Elaine's heart quickened as she approached the group of men before her. She could hear their laughter and feel their eyes raking over her. Normally she would have stopped and chatted, returned the favour and got their hearts racing instead but today she had better places to be. She had received a message telling her her ship was loaded and ready to depart.

She walked past them without slowing down, only sparing them a quick glance from under her dyed-blue hair. Once past Elaine made sure to sway her hips, bringing a smile to her face as wolf whistles followed the twenty two year old down the walkway. The swaying wasn't their only incentive, the skin tight vac-suit covering every inch of her body from the neck down left nothing to the imagination.

She wasn't the only one though, the high tech outfit was all but mandatory for space pilots. Providing protection from the forces the occupation could subject the human body to, skin tight and in the case of Elaine at least, achingly erotic. Although not for the first time it occurred to her the men's suits came with far more padding, offering a good degree more privacy than the female counterpart.

Continuing around the corner she slipped into the hangar, this one housing multiple cargo ships of similar size to hers. Even among the bustle of the busy spaceport her eyes were drawn towards the backside of another pilot, her vac-suit glinting blue in the dim light in contrast to Elaine's own red suit.

Getting closer she noticed the girl in blue was piloting a Spark, the same outdated ship as her own. The girl turned on the spot, standing up from her cockpit and dropping backwards into the pilots seat. As she stretched upwards to grab the canopy to lower and seal it their eyes met and they shared a knowing smile, the main reason to own a Spark. Best kept secret in the universe.

Elaine continued on to her own ship, opening the canopy and content the cockpit configuration was as she left it dropped into the seat and let the reactive material mould itself to match her body. Registering her return the cockpit internals lit up, displaying a new message received.

Raising an eyebrow Elaine reached up and tapped the screen, hoping for more work opportunities and instead being greeted by the message "Watch out for Tanglers, whore."

Deleting the anonymous message with a curse, Elaine forcefully grabbed the canopy and pulled it down for privacy as she rested her head in her hands. Tanglers were a story made up by bigoted old men who thought women should stay and home, cook, clean and make babies. Certainly not work as Astronauts.

Tanglers were reputed to stow aboard ships, a mass of tentacles leaping out mid-flight and ravaging the young girls piloting them. Complete nonsense, but the fact someone had singled her out to receive the message unsettled her.

Taking a deep breath Elaine regained her composure, slotting her arms and legs into the metallic cylinders around her. One for each limb, ending at her elbows and knees and serving to hold the pilot in place during manoeuvres and more importantly keep their hands and feet on the controls.

Not thinking twice about this ritual she tapped a button by her hand and the cylinders sealed shut, leather straps sliding down from behind either shoulder, crossing over her chest and locking in either side of the seat. For a final touch, Elaine leant her head back and let the ship add it's part to the vac-suit. A helmet descended down over her head, sealing with the suit. The cockpit was pressurised, but it never hurts to be safe. Fully strapped in and immobile, something else Elaine found erotic came to mind.

A smirk crossed her face as she thumbed the engine start and requested permission to depart. The permissive response came almost instantly from the automated system and Elaine fired up the Spark's engine, a strong vibration passing through the whole ship. Her heart quickened at the sound, thoughts of sensations to come and a new moistness joining it. A conditioned response.

The autopilot guided her out of the dock and into a clear path away from the orbiting station before aligning itself to the next stop and with a gesture of confirmation from the pilot set off at full speed. Back inside the cockpit, the vibrations from the engine multiplied tenfold. Restrained and strapped to the pilot's chair Elaine let out a quiet moan as she pressed herself down onto the adaptive material, letting it intimately mould itself to her shape and transfer the vibrations exactly where she wanted them. Nobody around to see her. Only a delivery run, no need to hurry.

A shuddering moan escaped Elaine. Best kept secret in the universe, why so many women worked in the profession.

The red vac-suit tightened around her body, turning her on even more as she grinded herself into the harshly vibrating seat. The canopy above had switched into privacy mode at her earlier request, filling her vision with a reflection of her own body squirming in bondage.

Trembling as another wave of pleasure passed through her, the loudest moan yet escaped into the confines of her helmet. The orgasm hit her petite body like a freight train, filling her vision with stars. Arching out of the chair as far as possible in the bonds Elaine screamed in pleasure as the Galaxy's most expensive sex toy pushed her to the edge of consciousness.

Sinking back down into hear seat, legs squeezed tightly together Elaine readied herself to start again just as the engine cut out.

The sudden silence brought her back to reality, trying to ignore the wetness between her legs she glanced around the cockpit in the hopes of finding the source of the disturbance. Instead she found something that turned her blood cold. Cameras were dotted around the cockpit and all focused on her. Small and on tiny arms extending from behind various panels. They must have emerged while she was... distracted... and seen everything.

Quickly hitting the restraint release by her trapped hand she made to reach for the nearest camera to her, only to discover they hadn't released. The straps crossing between her chest withdrew but her helmet and bonds remained, leaving her arms and legs trapped and her helpless.

Taking deep breaths Elaine tried to stay calm, if anyone wanted that footage they would have to come and retrieve it from the ship itself. That meant she didn't have to worry about becoming an overnight porn star just yet. The Spark was still drifting idly forward but wasn't responding to her controls. Next came noises from around her, the groaning of metal and something else moving around behind her.

Stories of Tanglers came to her mind and she became even more conscious of the cameras watching her every move. Tensing up her toned body against the metal holding her captive she tried to see if she could break free as the sounds overtook her and surrounded her.

Quickly abandoning the idea of breaking the ship's hold on her the young pilot collapsed limp in her chair, breathing hard inside the enclosed helmet. The sound of movement stopped, Elaine desperately searched her senses for any hint of what was happening around her.

Their only answer offered was a drop of her own wetness running down her leg and the pounding of her heart.

Feeling a tightening sensation around her knee Elaine looked down and stifled a scream at seeing a tentacle climbing its way up her leg, having already surrounded the metal binding and circling her thigh. More appeared, closing in on her from all directions.

At a glance the tentacles themselves seemed to be secreting some sort of clear liquid, already covering her leg and giving the vac-suit a reflective shine. The tip of the first tendril had already secured her thigh and the others had reached helpless form too, gently wrapping around her upper arms and one running across her breasts seemingly searching for something.

Elaine gritted her teeth in frustration as her nipples rose to meet the unwanted affections. The enjoyable sensation causing her to flinch. The moment she moved the previously gentle tentacles across her body tightened painfully. Biting back the urge to cry the young woman furiously hammered on the restraint release as her vision blurred with tears.

This was planned, the message, the cameras, her losing control of the ship and now this monster. Elaine promised herself she wouldn't scream. She wouldn't give the bastards the satisfaction.

As the alien creature continued to grip her body it's victim was grateful she could neither feel the texture of the thing nor smell it due to her space-garb, a small mercy in an otherwise very bleak situation.

Another tentacle appeared, this time appearing between her separated knees and making its intentions very clear as it relentlessly advanced on her sex.

Spotting it's approach through the visor of her helmet Elaine tried futile to pull her crotch out of the way, the vac-suit was still in place but she wasn't about to encourage the thing trying to rape her. As before, the movement caused the organic bonds to tighten further around her body. More tentacles appeared, moving faster than she could follow and wrapped themselves firmly around her waist and until now ignored thigh.

After firmly securing her lower body the advance resumed. It's tip pressed up between her legs, sliding left to right gently probing for an entrance. As it came into contact with her entrance Elaine flinched again, her own arousal and the nature of the vac-suit giving her a cameltoe through the tight fitting material.

Pressing hard into the gap, the Tangler passed her lips as the flexible vac-suit stretched to accommodate the intruder and only stopping after a short journey. It continued to press against the obstacle for a short while before quickly choosing a different tact. Yet more tendrils appeared from within the cockpit and began intimately searching the entirety of her body in search of a gap in her skin-tight armour.

Primeval panic rose in the pilot's chest as one lone appendage wrapped itself around her throat and tightened, cutting off her breathing. She would have thrashed desperately in her bonds had she not been completely immobilised by her attacker. Somewhere in the back of her terrified mind a voice told her that this was the better way, this way she would be dead before she experienced what was coming. As this morbid thought started to settle in her consciousness she was pulled back to reality by a pop and a hiss as her helmet removed itself without help from the Tangle or herself.

The alien had found the chink in her armour it was looking for. The sickly-sweet smell of her assailant reached her senses, sending her mind reeling from the tailor made fragrance designed to read her for what was coming. To her horror Elaine's body wasted no time in betraying her, the wetness between her thighs returned with a vengeance and her breasts swelled eagerly against the vac-suit and alien holding them in place.

She regained her senses just in time to clench her jaw against the assembled tendrils diving in for the kill, most pressing hard against the vac-suit's seal around her neck and slowly but surely breaking the pressure seal and worming their way underneath her only defence. Another firmly wrapped around her neck, tightening as the other pressed against her teeth. The attacker's intentions were obvious.

The full sized reflection of her struggling form above her confirmed what her senses were telling her, the writhing forms were moving down her body squeezed between her and her second skin. They pressed forward relentlessly, crossing her stomach and moving ever onwards.

The first one arrived between her legs and aided by her own treacherous body gently slid up to her entrance before pausing as if waiting for something. She remained still and kept her jaw clenched still refusing to give her audience any satisfaction beyond her panicked breathing as another tendril slid down her back, the feel of the creature on her bare body making her skin crawl.

The one in front of her face moved back away from her mouth in anticipation. The third reached its destination, slowly probing for her back entrance. Expecting it to stop short again Elaine was caught off guard as it violently penetrated her asshole, pain shot through her body and before she knew it Elaine cried out. Lightning fast the one before her face leapt down her throat.

Fear rose in her chest as she gagged, choking on the intruder and struggling to breathe. Elaine writhed in her restraints and the tendrils covering her body tightened sharply. Sensing her distress the Tangler withdrew from her throat just enough to allow her to breathe.

Barely able to believe what was happening to her, the captive watched with horror as the tentacles now inside her grew. Before now they hadn't been any bigger than what she had experienced already, Elaine whimpered around the tendril gagging her as they grew, stretching her to her limit.

A tearing sound reached her ears as the abused vac-suit gave way, coming away from her and leaving her torso exposed. Without waiting the tentacles adapted to the extra space provided and started in with strong, powerful thrusts into the young woman's body.

Thanks to the scent controlling her mind the pain of the encounter quickly faded and Elaine started to find pleasure in the moment. With her arms and legs still bound the alien was playing with her like a puppet, forcing her to arch her back and pressing her head back into the chair.

Even without understanding why the tentacles were thrusting into her, somewhere in her addled brain she knew it was sexual. In defiance of the quickly fading horror of the encounter, Elaine's own wetness was mixing with the slime covering the Tangler. Each thrust throwing her entire body back and forth in its bonds. believe Pleasure started to overtake the pain, the unwilling victims muffled whimpers of pain turned into contented moans . The last of her sobriety screaming in disbelief as she started bucking her hips with the rhythm of the alien. Her tongue started instinctually working the intruder in her mouth, each gasped breath between its movements drawing more of the aphrodisiac into her lungs.

She wanted this. She needed this. Now both her mind and body were in agreement, begging for release and desperate to be used. She wasn't a person anymore, she was only an alien sex toy.

Elaine was hardly inexperienced, but within moments she was moaning louder than ever as she helplessly rode the tentacles. The most intense orgasm of her life tore through her brain, taking with it the last of her consciousness.

Without even registering her reaction, the creature kept on working the young woman's body. Completely lost to the moment Elaine was verging on another when the metal restraints holding her in place released and she was pressed hard against the canopy above her. She once again came violently as each thrust rubbed her nipples against the cold, reflective surface.

The forgotten cameras moved and focused, capturing the whole ordeal as even the tentacles tensed up and painfully squeezed the entirety of the captive's body. Her cry of ecstasy was quickly silenced as the Tangler released its own load, a thicker white substance filling Elaine's orifices and overflowing into the cabin.

The alien shuddered once more, sending one last jolt of pleasure before pulling back from its victim. It gently lay her exposed form in a puddle of their combined juices in the chair, where she lay exhausted, drained, docile, fulfilled and dripping alien fluids.

The last of the Tangler disappeared back behind the ships panels and beyond the canopy a large pirate vessel was closing in, the crew excitedly watching the live feed from the cameras.

Elaine could only watch it's approach exhausted as she swallowed the last of what had been left in her mouth and gasped for breath, her faithful vac-suit rebuilding itself around her and sealing her in with what hadn't made it to her mouth.

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