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Highway to Hell


Many thanks to my editor, BlueEyedBlondie.

This is my first story so allow me a brief introduction. My name is Anastasia, I'm 26 and I'm a lawyer. I have blonde silky shoulder-long hair, blue eyes and fair skin; I am 5.4 and have a slim body except for my breasts, that always make my size 4 shirts look one size too small. I live in Europe and English isn't my mother language although I use it a lot for work, my field being international business law. Please excuse my eventual grammatical or spelling errors. I've decided to write in English because I somehow feel that this way my identity is more protected, I've done crazy stuff in my life but now have an international career and I wouldn't want any of the 'main actors' to recognize themselves. I like to get into details, but I've made myself change the names of the people and the cities, leaving everything else as it really happened.

Most of these crazy events took place a couple of years ago, when I was still attending law school and partying really hard every week from Thursday till Sunday. My life at the moment is very boring, I work all day and work is all that I think about, since I'm the youngest in a very competitive environment. But until two years ago, it was a different story. Me and friends, all coming from wealthy families, were living a life unimaginable to most people. I guess our parents allowed us to enjoy ourselves because they couldn't when they were our age: my country passed from socialism to capitalism in the nineties, providing us not only new business possibilities, but also a new liberal way of thinking, influenced by the western culture. After somber decades of socialism began the age of excess. Without any supervision, with our parents travelling and working, we enjoyed everything expensive: the best clothes, the fastest cars, gorgeous apartments, yachts offering privacy for our parties, the most expensive drinks and even drugs, mostly cocaine. You can imagine it's a mix able to get an inexperienced young girl in a lot of trouble.

I started to write a diary containing mostly sexual adventures. It became a ritual that I performed on hangover mornings, describing the events of the past night or the past few days, depending on for how long the party went on. Writing it all down, not omitting a single detail, made me incredibly hot every time. I would masturbate myself reliving the moments or fantasizing about an even more wicked outcome. It seemed like I was watching a movie, with someone else playing the main role. Today I have that impression more than ever. The last time I went to visit my parents I pulled out my old notebooks from the safe in my bedroom and took them with me. When I started to read and to remember, I couldn't leave the apartment for the three days, the suppressed images of my secret life were coming at me at all moments, my pussy would swell and I simply had to get myself off. I've decided to type them and store them on my computer, it was safer than having those notebooks around. Still, instead of burning them, I threw them in the dumpster in front of my building, secretly hoping someone else would read them. That thought became my obsession, and one day I've had the idea to share some of my stories here, changing only the names and adding some explanations. I hope you'll like them.

I met Vincent through mutual friends, he was good looking, 7 years older than I was (at the time 21) and very successful on his own right (well maybe not completely: he owned a construction company, that owed most of its success to the fact that his father was the Minister of Infrastructure, getting him the best jobs in the country). He was witty and a lot of fun, always had time for me, took me on little trips. One evening we went out for dinner with friends, later we went driving around in his Porsche 911 GT3 and ended up doing some cocaine (he had an addiction but wouldn't admit it, as many of my friends at the time). It always made me horny as hell and he knew it. We started kissing and rubbing and then he started the car and sped on the highway. We both enjoyed fast drives. When he started to rub my pussy with his right hand I was already wet.

After a minute or two he stopped pleasing me and accelerated, leaving me only the possibility to enjoy the vibrations of the speeding car, transferred from the leather seat to my silk La Perlas stretched over my swollen clit. It was summer and I was wearing a dress resembling a negligee, made of gorgeous ivory silk with lace hems. It was sexy because the non-transparent silk part was cut quite low on my perfectly rounded breasts (I'm a full C cup), the rest being covered by the transparent lace, but not slutty because it reached the knee. I'm 5.4 and I love to wear high heels, that night being no exception: I've had on golden stiletto sandals that made my legs look a mile long.

I wasn't wearing a bra and the soft silk was caressing my sensitive nipples all night and I almost wanted them to slip out of the silk, over the puckered seam, to feel the rough lace rub against them. When I went to the bathroom during dinner I didn't dare touch them because I would have had to get myself off then and there. I have light pink nipples, with very soft and very puffy areolas that look so delicate when in their natural state, but when I get excited the nipples grow big and hard, changing their color to red and sucking in the puffy areolas, leaving me with two cylinders asking to be sucked. I wasn't wearing a bra and couldn't risk the transformation in front of his friends.

When he finally stopped we were in the emergency lane, under a pedestrian bridge that went over the highway. With a wicked smile he asked me to get out of the car. When I saw a hole in the security net on the side of the road just where the steps to the bridge began, I knew that he wanted to fuck me on full display for all the passing cars. The idea frightened me and excited me at the same time.

Once we were returning from a dinner, driving on a deserted road by the sea. He stopped the car on the side of the road, we stood by the low stone wall and stared at the most beautiful view before we started kissing. He sat down on the wall, pulled me onto his lap and began to rub me, moving my panties to the side. Once I was completely wet he rotated me towards the road, spreading my legs so wide that my outer lips disappeared, my dress ending up around my waist, leaving my hairless, red, wet, swollen pussy for every driver to see. Fortunately it wasn't a busy road. My clitoris was getting rubbed with rotating movements, getting bigger and bigger, redder and redder, and my very swollen glistening pussy lips were opening and closing with the movement. He was smearing my wetness over my clitoris when I saw a pair of lights approaching. I felt a crashing orgasm building up and was completely weak in his hands, but I somehow managed the strength to shut my legs close and turn before the car passed.

Lying alone in my bed that night I began to think about that driver, how old was he, how did he look, how would he react at the sight of my throbbing pussy getting rubbed. I masturbated till dawn thinking about the unknown man. That became my recurring fantasy.

We climbed the steps and there we were, on top of the bridge, cars speeding beneath us, a light wind leaving the impression they were zooming right next to us. He turned me toward the fence - there were two fences actually, one very high, more like a safety net and the other that ended right under my breasts. He stood behind me, kissing my neck and gently caressing my body over the smooth fabric of my silk dress. He was taking it slow, he knew it was a big deal for me. And it was, more than he knew, actually the future of our relationship depended on it.

We had a great relationship, perfect but for one small problem: his dick. It was small, but in spite of that, or maybe because of it, he was a great lover. He really tried hard to satisfy me and I on the other hand have a very tight pussy, so in a way having a small cock was often a relief. We could fuck for hours without my pussy being sore the next two days. With one of my well endowed ex boyfriends my routine was to take painkillers the following day, my pussy hurt so much. The real problem started as he began using more and more coke, developing a habit of doing it every night. It affected his manhood and not in a good way - if he managed to get it up, it would be just semi erect. At that moment it was already a month or so that we didn't fuck and I was thinking about leaving him, although I loved him very much. I've tried talking to him but he didn't see the problem since he made me orgasm in other ways.

But I needed to feel a cock inside me so badly... That's why I hoped that this evening, if we did this exhibitionist thing, that was obviously his fetish, I would finally get properly fucked.

He started touching my breasts, first just gently following their shape with the tips of his fingers, circling around the already swollen nipples, tugging on the fabric so that the silk and the lace rubbed them, but never his fingers. I was completely wet and out of breath already. He didn't know this was my fantasy ever since that night by the road. Then he backed away for a moment and I felt his hard dick between my cheeks, only the thin silk fabric between us, I could feel its heat and I moaned. Slowly he lowered the straps of my dress, so that my breasts were exposed, not completely but just below my nipples, that went achingly erect from the wind. He pulled my arms out of the dress straps and positioned them on the safety net above my head so that my breasts were prominently displayed to the drivers. The first honk arrived, not from the road beneath us, but from the trucker's parking lot on the left side of the bridge. Someone was enjoying the show. He rubbed against me and finally started pinching my nipples, rolling them between his fingers and rubbing over them lightly with open palms, a thing that always drove me crazy. I started to rub against his dick, yearning for it inside me.

He removed my completely soaked panties and threw them down by the side of the road, but returned to the previous position, offering me his fingers to lick. When he returned to my already incredibly swollen nipples with fingers wet from my saliva, I thought they were going to pop and almost came, letting out a desperate cry. I wanted to feel him closer to me so I put my hands behind his neck, causing my dress to slip exposing my tits completely. For the first time I heard a honk from the road, that's when I realized I was now positioned right under the light, when before I was in shade. I looked over to the left and I could see two truckers looking, with their truck doors open. I started to squeeze his dick with my toned buttocks.

Finally he lowered a hand between us and lifted my dress, I positioned myself with my hands on the railing, with my butt high in the air and my breasts hanging in front of my eyes. When he guided his small cock inside me it felt divine, as if I have shrunk even more because of the abstinence, he popped that first muscle like it was my first time. He started with a few slow strokes and then started pumping hard. We were both moaning, I was leaning against the fence, trying to meet his thrusts and then, after only a minute, he came. I couldn't believe it, I wanted more, I needed more, but he pulled it out and it went completely limp. He apologized, saying this was such a turn-on that he couldn't control himself, especially since we haven't been fucking lately. (Well, whose fault was that?) He lifted my hands back on the safety net, told me to spread my legs, knelt between my legs and slowly started kissing his way up.

He was right under me, holding my hips with his hands, one hand coming from behind the other from the front, spreading me wide with his body. Licking me to multiple orgasms was his forte, and I never knew anyone who did it better (not any man at least, but that's a different story). I was standing there with my dress wrinkled under my round breasts, topped with hugely swollen nipples, showing them off to everyone, my hands over my head, grasping the fence for some stability. My legs were spread wide and strained from the high heels. He licked through all my folds, with thorough, soft licks, then started to nibble my incredibly engorged pussy lips. He found it amusing how my normally humble, light pink, hairless, innocent-looking pussy could become so red, glistening with my juices, twitching at every touch. Each honk I heard made me more excited, and a few truckers were now out of their trucks, staring at us. At last he stiffened his tongue and licked me starting from my ass, over my opening, entering it, and continuing up, caressing my clit first from the inside before finally arriving to my neglected bud, his tongue covering it with a mix of his saliva and my wetness. I let out a moan that was probably well heard by the crowd on the parking lot. He chuckled and started to flick his tongue over it, sucking it occasionally, making sure to make it even more swollen. I was letting out loud cries and one of the truckers began shouting something in a language I couldn't understand. I figured it was some kind of obscenity and a thought crossed my mind: what if they got bolder and approached us, what if they all fucked me.

The thought of these foreign smelly truck drivers attacking my fragile young body was something I would usually cringe at, but now made me rub against my partners face with desire for their big fat smelly cocks. He started to tongue fuck me. My eyes were closed now and I was completely out of breath, my throat tight and was moaning like an animal. The cold air blowing over my wet engorged clit mad me gasp. I started to feel weak as he began to suck on my pussy, to tighten his lips around my clit while massaging it with his stiff tongue. My hands let go of the net and my whole upper body convulsed, I leaned on the fence and the feeling of my nipple brushing over the cold metal sent me over the edge. He held my hips closely sending shock waves through my whole body. Every muscle of my legs was visible as I was contracting on my 5 inch heels. He continued to lick and suck mercilessly, teasing me like he always did till I couldn't take it anymore.

Finally he abandoned my clitoris and started to lick through my folds, cleaning me up. My head was resting on my arms, turned in the direction of our car when I opened my eyes. There was a police car behind ours. I froze. Even in this hazy state I could understand that we had committed at least two crimes, having drugs in our car and fucking on public display, and we were doing it on a highway, endangering the traffic. The police in our country is known for its severity, even brutality. I motioned Vince to get up and quickly tried to pull myself and my dress together.

Instinctively I looked to the top of the steps and indeed there was a huge cop, with a crude face, the best way to describe him would be to say that he looked like the Russian mobsters in the movies, a mean smirk on his lips. Then I noticed a huge bulge in his uniform pants. I realized I had no idea for how long he had been standing there. Suddenly I was feeling very uncomfortable being only in a wrinkled dress with wet transparent patches, my nipples covered only by transparent lace, my adjustable straps having extended when Vince pulled them over my arms. The cop was eyeing me overtly from head to toe, his eyes stopping on my tits. I pulled the dress up, making the brutally engorged nipples even more visible under the silk. Vince moved in front of me protectively. I turned in the truckers' direction, but there was no one to be seen.

They must have seen him coming and went back inside. Finally the cop asked: ''Is everything alright? Do you need assistance?'' We answered in unison that there was no need, everything was ok. ''Then why is your car in the emergency lane, is there some kind of emergency here?'' Vince stupidly said we only wanted to catch the view. ''I think you should come with me to the station to give a statement, you were acting immorally in a public place, that being a crime against public morality, punished with 1-3 years of incarceration, not to mention that you were also endangering the traffic." I knew that he was going to search our car, and being a law student I knew that according to the recently emanated law it could put us in jail for up to 10 years. The government was making desperate attempts to fight drug trafficking, sentencing even marijuana users to jail time. I didn't know how much cocaine was there in the car and I surely couldn't ask Vince. I decided to try to soften the cop, and I stepped in front of Vince before I would lose my courage.

In the back of my mind I knew it was a stupid idea, but I couldn't risk jail time, my future legal career would be ruined, my parents' reputation destroyed.

I started to tug on my straps, lowering the dress until my rounded boobs were partially exposed, then pulling it up again to show off my legs. Vince tried to stop me, but I pushed him away smiling to the cop seductively. I asked whether he could let us go since we were just fooling around, never did it before and would never repeat it again and told him I had an exam tomorrow morning, trying to let him know that I was still a student. His eyes were locked on my tits and he just smiled asking what school was I in. When I nominated one of the most prestigious universities in the country I naively expected him to show at least some respect. I got the opposite reaction, he looked at me contemptuously and said: ''So you're one of the spoiled brats, only able to get an education because your rich parents are paying for it. And they are able to pay for it only because they stole from their own country."

Of course he had no idea who my family was and how my parents made their money, but that was the general opinion about the wealthy among the less fortunate. It was comprehensible given that around 70% of people in our country lived on the edge of poverty, all the wealth being concentrated in a few hands, with the middle class completely wiped out by the privatization. I stupidly forgot that his monthly wage was around 500 bucks for risking his life on the street every day and yet he could be considered lucky because the state at least paid regularly. I looked at my shoes, they were worth more than his monthly income. He eyed Vincent and asked me: ''So you hang out with rich boys, driving sport cars to make up for their small dicks? Have you ever been fucked by a real man?'' Vincent walked toward him, I thought he was going to punch him, but instead he pulled out a bundle of money from his pocket and offered it to him.

The cop took the money, smiled, but then said: ''You're under arrest for trying to bribe a policeman, you little piece of shit.'' and he dragged him to the edge of the bridge where the fence became a wall and handcuffed him to the railing. I stood in the middle of the bridge, in the cold wind, shivering. The cop motioned me to approach them, I obeyed reluctantly and as I started walking I became aware that my tits were bouncing because of the high heels and that the dress was slipping down, risking to reveal my nipples completely. The huge cop was staring at them hungrily. I moved my hands to hold the dress up but the cop shouted: ''No sudden movements young lady!'' I was terrorized and I let the dress as it was, one of my areolas peeking out.

A strap was slipping off my shoulder. I tried to steady my walk but the change of posture just made the strap slip down definitively, leaving my left breast exposed to the cold wind and the avid eyes of the cop. He pulled my wet panties out of his pocket and extended them toward me. I quickly pulled up the dress and reached for the panties, shocked. As I reached for the panties he pulled my hand and twisted it throwing me on my knees. He went behind me and handcuffed my arms behind my back. He exposed my tits, pulling on the nipples and laughing. ''How do you like this little princess?"

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