High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 12


I thought to my self over active is the understatement of the century. I'd heard tale of woman who squirt when they climax but I had never before been so completely saturated with fuck juice. I was kneeling in a puddle of moisture on the bed. My raging hard cock still standing straight from my loins glistening with her cum juice needed to be satisfied. It needed to be handled by soft sensuous fingers lips or tit flesh.

Fran rolled over and spread her legs on either side of my knees. Her creamy white flesh sparkling with beads of sweat had taken on a orgasmic shade of pink and her nipples seemed to darken slightly also.

Her hands moved from her sides up to cup twin orbs of pleasure giving tit flesh. In unison her thumbs and index fingers moved to roll taut nipples between them.

She smiled and with sparkling blue eyes Fran said. "Tit fuck me." And as she spoke her lovely pink fingernails slid between her tits and spread their soft moist flesh inviting me to slid my cock between.

I moved up lifting one knee and then the other to the outside of her sexy hips. I felt her thighs draw up against my ass then almost push me forward until my raging cock was resting on her flat sweat covered belly.

Grasping my throbbing with one hand I slid up the remaining few inches to position my self to assault her soft mounds of cock pleasing tit flesh.

"I'll hold them nice and still so you can fuck them good." Fran remarked.

I slapped my cock down into her deep cleavage. The resounding crack of hot throbbing cock against soft wet flesh brought a smile to Fran's lips.

"Fuck these big soft titties baby." Fran whispered.

I leaned forward placing both hands on the head board as she pressed her tits together engulfing my cock.

Slowly I thrust up between soft tits. My blood red cock head poking out at the top of the deep sensual cleavage. Pressing her tits in with the butt of her hands Fran extended sexy pink fingernails to tweak and play with her taut nipples.

I looked down and watched as my cock head disappeared back into the soft flesh.

I thrust forward again and again my cock head popped from between the soft crease at the top of her cleavage.

"That's it fuck my sweet tits!" Fran whispered her encouragement.

I straightened up and moved my hands from the head board down to her soft orbs of cock pleasure.

Slipping my hands under hers I extended my fingers on either side of her tits and pressed them together my thumbs free to slid over the taut nipples that peaked her luscious pleasure mounds. Fran's hands now free moved up and spread her raven colored hair seductively around her head on the blue satin pillow.

I drove my cock between her soft tits faster and faster with each successive thrust.

"Yea that's it." She moaned.

She lifted one delicate hand and extended her index finger. Pointing to the small cup in her neck Fran seductively said. "Fill this with your sweet hot cum."

My balls slowly drew up tight in their sack as the unmistakable tingling in my loins signaled my quickly approaching orgasm.

I pressed her soft hot tits tighter together as my cock swelled noticeable in her cleavage.

Fran's eyes were glued to my face and I'm certain she understood that the change in expression announced that in short order I'd be filling her cum cup with thick sweet sperm.

"Cum for me baby!" Fran begged.

My balls went numb as they began pumping thick wads of hot cum toward the tiny slit at the head of my pulsing cock.

"Arrggghhhh!" I exclaimed as the first thick shot was deposited deep between her tits on a back stroke.

I thrust forward instantly my flaring cock head popping from her sticky cum coated cleavage and I shot a second even thicker wad of cum filled that sexy little cum cup in her neck.

Fran moaned feeling the searing heat of my cum load on her neck.

Releasing my grip on her soft cock pleasing tits I grasped my raging erection as it pumped a stream of thick gooey hot cum across her tits splashing on one taut pink nipple.

Jerking my twitching cock I coated the rest of her tits with thick wads of sticky cum. It clung to her flesh like sexy pudding.

"It's so thick and hot." Fran exclaimed.

I slapped my rock hard cock into one sexy puddle then moved it side ways to smear cum across one taut nipple.

Fran smiled and drew one finger up to her cum cup dipping the sexy pink fingernail into the thick sticky contents.

With a smile on her lips she pulled a string of hot cum out of the cup and lifted it to her lips. The string touched her lower lip then slid across her tongue as she extended it to first taste my sex.

I sat back on my haunches holding my cum glistening cock and watched as her finger disappeared between soft moist lips and Fran sucked that finger clean.

"Hmmmmmmm." Fran moaned then added. "It tastes absolutely wonderful."

Her hand returned to that sexy cum cup and this time pinched an even bigger wad between thumb and fingers she lifted it again to her mouth. It dangled from her fingers and swung sexily over her open lips.

Slowly Fran lowered her hand until the dangling cum stuck to her upper lip. She formed an "O" with her lips and sucked the wad between letting it slip over her tongue and down her throat.

Swallowing slowly she smiled and said. "I can't wait for you to shoot you're whole cum load in my mouth baby."

I grinned and said jokingly. "We'll see." Knowing full well that I too couldn't wait to have my cock explode inside her hot sexy mouth.

I lifted my left knee and moved to my right to lay with her. My cum coated cock leaving a trail of cock juice across the top of her stocking and part of her milky white thigh.

Lying beside her I placed my hand flat on her soft belly and raised up on my other elbow.

Fran brought both hands up to cup her tits then smear the wads of cum evenly over both soft luscious orbs. Her tit flesh glistening with an even coat of creamy thick cum.

She slid a hand down to grasp mine then drew my hand up to one tit letting me massage the soft flesh with sticky cum massage oil.

Her nipples remained rock hard even as my cock began to grow flaccid.

"I know there's one last drop lingering in your hot cock." Fran whispered as she reached for my softening cock and squeezed it hard at the base.

Her tight grip drew up along the shaft and like a nearly empty tube of tooth paste my cock gave up one last oozing drop of thick cum.

Her skillful finger caught that drop and she quickly lifted it to her lips to again taste my fuck juice.

"Does it taste good?" I questioned.

Fran smiled and replied. "It's kind of salty but I love how thick it is. I can feel the wads as they slip across my tongue and slide down my throat."

Fran had told me earlier that she loved being coated with hot cum and as we basked in the warm glow of our first love making session I decided to explore that fetish.

"You really do love being pasted with hot cum, don't you?" I asked.

She turned slightly toward me then answered. "I absolutely love it. There is nothing like having that first shot from a cock splash on my skin. It's always searingly hot and usually very thick. It's a huge turn on for me Allen."

I smiled expecting Fran to continue telling me how much she loves being covered with hot cum.

But she turned the tables on me asking. "What about you baby? Would you be turned on by having hot sexy cum shot onto your skin?"

I instantly and quite sternly replied. "Fran I'm not bi."

She giggled and quickly answered. "No silly I was talking about me. You already know about my over active Skene gland."

We were both laying in the huge wet spot resulting from her over active gland.

I smiled with relief knowing she wasn't talking about some other cock coating me with cum.

"If you finger me to orgasm my cum will squirt out of my pussy baby." Fran explained.

I drew a mental image of me laying between her sexy legs and having her Skene gland squirt hot pussy juice onto my face.

"It does sound like quite a turn on." I admitted.

Fran smiled then said. "I could almost drown you with juice if I cum while your sucking my pussy."

"Hmmmmm. I'd die with a smile on my face." I remarked.

Fran looked over my shoulder at the clock on the night stand.

"It's almost nine baby. As much as I hate to I should jump in the shower and wash this sticky mess off my tits before you take me back to my car." Fran remarked.

I had forgotten that I needed to drive her back to the mall and as she slipped off the bed I toyed with the idea of joining her in the shower. But I knew that would likely lead to another round of hot steamy sex so instead I just laid there watching her sexy body move until she disappeared through the doorway of my bed room.

Laying back I thought to my self. "Geez Allen since you moved in here you've gathered quite a stable of sexy fuck friends.

Starting with Kay and her incredible mature body. Then there was Gina a quick fast hot fuck followed by her room mate Staci who I still needed to explore along with her fascinating occupation. And finally Francine. Married to a boring man and looking to add to her special group of friends.

I was really learning to enjoy the life of a divorcee and the awesome opportunities it presented. Perhaps I would call that bitch of an ex-wife and thank her in the morning.

Forty five minutes later Fran and I parted company with a long soul searching kiss while we were parked beside her car at the mall.

As she slipped from the passenger seat she looked over her shoulder and with a very sexy smile on her lips Fran said. "Here's to hot kinky sex baby."

To be continued...

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