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Hillary Strips to Get Raises


All Characters over 18 yrs of Age

Originally posted elsewhere under a slightly different pen name.

"Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!"

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Hillary was nervously pacing.

"Why are you so nervous?" I asked. "You look great. But I have to admit I don't understand your wanting to wear that overcoat while you wait. Nobody else is!" I gestured at the half naked women wandering around the cramped quarters back stage at the strip club.

"Well, I just want to take these girls by surprise. This is the finals! If they knew what I looked like they might dance better or something. I just want to have as much an advantage as I can. If they think I'm shy or don't have a good body that's just fine with me!"

Why they would think that, since Hillary had finished second only to last years winner in her preliminary contest, was a question I didn't bother to ask.
"I go next to last so I'll have a good chance to judge the competition! I really want to win. Now go out front and cheer for me when I come out. I want to get everything I can from this crowd! Just think how large I could become after tonight! I'm going to have the biggest, firmest set of boobs in the world!" She was practically crowing! She pushed me down the steps and into the audience. This was a new, competitive side to Hillary that I had not seen before. I wasn't sure if I liked it.

The whole bar was crowded with guys drinking and talking as loud as they could. The manager had told me that it was a full house - 250 people. Wet t-shirt contests still packed them in he said.

There were eight girls competing in this final event. Hillary was going to be the seventh contestant. Last year's winner was going to be the last dancer. Place of pride as past winner, I supposed.

The club MC, a short chubby guy, was in charge of dousing each girl with water to make the t-shirt transparent. He did this with a seltzer bottle and a lot of kidding around, asking the girls their name, measurements and usually a gag question or two like a beauty contest MC.

The first girl was a short, bleach bottle blond who claimed to be 36-24-36 with nothing much to recommend her except an unusually large, firm butt which she treated as her best asset. Despite this being a wet t-shirt contest, it was her butt that she shook in the judges faces more than anything else.

The second girl a brunette, was about my height, claimed to be 37-25-36 and had a nice set of firm 'C' cup titties that jiggled nicely when she bounced around the stage. She got a lot of applause.

The rest of the girls were all pretty. Several seemed to have had boob jobs and all played up to the audience and judges. Except for the first girl, all of them had dispensed with the t-shirt before they had left the stage. The level of applause seemed to be about the same for all of the girls. None of them seemed to really get any more or less applause. Each contestant got two songs or five minutes which ever came first. They smiled, they teased a little, they took off their t-shirts toward the end of the second song they danced to.

The only girl who really got some enthusiastic applause had a really mobile pair of loosely slung 38's who bounced and wobbled all over the place. She also licked her own nipples toward the end of her performance, which garnered a lot of enthusiastic hoots from the guys.

When Hillary bobbled out onto the stage I thought the MC was going to drop the seltzer bottle. Like several of the girls before, Hillary had tied the t-shirt into a knot to tighten it around her boobs. Unlike the others, Hillary had tied hers in the back so that there was nothing to impede the view of her unbelievably immense breasts and taut stomach. Her short shorts were so tight they were trying to crawl up into her cunt when she walked.

At her entrance the crowd got so quiet you could have heard a promise break. Then they roared their approval! None of the guys had ever imagined, let alone seen a woman built like Hillary!

In the t-shirt it was evident that her breasts were many times larger than any of the other girls. And they did not sag in the slightest despite their mammoth size. As she stood towering over the MC Hillary smiled at the audience, blew kisses and swiveled about to show off her incredible figure.

As he had with all the others, the MC waited for the crowd to quiet to introduce Hillary. It took a long time and finally he tired of waiting for the cheers and yells to stop. Instead he announced Hillary, and asked her her measurements which she responded to by saying with a wicked grin, "Incredibly big, 26, 36! I really have a hard time keeping track. I'm still a growing girl!"

The crowd hooted and yelled appreciatively!

"And what would you like to do for our audience if you win tonight?" the MC asked.

"The whole audience? You'd wear me out!" Another howl from 250 throats. "How about if I let you," she chucked the MC under the chin, "measure just how big I am?"

More howls from the audience. Some were already yelling for her to take it off!

The MC was grinning like an idiot as he raised the almost empty seltzer bottle to douse Hillary's chest.

"I think you may need more than that little bottle to cover all of me!" Hillary smiled as he emptied the first bottle and grabbed another one to finish the job.

As soon as she was wet thru and thru, Hillary pranced to the very front of the dance area and began to tease the audience. I could just make out the pendant and it's crystal under her shirt. Unlike the other dancers who gave most of their attention to the judges, Hillary played entirely to the audience.

She shimmied, she shook, she swayed to the music. When ever she walked from one spot to another it was with a high stepping prance that set her boobs to bouncing and lunging under the t-shirt. Every one in the audience could plainly see her small but erect nipples moving under the shirt as her breasts caromed and rebounded. Almost at once her pendant bounced out from under her t-shirt.

Hillary would stop in front of a particularly loud group and would shimmy her shoulders while leaning back and then leaning forward, shaking her bodacious boobs at the audience. She would step to just within reach of a man, offer one or the other tit and then dance out of reach with a tinkling laugh. It was obvious that she was enjoying the teasing and sense of control that she enjoyed over the audience. I could see her pendant sparkling in the light

Just before the first song ended she reached behind her back and loosened the knot holding her shirt tight to her body. When the shirt fell free from the knot it still clung to her boobs like a second skin but the bottom hem swung down below her crotch. With a grin and a wink Hillary grasped the hem of the shirt and slowly peeled it up until she held it just below the level of her tits.

As the music faded between songs she quickly pulled the material up above her breasts and gave the audience a flashing look at her boobs before covering up just as quickly. The crystal was glowing warmly. The howls from the audience were rafter shaking!

As the second song began its pulsing rhythm Hillary gathered all of the loose material in front of her, twisted it into long rope, stuck it under the shirt and pulled it up between her boobs. She then gripped the end of the rope in her mouth. The fabric was pulled even tighter than before and seemed to cup and lift her breasts slightly. It looked just like she was sucking on a large cloth dick that was projecting through her immense cleavage! Hillary ran both hands up and down the rope of cloth miming the act of masturbation.

I had thought the noise level was as loud as it could get. I was wrong. I could just barely hear the pulse of music from the sound system. She squeezed both boobs together so that the rope disappeared between her breasts while her mouth came down, swallowing the "cock" until her face was mashed into her cleavage. She pulled back up, ran her tongue around the tip of the cloth. I recognized some of her favorite moves from the bedroom! The pendant was sparkling brightly now.

After a few moments of this action Hillary got down to what the audience wanted and what she had most anticipated. She turned her back to the audience, slowly bent over from the waist, and while twitching her butt at the staring eyes of the roomful of men, removed the t-shirt. Her breasts bounced out, entirely blocking any view of her upside down face.

Quickly she stood upright, still facing away from the crowd of leering patrons and tossed the t-shirt away. Her hands went to her boobs and her arms came up so her elbows were above the level of her shoulders. While smiling over her shoulder, first one way and then the other,she pressed her hands into her boobs. This caused great swells of flesh to squeeze out to the sides. Posing like this, as she switched her hips left and right, she was displaying more breast to the audience than any of the other girls had shown while facing them!

Turning slowly, she presented a profile view, her fingertips just cupping her nipples. Her hands were over a foot away from her chest and seemed dwarfed by the huge mounds of flesh that jutted arrogantly from her shoulders as she completed her turn to face the audience. Her crystal was shining with an internal light that rivaled the spotlights shining on Hillary.

Smiling gently, Hillary gripped her nipples and slowly, sensuously, rubbed each breast against the other. Every man in the crowd was imagining that his dick was being massaged in the chasm-like cleavage being flaunted in front of them.

As the music's tempo increased, Hillary dropped her hands away from her chest. Twitching her shoulders, Hillary shimmied and shook her breasts while prancing from one side of the dance area to another. Her boobs wobbled and flexed. While standing in one place Hillary would bounce on her heels causing her mams to rise and fall, rise and fall until, on the upswing they came even with her chin and covered her navel on the downswing!

Through it all Hillary had a big smile on her face. Her pride and confidence glowed on her face. The crowd response was fantastic as the music finally ended.

Hillary curtsied, cupped her mammoth left breast in both hands and tried to kiss the nipple with a flickering tongue, then did the same with the right breast. She turned, bent at the waist to pick up her shirt, and flounced off the stage to the continued roars and yells from the audience.

Several minutes passed before the MC announced that the contest was over. Apparently last years winner had refused to go on after seeing Hillary's performance. It was apparent that Hillary had won as soon as all of the contestants came out for the final bow. She was the only one that had not redonned her shirt. Her posture was arrogantly proud, breasts thrusting outward, as she reentered the dance area.

The crowd erupted into huge roars of acclaim.. The other contestants clustered several feet way from Hillary.

Her prize was $1000.00 and a trophy. As the crowd continued to applaud and chant their approval the MC approached Hillary with a tape measure in hand. As the crowd started to quiet down that MC reached Hillary. Smiling proudly into his eyes as well as at the crowd, she lifted her arms, clasped her hands behind her neck and allowed the MC to put his arms around her to pass the tape from one hand to the other.

In order to complete the pass the MC had to move close to Hillary. His face almost pressed into Hillary's cleavage. With some fumbling he was able to clasp each end of the tape and bring his hands around in front of Hillary. He was unable, however, to bring the ends of the tape together. Hillary's bust was larger than the tape by so much that it was difficult to estimate exactly how large the gap was. Well over six inches! Closer to a foot!

"Folks, we're sorry. This is only a five foot tape. Our winner is well over sixty inches around the fullest part of her chest! Let's have a hand for Hillary! Biggest and best chest!"

Hillary danced to two more songs, continuing to tease and tantalize all the guys who were by now throwing dollar bills at her.

Later as we met backstage Hillary was still aglow from the experience. Her pendant's glow visible through her blouse.

"Did you see me? Did you hear them? I won! I won! I have the biggest and prettiest breasts in town! None of the other girls even came close! I'm so proud of my self and these big beauties!" She hefted her boobs. "Hurry, lets go home. I need you tonight more than ever!"

Fine with me, I was struggling with an erection that had started when she began dancing and was still there!

When we got home she practically raped me. Her excitement led her from one peak of excitement to another. Her stamina and need were incredible! I had never seen her so excited. She crashed from one orgasm to another. I lost count sometime after her twelfth orgasm. Her dancing and teasing had made her so excited that I doubt that I was even necessary for her enjoyment as I sucked and fucked her throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning after. She insisted that we use every position. Her favorite of the night however was to, as she put it: "Fuck my prize winning boobs. Fuck these beautiful, immense breasts. Squirt your cum all over the biggest, prettiest boobs in town!"

Over the next several weeks her breast expansion continued as she fed off of the excitement and pride that had been stored up in the crystal. As the time passed the glow faded slowly as her breasts gained size and weight. Her sexual excitement slowly tapered off too, to my relief. I guess you can get too much of a good thing!

One day I entered the bedroom to find Hillary standing with one hand on the wall while she slowly swung one leg and then the other in front of her.

"What's up, honey?" I asked.

"Oh, Rich, hi. I'm just noticing. I suppose it's been like this for a while but it just struck me. See," she held her leg out in front of her. "I can see my foot! But not unless I hold it out here! I haven't really seen my feet in weeks! I always thought that was an exaggeration! But my boobs are so big and cover so much of me in front that unless I swing my legs out or hold my boobs away from each other when I'm naked, I never see my feet!" She seemed in good humor!

"And God, I can't believe how heavy these are now," she said looking at herself in the mirror. "Yet they don't really bother me at all! All my measurements have remained the same except for my bust. I've put on over fifty pounds since this all started! It has to be boob flesh! My thighs, waist and hips are, if anything, just a little smaller than when I put on the pendant.

"This morning, when I got up, I measured myself. Every day I'm getting a little bit bigger although the pendant isn't glowing anymore, really. I measured out at seventy-five inches and a fraction. But I think that might be a little deceiving. My boobs are actually a lot bigger now than last night! More than the eight inches on the tape would seem to indicate. They are so much larger from top to bottom. I mean, the volume has really increased but not my total circumference. See?"

She hurried to her chest of drawers. Rummaging around in the second drawer, she removed a photo album.

"Look at this too!" She commanded. "Just after I realized that I was going to have really gigantic boobs I started to keep a photo gallery of my progress."

Sure enough, there were a dozen or more photos of Hillary in full face and profile standing in front of what looked like a white grid.

What is all this? I asked.

Well, I thought it would be a good idea to keep a really good record. So I took a sheet, drew six inch squares on it and tacked it to a pole. I hang the pole from those two hooks on the wall and take a Polaroid front and side every couple of days. You can really see how my development has progressed.

She went to the closet and removed a pole and a camera tripod with a camera attached. I watched amazed as she hung the pole and placed the camera on a set of masking tape marks I'd never noticed next to her side of the bed.

Pressing the timer, she stood up straight in front of the grid and proudly held her shoulders back as if at attention. Several seconds later, the flash went off and she reset it and turned sideways to the camera. I couldn't believe that she was going to all this trouble! She seemed to have obsessed on her breast size and growth much more than I had realized.

"Here, now look," she instructed me as she compared the new photos with some in the album.

"This is today and these are from three days ago. Look at the profile shots!"

Her voice was filled with pride as she went on. "I have two of the largest breasts in the world! Look at the sheer bulk of these monsters!"

Looking at her profile picture I could see what she meant. Where in the earlier shots the top slope of her breasts had swooped dramatically down and out to her nipple the picture she had just taken showed that the slope was less steep. Although the bottom of her breasts remained just even with her navel in both pictures, her breasts were now larger, top to bottom by several inches. In the front-on shots her "wingspan" had not changed at all!

"See?" Hillary boasted. "Just because my measurement around the fullest part of the breast hasn't increased a lot, my boobs are, in fact, larger than before, much larger! Cup size measured as the difference between my largest circumference and my chest circumference isn't a true reflection of my size!

"Today I measure seventy five and a fraction inches. And I weigh almost 180 pounds! That's four more pounds than yesterday! And 42 pounds more than when I started growing! And all in my boobs! There was a time when I worried about gaining weight, but no more! Forty inches, Rich, forty inches! That's how much I've increased my bust! If I had to get a bra in a store I'd have to ask for a 40.. um, let me see, 26 letters in the alphabet, 40 inches, less 26 is 14 is a "J". A 40 J cup bra, the J being the second time around the alphabet! Richard, no one has breasts this size! I'm past immense! I'm heroic! I'm so proud of my new look!

"Yesterday when I put on my overcoat and left the apartment I noticed that my boobs brushed either door jam! Even within the confinement of a good bra and my coat! I don't really need a bra for uplift, just to keep from swinging so far to either side that I don't knock things over."

"Rich, I'm thinking that I should take off the amulet now. What do you think?"

She turned to me from the mirror where she had been examining herself. I was struck by the fact that you can adjust to almost anything in time. Looking at Hillary with fresh eyes I saw a tall, gorgeous young blonde standing in front of me. Her breasts started about three inches below her collarbone. They swelled out dramatically to the front and to the sides. The outer edges of her breasts were easily eight inches wider than her shoulders to each side - with out a bra - even though her cleavage was tight enough that a playing card would stay in place between her breasts. The lower, heaviest part of her breasts rested solidly just above her navel, while her still small nipples and dime sized aureoles looked almost invisible against the sweeping expanse of her boobs and were almost two-thirds of the way between her breast tops and the bottom of her breasts. Her nipples pointed up and slightly outward, resting jauntily on the upper swells of her incredibly large bosom. If she were to turn to the side I knew that her breasts would project almost two feet from her chest wall, more than tripling the depth of her rib cage.

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