tagFirst TimeHim Inside of Me

Him Inside of Me


That night was cold, but no one really seemed to feel it. There were only four of us, but I'm sure that the other end of the street heard our laughs and giggles as we meandered back to the house. It's not as though we were all outrageously drunk, but the few drinks we had had made everyone lose their inhibitions, and we'd become more comfortable with each other – making jokes, touching, being affectionate.

I smiled as he fingered lightly around the top of my trousers, and then slid underneath them exploring my ass. He joked it was because he was cold, so I responded by asking him where he was intending on putting his other hand. We often did this – exchanged dirty banter, but despite our overtly sexual appearance we hadn't actually had sex. We'd both wanted it but there never seemed to be enough times when we were alone. The build up became frustrating for both of us, because we wanted and needed each other so passionately, but it became an erotic challenge – and each time we were interrupted, it built up the tension further, until each touch somehow became more intense.

We'd all got back in to the house, and we coupled off. Chris and I had been together for a couple of months by this time, and the other two had been together years. We all said our goodnights and headed off to our respective bedrooms. Chris and I were to sleep in the same room tonight. It was tiny. After shutting the door, he embraced me in a deep kiss, which took me totally by surprise. He was pressed up against me, against the door, and his body was gently pushing on mine. I could feel one hand running through my hair and the other which was pulling me closer towards him. We stayed lost in the moment for quite a few minutes, just kissing and touching. During this, I reached down and caressed his stomach. I had always loved it – not because he was particularly toned, but because it was all natural, and all a part of him. I could feel a subtle hardness pressing against my body and thought it'd be fun to take advantage of this.

Whilst still kissing, every kiss becoming more urgent and more furious than the last, we turned around so it was him leaning against the back of the door. One of his hands was moving my head so that it stayed close to his, and the other running through my hair. My hands were a little occupied with undoing his belt buckle and with all this fumbling, I could feel him growing beneath the jeans and I knew he wanted to be freed.

We stopped kissing and stared at me intensely. We both had a little smile on our face.

You know how sometimes things just happen so quickly? Well, within a split second, we were on the floor, he was on top of me, and our hands were all over each other. There was such excitement and such energy in the room that I honestly couldn't take it anymore. I was tingling and throbbing so much down there that it was all I could do to not scream for him to take me now.

Like most men, bras were not his strong point, so after a bit of a fumble, I helped him unclasp my bra and wriggle off my jeans, in exchange for me removing his clothes, using this time to feel every part of him that I possibly could. The room was fairly cold, and this made my nipples protrude. I'd always loved my breasts because it was the one part of me that I wasn't self conscious about. They were (and still are) much larger than average and very sensitive to the touch and being exposed to the air just heightened the sensation of eagerness which was driving me mad – as all I wanted was to feel him moving inside of me.

Moving down, he kissed a trail from my neck to my stomach. Slowly. Sensually. I was so horny and I could feel the heat grow between my legs and a flutter of anticipation build as I knew exactly what was coming next.


That first flicker across my clit with his tongue made my back involuntarily rise which buried his face further into my mound. He expertly darted across my clit bringing me waves upon waves of pleasure, which was quickly building up. I wanted it faster. I wanted something inside of me. I wanted release! But he stopped and kissed back up my stomach and concentrated on my breasts – smiling as he realised how heavy my breathing had become and how close I was.

In a mock gesture, he lay down beside me and commented that he was feeling sleepy and was glad I had enjoyed the night. We both kind of laughed, and I pounced on top of him. We both knew the night wasn't going to end here.

Kissing deeply again, I felt him bulge underneath me. The fact that I had such power over someone was very erotic! Copying his move, I traced a trail of kisses from his lips to his belly button, paying careful attention to his nipples. The taste of him on my lips was addictive – I had to have more. His penis was bulging now, and much larger than I would have imagined it. I wanted to stare. I wanted to explore it. I wanted to revere it. Instead, I momentarily stroked across its head and evoked a low moan from his lips. His cock was glistening with droplets of pre-cum and very warm to the touch. I took it between my lips and flicked my tongue across the head whilst massaging his shaft – encouraged by his rapid breathing and gentle moans. As I continued, I took more and more of it into my mouth, alternating between deep and shallow thrusts, experimenting with the suction created, and massaging the tops of his legs and his balls, whilst watching him. Seeing him squirm and writhe underneath me gave me so much pleasure and made me hungry for him. I could feel myself much wetter and wrapped up in my own desire.

Slowing down, I gradually stopped sucking on his dick before he came. He was now very hard and almost shining with the mix of saliva and pre-cum, which scented the room. The room smelt like sex, all musky and enticing.

I straddled his hips, just above his cock and stared into his eyes. I wanted him inside of me so very badly. I would have done anything. I needed something to fill me up, to make me feel complete. To stretch me and show me pleasure like I had never felt before. I needed to feel what I imagined would be an amazing build up of pleasure, each of us watching the other becoming so lustful and so close to the edge that it made us both even hornier. He looked back into my eyes, and placed his hands on my hips, gently applying pressure. My pelvis was pushed down just above his expectant dick.

Breathing in sharply, I lowered myself onto his hardness. It stretched and felt unexplainable, like nothing I had ever felt before, and as I managed to take more of it in, I saw some of his muscles tense and a sharp exhale from him also. As much as I wanted to forcefully ram it inside of me, deeper and harder, because I wanted to feel the most sensation possible, I continued lowering myself until he was all the way inside of me. It never occurred to me to proceed faster because every second of this experience was new for both of us and we were both so focused on the sensations that each of us were feeling. I was quite tight so I could see that it was intensely pleasurable for him each time my muscles tensed, and began to use this, tensing and releasing my muscles which caused tiny yelps of pleasure to escape from his lips.

Slowly grinding my hips into his, I began to move and was spurred on by tingles which I had never felt before. Wow. They gave me the overwhelming desire to keep on grinding, to take him deeper, and the more I moved, the more tingly I became which made me want to thrust him inside of me more. He filled me so completely. I was able to form a rhythm and move consistently, bobbing up and down upon him, each thrust becoming decidedly harder and more forceful.


Underneath me, Chris's head rolled back and he arched, moaning loudly, and then began to rock his hips in rhythm with my movements. This sent me over the edge, and a powerful force built up inside of me which made time stop. That moment was pure pleasure. The heat hit me, and I became very aware that I was flushed, and was extremely tired, but this sensation wouldn't allow me to stop. My back arched, my head rolled backwards and I let out a deep moan as his rocking made me climax violently. To this day, it was the most powerful I'd ever felt. My legs were shaking and I couldn't catch my breath, but this strange sensation felt wonderful. With the tightening of my muscles from this mind-blowing experience, he stiffened under me also and as I continued rhythmically rocking, he gave a series of moans and was breathing so fast that I was worried about him catching his breath. Soon, the grinding came to a stop and we were both left very breathless and very tired as I climbed off of him and laid back down, resting my head on his stomach. We remained silent for a while, until the only thing you could hear was our breathing returning back to normal pace. He moved to hug me and although I couldn't see his face, I knew he was smiling.

In a swift movement, he got up on his knees and moved my legs apart. I could feel the tingle of anticipation build up again as I knew that I needed as much inside of me as possible, hurriedly pumping away, relentless until I was screaming and pushing him in deeper, begging for more. He moved towards me, cock in hand, and guided it into me.

All of a sudden, he pushed forcefully into me, unexpectedly, almost as though he read my mind. This made me lose my breath, and as his eyes met mine, we both knew that the night was merely beginning.

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