High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 17


I could see Kay's throat muscles clench tight around the firm fruit resting in her throat and amazingly it began to slip back out.

"Now that's muscle control." Francine remarked.

It would take a moron not to figure where these two vixens were headed and I'm no moron. I reached between my thighs and slowly began stroking my rock hard cock.

Francine brought the strawberry to her lips but before taking a tiny bite she slid the bright red berry around her lips. Her brilliant white teeth bit into the ripe berry and the smell of strawberry instantly filled the air.

Kay mean time had expelled the banana and was licking and suckling at the first two or so inches of its glistening length.

"We have to save some strawberries for later Kay." Francine said then added. "I love strawberries and cream."

I assumed she wasn't speaking of whipped cream and smiled thinking of how it would look watching her eat cum coated berries.

Francine looked down at my hand and the solid cock it circled. "We shouldn't be neglecting him Kay." She whispered.

Kay smiled and took a nibble from the banana. Francine brought the ripe juicy berry to my cock and slowly began rubbing its juice over the head and velvety corona. Kay used the end of the banana where she'd taken a bit to lubricate my cock shaft.

I lay my head back against the soft fabric of Kay's sofa and patiently waited for them to finish playing.

They looked at each other and I noticed Kay give her sexy partner a quick wink.

In perfect unison they both slid off the sofa to kneel in the corners formed by the ottoman. Kay's full ripe tits tightly held by her bustier the soft tops pressing above the stiff top. Francine's milky white breasts and deep cleavage begging to be suckled and kissed.

Each of them placed a soft hand on my thighs then leaned toward my stiff cock.

Their mouths nearly touching the quivering shaft they exhaled deeply from either side. My cock twitched in a sensual reaction. I wasn't sure if these two minx had scripted this and I really didn't give a damn as I reclined there watching their stunning faces approach from opposite sides.

I moved my hand away knowing it would impede them.

"God damn." I whispered watching glistening lips and moist tongues mercifully finally making contact with my raging cock.

One tongue circled around one side while the other pleasured the opposite side. They both moved up over the soft corona and licked to the very tip of my head.

Their glistening lips met and the two gorgeous women kneeling before me french-ed each other with my cock between their mouths.

Kay was first to let my flaring cock head slip between her soft moist lips and as she moved down to softly massage my velvety corona with her lips Francine used her equally soft lips and tongue to caress the quivering shaft below.

"Fuck me!" I exclaimed my patient wait finally at and end.

Kay drew her wet mouth in tight against my cock head and she bobbed up and down several times letting her lips slip over my corona with each bob.

Francine happily waited her turn licking and sucking the banana taste from my shaft her fingernails teasing the sensitive flesh along the inside of my thighs.

Kay's sexy nails were also busy lightly scratching my abdomen and the curly patch of pubic hair just below.

I was in sexual heaven. My eyes stared intensely at the image before me and my mind captured the image to be remembered for all time.

As Francine licked and kissed up my shaft Kay lifted her head to give her sexy cock sucking partner have her turn.

Their lips again circled my shimmering head then Kay dipped her mouth to begin from the bottom. Francine rose up a little on her haunches the lowered her wide open mouth toward my raging cock. As she approached she exhaled over the head sending a shiver through my loins. Keeping her mouth wide open she lowered it over the head and continued until I felt it wedge in the back of her throat.

"Oh yea!" I whispered feeling her steamy mouth covering my throbbing cock.

With the head firmly pressed into the back of her mouth Francine closed her lips half way down the shaft taking part of Kay's cock meat for her self.

Kay's lips slid up and touched Francine's just as the sexy brunette started lifting up my swollen cock sliding sensuously over her wet tongue and from between the ruby red lips.

Kay's lips followed until she could flick the tip of her tongue at the sensitive flesh of my circumcision scar.

Francine used her sexy tongue to lick around the head pressing the tip into the slit at the very top.

Needless to say I was totally mesmerized by the incredible oral talents being bestowed upon me. I've received some mind blowing head in my life time but none compared to this awesome spectacle.

For the next several minutes I just lay there watching the two lovely ladies lick suck and kiss my cock each taking turns to engulf the head in their warm moist mouths and then softly caressing the bulging shaft with shimmering lips and glistening tongues.

Kay and Francine must have decided that my sexy red head would control the tempo at first because I noticed Kay touch Francine's hand then the both moved their mouths away together.

My twitching cock moved involuntarily up and down having a mind of its own and wanting something wet and wild touching it.

Francine straightened up first lifting her hands to flare her hair out from he scalp. Those awesome red nails slowly slid down over her collar bone tracing the outline with red nail tips. I glanced at Kay who was watching Francine and patiently waiting her turn to entice me visually.

Francine's bright red nails slipped into milky white cleavage disappearing in the soft crease between her lovely breasts. They reappeared again just above the tiny red bow that hid the clasp between the D cups of her brazier.

With two skillful fingers she undid the clasp releasing her lovely lush breasts from their lacy confine. The cups slipped to the side and with a cute wiggle of her shoulders the straps descended her thin arms and fell to the carpet behind her.

Released from their imprisonment Francine's beautiful tits were exposed to my lusty stare. Her hands slipped up to cup both spheres and lift them for my careful inspection. The tiny nipples standing at perfect attention from the absolute middle of her pink areola. I wanted to touch them but resisted the urge until given permission. She lifted one creamy pleasure orb and seductively licked at it with her moist tongue a small string of saliva extending from her tongue to the tip of her beautiful nipple. I stared intently as she pleasured her other nipple in the same way.

Francine smiled shook her shoulders causing her awesome tits to swing from side to side. She turned to Kay and smiled signaling her turn to visually excite me.

Kay looked at me making sure my attention was now firmly on her lush body then slowly drew her sexy hands up to sliding along the stiff boning of her bustier. Her waist held tightly in the sexy garment but those precious tits straining to overflow the top.

I expected Kay to reach behind and pull the tiny tap connected to the zipper down but instead she used one hand to pull the tight fabric slightly away from her tit then lifted the incredible orb over the top. Her skillful hands repeated the motion exposing the twin to my eyes. Once exposed she pulled the garment down in front tucking the fabric under her lush ripe breasts.

I brought my hands together and applauded slowly my cock providing the standing ovation they both deserved.

Kneeling before me were the two loveliest women I'd ever had the pleasure of gazing upon. Their sexy features beckoning my eyes to stare lustfully.

Kay stood up and pulled tiny strings at each hip then pulled her satin thong from between her shapely thighs. Francine climbed up on the sofa and knelt beside me. They both had wanton lusty smiles on their lips and nearly in unison they slipped sexy fingers between even sexier thighs to softly massage their moist pussies.

Francine was first to move lifting one sexy leg across my body at my chest and settling down until her swollen vulva made contact with my flesh. Blocking my view of Kay she lifted her lovely breasts high on her chest then whispered. "Please lick them."

I leaned forward as she leaned toward me.

A soft moan escaped her throat as I captured one perfect hard nipple between my lips. My tongue flicked at the erect nub eliciting yet another sensual moan. I moved my mouth across to the other hard pleasure point pausing to run my tongue between her soft mounds moistening her creamy cleavage.

Francine held her tits and moved them as my mouth began kissing and licking in an exploration of her soft sexy breasts. "I love that." She cooed. My hands rested softly on her hips occasionally pulling them toward me so her swollen vulva slid across my naked chest tickling the moist flesh with my chest hair.

I felt a soft hand on my thigh and knew Kay was moving to mount me behind the sexy brunette sitting on my chest.

I couldn't see but felt her silk covered knees come to rest on either side of my hips then a soft hand grasped my rock hard cock and slowly stroked it several times. I felt her palm press into the tip capturing a tiny drop of pre cum that had oozed from the slit. Her hand moved in perfect circles smearing my juice over the velvety head of my erection.

My mouth was in constant motion moving over Francine's incredible tits licking sucking kissing and lightly nibbling with my teeth at the hard nipples.

I felt Kay lift slightly then move a tiny bit forward as her delicate hand guided my cock head to the entrance of her steamy pussy.

"Yeah baby!" I exclaimed doing my best Austin Powers imitation as Kay lowered her hips and my cock speared her wet flesh.

Kay's hips dropped until she bottomed out engulfing my raging cock within her tight swollen pussy.

Now firmly impaled on my fuck tool Kay reached forward and slipped her hands around Francine to cup and lift her milky tits. I now could not only lick kiss and suck Francine's tits but also lick kiss and suck Kay's sexy fingers.

Her hips began moving slowly lifting then dropping down until her clit pressed into my pelvic bone. Each time her hips ground forward massaging her swollen clit against the bone.

"That feels so fuckin good." I said as Kay humped me behind her sexy partner.

Kay's hands moved slowly over Francine's big tits lifting them one at a time then both together. My lips and tongue covering every inch of heaving soft flesh as she moved them for me.

Francine leaned down and kissed me deeply her probing tongue piercing my lips and finding my own moist tongue. She broke our kiss then moved her head beside mine.

"Eat my cunt." She whispered

I turned my head and kissed her passionately just before she rose to stand on the couch her glistening wet vulva exposed to my lustful eyes.

A half step forward brought her loins to my face and I moved my lips to suckle at the swollen lips. My tongue darted out and slipped under the hood of flesh protecting her clit then found the hard nub and lapped at it lustfully.

Francine groaned as my flat tongue massaged her erect clit. "Suck it!" She begged.

I drew it between my lips and sucked hard pulling it from the protective covering. Holding it firmly between my lips my tongue flicked at it using just the tip to pleasure her orally.

Kay's hands descended to my chest as she began riding my cock faster and harder then before. Her soaking wet fuck flesh grasping at the hard fuck rod impaling her.

My tongue darted between swollen lips to explore the searing hot flesh inside Francine's incredible pussy.

"Eat that cunt!" She nearly screamed as my hands came up to grasp her ass and pull her loins tighter against my mouth.

Kay lifted off my cock and slipped from my body. She moved up on the couch and kneeling beside me she whispered in my ear. "Fuck her."

I released her ass from my firm grip. Francine immediately move to the other side of the couch and got down on all fours her sexy ass pointed at Kay and me.

Her forearms rested on the arm and those sexy tits dangled down toward the soft fabric. She tossed her head back causing her wavy tresses to cascade part way down her creamy back. As I got up to move behind her Francine looked back over her shoulder and said. "Yes fuck me good."

I positioned my self to enter her from behind as Kay used one sexy foot to push the ottoman away and then slid down the couch sitting on the edge beside me.

Her hand slipped up between me and the sexy milk colored ass before me. "Fuck her deep." She said as her delicate hand guided my raging cock toward Francine's soaking wet cunt.

Once my cock touched searing fuck flesh Kay moved her hand away and circled my waist to reach between my legs and massage my balls as I penetrated Francine's tight flesh.

"Oh my god!" She exclaimed as I drove my cock deep inside bottoming against her cervix.

My hands moved up to grasp her wrapping fingers around the lace garter to use it for leverage in my assault of her loins.

I pulled out then slammed into her again causing her to scream in absolute delight.

"Fuck me... Fuck me....Fuck me...." Francine moaned each word being forced from her by another hard thrust of my hips.

Kay's soft fingers and hard nails massaged my balls scratched at my scrotum and lightly rimmed my ass as I continued slamming into the sexy brunette like a crazed stallion.

I glanced down at Kay. She was staring intently at my cock as it slipped into then disappeared deep inside Francine's hot wet pussy.

She looked up at my face then said. "Fuck her ass."

Hearing Kay's command Francine looked over her shoulder at Kay. "Oh god yes fuck my ass." She pleaded.

I slammed into her a few more times then pulled back letting my raging cock slip from the soaking wet confines that held it so tightly.

Kay leaned in and spat between Francine's ass cheeks and I used my cock to smear her hot saliva on the tight puckered flesh of her sphincter.

Francine reached around and pulled on one ass cheek trying to spread her self wide open for my anal invasion.

Kay slid a hand in and together my twin vixens of lust spread the inviting ass apart.

I pressed my cock head against the puckered brown flesh and it involuntarily clamped closed.

Moving a finger in I pressed harder piercing it with the tip of my finger then slowly massaging the muscles just inside to relax them and grant me access.

"Gimme that big hard cock!" Francine begged.

Pressing my cock against the tight opening again it began to surrender.

"Fuck my tight ass hard!" Francine demanded.

I granted her wish and thrust hard against the tight sphincter. My cock head forced its self inside the wide flaring corona stretching her puckered flesh wide open.

Feeling my cock penetrate her ass Francine pleaded. "That's it now bury that beautiful cock deep."

I thrust hard and her soulful groan acknowledge that I was buried inside.

Kay released my balls and slipped her hand front to impale the sexy raven haired minx with several fingers.

I could feel Kay's fingers working inside as I withdrew until my corona rested against the inside rim of Francine's sphincter.

"Fuck me!" She pleaded.

I thrust forward again my balls slapping against Kay's wrist as she continued finger fucking the swollen fuck flesh.

Over and over I assaulted her tight ass. Again and again my balls slapped against Kay's hand. Francine was quickly approaching orgasm and she began driving her ass back to meet the two invaders assaulting her loins.

"Make me cum fuck me harder." Francine screamed.

Her head started thrashing side to side nearly as fast as her ass thrust back into us as her orgasm built.

"Oh god yes." She screamed several times feeling the numbness overwhelm her.

Her climax crashed into her like a head on collision of two vehicles and she screamed at the top of her lungs. "I'm cumming."

Instantly the warmth of her orgasmic flow splashed over Kay's hand and onto my balls. I thrust over and over letting her ride my rock hard fuck tool to the pinnacle of climatic pleasure. Kay withdrew her dripping wet hand and smeared the fluid over Francine's ass.

I slowed my hips but kept a steady pace fucking her ass as her orgasm plateaued her twitching loins and soulful moans signaling that she was still riding the pleasure waves that crashed into her.

I could feel the numbness begin in my loins and I knew that if I continued I would climax inside her hot tight ass. But I resisted the urges of my loins and pulled out. Her ass lay open a gaping dark hole where my cock had been buried a moment earlier.

Francine collapsed forward her big tits now pressed into the fabric on the arm of the couch. Her hips twitched instinctively as she slowly slid down the orgasmic mountain we'd climbed together.

"Fucking incredible." She exclaimed looking over her shoulder at the two lovers who had given her the sexual ride of a life time.

I dropped back on my haunches my muscles filled with lactic acid from the awesome anal workout I'd just put them through.

My glistening cock stood erect from my loins and Kay reached in to slowly stroke the swollen shaft.

She looked up into my eyes and said. "Now fuck me."

I was sweating profusely my naked flesh shimmering with the salty fluids that my glands had produced.

Kay moved from the couch to lay on the wide ottoman then lifted her legs high before spreading them exposing her wet pussy.

"Gimme your hard cock." Kay demanded.

As I moved toward her Kay's eyes appeared as soulful dark pools of total passion. She wanted my cock, no she needed my cock and I wasn't about to disappoint her.

I slipped off the couch and knelt before her. Grasping both legs I pulled her loins toward me so that her hips were over the edge of the soft platform of lust.

With her legs firmly together and in my grasp I move forward and pressed my cock against the swollen lips of her pussy.

Pushing harder I entered her the lips turning inside to drag along my cock shaft as I drove my cock deep inside.

"Oh god yes." She exclaimed as I impaled her searing hot wet sex.

Francine had recovered enough so that she could join me and knelt along side to caress Kay's ripe full breasts pinching and tweaking the hard nipples that peaked her soft orbs.

I made slow deep thrusts into her and each time my balls came to rest against her ass I flexed my muscles massaging her internally with my cock head.

Kay's soulful moans pierced the room and were muffled somewhat when Francine leaned down to kiss her passionately on the mouth.

My pace quickened and the rhythm of Kay's moans followed. Francine happily licked sucked and kissed every inch of Kay's heaving tits and she occasionally looked into my eyes searching for the unmistakeable signs that I was approaching orgasm.

Kay hooked her knees over my shoulders and using the leverage of her legs began lifting her hips to meet my thrusts into her.

"Oh god baby. You're gonna make me cum!" Kay screamed as her pussy flooded with fuck juice and her expression changed to one of complete pleasure.

Her orgasm slammed into her a combined affect of my rock hard cock plunging into her steamy pussy and Francine's continued oral pleasuring of her ripe full tits.

"YES YES YES!" She exclaimed as she climaxed hard and fast.

Her legs fell from my shoulders and she spread her thighs wide open. I reached down and anchored my hands into her soft ass cheeks supporting her loins while I slammed my cock into her soaking wet searing hot fuck tunnel.

Both my lovely vixens had ridden my cock to the heights of orgasm and it was now my turn to climb the mountain and revel in the ecstasy of my own climax.

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