tagErotic CouplingsHired Gun Ch. 01

Hired Gun Ch. 01


Sitting in a darkened corner of the parking lot at Tampa's Bayside Mall, I waited patiently for my contact to arrive. The drizzling rain beaded on my windshield, pooled, then streamed downward towards the wipers. With the weather conditions the way they were I expected Michael Whittaker to be running late. Flights from Washington D.C. to Tampa International were notorious for being delayed in rainy weather. It didn't really matter since I wasn't in any hurry.

I watched the traffic passing by on the four-lane highway, listened to Manilow on CD and smoked one cigarette after another, wishing I had a cup of coffee. I wasn't sure what kind of car Michael would be driving since it would be a rental, but I knew which parking space he'd pull into.

A gray Ford Five-Hundred sedan cruised slowly through the parking lot, easing into the prearranged parking space, a single male driver behind the wheel. I smoked one more cigarette before driving over next to it, wanting to see if anyone suspicious might be following him. Starting the engine in my Cadillac XLR roadster, I switched on the headlights and shifted into drive.

Michael gave me a smile but looked slightly exasperated when I pulled up next to him.

"I've been waiting for ten minutes!" He exclaimed, reaching for something on the seat next to him.

"So! I've been waiting for an hour!" I retorted. "You don't hear me bitching, do you?"

"Here!" He grumbled, handing me an overstuffed manila envelope. "It's all there!

Opening the packet, I looked inside counting ten packs of hundred dollar bills, fifty bills in each pack.

"Looks like it's all there." I affirmed.

"Trust me. It's all there." Michael assured, running his fingers through his salt-and-paper, gray-black hair.

For a man in his early fifties, I found him quite attractive but I wasn't about to mention it to him. His ego was already twice the size it should be for a man in his position. More than just a messenger and the guy who made the pay-offs, Michael was the head of an organization called the "Predator Group". Known only to those in the organization and a few top government officials in Washington, the group's sole purpose was to extract justice on those who deserved it.

Thanks to court judges who were more concerned about jail overcrowding and manipulative, well paid attorneys, many hardened criminals were getting off with short sentences or probation. The Predator Group was formed to reduce jail overcrowding in another way, by eliminating the criminals altogether. Felons who committed the most serious of crimes were our targets, our only targets. Rapists and child molesters were dealt with in prison. They got what they deserved and no one, least of all the Predator Group, cared.

"I've got another transaction I need you to take care." Michael asserted, handing me another manila envelope. "This one's not too far from here. Longboat Key to be exact."

"Same deal?" I questioned, pulling a handful of papers from the packet.

"Fifty grand. Just like always." Michael affirmed, starting his rental car. "Call me when you've completed the transaction."

With that said, he drove off, leaving me to look over the information in the privacy of my car. Scanning over the documents and photographs, I found it was another major drug dealer who'd been caught with a kilo of cocaine but somehow managed to get off on a legal technicality. Illegal search and seizure without a proper warrant was the most common form of police mistakes. With so many legalities forced on law enforcement personnel, it was a wonder anyone was being convicted.

Stuffing the documents back into the envelope, I drove out of the parking lot, heading back towards my hotel. The rain finally stopped, making it possible to drive without having the wipers on. Rolling down my window, I rested my arm on the doorsill, then lit up another cigarette.

A neon sign "Whiskey Willies" caught my eye. Slowing, I checked out the parking lot, finding it nearly filled. Figuring it must be one of the hotter spots in town, I turned in, finding a well-lit parking space near the rear of the building. Securing the money and the documents in the trunk, I set the car's alarm and disconnected the ignition system.

Loud music resonated off the walls from the live band on stage. Allowing time for my eyes to adjust to the muted lighting, I saw an open barstool at the end of the bar.

"Double Scotch, no ice." I replied when the bartender asked what I wanted.

After giving me a second look, he went about getting my drink. At five-foot eight with short, platinum blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes, I often got second looks. More often than not, from other woman, some of whom I found quite attractive. I kept my figure in shape by exercising and jogging on a regular basis. Although I was thirty-five, I could easily pass for someone in their late twenties. Married twice but divorced only once, I still considered myself single. I had no idea where Rick, my estranged husband for the past three years was, nor did I care.

"Would you care to dance?" A handsome guy in his early thirties asked, approaching me from the right.

"Sure." I replied, giving him a soft smile.

Pulled into his arms, I barely got a good look at him. Even in high-heels, he was taller than me by a good three inches. His cologne, warmed by his body, permeated my nostrils. He smelled fantastic and his slow dancing had me pressing myself against him. Slipping my hand to the back of his head, I sifted my fingers into his thick sandy-blonde hair.

"I hope you realize how much you're turning me on." He whispered in my ear.

"I do." I murmured, feeling his hard cock pressing against my pelvis.

"Do you have this effect on most men?" He questioned, followed by a slight laugh.

"I certainly hope so." I murmured, letting my lips brush lightly over his cheek.

We danced through the next two songs, both of which were up-tempo. My new high-heels were taking their toll on my feet so I welcomed hearing the band was going to take a short break.

"Would you care to have a drink with my wife and me?" The guy asked, stunning me for a second.

"Sure, why not?" I replied, trying my best not to sound too disappointed. "Let me get my drink and my purse from the bar."

"We're sitting at that table over there." He stated, pointing to a beautiful dark-haired woman, who looked about the same age as her husband, somewhere around thirty.

I had a notion to grab my purse, toss down my drink and head for the nearest exit but something inside me told me not to. Besides, it was too early to return to my hotel, knowing I'd probably just end up watching television.

"This is Kaitlyn and I'm Justin." The guy stated when I joined them.

"Hi. I'm Amanda." I responded, daintily shaking the woman's hand.

Kaitlyn was beautiful, more so than I originally thought since I was seeing her up close. The luster of her dark brown shoulder-length hair and bright green eyes captivated my attention. Sitting at the table alongside her, I assumed she was about my height. Kaitlyn was wearing a white scoop neck top that showed off her breasts without being too flaunting.

"Are you down her vacationing?" Kaitlyn inquired, her southern draw quite prominent.

"No, I'm afraid not." I replied. "I'm down her taking care of some personal business."

"Where from?" Justin asked with a picture perfect smile. "We're from Valdosta, Georgia."

"Oh, I know where that is." I asserted. "I'm from a little town in south central Missouri. A town you've probably never heard of."

Thankfully, neither of them asked specifically which town, since I didn't want to divulge the name of the small town I'd moved to. Keeping my anonymity was a priority in my line of work.

"We come down every few weeks....just to see what's going on." Kaitlyn disclosed, trying to keep the conversation going. "It's a four hour drive but it gets us away from the kids."

"What line of work are you in?" Justin inquired, motioning for the waitress to bring us another round of drinks..

"Oh.....you might say I'm in public relations." I stammered, almost bursting out laughing. "What about you?"

"I'm a financial advisor. Kaitlyn here teaches elementary school." Justin avowed.

"I see you're married." The woman muttered, tapping her index finger on my diamond ring.

"Sort of married." I grumbled without thinking. "We pretty much live separate lives."

"So, he isn't down here with you?" Justin assumed, grinning.

"No. Afraid not." I responded with a laugh, hoping they'd take it as a joke.

The three of us continued chatting until the band resumed playing. I danced with Justin twice before he managed to coax his wife out onto the dance floor. Kaitlyn was wearing a white leather skirt, which the hemline was just a few inches above her knees. It was snug enough to show off her fantastic figure without constricting her movements. The slow dance allowed them to talk with each other. I suspicioned I was the subject of their conversation.

An hour later, after dancing with Justin several more times, we all agreed it was time to call it a night. Kaitlyn wasn't much of a drinker, sipping on a Bloody Mary that had long grown warm.

Stepping out into the warm night air, I stopped for a second to light up a cigarette. Justin put his arm around Kaitlyn, pulling her in close.

"Amanda, would you care to join us for one last drink?" Justin inquired, reaching for my hand. "Perhaps in our hotel room."

Looking first at Kaitlyn, I saw she had a look on her face that I'd hopefully agree. Justin had pretty much the same look.

"Sure, why not?" I replied. "Where're you staying?"

Their hotel, a Radisson Inn, was right off I-75 across town. Mine was a lot closer but I wasn't about to invite them there. Besides, I felt the couple wanted the "home field advantage" if things progressed like I thought they might.

Following the couple's SUV, we made the journey in about thirty minutes. Parking next to them in the well-lit parking garage, I joined the attractive couple for a quick elevator ride up to their hotel suite. Kaitlyn seemed a little nervous, more so when we entered their room.

"I've got beer and red wine in the refrigerator." Justin stated. "I've also got Bourbon if you'd prefer something stronger."

"Beer's fine." I responded, setting my purse down next to the couch.

"I....I think I've had enough." Kaitlyn stammered, setting her purse down on the counter at the wet bar.

We stood their waiting momentarily for Justin to join us. Handing me a glass of cold beer, I took a sip before sitting it down on the coffee table. Justin chose a chair across from the couch, leaving Kaitlyn and me to share the couch. Sitting at the end, I sat right next to her.

"My wife finds you very, very attractive." Justin remarked. "I hope that doesn't alarm you."

"No, not at all." I responded, sliding my left arm onto the back of the couch behind her. "I've been wanting to tell Kaitlyn just how seductive I thought she was."

My compliment did little to relax the woman. If anything, Kaitlyn seemed more nervous than ever. She clasped her hands together, placing them in her lap, avoiding looking my way.

Kicking off my high heels, I curled my feet up on the couch. I suspected it was more Kaitlyn than Justin who really had a sexual attraction to me. Sensing they both were a little hesitant to say another word, I decided to press a few buttons.

Placing my index finger below Kaitlyn's chin, I turned it gently towards me. My lips brushed lightly over hers, giving her the opportunity to pull away. But she didn't, allowing me to press my lips to hers for a soft kiss that I prolonged for several moments. Placing my hand over hers, I felt her tensions subsiding.

"I've wanted to do that for hours." I murmured, my lips mere inches from hers.

Kaitlyn barely nodded her head, her eyes fixated onto mine. Looking over at the woman's husband I found Justin leaning forward in his chair, anxious to see what I was going to do next.

"Would you like your husband to watch while I seduce you?" I asked in a whisper.

"Hmmmm." Was her only response, her eyes still focused on mine.

I kissed her again, this time with more passion, grinding my lips into hers. She was succumbing to my seduction, not objecting in the least to my advances. My hand slipped beneath the hem of her white leather skirt, causing the woman to flinch. Not moving my hand any further, I let her get used to my touch.

Kaitlyn's bright green eyes were barely open, the back of her head resting against my arm. Justin was sitting at the edge of his chair, his eyes focused intently on what I was doing.

"Justin, why don't you pull the covers off the bed?" I suggested, nodding towards the two queen-size beds. "Then slip out of your clothes so I can see just how handsome you really are."

Justin rose from his chair like a shot, racing towards one of the beds. Pulling the comforter off one of the beds, he let it pile on the floor.

Unbuttoning his shirt, he watched as I slid my hand higher, gently squeezing his wife's leg.

With Justin stripped down to his black briefs, I took a moment to look over his masculine form. He wasn't muscular by any means but his build was athletic.

"Your husbands quite a man." I whispered in Kaitlyn's ear, nibbling at the lobe. "Is it ok with you if we let him watch?"

"Hmmmm." She murmured, barely moving her lips.

Rising from the couch, I pulled Kaitlyn to her feet. Leading her over to her husband, I positioned the woman directly in front of him. He was sitting at the foot of the bed, his cock bulging against the constraints of his briefs.

Standing behind Kaitlyn, I put my hands to her waist, pulling her top free of her skirt. Brushing her shoulder-length hair to the side, I placed warm, moist kisses at the back of her neck, heightening her desires even more. I could feel her body vibrating and the heat radiating from her inner core.

Tossing her top on the other bed, I kissed slowly down her spine, at the same time sliding the zipper down at the back of her leather skirt. The lower I kissed the more Kaitlyn arched her back, savoring the touch of my lips on her soft flesh. Pushing the skirt down over the woman's hips, I held onto it with one hand, steadying her with the other. Kaitlyn stepped out of the skirt, allowing me to toss it next to her top.

Standing in front of me, facing her husband, I took a moment to let my eyes soak in her tight butt and sculptured legs. Wearing a white, lacy half-cup bra that clasped in the front and a filmy white thong, she looked drop-dead gorgeous!

Justin was rubbing his hard cock through the cotton material of his briefs, obviously more than just a little excited.

Putting my arms around the woman, I licked the back of her ear, pulling her back against me. Kaitlyn was purring, her body still vibrating. I rubbed gently over her flat tummy, raising my hand slowly to the clasp at the front of her bra. I prolonged the moment, seeing her husband was enjoying every move I made. Brushing the tips of my fingernails over the exposed portion of the woman's firm breasts, I had her close to cumming already.

"Amanda." Kaitlyn muttered, repeating my name twice more.

I sprung the clasp on her bra, revealing her perfectly shaped breasts. Her nipples were already hard and erect, begging for me to touch them. Tweaking them with my long fingernails made her legs start to buckle. I held onto her, pulling her weight back onto me. Firmly in my embrace, I continued teasing each nipple, tweaking them harder and harder.

"OH! OH! GOD!" Kaitlyn moaned in a raspy voice. "OHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDD!"

Kaitlyn experienced an orgasm that rippled through her entire body. Grasping my wrists, her legs began to tremble. I feared I wasn't going to be able to support her. Justin's mouth dropped open, his hand clutching his cock.

It took all of my strength to subdue her until the orgasm finally waned. Both of us were out of breath, more so Kaitlyn than myself.

Justin's eyes followed my right hand sliding downward, brushing over the front of his wife's thong panties. The filmy material was saturated with her juices, moistening my fingers. Extending my hand towards Justin, I plunged my fingers between his lips, wanting him to savor the tangy fluid.

Kaitlyn was in a dream state, her body in my absolute control. Sliding my hand to the small of her back, I jerked hard on the thong, ripping the strings at both sides. Justin stared directly at his wife's clean shaven pussy. His tongue, barely visible, licked his lips, eyeing the juices coating her pubic mound.

"Lay her down on the bed while I get ready." I commanded, disrupting his lustful thoughts.

Justin took his wife from my arms, laying her gently in the center of the bed. By the time he looked my way, I was practically naked. Wearing nothing but white bikini-cut panties, I approached the bed. Justin shoved his black briefs down his legs, kicking them away.

Reaching up, I put my arms around his neck, pulling him close to me. I crushed my lips to his; giving him a kiss he'll never forget. Knowing he wanted to fuck me instead of his wife, I pushed him back.

"Let's take care of Kaitlyn first." I asserted. "Then we'll have all night to take care of you."

"Yeah! Yeah!" Justin agreed.

Climbing onto the bed with his wife, I saw she was wide awake and alert. A smile formed on Kaitlyn's pretty face. Leaning down, I kissed her lovingly. Her arms willingly pulled me into her embrace.

"That was wonderful." She murmured. "I never thought making love to another woman could be like that."

I let my lips doing the talking for me. Gently cupping her breasts, I flicked my tongue over each nipple bringing them to erection once again. I felt Kaitlyn's inner most desires starting to rise once more. I wanted our night together to be one of her most memorable sexcapades. I took my time, brushing my fingernails over her breasts and tummy, putting her at ease and prolonging our intimacies. Kissing the soft skin at her tummy, I slowly worked my way down to her pussy. Justin was sitting on the edge of the bed, taking it all in, his cock still hard as a rock.

I tried to spread Kaitlyn's legs apart but she seemed hesitant to let me. Her leg muscles tensed, blocking my attempt.

"Open your legs for me, Kaitlyn." I murmured. "Let me taste that sweet pussy of yours."

My words were all it took to ease her fears. Kaitlyn spread her legs, allowing me to position them where I wanted. I rubbed her legs, easing the tensed muscles. It seemed to help but I wasn't sure just how much.

Starting at the knee of her right leg, I kissed and licked her flesh, slowly working my way towards her wanton pussy. Kaitlyn's fingers gripped the soft cotton sheets, digging into them. My tongue barely touched her pubic mound but it was enough to make her arch her back, lifting her butt up off the bed. I made a grab for the woman, wrapping my arms around her legs and pulling her back down.

With my arms locking her to me, I slithered my tongue inside her pussy, zealously swirling it around.


An incredible orgasm consumed her like a ravenous animal consumes its prey. The woman bucked and gyrated, almost breaking free of my grasp. Having her so consumed in sexual bliss, I kept prolonging the orgasm. Clasping my lips on her sensitive clit, I sucked on it, vibrating the nub with my tongue.


Thick cum flowed from her pussy onto my tongue. I lapped it up like a kitten lapping up cream.

Kaitlyn's entire body quivered, devoured by the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced. I held onto her until her body went limp. She was barely conscious but aware that I was gently stroking her body. Using all of her strength, she reached out for my hand, entwining our fingers.

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