Hilton Head Massage

byTravel Girl©

Alan continued to go under the towel quite far and the towel had ridden up. He covered me and moved to the side of the table where he repositioned the towel to cover my pubic area but expose my entire left leg. He lifted my leg off the table and then folded my knee and rested it against his leg and stomach. Even though my leg was now widely spread, it was not provocative as the towel was covering my pussy area completely. He applied more oil to my inner thigh and began massaging deeply with both hands, slowly working from my knee toward my upper thigh area. He deftly massaged under the towel, going up as high on my thigh as possible without touching my pussy.

When he was rubbing that area I tensed up initially, but when he repeated it, he whispered, "relax" and the next time I was able to avoid tensing up and enjoy it.

Alan did the same procedure on my other leg. While this is a common technique in a professional massage, I will say he went up higher than usual and it is not possible to avoid some kind of erotic thoughts when a man is rubbing you there.

Alan repositioned the towels so my leg, hip, and stomach area was exposed, but he left towels covering my breasts and pussy. Applying more oil, he rubbed my upper thigh with one hand while lightly rubbing my stomach with the other hand. As he was rubbing my stomach and went under the towel, I could feel the movement expose part of my breast. He did not make any move to adjust the towel.

He continued this part of the massage for just a little while longer. At the end, the towel moved more and even though my eyes were covered, I could tell my entire breast was now exposed. He did not touch it and soon recovered me while he repeated the same procedure on my other side. This time I noticed the towel moved much quicker and my breast was exposed longer but untouched.

Alan then took some initiative. Normally he had been asking how I was feeling and being very deferential. At this point, he first recovered me completely, but then folded the towel so that my entire chest and stomach were exposed.

He casually said, "Some of my customers enjoy having their breasts included in the massage and others do not. I am comfortable either way. What is your preference?"

I thought for a moment. This would not be the first time I have had my breasts massaged and not the first time by a man, so I said, "Go ahead and include them. Thank you for asking."

"My pleasure."

Alan dripped the oil as before and standing by my waist, lightly ran his hands over my stomach and sides to smooth the oil before massaging, avoiding my breasts. He must have noticed that my nipples had gotten hard when he started to drip the oil, I guess through anticipation. He started at the sides of my waist with each hand. His thumbs were almost touching each other at my belly button and he moved up slowly while pressing down reasonably hard with his widespread hands. He repeated this a couple of times, each time avoiding my breasts.

He used what felt like the fingers of one hand to lightly circle my belly button and he slowly worked his way up the center of my chest and then traced the outside of both breasts in ever decreasing circles just making it to the outside of my nipples.

Alan moved to the head of the table and leaned over to place both of his palms on my stomach with his fingers going under the towel to reach the lower part of my waist and outside hips. He moved slowly up my stomach and rubbed the outside of my breasts, pushing them together as if he was giving me cleavage and then sliding his hands over to hold one breast in each hand. He gently cupped them to begin and then gradually applied more pressure with his fingers.

He asked, "Are you alright?"

I had to laugh that he asked that question just as he had both of my breasts cupped in his hands. I chuckled, "This must be one of the fringe benefits of this job."

Instead of laughing, he very smoothly and quickly replied, "It is a pleasure to massage someone as beautiful as you."

"Thank you very much."

During this part of the massage it was obvious that he had focused his attention almost entirely on my breasts, at times lightly tracing them with his fingertips and other times the only way to describe it would be that he grabbed as much as he could and squeezed.

He said, "Including the breasts in the massage is not so common here. It is ironic my best looking client says yes and other women that I would just as soon skip that part decline."

I have no problem attracting men and I think many would say I have a pretty face. My blond hair is natural and just shorter than shoulder length. While I have a runner's build, I have good sized natural breasts and I am quite proud of them. I would never criticize someone who gets a boob job to make herself feel better. I am just grateful I did not have to consider it. So to have someone give me a compliment while he is massaging my breasts was perfect timing and I smiled.

Alan is the type of person who is perceptive to the situation. It was obvious I did not mind having my breasts massaged and was actually enjoying it; otherwise I doubt he would have taken his fingers and circled my nipples, followed by lightly pinching them. My eyes were still closed and covered with the damp cloth, but I still had a small smile on my face until the point when it felt really good and I started taking deep breaths.

Again Alan took some initiative. As he had done when he massaged my back, he now removed the remaining towels completely. So here I am, completely nude in front of my masseur. He began dripping oil on my legs, stomach and chest, and also on my pubic area and upper thighs. Unlike previously, he did not immediately smooth the oil in everywhere before starting the massage.

He avoided moving anywhere close to my pussy area, perhaps sensing that he needed to be careful. He lightly rubbed my legs and inner thighs, then moved to my stomach, shoulders and then again to my breasts. He spent a little more time on my breasts, finishing by rubbing my still hard nipples between his fingers and rubbing the oil up my chest to my neck and chin.

He had poured the oil near my pussy area, but never touched me there. He sat on the side of the table, perhaps a better description is he leaned on it so his upper leg was near my hips. He lifted my arm and rested my hand on his thigh. He then took more oil and ran his hand on my upper arm to my shoulder and one hand rubbed my breast. My nipple was still hard, and he would just touch it with the end of his finger. He laid my arm back on the table with the outside of my hand touching his thigh as he leaned over the table.

This seemed incidental and I made no move to move my hand. It seemed as he rubbed my stomach and legs that he was leaning his body in such a way to increase the pressure on my hand. I continued to enjoy the massage and as he moved his body, I thought I felt his pants against the back of my hand. Although I could have been mistaken, I thought I could feel he was hard. Alan then went around to the other side of the table and did my other side the same way.

Neither of us had spoken in some time, but as he laid my arm on his leg while massaging it and again touched my breast, he asked "Everything OK Beth?"

As he touched my hard nipple, I took a very long, deep breath and asked "Can't you tell?" He laughed again.

He stood up again and laid my arm on the table. He was standing near my feet with both hands wrapped around my calf as he began to massage again. As he moved his hands higher up on my leg, it was almost as if he was lifting my leg off the table. He moved higher on my leg, still with both hands wrapped around my knee and then my thigh. My legs were reasonably close together at the beginning, not clenched but not showing much of my pussy.

As he moved up very high on my thigh, he was squeezing inward which created a gap between my thighs, allowing him to reach up very high so I could feel his fingers glance against my pussy. As he moved back down my leg, he placed pressure on my lifted knee so that my leg was now spread farther apart. When he lowered my leg to the table, he had left it spread enough so when he went back up my leg he did not bump up against my other thigh with his hands. When he reached my upper thigh again with both of his hands, he circled his hands around my thigh and his finger definitely rubbed against my pussy which made me tense up a little.

"Sorry, try and relax."

I said "OK, but it is not easy."

I guess this could have been interpreted more than one way because when he repeated this move he lightly ran his finger deliberately over the outside of my pussy, just once, but I definitely tensed up.

Alan moved to stand near my waist. He stroked my stomach and smoothed the oil he had placed on my pubic region. The fingers of his hand ran through my thin, light hair and the fingers of his other hand were touching my inner thigh and giving a nudge to open wider. I knew this was another moment of truth, either to thank him for the great massage or allow more to happen.

It must have been a few seconds without a response from me, but when Alan gave a little more pressure on my inner thigh, I rolled my knee outward a little and then he easily opened my leg apart. He lifted my other knee off the table and I did not resist as he pushed that leg wider. I knew that my legs were now spread wide enough that he could now see my pussy well.

I felt his fingers slowly moving higher on my thigh and I felt aroused as his fingers just moved toward my pussy. He started to lightly rub my pussy gently but directly. It felt electric and I let out a soft moan. His fingers rubbed lightly up and down my pussy, very gently. He spread apart my pussy lips and started to lightly touch my clit. I felt his pants glance against my hand again as he leaned over and this time when he leaned in, I felt his crotch press on my hand. I was at first surprised, but I did not move my hand.

Alan slowly slid one and then two fingers inside my dripping pussy, deeper and deeper. He stopped and held them in deeply for a moment, but when he began to slide them in and out, I came very quickly, at least partly because of the long buildup of sexual anxiety during the massage. When I tensed up during my orgasm, he kept his fingers deep inside me and did not move them until I relaxed again. During the time he had been bringing me to orgasm, his cock had been rubbing against the back of my hand through his pants. He was hard.

"How do you feel?"

"Great, I think I needed that. How do you feel?"

That made him laugh too, and he came back with my line from before "Can't you tell?" making us both laugh.

I had to imagine how it looked. He had just fingered me to orgasm, he still had his fingers inside my wet pussy and the back of my hand was still touching his pants and his erection.

Alan said, "I am a lucky guy to massage a beautiful young blond like you. The extracurricular activity is icing on the cake."

He slowly removed his fingers from my dripping pussy and started to do a light finger tip massage of my entire front. I relaxed at this point and moved my legs closer together. He moved so that I was no longer touching his pants. It was strange that during all of this, I still had the cloth over my eyes and the sensations of not seeing anything really heightened the experience of touch. This would have been another time when I would have been content to have nice nap.

To be candid, I thought we were finished. When he continued the light part of the massage where his fingertips were running all over my body, I could feel my nipples harden again as he touched them and traced the inside of my thighs. I was a little surprised when he glanced against my pussy again, but I was really surprised when I felt the unmistakable sensation of his dick resting on my arm. Initially he sort of laid it down and stopped, and then I felt it slowly sliding down the top of my forearm to rest on the top of my hand.

During the light fingertip massage, he had obviously had a chance to unfasten his pants. It felt like he was not fully hard. Rather, his dick felt heavy as it rested on my arm. He was lightly touching my calf with one hand and lightly touching my shoulder with the other hand, almost pausing to a complete stop to give me a chance to end things if I did not respond. Probably if I moved my arm or hand away he would have just zipped up and we would have finished.

I can remember I was still the calculating scientist and realized he was waiting for a signal. Everything had felt so great and I would have been completely satisfied to have stopped. As with other provocative aspects of the massage, each time 'more' was subtly offered but not forced.

I really don't know even to this day remember what compelled me. Without a full comprehension of all the implications, I remember moving my hand a little bit, just enough so the back of my hand slowly moved up to the end of his dick. I stopped for a moment and then moved slowly back down the shaft. He had unzipped enough to free himself but his pants were still on. I felt him touch my breast and I moved my hand to hold him. While I held his dick in my hand, I sensed that Alan was lowering his pants out of the way.

I had never been with a black man before, but I had all kinds of stories and myths about size running through my head. As I now held his not fully hard cock, I could feel he was already large. I stroked him a few times and removed the cloth from my eyes to look up at Alan. He would not normally be the kind of man I would be attracted to, from both an age perspective and that I was normally more attracted to the surfer types.

At least part of it was the massage had been very stimulating. Alan had been very respectful, intelligent, gentle, and engaging. It was not surprising he had a smile on his face as I looked up at him. After all, he was getting his dick stroked by a young blond while he was squeezing my tit. He had been standing over my hips and now turned his body toward me and I got a better look. I could tell he was about 9 inches long and very thick.

I lifted up from the table and leaned back on my elbows. His dick extended out from his body as I let go and it fell onto my stomach. I looked up at Alan. He had a big smile on his face as I smiled back at him.

I was fascinated and overwhelmed as I looked back at his cock. He moved a little closer and his dick was now lying on my breast, the head touching my nipple. I was blatantly staring at his dick now and it appeared to get harder as I watched, lifting off of my breast into the air. As heavy as it had felt, that was amazing. I saw the black smoothness and the big bulging head.

I looked back up at Alan and laid back on the table as Alan moved closer. I turned my head toward him and closed my eyes as he approached closer. He rested the tip of his dick on my lips. I could feel the heat as it lay against my cheek. He slid it against my closed lips and gradually I opened them and took him into my mouth. I closed my lips against the head as it rested against my tongue. The taste was delightful and the hot smoothness was intoxicating. I started to suck him slowly at first and then with abandon. I could feel what I thought was an already hard cock start to get even harder and throb in my mouth.

I loved the taste of his cock and I could feel the smoothness of the head and the veins of the shaft with my tongue. The angle of my head was a little awkward, so I could not take him in my mouth too deeply.

I looked up at Alan while I had his big cock in my mouth and paused. When he saw me looking at him, he gave a big smile and for just a minute I used my tongue on the end of his cock while I looked up at him and then licked down the shaft and licked his balls too.

I looked up at him again and it looked like he was in heaven. I thought the contrast of his dark skin and my tanned but light skin and blond hair must have been an interesting look. I thought this must have been a fantastic experience for him also as it did not seem likely an older black man would get his cock sucked by a young blond every day.

I was enjoying the experience after my initial hesitation. I recovered a little calmness and jokingly told him, "I am sorry; you been very courteous during the massage, asking if I was alright and before some of the more sensitive parts. I should have asked before sucking your big, fat, beautiful cock."

"Beth, you have my complete permission to my cock."

I moved a little so I could have a better position to continue sucking him. I took my tongue and just licked around the tip, and then took the head into my mouth and gently sucked. He was so thick that I could not take too much into my mouth at once.

I turned my body to have a better angle to suck him. He was like a piece of steel he was so hard. I made an effort to relax my mouth and slid my head down to take a more of him in my mouth, little by little. I could feel him touch the back of my throat but I was able to stay relaxed. I had my hand around the rest of his shaft and I had swallowed about half of him. His cock was just so big, but I was thrilled to suck it.

"I want to feel you inside me." I smiled and looked up at him and asked, "Would you like to fuck me?"

It was as if he could not believe his luck. He stepped out of his pants quickly, almost as if he was afraid I would change my mind. He moved down to the foot of the table and slid me down so that my wet pussy was just at the edge of the table. While he slipped off his shirt I saw that his cock looked about ready to burst it was so hard and pointing up at a very high angle. I started to imagine how it would feel as he put that monster cock inside me. He then lifted my legs up so they rested on his arms.

He moved the end of his cock to rub against my pussy and clit without entering. As his thick cock just started sliding against my pussy and started to enter me, it was so big I moaned. Alan stopped with maybe just an inch of his hard cock inside me and when I relaxed he slid his dick inside me slowly but more and more. Finally I felt his hips thrust up against me and I knew I had that whole massive cock inside me.

I groaned and he held in deeply for a moment while I was in ecstasy. His big cock had filled me completely, but I was so wet that he went in easily. Alan then started grabbing my tits and fucking me, sometimes fast and sometimes slower.

A couple of times we looked each other in the eyes.

"You are fantastic. I love your big hard cock inside me."

"Your pussy is so tight Beth."

He was fucking me like crazy now. In all cases his cock was so thick that each thrust rubbed against my clit. I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. After all the preliminaries, I thought he would not take long to cum either but he held out for maybe 5 minutes of long strong strokes.

With maybe the only ounce of sense I had left, I told him that I did not want him to cum inside me, to tell me when he was ready.

He said, "now" immediately.

This part was not planned, but I got off the table and immediately kneeled in front him and took his cock in my mouth. This is not normal for me, but I was way past normal with this whole thing. At this angle, I could take him deep inside my mouth.

I am no porno actress, but I think he could tell he was at the back of my throat. Not for him, but I needed to take as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I could feel him start to cum. I wanted to taste him and it was great. Not quite as salty as I have been used to, more of a sweet taste.

When I had swallowed his big load and thought he was done, I continued to stroke him with my hand and I was rewarded with another large spurt of cum on my mouth and face, so much that it quickly dripped down to my tits.

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