then the hot iron descended and pressed its red hot brass directly into her flesh. The sizzle, the scream of pain, the branding iron lifting, and the cotton pad with the antiseptic gel applied: all happened in a second. The crowd sighed out its excitement and compassion at the this final torture as Romy writhed and shrieked and cried and then fell to moaning as the intense pain gradually subsided and the anesthetic in the gel took effect.

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