tagInterracial LoveHis Black Master Ch. 02

His Black Master Ch. 02


Clarence & Nora McMahon were thrilled to give birth to their son Kevin. Nora had several miscarriages and was told she would never give birth.

Kevin was born premature and spent most of his youth in and out of the hospital. He was home schooled and eventually graduated from a private high school.

Nora was very protective of Kevin and he was very shy and did not have many friends. Clarence or Red as most people called him, due to him having a thick head of red hair, insisted that Kevin work at the moving company the summer after graduation before heading off to college. Nora was against it for fear that Kevin would get injured but Red insisted so Nora had to give in.

Kevin had grown into a fine looking young man. He stood 5'10" and weighed 170lbs. He was fair skinned with a full head of black hair and beautiful ice blue eyes. Kevin was very handsome and many girls in school were after him but he was painfully shy and would ignore their advances.

Red was excited about having Kevin work at the moving company for a summer. He felt it was time for Kevin to become a man.

Red brought home a company shirt for Kevin and got him the uniform pants to wear. It was early Monday morning and Kevin was dressed and ready for work. Nora had fixed them a good breakfast and sent her men off to work.

Red & Kevin drove in silence. They were not particularly close. Red felt Kevin was too much of a momma's boy. They arrived at the moving & storage company, it had been years since Kevin was there. Everyone was friendly, saying good morning to Red and going about their business.

Red introduced Kevin to his then secretary Sara and she greeted Kevin with a warm hello.

"Please ask Tyrell to come to my office," Red asked of Sara as he was entering his office.

"Of course Mr. McMahon," she said cheerfully.

Kevin sat in a chair across from his father's desk as Red was looking through some papers. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Red announced.

The door opened and in walked Tyrell. Kevin's eyes widened as he saw the large muscular black man walk into the office. Red looked up from his desk, "Tyrell this is my son Kevin, he will be working here this summer." Tyrell looked down at Kevin and shook his hand. Kevin's hand disappeared in the grasp of his big black hand. Kevin felt a jolt of electricity run through his body.

"Nice to meet you," Tyrell said in a deep voice.

Kevin squeaked out a meek, "thank you."

"Tyrell I want you to add Kevin to your team, show him the ropes and make a man out of him," Red winked at Kevin. "Tyrell will take good care of you," Red shook Tyrell's hand, "have him back here at 5:30 so I can get him home. His mother will be worried," he said with a chuckle.

Kevin followed Tyrell down the hall into the warehouse area.

Tyrell was everything Kevin was not. He was tall, masculine, muscular, loved sports, basically an all around mans man. Tyrell was 5 years older than Kevin. He had been a star athlete in high school and was all set to head off to college when he found out his girlfriend, now wife, Monique was pregnant. Tyrell did what he thought was right and married Monique.

Red hired Tyrell on the spot. He needed big strong men for his moving company and Tyrell fit the bill. He was a great worker and he and Red would often talk about sports, something Kevin knew nothing about. Tyrell was now a team leader and Kevin was the newest member of his crew.

Work was going well for Kevin. He admired Tyrell, who he started calling Ty, and hung on his every word. Ty always drove the moving truck and Kevin would always rush to sit in the middle so he could be next to him and take in his masculine scent. Kevin began to work out and he was thrilled when Ty took notice.

It was late in August and Ty's crew had just retuned to the warehouse after finishing a moving job when the client called Ty and asked that he come back to move a piece of furniture. Most of the crew had left so Ty asked Kevin to accompany him. Kevin was thrilled that he would get some alone time with Ty.

After they moved the piece of furniture they headed back to the warehouse. It was a hot evening and the truck smelled like sweat. Ty could see Kevin taking deep breaths, inhaling the scent.

Monique was pregnant with their second child and Ty was horny as hell. He lowered his hand to his crotch and started rubbing his cock through his pants. He glanced over and watched as Kevin stared in amazement as Ty's cock grew in his pants.

"So do you have a girlfriend," Ty asked in a gruff voice. Kevin shook his head shyly, still watching Ty stroke his cock. Ty let out a low laugh, "my old lady is gonna have our second child and she ain't putting out, know what I'm sayin?" followed by a low chuckle. Kevin just stared at Ty's big hand as he stroked his big cock.

They pulled up to the warehouse and drove into the building, it was dimly lit and Ty turned off the ignition.

Ty stared Kevin in the eye, still rubbing his cock. "I see the way you look at me, always checking out my crotch."

Kevin's heart began to race and he broke out into a sweat as he tried to open the door. Ty grabbed him by the arm, "its ok there is nothing to be nervous or ashamed about." He took Kevin's hand and placed it on his crotch.

Kevin couldn't believe the size of Ty's cock. He thought about it often and now here he was rubbing it through Ty's work pants.

Ty put his hand over Kevin's and started to rub Kevin's hand up and down his cock. "Big huh," Ty said in a low voice. Kevin nodded his head yes. "Keep rubbin' it," Ty said as he put his hand behind Kevin's head and brought it to his armpit. "I know you is always trying to get a whiff of me so here is yo chance boy," Kevin breathed in hard, the smell of Ty's pit made him feel light headed.

While Kevin was breathing in the masculine scent Ty leaned back and unleashed his huge black slab of meat.

With his big black hand on the back of Kevin's head Ty pushed Kevin's face towards his cock. Kevin stared in amazement at the large black cock the head was all shiny with pre cum.

Kevin felt confused he knew he was straight so why did this big black cock excite him so much. He had been jerking off to porn all summer although it was always a big black muscular man fucking a white girl.

Ty's voice interrupted, "go on boy, that's what you wanted isn't it?" Kevin felt the force of Ty's hand pushing him down he instinctively opened his mouth and took in the head of his cock.

Kevin could taste the pre cum and instantly loved it. "Watch yo teeth" he heard as he started to take more of Ty's massive cock. Ty took Kevin's hand and wrapped it around the base of his cock and started moving it up and down. Kevin caught on quickly and Ty leaned back in his seat.

Kevin took to Ty's cock like a baby to his mother's breast. His own cock was rock hard and he had never felt so much excitement.

It always excited Ty to break in a new white boy and Kevin was no different. He watched Kevin's mouth stretch open to take his massive cock and his small white hand jerking the base. Ty knew he would not last long. He held the back of Kevin's head down as his cock head began to swell.

Kevin started to panic and Ty reassured him that he had a nice surprise coming. Kevin began to gag as he felt the first load of cum shoot into his mouth. Ty held him still and told him to relax. Three more blasts was too much for Kevin and cum started running out of his mouth and down Ty's cock.

Kevin could feel cum running down his chin and he wiped if off with his shirt sleeve. Ty looked down, his cock still somewhat hard and shiny with cum and spit. "You made a mess boy, better clean it up" Kevin looked at Ty with wide eyes. "Go on clean it up."

Kevin looked at Ty with wide eyes. "I don't have a towel."

Ty laughed, "Use your tongue boy."

Kevin started to lick the cum off of Ty's cock and balls savoring the flavor. He instantly knew he had found his place. When he was finished Ty zipped up. "We better get you home." Kevin nodded in agreement.

They locked up the warehouse and jumped into Ty's Escalade. Kevin was pretty quiet on the ride back to his house.

Ty was acting like everything was normal. "You ok Kev?" Ty asked in a soothing voice. Kevin shook his head yes.

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