tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHilda's Home Alone Adventure

Hilda's Home Alone Adventure


On the surface, Hilda was just an average looking woman in her early thirties. A plain face with long, black hair and distinguishable Colombian features inherited from her mother. She always wore lose fitting clothing that hid her figure pretty well. So most people who would see her had no idea that she had a firm, shapely body with large, c-cup breast and a tight ass. Hilda considered it shameful to show herself in public, a result of years of catholic school teaching.

Indeed Hilda was a very conservative woman. She had remained a virgin until her late twenties when she married her husband. And even with him her idea of sex was that of a quick missionary-style fuck. She would never allow him to go down on her, or even entertain the thought of sucking him. Although she did desire to cum herself during sex. But usually had her husband rub her clit with his fingers to bring her to climax before having him mount her for a quick session.

In addition to being conservative, Hilda was also quite a snob. Her family had done well for themselves over the years, and while far from being rich, she did not have to worry about finances. Hilda always considered herself a step above those around her. At work she was commonly referred to as “The bitch” behind her back. So it was easy for her to quit working once her husband completed his residency and became a staff surgeon and a local hospital. Unfortunately his job required him to attend several medical conferences each year, often leaving Hilda home alone. Little did she know that one of his reasons for going alone was to often find someone to pleasure him orally since he couldn’t receive that gratification at home.

On Friday morning Hilda dropped her husband off at the airport. He was flying to Kansas to spend the weekend with his mother, then off to Washington for a two-day conference. Hilda was planning on leaving early the next morning for a couple nights away at a hot springs spa herself and would no doubt be out of contact with her husband until Monday night.

On her way home from the airport Hilda had the misfortune of getting a flat tire. She managed to reach a service station. She waltzed into the service bay and requested that someone replace her tire. The attendant politely took her information but when he didn’t move quickly enough for her she became demanding to the point of being insulting. Hilda had no time to waste on blue-collar workers and her attitude showed. Still, the 18-year old attendant took down her information, then slowly, very slowly, had her tire repaired and replaced back onto the vehicle. Instead of being grateful, Hilda called the manager to task for hiring such a dimwitted idiot to work there, paid her bill, and left.

Eddie did not like the way he was treated by Hilda one bit. He detested women like her. And hearing her complaints to his manager had made things worse. He stewed over the incident the rest of the day. Then decided that he wanted to get revenge. He had overheard Hilda on her cell-phone while she was waiting. He heard her mention that her husband was out of town and that she was going to be out of town as well. Eddie went to the file cabinet and pulled out the day’s tickets, finding hers he took note of the address. A pretty nice neighborhood a little more than sixty-miles from where he lived. Eddie guessed that she probably only drove this far from home when she needed to go to the airport. Thinking that her home would be empty for the weekend he decided to call a few of his buddies and pay the house a visit. He thought that when she returned home to find the place ransacked and robbed that she would have a taste of what it felt like to be abused by someone.

That night Eddie picked up three of his friends: George and Charlie, two brothers, ages 19 and 18, who had grown up with Eddie, and Michael, a tall black kid who had dropped out of high school and spent a couple years wandering from town to town before settling down in their town. At 21 George was the oldest of the group.

They drove the sixty miles to where Hilda lived. Passed through the neighborhood checking things out. Michael had plenty of experience with breaking and entering and offered his best advice. He was particularly pleased to see that the house they targeted was pretty secluded with a nice long driveway. Thick woods blocked one entire side from view from the street. They pulled into the driveway, cut the lights and engine, and coasted down behind the trees and rolled off into the grass beside the garage where their car would be hidden from view. There were no lights on in the house, or on any of the other nearby homes. Not surprising for 2:00 am.

To avoid any possible alarm system they climbed a tree in the back yard and hopped onto the awning over the patio. Michael found the bathroom window and used a small, thin piece of metal to slip it through the crack and unlock the window. Then the four men slid easily into the bathroom and began creeping down the hall. Finding the bedroom first they walked in. Since this was on the backside of the house they didn’t worry about light and flicked the switch. To their shock and surprise Hilda was asleep in the bed. When the light came on she awoke with a start. She jumped from the bed screaming. She was dressed in a thin nightgown that did little to hide her assets. Her ample breast swayed under the material and her blue panties were clearly visible.

“Oh fuck!” Eddie yelled out upon their discovery. Both Junior and Charlie stood frozen in near panic. If not for Michael Hilda probably would have been able to rush out the door and perhaps make it to safety. But the big black man, acting with the instinct of one who had perhaps been in such situations before, jumped before her, wrapping his thick arms around her body and dove onto the bed pinning her body beneath him. When she tried to scream again he shoved a pillow over her face. “Shit! Someone get me some fucking rope or something!” He yelled, trying to hold the kicking woman in place.
“Where?” Eddie replied.
“How the fuck do I know!” Michael yelled back. “Look around!”

The three white men ran out of the room tossing open closets and other things. Finally returning with some power cords, a short piece of string and some duct tape. Michael sat on Hilda’s stomach while the other guys grabbed her hands and feet. First he needed to shut her up. Reaching back he spotted her panties and with a quick, violent tug, ripped them off her body and shoved them into her mouth before using the duct tape to cover her mouth. Successfully muffling her cries for help. Then he rolled her over and used one of the cords and some more duct tape to secure her arms behind her back.

After tying her up the four men stood over the bed. Hilda lay on the bed in fear. She realized that her pussy was exposed and closed her legs tightly trying to keep it hidden. But there was little she could do about covering her thick black bush. Fortunately for Eddie she did not recognize him at all. Hilda had long ago chose to not look those who were beneath her in the face unless necessary, and therefore had no remembrance of what the kid at the service station looked like.

“Damn, this bitch has a fine body on her.” Charlie commented.
Eddie couldn’t help but agree. He did not remember her looking this good this morning. But then again, she wasn’t half-naked then either. Then Eddie got an even better idea.
“Let’s really show Miss Rich-Bitch a lesson tonight.” He suggested as he leaned forward and took her left breast into his hand. When Hilda began to roll away in protest he squeezed it tightly causing her to gasp in pain.
“Yeah, I think we should all fuck the hell out of her.”
He got no disagreement from the other three.

Hilda began kicking frantically as they all jumped on the bed and began groping her. She screamed against the gag as they tore her nightgown from her body. She was pinned down by them as they probed her body. She felt a finger shove up into her pussy and began thrashing about. Hilda had allowed a couple boys to finger her in high school. But only her husband’s hands had explored her in full detail. She reacted in horror to the experience going on now. She was being sexually manhandled by four street punks, and one of them black!

“I want her first.” Eddie yelled as he stood and removed his clothes. Had it not been for the gag Hilda’s shrieks might have been heard throughout the neighborhood when she saw the young man climbing between her legs with his stiff 8-inch erection. He dropped between her legs and began licking her pussy. Hilda thrust her hips trying to escape his probing tongue as he did to her something that she had never allowed any man to do. Hands squeezed her tits and tweaked her nipples as the bandit between her legs lapped away at her slit. She felt him sucking and licking her clit and could feel it enlarge. Then she felt her own juices begin flowing freely and she reddened from head to toe. Once satisfied that she was wet enough Eddie climbed up. Hilda tried to resist but was unable to move as he lowered himself onto her body. Her arms were pinned beneath her back and he was firmly between her legs. She felt his cock rub between her pussy lips, easily gaining entrance against her will. Then in one swift motion he plunged deep into her belly, jamming hard against her cervix. Hilda cried out in a mixture of fear, anger and humiliation as this punk become only the second person to put his cock into her. Eddie began ramming his cock into her at will. Hilda could not believe this was happening to her. She had always guarded her body. Saved herself for marriage and committed herself to one man. Now here she was being ravaged by a stranger with three more lined up behind him. How could she ever face her husband again after tonight?

Eddie cared little for how Hilda might have felt. All he knew was that he was getting revenge on this stuck-up bitch for all the women like her who have treated him like shit. He knew that after tonight she would think twice before looking down on anyone else. Eddie continued pounding her pussy mercilessly, waiting for his moment of release. Soon he could feel his balls tightening and knew that he would soon be cumming into her pussy. “I’m gonna cum in you now!” He cried out. Hilda tried to scream in protest. She couldn’t bare the thought of him releasing his sperm into her. What if she would get pregnant? She couldn’t let that happen. But there was nothing she could do. She felt his pace quicken, then she could feel his seed erupting into her. Shooting deep inside her pussy. Eddie looked down into her face with a since of satisfaction as he continued to pump his cum into her. Never letting up until he could feel his dick softening inside her pussy.

"Come on, man. Let me at her." Junior demanded as Eddie took his time dismounting Hilda. As soon as he was up she tried to roll off the bed in hopes of escape only to be grabbed by Junior and forced back onto her back. "You ain't going anywhere, baby."
He said as he began unbuckling his pants. Hilda looked on in fear as his manhood came into view. While not quite as long as Eddie's, Junior was noticeably thicker. He dropped between her thighs and pressed his dick into her already soaked twat. Hilda gasped as she felt him filling her insides. Junior buried his cock into her, ramming her repeatedly with his tool. Hilda was disgusted by the homely man grunting and slobbering over her. As Junior pounded her, his brother got down and began sucking her right nipple. Hilda fought back tears as she found herself raped for the second time in minutes. Worse, she could feel her insides betraying her. To her horror she discovered that something inside her was beginning to tingle with pleasure. She was enraged that her own body would begin to betray her this way. The cock slamming her insides and the mouth manipulating her nipple was causing her to respond in a way that she would never have imagined. Junior began pacing himself as he force-fucked the women below him Trying to make it last as long as possible. But he was enjoying it too much and felt the cum rising in his cock, ready to be released. Hilda saw the man above her begin to clench his jaw and knew that he was about ready to cum. She tried thrusting her hips hoping to throw him off her before he came but there was no use. Junior moaned with pleasure and showered her insides with his warm sperm.

As Junior got off her and his brother climbed on Hilda saw Eddie and Michael standing at the end of the room watching. One of them had apparently visited the kitchen and had brought up several of her husband's beers and a bottle of bourbon and the two men were drinking and toasting Junior's orgasm.

As Charlie dropped his pants Hilda tried to prepare herself mentally for her third rape of the night. Charlie was smaller and thinner than both of the other men who had already fucked her. More like her husband was. Charlie sank his shaft into her pussy and began fucking rapidly. Hilda knew that at this rate he wouldn't last long but got little relief from that fact. For as soon as he began she felt her pussy beginning to tremble with delight. She cursed under her breath and silently begged her body not to respond. But her pussy refused to listen. As Charlie banged away inside her Hilda rolled her eyes as she realized that her climax was at hand. Her pussy spasmed as the first wave or her orgasm shot through her. She blushed in shame as she realized that the man above her knew that she was coming on his cock. "Shit, guys, she likes it!" He called out. The thrill of having her climax under him was the final stimulation for Charlie and he released his own wad into Hilda's pussy.

Hilda lay still as Charlie got off of her. She had just orgasmed to only the second man in her life. And now she had given up on fighting. At least she had until she saw Michael drop his pants and come stand before her. Hilda had hoped that the black man would not take a turn with her. And when she saw his massive 12-inch cock springing forth from his pants she panicked. She knew that she couldn't take something that large in her without receiving permanent damage. Her scream could be heard through her gag as Michael mounted her. He shoved his thick tool into her pussy. Making sure to let her see every inch sink slowly in. He struck her cervix and still had plenty of shaft left. Hilda's eyes bulged as he crammed the rest into her. Her insides were wracked with pain as Michael rammed the last inch into her and began fucking the poor woman. Hilda could not believe that he could have fit inside her. In addition to his length he must have been twice as thick as Junior. As he fucked her she feared that her pussy would tear apart. Michael was enjoying shoving every inch into the white woman. He leaned forward and began kissing her cheeks as he slammed home with every thrust. Hilda turned her head from side to side trying to avoid his mouth. Then her eyes bulged as she caught herself beginning to climax again. She had never cum twice in one night before. Her breath became short and quick as the giant cock in her pussy came closer and closer to putting her over the edge. Then her pussy exploded, her lips squeezed the shaft around her as she began moaning with surprise delight in what was her strongest orgasm ever. As she was still cumming she felt the man above her begin to twinge. Her orgasm ended as she realized that he was going to cum inside her. Michael thrust harder as he began filling Hilda with his cum. Once finished he pulled out and the other three men stood around enjoying the view of Hilda's stretched pussy lips.

Hilda had just been raped by four men in her own bedroom. Worse, she had somehow allowed herself to have two orgasms. She thought nothing could be worse until she opened her eyes and saw Eddie standing there with her camcorder getting a close-up shot of her well-fucked pussy lips. She had no idea when they had found it, but now they were using it to film her humiliation. She only imagined her husband seeing the sight of the well-hung black man fucking his bound wife.

"Let's have some more fun here." Eddie said.
"Maybe we should leave." Charlie said. "Before we get caught here."
"Fuck that," Eddie said. "This bitch is alone all weekend and everyone thinks she's out of town. So who’s going to come by and catch us?"

Hilda could have died. She had thought this was the end of it. But somehow these guys knew that she was supposed to leave town in the morning. Somehow these guys knew her. And worse, they weren't planning on leaving yet.

"Ungag her." Eddie ordered.

Junior and Charlie ripped the duct tape off of Hilda's mouth and removed her panties. She caught her first easy breath since her ordeal began.
"You want us to leave you alone, lady?" Eddie asked her.
Hilda nodded her head 'yes'.
"Fine," he said. "But first we need some assurance that you won't call the cops on us."
Hilda would agree to anything to get rid of them. But she had no intention of calling the police. She couldn't live with the thought of her neighbors knowing that she had been brutally fucked by these punks. Especially a black man.
"All you have to do is suck each of our cocks while we film you. Then if you tell anyone this tape will be sent to everyone on your street."

"Fuck you!" Hilda shouted. She had already suffered enough; there was no way she was going to let any man stick a filthy cock in her mouth.
"Very well then. We'll stay here and fuck you all weekend. And we're going to make you suck our dicks anyway." Eddie told her.

Hilda cringed. She knew that he would make good on his promise. She realized that she was going to have to suck their cocks one way or the other. And she knew that they would repeatedly rape her and probably video tape the whole ordeal as well. She swallowed hard and agreed to do it.

Junior untied her hands and sat on the side of her bed. "On your knees, bitch." He ordered. Hilda dropped down to her knees and found herself facing his hard cock. She gulped hard as he grabbed her head and pulled it closer to him. She refused to open her mouth at first. Junior banged his cock against her face. She could smell her own juices still on him. She could see the camera focused on her and gave up, opening her mouth and allowing the first cock in her life to enter her mouth. She closed her lips and began slowly moving her mouth along his shaft. She fought back the urge to gag as Junior put both hands on either side of her head and began moving her head back and forth. Hilda kept her eyes closed afraid that she would begin crying if she opened them. She could hear Junior's moans of approval as his thick tool slide in and out of her mouth. She wasn't prepared for his orgasm. Junior's first blast caught her in the back of the throat. The warm, salty, thick fluid filled her mouth. She tried to pull away but Junior held her head tight, spewing his cum into her throat. Hilda was forced to swallow to keep from choking on the sperm that continued to spout into her mouth. When Junior finally pulled out she leaned over and began coughing, only barely avoiding vomiting on the floor.

"My turn." Eddie said as he handed the still rolling camera to Junior. "Make sure not to get any of our faces."
Eddie took Junior's place on the bed and lifted Hilda's face to his crotch. Hilda opened her mouth and took him in and began sucking again. "Oh yeah, bet you really like having a poor cock in that rich mouth of yours." He taunted.
Hilda couldn’t believe she was doing this. But she decided to do her best to get these bastards to cum in her mouth and leave. She began working Eddie's cock as best she could, ignoring his degrading comments as she was forced to service him. She could feel him beginning to cum but didn't realize that he was going to slam forward. Hilda felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat just as his seed began filling her mouth. She quickly swallowed as he spewed into her throat. He shot more than Junior had and some of it dribbled out of the corners of her mouth.

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