Him First


I have written several stories about my wife and her love for black cock. All are true. But this one is FICTION, drawn from what my wife said she wished she had done.

John and Mary were getting married, both were virgins, the only thing about sex was that they enjoyed oral only until they were finally married.

On their wedding day they were talking when Mary said to John.

"Honey I am a virgin and you are too, and I want someone else to open my cunt for you."

John laughed at her and with a smile told her.

"I have thought about that too, and it is ok with me as long as I can watch"

"OK but honey I want it to be a black man."

"OK I was thinking that way also and know just the man that would love to fuck you."


"Tony, the limo driver."

"Oh that's nice he's the same edge we are, have you talked to him about it?"

"Yes, and he's eager to fuck you in the motel room we are going to be at when we leave the reception."

Mary had been on the pill for a month and was ready for sex and didn't expect them to use condums.

They drove to the motel made all the reservations and left the car there and took a bus back to the church.

After the receptiom Mary changed clothes and returned to John dressed in onyl a short skirt and very tight blouse the top 4 buttons open showing a lot of cleavage.

Her figure was vert neat, 5'4", 120lbs, brunette, and waist at 34. stomache at 22, and breasts at 38dd.

As they went to the limo, Tony suggested that she sit in the front and john sit in back. He opend the door for her and she sat on the seat with her legs onthe ground, then with Tony watching she put one leg in the auto showing him her shaven cunt. then she was in the car. Tony looked at her saying "Oh that is nice" closed the door and went to the other side and sat next to her. John watched as he tookMarys hand and placed it on his crotch, the fly open and his cock was visable for Mary to hand on to it.

"Oh" she exclaimed.

Tony asked "something wrong"

"No it's just you're so big. willit hurt me"

"Yes I am larger than many but we wil be sure you can take it"

John had a real hard onand was afraid he'd cum before they got to the motel as he watched his wife play with Tonys hard cock, then watched as she leaned over and took the head in her mouth, and slsowly sucked on it till they reached the motel.

At the motel Tony quickly opened the door for her and watched as she slowly put one leg on the ground showing Tony her shaven cunt.

Tony commented "Oh let's get inside I can't want to get me cock in to you"

Mary and John hugged each other and arm in arm went to the motel room, followed by Tony.

Once inside they quickly stripped and soon Tony and Mary were on one bed as John watched.

As Tony slowly opened her legs wide and fingfered her cunt then rolled atop of her placing his cock at the entry. Then he stopped with his cock about an inch in her he looked at John and then Mary and asked "Is this what you want."

Both Mary and John looked at each other and said "Yes" almost together.

He looked at Mary and told her "here goes your cherry: and pushed into her mayabe 6 inches as she moaned the pain,

"Oh it's gone and now you can fill me, Oh John it feels so good in me. She wrapped her legs around his waist and told Tony "Fuck me good"

Tony looked at John and told him "she's a tight cunt and I'm ging to cum quick the first time."

It didn' take long before Mary climaxed for the third time as Tony kept up fucking her and soon told her here it comes, do you want it in you or not."

"Oh fuck me and cum inside of me this first time, I'll suck you later, fuck me now deeply".

Tony did as he was asked to do and soon he was spraying her insides with a lot of cum that soon was dripping out of her.

"Oh I liked that and I want you to know you can fuck me any time you want. We're going to be here for the week."

"Oh I like that and can stay the night and will fuck you more, but it is John's turn now"

Tony pulled his cock out of Mary and soon John was in her as they made love.

Afterward Tony told them "I want to fuck you some more later in the week but I am going to be out of town tomorrow and the rest of the week. But I know a couple of black guys that would love to fuck you OK"

With John laying on one side of her and Tony on the other side she told him "OK, and remember you can come to fuck me anytime you want we'll give you our address and phone number before you leave in the morning, now fuck me again and John gets ready to make love again"

John and Mary made love two more times before morning. Tony fucked her 3 times and they actually fell asleep with his cock in Mary as she hugged her husband.

After a fairwell fuck Tony left the two of them alone. Mary and John talked about what had taken place and that they still have two more black men coming to fuck her. They husseled at washing and dressing to get something to eat. Mary wore the short skirt and blouse that she wore last night again with the cleavage showing a lot of her lovely tits, and her clean shaven cunt.

AS they walked tothe motel diner MAry told John "I loved being fucked by Tony and glad that he is sending two more black men to us, did yiu like seeing it?"

"Yes and I will like to see more black men fuck you. Watching that black cock slip into your cunt was great."

They entered the diner and a black man led them to the table, in a corner and away from others and as they sat down asked "Are you the friends of Tony?"

"Yes, why"

"Oh when he left he told me that you would be in and that he is paying for the meal." As he said in a low tone voice that he was looking down Mary's blouse at her tits and said "He was right you have a nice pair of tits just right for sucking and fucking", He added

"He told me you liked black cock, feel and tell me if you'd like mine in you."

Noone could see as Mary ran her had up his crotch and then talking to John she said "Yes I'd like that in me". He smiled at her and ran his hand down her dress and cupped one of her tits saying "ok I willbe down when you finish breakfast."

They finished eating and as they were ready to leave the waiter came to them saying "Remember it's free and I'm coming with you."

As they walked to the room the waiter had her tits out and was cupping them until they reached the room. Once inside it took no time at all before John was watching his naked wife spread her legs and watched as the waiter's black cock slipped into her cunt. Both of them climaxed almost at once and as he pulled his now very wet cock for Mary to suck her told them There are 5 more black guys at the diner that would love to fuck you shall I send them doen one at a time"

For the next three house Mary was being filled with black cocks and their cum as nine differnt black men showed at the door.

Later the two men came that Tony told her would be there and they spent the night fucking her as John watched and at different time was able to make love to her as well. He enjoyed feeling the cum that they had put in her cover his own cock as he shot his cum in Mary as well.

This couple found out the one man couldn't keep his wife happy.


My wife had this type of thoughts after she got fucked by her first black men she couldn't get enough and was always ready for one when it ws handed to her.

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