tagRomanceHis and Hers

His and Hers


His muscular legs pressed against hers, spreading them further apart for him as they lay on the large beach towel. The heavy breathing was obvious and there had already been many passionate kisses. They leaned further into each other until the breathtaking moment when they finally pushed deeply together with dreamy eyes. He was really there today and not just the usual dark night fantasy with headphones and soft blankets. At this very moment she was not preoccupied with responsibility.

He also had blocked work from his thoughts and they were there together. He roughly leaned harder into her as she pressed and wiggled her hips up and against his firm weight. Her eyes opened, to see him as part of her. The distinctly sexual urge and attraction between them seemed to have always existed.

His pleasure was evident as she felt him deeper inside with each sigh, breath and pounding heartbeat. Over and over he pressed strongly against and into her. On the beach, she arched against his body with every inch of her sun drenched and half bikinied skin. There were clasped hands and a pulling away from her for just a moment. She glared lustfully at him, understanding his desire was to have her in more than one way.

Instinctively she sat up and turned her want for him. With his firm hands on her sides, she rolled over but stayed on hands and knees to avoid the beach sand. His hands pulled her closer to his smooth defined body and securely onto himself. Uninhibited and eager, they moved together. With confidence he held her so the pressure of them together would be smooth and deep. Though they probably didn't notice, the tiny portable music player hummed in the background propped against an orange beach bag. It was a subtle and sexy part of the atmosphere when blended with the constant whisper of waves caressing the shore.

The beautiful beach really set the romantically comfortable mood. Playful and carefree they drank from half frozen bottles of water while comfortably stretched out on big and colorful towels, it wasn't long before the bright and hot sun called them toward the sparkling blue. They wandered along the sand and into the surprisingly warm and clear salty water. The small black bikini against the vast blue beckoned to him in a special way and his confident attitude proved intriguing to her.

This beckoning intrigue exploded sometime between the flirty accidental slip of brushed legs and the not so accident brushed hips and thighs that followed while they enjoyed the water. Smiles and splashes lead to kisses and hands in sexy places. The relaxing swim in the clear ocean simply melted away lurking stress or concern.

A pelican soared over while she tugged her swimsuit back into place after bending over for a closer look at one of the many shells that were scattered along the shore. His eyes lingered and she turned toward him. His striking stance brought her closer to him until she reached for his arm and gently urged him back toward their spot on the beach.

With wet hair and swimsuits they lay down together on the same beach towel and could not resist the sweet and lusty desire to press themselves together. His dark stare was enough for her to become lost and forget all modesty and reason on the secluded beach. They reached for each other, touching gently at first. Swimsuits slid easily aside to feel silky bare skin. She griped and held him tightly in her hands and leaned her head over closer to put her lips to his. Seductively her lips moved from mouth to chest and then lower down his body. The arousing boldness of the act, wildly together they were there with sea oats and palms trees as the only voyeurs. The erotic opportunity was inevitable because they both knew they could not resist each other. The permission had been given and fantasies already imagined. She showed her affection with soft lips and tongue rubbed up and down him. Feeling him slip smoothly into her mouth.

Now, in the salt air they had given in completely to desire. Harder and harder her sighs gave way to deep breaths. She rolled over and with her back again pressed to the sandy towel he lay down against her, deeply inside her. Her arms were tight around his shoulders. She squeezed against him orgasmically while he held her tightly against his chest. Every encounter between them steamed with a surreal chemistry, but the beach was the perfect place to be at that very moment. He sighed a quiet moan into her.

Delicious kisses, wild daydreams and fireworks made together, were worth every grain of sand in hair, clothes, shoes and towels. The sky started to dark en around the edges with rain clouds. Thunder rumbled in the distance. The sunset watched as the day was transforming into a hot summer night in the quaint coastal town.

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