Hilary lay naked on a plaid blanket at the base of an old oak tree. It was hot enough for her to be sweating and she was savoring it. The cube farm where she worked was always freezing. The room she rented was always freezing. She hated cold but that is the way she seemed to always be summer or winter but today was different.

Today was the first day the temperature had reached 90 since the summer before. It was a Saturday morning and she was far from the city on a rolling hillside. A warm breeze caressed her body and cooled the sweat glistening on it. She shivered and then whimpered as her hands caressed her slick slippery breasts and stomach.

Her nipples were hard pebbles against her palms and ached as she teased them. She groaned softly as her hands traveled down her stomach, split to go around her sex, and then on down to the tops of her thighs. She shivered as another cooling breeze caressed her body.

Spreading her legs wide, she used her nails to tease her inner thighs but kept them well away from her sex. One touch and she would masturbate to a quick and sharp orgasm. That wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to draw it out, to build it up until it took her breath away. She had almost came earlier in the day when she had spent extra time getting every trace of hair off her outer lips and shaping the V of hair on her mound perfectly.

Her hands came up and traced the V of auburn hair with her fingertips. Her nails on the tender sensitive skin of her mound made her whimper softly. She lifted her legs and moved her heels until they touched her ass cheeks. Then and only then did she let her knees fall open. Her nails drew figure eights on her inner thighs again and she moaned softly. The nails felt so sensuous on the tightly stretched skin.

When her hips flexed, Hilary moved her hands away from her body. Her hands moved towards her breasts but she forced her arms out and lay there trying to relax and let her growing orgasm subside. Her eyes were on the shimmering sunlight through the moving leaves above her head but her mind was on the itchy antsy feeling between her legs.

She sighed and moved her hands so that she could roll her nipples around with one finger on each. Her mind wandered back to earlier when she arrived. She had parked at the head of the public nature trail but instead of taking it, she had crossed the road and climbed the barbed wire fence. With her small drink cooler in one hand and the blanket in the other, she had crossed a short wooded section to the start of the fields.

Stopping at the edge, she spent a moment looking around and listening. Nothing looked out of place. It looked exactly as it had at the end of the summer before except the grass was taller and greener. She sat the cooler and blanket down long enough to take off her t-shirt. She shivered at being naked from the waist up and the possibility of being seen by someone. It wasn't a big possibility but never the less.

She knew she had an exhibitionist streak and had always had one. The problem was her deep seated shyness. She would never dare to show it in the city but out here.... Out here was different for some reason. At least in her mind. The first time she had come out to the nature trail with some of the girls from the office had been eye opening to say the least.

Five young women in a small Honda had been crowded but fun all the same. At the trailhead they piled out and gathered their stuff out of the trunk. Hilary had her camera and a water bottle. Their car was the only one in the parking lot. To make a long story short, they hadn't gone a hundred yards down the trail when one of the girls whipped off her t-shirt.

It wasn't long before Hilary was the only one with her shirt on. A little teasing from the rest of the girls and she had blushed deeply as she pulled hers off. Her breasts were full and her nipples were so hard they ached. The dark circles under them were crinkled. They were so hard from the eyes of the others and the fact that she was outside.

That was the first time she had ever been naked in front of anyone besides her one lover since high school gym classes. She had been flat chested and embarrassed back then but now the admiring looks made her sex clench up tightly. It had been a thrilling day and the feeling of being naked outside had grown as they hiked the trail.

She still had the photos she took that day. A lot of them contained at least one of the other girls. They ended up being her wintertime masturbation material. Not the girls so much as the memory of the feelings of being naked in public with others around.

Hilary sighed deeply and used a fingernail to flick her right nipple back and forth. The sharp edge of her nail made her jerk and the smooth side made her whimper. She had thought about finding her a place to lay naked somewhere along the nature trail so she could see people ever so often but the fear of being caught kept her on this side of the road.

She sighed and moved her hands back to the blanket. As far as she knew the girls from work had never came back out to the nature trail. She wondered why that was. She sighed again and sat up. She had a long view of the hillside to her left and a long view of the slope back toward the road. She was far enough away from the road that she couldn't even hear cars or trucks on it. Not that there was much traffic.

Her knees were still spread wide as she came up on them. She stretched her arms high over her head and rocked from side to side. She could feel her breasts sliding against her chest with a sensuous slippery feeling. The little beads of sweat slowly sliding down her body felt fantastic. She felt so alive.

A soft buzzing noise froze her like a statue. It was coming from her left. Her head snapped around in that direction and she scanned the fields and then the wood line that edged the hill in an arc. There was nothing in sight but the buzzing was getting louder. Suddenly there was movement at the edge of the brush where the arc was the highest.

Hilary dropped to her stomach and lifted her head. Two people on a four-wheeled motorcycle were riding along the edge of the woods. She groaned softly as she wondered if the grass was tall enough to hide her where she was. She also wondered how she could get dressed quickly without being seen. There was no way, she realized.

About then she realized it was a woman and a man on the four-wheeler and both were naked. She groaned again and her hips flexed up and down several times as she wondered if being naked outside made the woman on the motorcycle as horny as it made her. The woman was sitting back against an ice chest and her feet were on a set of pegs, her knees were raised and spread really wide.

They were too far to see much detail but the woman had breasts much like her own and they rolled on her chest as the four-wheeler crossed the uneven terrain. The woman's hands were extended out to each side and rested on the wide rear fenders. The man's attention was fixed on the ground in front of the bike but the woman was looking around.

Hilary couldn't decide whether to duck her head or remain still. If she moved it might draw the woman's attention but if she didn't the woman might see her anyway. They were farther down the hill but she wasn't sure if that made any difference. She was right next to the tree so maybe her dark hair blended in. She had no way of knowing.

As the motorcycle moved farther down the hill, Hilary had to wiggle forward to keep them in sight. When she reached the edge of the blanket, she pushed up on her hands higher and leaned forward. The bike kept moving and she was soon up on her hands and knees looking around the tree. The bike was now at the bottom of the hill.

The bike stopped and the engine died. Hilary groaned softly and leaned in against the tree trunk. She could feel the rough bark against her shoulder and hip. Then she gave a jerk as the thought that her ass might be sticking out from behind the tree. That thought made her shiver and groan again.

She started to lie down and back up but the man stood up and stretched as he looked around. He was very muscular with an odd tan. His lower arms and an area under his throat were deeply tanned. The rest of him was white except for his dark colored dick, which stuck straight out and bent down slightly at the end. Hilary whimpered softly. It was the biggest dick she had ever seen in person.

The woman leaned forward and planted a kiss on each of his ass cheeks as her hands went around his hips and grabbed his dick. Her one hand was at the base and the other above it. There was still room for another hand above those. Hilary whimpered softly as her mind put her hand on the large dick. Her two hands had covered her one lover's dick completely.

With a twisting motion, the woman ran her hands up and down the shaft. The man turned at the waist and said something to her but Hilary couldn't hear his words. She could only see his lips move. The woman laughed and leaned back as she let go of his dick. It now stood up a little more and didn't droop nearly as much. It looked even bigger than before.

The man dismounted and helped the woman to dismount. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Hilary groaned as her mind tried to put herself in the woman's place. Naked outside and being kissed by an equally as naked man. Her mind tried to figure out if that big dick was between them or between the woman's thighs. Either way it would have been heaven, she thought.

She watched as his hands roamed the woman's back and then down to cup and squeeze her butt. Hilary groaned softly at the way his big hands covered most of each ass cheek and spread the cheeks apart with each squeeze. Suddenly she realized her hips were jerking and flexing. One of her fingers was rolling her clit around slowly.

Hilary jerked her hand away from her sex but her hips continued to move but more slowly. She was right on the ragged edge of an orgasm. Her eyes had slowly closed but she jerked them back open to find the couple walking into the woods hand in hand. The man had a blanket under his arm. With a soft groan, Hilary backed up and laid down on the blanket.

She rolled over on her back and spread her arms and legs wide. Her mind was supplying a movie of the two people in the woods fucking their brains out. Her hands found her breasts instantly and the right one kept trying to wander down to her sex. She kept having to stop it and move it back to her breast. She groaned deeply as her sex rolled up and back slowly.

Hilary made a soft sound of frustration as her mind and body warred for control of her hand. Masturbate, get dressed and get out of there while the couple was distracted was also an idea floating around in her head. Who they were and what they were doing was an even bigger question. She rolled to the side and looked down the hill. Could she get down the hill, spy on them, and get away without getting caught.

She rolled back over and groaned as her hand slowly moved down her belly toward her sex. The movie of them making love was back in full swing. The woman was straddling the guy's hips and bouncing up and down on that big dick. Her hands were massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. That big dick was stretching her vagina until it hurt so deliciously.

Hilary let out a soft yell and arched up. Her finger was rolling her clit round as she exploded in a blazing ball of pure pleasure. The orgasm ran on and on as her finger teased her clit deliciously. Her toes were pointed and kept clenching and unclenching. Her stomach was jerking and her thigh muscles burned as her legs quivered and shook.


With a deep shivery sigh Hilary opened her eyes. The light was shimmering through the leaves above her head. Her legs were still spread wide and her arms were thrown out to the side. She was so relaxed that she couldn't have moved if she had to. She had never had an orgasm so all consuming before.

She smiled up at the shimmering light and then sighed deeply again. Her mind went to the people in the woods and the smile turned to a grin. "I hope they had as much fun as I did," she whispered softly.


It was a while later when she got to her knees and looked around the tree toward the four-wheeler. It sat in the same spot and there was no sign of the couple. She got to her feet and folded the blanket. With her shorts and t-shirt hooked through the handle of the cooler and the blanket under her left arm, she started walking toward the point she had come into the field.

Knowing that the couple could come out of the woods at any time made her walk on her toes with the itchy antsy feeling between her thighs growing stronger with every step. The fact that she could feel the slick slippery feeling up between her thighs made it even more exciting. Between the monster orgasm and now walking naked across the field, she was wet halfway to her knees on both inner thighs.

She steeled herself not to keep looking at the four-wheeler. She had been able to see it out of the corner of her eye as she had started but now.... She groaned softly and then whimpered. If she looked around and the couple was there, she would probably come again. The cooler and blanket on one side and a coke in the other hand was all that kept her hands off her breasts and out of her sex.

With a deep shuddery breath she turned her head and looked toward the four-wheeler. She gave a shiver and a soft groan, as she didn't see anyone. There was a feeling of disappointment as she looked forward. She marveled at that considering her shyness. "It's the distance," she whispered softly. "The separation."

She reached the point where she had stopped on the way in and took off her t-shirt. She bent at the waist and sat the cooler down and sat her coke on top of it. She laid the blanket next to it and then pulled her shorts out of the handle. Only then did she turn around and look toward the four-wheeler.

With a loud gasp she froze. The couple was standing next to it with their arms around each other's waists and looking directly at her. One part of her mind wanted to run into the woods and hide. Another was feeding all sorts of fantasies to her. The two main ones had to do with either her walking over to them or them riding over to her. She wouldn't allow herself to think beyond that. If she did, she would be coming like mad again.

As it was, the woman waved at her and she found herself waving back. She took her time putting her shorts on and then her t-shirt. Her legs were trembling by the time she was dressed. When she waved at the couple, they both waved back.

When she picked up the blanket, coke, and cooler, the man yelled, "You're welcome here any time."

"Thank you," Hilary yelled back and then turned to walk into the woods. She was grinning from ear to ear. She knew if she ever saw them again, she wouldn't hide. She would stand up and wave. After today, anything and everything was possible.

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