tagInterracial LoveHippies On The Beach Ch. 03

Hippies On The Beach Ch. 03


It was a humid evening and we were sweating profusely. We decided to abandon the beach and get back to the comfort of our air-conditioned room.

Vijay wanted to know, in graphic detail, about my exploits with Steffi and when I told him that Michael had fucked her at the same time as she was sucking me off, it blew him.

"You mean she had both of you simultaneously?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied, basking in the look of envy in his eyes.

"Oh shit, man, that's far out. I never thought of it that way. I mean you could see her sucking you with her mouth and at the same time you could also watch his dick drilling her cunt. Jeeze! That's incredible! This, I've got to try out."

"Why don't you take my place today?" I asked him. "I'm sure you will enjoy the experience."

"That, I might, old boy, that I might. But I got an hard on now and I wonder what the hell I am going to do about it."

"Jerk off," I told him brusquely. "Or," I added as an afterthought, "You could go and fuck that whore of yours."

"She isn't a whore, buddy," he grinned and I looked at him in astonishment.

"What the fuck do you mean?" I asked him.

"You remember that guy at the reception through whom we managed to book this room?"

I screwed up my eyes and though hard. I had found out that whenever I was trying to think of anything, all that I could think of was Steffi and her terrific body.

"Yeah," I recalled having seen the guy. "Short, fat and black as night."

"Yeah, that's him. Apt description. You should take a look at his wife."

"What? You mean you are fucking his wife?"

"Relax, man. You should see her."

"Also short, fat and black as night?"

"Short, yes. Black, yes. But fat? No way! She is in the housekeeping department of this hotel. Works there. Black as coal, is Mimi. Mimi D'Souza. What a body!" he closed his eyes, as if conjuring her image. "Great ass, nice hard tits and man! Her pussy! Tight as a surgical glove. And she's got real movement; you should watch her fucking! She never quits, just wants more and more! Just thinking about it, gives me a hard on. Man! I feel like a nice fuck. And now you tell me about that sandwich special you guys gave the German girl, is not helping me either. I gotta fuck!"

He got up from the bed and began to pace the room; his face flushed and hands in his pockets. I could see the bulge he had between his legs inside his shorts.

"Tell you what, old boy, I can get Mimi to the room. And when I fuck her, I bet she wouldn't mind if you slide your boner in her mouth."

"No way!" I laughed.

"C'mon, boy, be a sport. I never watched a girl suck dick and get fucked in her cunt simultaneously. I mean, at least in reality. Make my day, huh?"

"Listen, Vijay. Michael's gone to the airport to try and postpone their return tickets and Steffi and me have a date."

"So get that white girl to the room. The more the merrier. And who knows? If that German girl is as horny as you make her out to be, maybe she might enjoy a piece of action with Mimi"

I thought about it. I had agreed with Steffi to meet in her room and there was about an hour to go.

"For the sake of an pal?" Vijay was very insistent and the look on his face reminded me of a mongrel pleading for a bone.

"Okay, okay. How are you going to get Mimi in?"

He gave a shout of joy, rubbing his crotch with one hand and walking to the phone. "Leave that to me," he said, dialing a number.

"Hello? House keeping? Look, this is 303 and the lady whom I had given my jeans for a special wash yesterday should have handed over the jeans an hour ago. What? Yeah, yeah, this is 303." He paused, and then continued, "Look, will you put her on the line?"

He winked at me as he waited for the girl to come on the line. After a short time, his voice dropping to a barely audible whisper, he spoke, "Hey baby. How ya doing? Fine, fine. Look, I'm feeling all lonely and horny and my cock feels like it's going to burst out of my shorts...don't laugh, baby, it's true, can you make it to the room now? And don't say no, I'll not take no for an answer...well you can slip up into my room and we'll have a ball...hey, thanks baby, you'll enjoy it, I promise and hey, what are you wearing now?"

He smirked at me and winked again. "Anything under that house dress? Oh yeah, Look, just get rid of those panties. Or you are going to have another pair that's torn to shreds. Ha, ha. I'm waiting and so is my cock, so hurry. 'Bye!"

He slammed the phone back and smiled. "There! It's as easy as that!"

I pushed him away from the bed, aware that I too had a hard on going by now. "Let me call Steffi."

As the reception was putting me through to Steffi, Vijay mused, "Reckon that white girl would let me get into her pants?"

I covered the mouthpiece. "Just get a couple of good joints going and maybe she will," I broke off when I heard Steffi on the other end.


"Hi, Steffi. It's me."

"Oh hi, stud. How are you?"

"Still sore, but hard never the less. Think you can crawl into my room? Got some great grass going."

Pot was the password for Michael and her and she immediately replied in the affirmative. "Great! You are in 303?"

"I am also in heat," I laughed.

She giggled. "You always are. That's what I like about you, stud. Hang on with that heat and I'll come down to cool it."

I looked at Vijay. "Hey, what are you wearing?"

She laughed again. She had a delightful laugh. "You horny bastard! Well, I am just about to have my bath and I'm in panties and bra under the hotel's very short bath robe."

"Very short, yes. I know."

"It's just got a belt around, you know," she dropped her voice and I knew she was teasing me. "You can see half of my tits and if I bend right, you can see more than half of my ass."

I felt my cock twitch inside my shorts. "Tell you what, baby? You go ahead and have your bath. And when you come here, keep just that bathrobe on. And nothing else."

"You got it, stud," she rang off.

Even as I was putting down the phone, there was a soft tap on the door. Vijay walked up to it, yanked it open and pulling a dark, curvaceous girl inside the room, locked it behind him. "Oh, woman, you give me the hots," He pulled her into his arms and kissed her on her mouth.

Mimi hadn't noticed me as yet and I saw her arms going around his shoulders as they exchanged a long open mouthed wet kiss. I saw his hands coming between their bodies and groping for her tits encased in her white knee length housedress and her hand slipped down to grab his crotch. That's when she became aware of my presence in the room.

"W-what? Who?" She was startled and pushed him away.

I took a good look at her. She wasn't more than five-three or so and she was dark. But Vijay had been right. She was a doll. She had a very pretty face, sort of young and innocent. A small straight nose below fine eyebrows and above a full pouting mouth. Dimpled chin. Long, silky jet black hair that fell to her waist. The housedress was loose fitting, so I couldn't see much of rest of her body.

"Hey, Mimi, meet my friend, Mahesh. Mahesh, this is Mimi. And don't mind him, baby. Him and me go back a long way. Besides, he is already hooked up one of your tourists here and he doesn't mind, nor would she if I join them. Get the picture?" He was grabbing at her, trying to kiss her all this time though she kept pushing him away.

"W-what are you trying to say? You think I am a whore?" Her voice was melodious and it didn't seem like such a sweet voice would be capable of uttering the word 'whore'

"Hey, that's not fair," Vijay, protested. "How could I even suggest that? I'm not even suggesting that the German girl that my pal is hooked with is a whore either. When you are in Goa, there are nothing like whores and gigolos when you are fucking, right? Now, just because you and me fuck, does it mean to say that if your hubby comes to know about us he would think that you are a whore?"

Vijay was a master at subtle blackmail and his last question froze her. Her face went pale and she cast her eyes down to the carpet.

"Hey Mimi, forgive me okay?" I spoke for the first time since she had entered the room. "It's okay if you and Vijay want to get going without me. I'm expecting my girl in the room in say half an hour. So, while the two of you fuck each other in that bed, my girl and me will fuck each other on mine. And knowing my girl like I do, she wouldn't need a bed. Every place is okay for her as long as the job is done."

"See?" Vijay interjected. "I told you my pal is a gentleman. Now, forget about all that shit and forget about your hubby. I won't tell on you, right? Just lets get down to some serious fucking because I can't seem to be keeping my cock down. Look!"

He pulled back the hem of his shorts from one leg and fished out his erect dick. He was speaking the truth as had been evident for so long. His cock was fully erect and throbbing. He gave the knob a tweak and pulled at it as though showing it to her.

She blushed and tried to look away. He grabbed one of her hands and directed it to his swollen shaft. She tried to pull her hand away, but he was much stronger.

He sighed when her fist closed around it. "Ahhhhh..."

So they stood there, barely a couple of yards away from the door, his cock in her hands and his hands going up to fondle her tits.

"C'mon, baby. You want this as much as I do. Remember yesterday? You just wouldn't stop and kept yelling that you wanted my dong inside you again and again. Remember? Lucky, your hubby wasn't around to hear you screaming like that, huh?"

Reminding her of her husband was a trick he was using and I was afraid that he might overdo it. I sat on the bed and lit up a joint and just watched the two of them.

He leaned towards her and covered her mouth with his. He reached inside her dress from below with one hand and I saw her stiffening. I figured his hand had hit pay dirt, and sure enough, I detected the billowing moments under that dress.

"No panties, huh? Guess you are just as horny as I am: hard cock, wet pussy. Oh wow, that's the combination I love. Figure you wanted my dick to jam inside you right away, huh?"

One hand busy rubbing her pussy inside her dress, he reached out with the other hand and pushed the front of her robe aside. Her ripe and firm breast tumbled out and immediately he encircled it in his palm, beginning to squeeze it.

In spite of herself, and in spite of the position she was in (with me staring openly at them) I heard her moan. She closed her eyes and leaned into him. I knew that he had won.

Continuing to kiss her and fondle her pussy and tit, he pushed back till she came up against the bed. I saw her tumble down the bed and he was on top of her.

He pushed the dress up her waist to expose her shapely legs and the dark patch of hair between them. Caressing the inside of her knees with one hand, he pulled at the sash that held the dress together. Without interrupting the kiss, he bunched his body back and she arched her body up so that he could slide the dress away. And just like that, within five minutes from the time of her walking into the room, he had her naked and writhing on his bed. This could mean either that he had a way with women (as he liked to boast of), she was scared that he could tell all to hubby or she was equally horny for cock.

The most likely reason was the last simply because she didn't look like she was scared or apprehensive: she was pushing into him, her arms going around his shoulders and I clearly could see her opening her mouth and welcoming his tongue inside.

She slipped one hand down between their bodies and grabbed at his cock, which was wedged there like a solid bar. He was wearing just shorts, like I was, so it took him less than half a minute to manipulate his hands down and divest himself of it.

I felt my own cock twitch inside my shorts as I watched them wrestling on the bed, kissing and groping for each other, as if I wasn't there in the room. She was exquisite in an earthly sort of a way. Shorn of her dress and naked, I could see her curves clearly now. Nice firm medium sized tits, very narrow waist and a tight round ass.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing her crotch against his hard on when he drew away from her lips.

"Whoa! Are you hot or what? Guess what? I'm gonna make you hotter. You see that pal of mine sitting over there?"

She glanced at me and blushed; I suppose that she had forgotten that I was there.

"He and his pal fucked the white girl together, you know. Can you imagine that?" Both his hands had covered her tits and he was kneading them. I could see his cock rubbing against her thighs. "That girl with a pole up her twat and a mouth around another prick. Lucky bitch"

Her eyes widened and she looked at me uncertainly. I smiled at her like a dummy; like it was common for me to fuck a white girl and I did it every other day.

I watched one of his hands creeping down the side of her thighs and push between their bodies. She moaned and I guessed that he was fingering her clit, maybe even had a finger shoved inside her cunt.

His hand began to go that much faster as he licked the side of her cute face with his wet tongue.

"You want my pole in your hole?"

I almost laughed when I heard him say that.

"My dick in your pit?" he continued.

This time I let out a burst of laughter.

"My cock in your dock?" he insisted and it was getting hilarious.

She closed her eyes and pulled his shoulders to her. Her legs opened wide and she raised them to the ceiling.

"Fuck me, you bastard!" she exclaimed. "Shove your cock in my cunt!"

"Open your cunt lips with your fingers," he told her, sliding one hand down to grasp his dick.

She reached below them and did as she was told to do. I could see her pussy, now held wide open by her fingers.

He rubbed the tip of his cock over the slit, and then positioning it at the entrance, he shoved in mightily.

"Ugghhh," she grunted, lifting her hips up to swallow his cock inside her cunt, scissoring his waist with her legs.

After plunging in, his cock buried to the hilt, he waited, as if savoring her cunt. "Hmmm...tight and hot, oh girl, you are great."

"Fuck, fuck me, you beast, ram that cock in my pussy," she wailed.

He glanced at me and smiled triumphantly and the glance was like I-told-you-so. He pulled out, and then slammed in again.

She threw back her head, nails raking his bare back. Again, he paused.

"Do you want to feel what's it like to have a cock in your mouth when you are getting fucked in the cunt?" he asked.

I held my breath, my cock stiffening inside my shorts.

She opened her eyes and turned to look at me. She had beautiful eyes: shaped like almonds, large and dewy-like.

"You will love it, baby," he was almost cajoling her. At the same time, he drew back and slammed in her pussy again.

If ever a woman can look shy with a cock buried in her pussy and encouraging the guy to fuck her at the same time, I was watching it.

She nodded tentatively and even before he could look at me, I was out of the bed in a flash, dropping my shorts on the floor to let out my throbbing prick.

I approached toward one end of the bed where her head was and immediately, she was sliding up and sideways. He adjusted, helping her so that she was lying across the bed, her face falling over one edge.

He leaned back, placing his palms on the bed beside her tiny waist, gently pulling his cock out.

I half-stood and half-crouched by the side of the bed so that my cock hovered above her face. We watched as she reached out and grasped my hard on in her tiny hands. She opened her mouth.

I pushed my cock inside her oral cavity around the same time that he shoved his cock back into her cunt.

She whimpered and I felt her mouth close around my dick and her tongue slid across and under the shaft.

I began to fuck her face just as earnestly as he began to fuck her cunt. In at the same time, out at the same time, we picked up a nice rhythm, making her whimper and moan. She drew my cock outside her mouth and I shuddered when her tongue snaked out and licked the shaft. Then, she lifted her head and her hips to engulf me back into her mouth and him back into her cunt.

He allowed me to knead her firm tits and contented himself by just watching my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. He picked up the speed unconsciously; I suppose the sight aroused him further.

We were going at it for almost five minutes when there was a soft knock at the door. I was rubbing my cock head over her face. By over the face, I literally mean all over her face and that included her nose, her cute dimpled chin, the broad forehead, her eyelids (she closed her eyes when she saw my cock approaching), her lustrous hair and finally her cute ears.

She suddenly froze when she heard the knock.

"Stud?" There was a soft voice outside.

"Relax," I said, pulling my cock out of her hands reluctantly. "It's Steffi. I'll get the door, you guys continue and don't worry, Mimi, she's used to crowds."

I hid behind the door to cover my nakedness when I opened it. She entered, clad as I had told her to, in the bathrobe.

Like Vijay had done to Mimi, I too shoved the door back, locked it and pulled her into my arms. She giggled, pleased to notice that I was naked and ready and her hand immediately closed around my wet shaft as I kissed her, shoving my tongue down her throat.

She smelt of soap and shampoo and some exotic perfume. She squeezed my prick with one hand, cradling my balls with the other as we kissed. I was pulling the sash around the robe as we stumbled in.

When she saw Vijay and Mimi on the bed, her eyes opened in surprise and she looked questioningly at me.

I merely shrugged, continuing to kiss her mouth.

She drew back, her hands still fondling my shaft.

"What is this?" she asked.

By now, Vijay had begun to move up and down over Mimi again. Mimi was too far-gone to resist him and she was lifting her hips in time with his thrusts.

"Surprise, surprise," I murmured to Steffi, kissing her cheek and pushing her robe. She stepped back to allow the dress to fall on the floor. She was really lovely, and when her large tits tumbled out, I could sense that Vijay and Mimi were staring because the bed suddenly stopped creaking.

"That guy is the same friend, huh?" she asked, jerking on my cock as I held on to those lovely tits of hers.

"Yeah. Vijay. And the lady is Mimi" I replied.

"Hello," Vijay greeted her, slowly beginning to continue with his thrusting movements.

"Hi," Mimi's voice was small and raspy.

"She's so beautiful, stud!" Steffi exclaimed, and holding my cock in her hand led me to the bed.

"She is, huh? She sucks mean. She was just sucking my cock when you knocked."

"Oops, sorry. Can you eat pussy, Mimi?" Steffi enquired when we reached the bed. She reached out and gently squeezed Mimi's boobs.

The girl groaned and stammered, "Never t-tried it."

"There's always a first time. Wait, stud, and let us arrange ourselves. No, you continue to fuck her, Vijay, the poor girl looks so hungry."

"She's ravenous," I supplemented, beginning to run my hands over Steffi's white skin, comparing the color with the starkly contrasting color of Mimi's boobs.

Steffi sort of took charge. She got on the bed and knelt over Mimi's face so that her back was to Vijay and her cunt smack on Mimi's mouth. She groaned and looked down to watch Mimi's pink tongue snaking across the hairless slit.

"You have no hair here," Mimi managed to say, her mouth as it was, blocked off by Steffi's cunt.

"Like it? Then lick it, baby, oh yes, like that, lick my clit."

I climbed on the bed and stood facing Steffi's face, my heels planted on either side of Mimi's head.

Mimi looked up even as she continued to tongue Steffi. From that angle she could see Steffi's lips barely an inch away from my dangling cock.

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