Highway to Hell


''Let me go'', I pleaded, ''I'll give you anything you want." He unbuttoned his pants instead of answering and let out a huge cock, a thick snake that sprung to his belly. As he lowered his pants he revealed a pair of massive dark balls. I couldn't help but to compare it to Vince's ''equipment."

He was fair skinned and so was his cock and especially balls, with little hair and his little cock hanging limply most of the time. I know it was disgusting to compare my loving boyfriend to this animal, but I couldn't help it. The cock in front of me was big and dark, with thick veins over the shaft, a huge mushroom head and a huge dark sack hanging heavily under it. He rubbed my still partially wet panties over his shaft, then stroked it a few times and I watched it grow even bigger in front of my eyes. He hung my panties around it and told me to take them. I was immobile and mute with horror. He slapped my face with his huge dick a few times and repeated: ''Take your panties." I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

He grabbed my blonde hair, pulled my head back and started to rub the swollen head over my full soft lips, distorting them. ''Open your mouth." I wouldn't. I couldn't. His musky smell was so strong it made my head spin. He slapped me on the face and pulled on my hair until my mouth opened in a cry. He began to stuff it in my mouth warning me that he would beat me to death if I bit him. I couldn't do it even if I wanted to, my mouth was stretched so wide I had no force in my jaw. Once the huge head was inside my mouth I could relax just enough to make the pain in my jaw supportable.

He immediately started to fuck my face, with no prelude, bringing tears to my eyes and making me gag innumerous times. I made a sorry sight: kneeling on the cement, my dress all dirty and wrinkled, gagging and crying, he was pulling my hair out now with both hands, impaling my head on his cock, my panties still hanging around the base of his shaft, his dark pubic hairs piercing through the thin silk. Finally he came, deep in my throat, the jet never ending, making me think I would choke.

He took it out and ordered me to lick him clean. I was still choking and trying to catch my breath, so he slapped me on the face saying: ''Lick it you little slut, I know you like it, look at yourself you're dying to get fucked by a real man." I felt a tingle in my crotch and with horror I realized I was wet. I hadn't even noticed it. I tried to get myself together, but my pussy kept pulsating as he said: ''Lick it you bitch and I'll make your wish come true." He was disgusting and yet I was turned on by him, I was so ashamed of myself. I started to lick his smelly hairy balls to try to bring myself to reality: I was being violated by this smelly pig who would never even have the chance to talk to me if he wasn't a cop who caught me breaking the law.

I was licking and he was moaning, his monster dick resting on my forehead. I glanced at Vincent and saw a tent in his pants. Now I was disgusted by both of them and I knew there was no one who could help me but myself. I decided to satisfy him, hoping he would let me go afterwards without hurting me. I continued to lick up his shaft, over his head, savoring every inch of this big cock, letting the head enter my small mouth, kissing it, exploring every part of it with my tongue, tugging on my panties with my teeth, still hanging from it. He was groaning with pleasure. It was only semi erect still recovering from his first orgasm so I stuffed it in my mouth. ''That's right you little whore, you like to suck dick, don't you?''

The organ slowly grew back to its erect state, and soon I had to let it pop out of my mouth, leaving me with saliva all over my chin. It grew even bigger than before in front of my eyes. I licked the head, but then he pulled away and told me to get up. I hoped the nightmare was over but I knew it was just the beginning and that my pussy would get violated... I realized my little pussy was dripping wet. It was yearning for a cock, and a clitoral orgasm Vince gave me earlier only made it worse. He pulled me up and started to molest my nipples, kneading them between his huge rough fingers. Then he pulled on my nipples, dragging me to the wall. I saw the normally very puffy areola get sucked in, the red cylinders growing bigger in pain and pleasure, the surrounding milky white skin stretching. He pushed me against the wall. ''You like it rough don't you, you little slut? Look at these titties, so firm and round." he grabbed my tits in his huge hands and squeezed them so hard I almost screamed, ''Look at these huge nipples, look at how responsive they are." he said and twisted them mercilessly and my nipples swell even more. They reminded me of those kibbles my dog eats, they were so big. He lifted me up on the wall and started licking and kneading them alternately.

I was in sweet agony. When he took my tits in his huge hands they looked so small, then he squeezed them, making the nipples stick out even more and started to nibble on them. I came silently. I hoped he didn't noticed my orgasm and had mistaken it for shudders of pain. He continued his torture and then I felt something hot on my pussy. ''You are wet you little slut, look at your slutty girlfriend she is completely wet for me, you couldn't please her, could you, daddy's boy? Look how hard I'll fuck her!'' he said lifting me in the air and putting me down on the opposite wall so that Vince could see us. Vince looked at my glistening pussy.

I wanted to close my legs but the cop was holding them apart, showing my excitement off to Vince, inserting the tip of his fat finger in my slit and laughing as my dense juices stretched between my slit and his finger forming a thin transparent rope. The cold wind was blowing over my wet pussy, making it contract. His cock was huge, the head monstrously swollen and purple. No way he could get that thing inside me without ripping me apart. He rubbed my clit with the huge head and I let out an involuntary moan, he laughed and rubbed my wet opening, then rubbed my clit with the hot head covered in my juices, making me moan louder. ''You're too wet you little whore, at least pretend you have some morals." he said and wiped my pussy with my panties, scrubbing it roughly, hurting me. When I was wiped dry, he positioned the head at my opening. My swollen, blood red, dry pussy lips only encircled the tip of the head when I felt they were extended to their maximum already.

I begged him to stop. As he pushed further I felt like the skin on my pussy was breaking, it hurt and stung so much. My swollen clit stood like a little mountain under the red stretched out skin, I felt it was going to burst out. ''You're so tight,'' he groaned and receded a little. ''You're all wet again, you like it, you little slut.'' he whispered and pushed harder than before. I screamed. He slapped my face and pinched my nipples so hard that tears began rolling down my cheeks. He started to rub my clitoris brutally with his huge thumb, rough and probably sweaty because it burned on my sensitive skin.

''I'll smash your little pussy to pieces.'' he said and he rammed it inside me, it was so painful but I didn't dare to let out a sound; he receded and rammed it even further this time, continuing to roll my swollen clit under his thumb. Then suddenly the pain disappeared. When I looked down he was still inside me, even deeper than before, more than a half of his size inside my tiny hole; I realized I was orgasming again. He stopped to feel my pussy clamp on his huge cock. I almost started crying, it was so intense, my tiny organ trying to spasm but couldn't, being stretched over its limits by this monster cock. He put his dark arms under my white thighs and grabbed my butt, my cheeks disappeared in his hands so violently that I felt that the thin skin inside of my crack was on the edge of breaking. He was pumping me now with short violent strokes, holding my butt in the air.

The huge muscles of his arms contracted under his uniform as he impaled me on his cock. I somehow managed to get a hold of the wall with my handcuffed arms to give me some stability. We were both looking at his cock disappearing in my bare tender pussy, mesmerized by the sight. My pale soft skin looked white against his dark organ and hands. My dress was still around my waist, white breasts bouncing with his rhythm, my hands behind my back making me feel so exposed, the wind caressing my abused nipples making them painfully hard. I was moaning loudly. I was experiencing the best fuck of my life in these humiliating circumstances. He started groaning and I felt him swell even more, he pushed me to the opposite wall that was higher and started to hammer me violently... My hands were crushing behind my back, my legs wrapped around him, my eyes closed.

Then I came, so hard that my head was spinning and everything went black for a moment, my pussy was trying to spasm around his big cock. Then put me to the ground and spurt his cum all over my stomach, tits and pussy. He released my hands and the first thing I did was rub that huge amount of cum all over myself, paying special attention to my aching nipples and clitoris. I was completely out of control, massaging myself gently with my slippery fingers. He released Vince who just sat there staring numbly at me. My naked body was still trembling from the orgasm.

I closed my eyes for what seemed like a second and when I opened them the cop was gone, and Vince was looking my sperm covered body, stroking his dick. When he saw me looking at him he immediately stopped, ashamed. I pulled on my dress but because of the sperm it became fully transparent, sticking to my body, showing off my nipples and even the little bumps around them. Vincent's little cock twitched when he looked at me. I crawled to him an all fours not having the strength to walk and started to suck on this tiny dick, feeling the other man's cum drying on my skin, making it tight. I gently squeezed his balls and he came in my mouth, finally finding some release. That was my way of saying goodbye to him.

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