tagInterracial LoveHis Black Master Ch. 05

His Black Master Ch. 05


Ty got dressed for work, grabbed a cup of coffee, kissed Monique goodbye and jumped in the Escalade.

He turned onto the highway and traffic was already backed up. He mumbled "shit" under his breath.

While sitting in traffic, Ty's mind began to wonder. He laughed as he thought about how he had left that old bitch Sara sitting on the floor with his black seed dripping down her face. And about all the others he had used for his pleasure.

A light bulb went off in his head. That was exactly it. Ty realized he didn't care about Sara or any of the other people, men or women, which he used for his pleasure. They were only holes to fuck.

With Kevin it was different. Ty knew he was not gay, and he knew Kevin was not gay. This was far beyond sexual orientation, he thought. This was about Kevin's raw need and desire to be controlled and Ty's animalistic need to dominate and control.

Ty could see it in Kevin's eyes the day they met in Red's office. And he felt the electricity when they shook hands.

It all made sense to Ty now, he had made the connection and he knew he had to proceed.

Ty parked the Escalade and walked into the warehouse. The crew was standing around talking and Kevin was by himself sitting in a chair, waiting to take orders from Ty.

Kevin looked up at Ty and their eyes locked. Ty could see the hunger and desire in Kevin's eyes.

Ty's cock began to stiffen and he knew he had to have Kevin before the day ended.

"Mornin' guys," Ty announced.

Vinnie was one of Ty's top workers. Ty walked over to Vinnie and handed him the keys to the truck. "Take the truck and go start the Doyal move. I have some work to finish up here and then I will come and meet up with you guys and finalize everything with the Doyal's."

Ty patted Vinnie on the shoulder. "Thanks Bud, see you around 3."

Kevin stood up and started to walk towards the truck.

"Hang on Kev," Ty shouted.

Kevin turned to face Ty, his heart was racing.

Ty motioned to Kevin. "Let's go, I need to inspect those storage lockers you cleaned out yesterday."

Kevin followed Ty into the first storage locker.

"Nice job," Ty said as he nodded his head and smiled at Kevin.

"Thanks Ty," Kevin said in a meek voice.

Ty's cock was rock hard as they walked into the second locker and Kevin's eyes were locked directly on Ty's crotch.

"This one looks great too," Ty said as his hand stroked the length of his hard cock through is khaki's.

Kevin swallowed hard. He could not take his eyes off Ty's crotch.

They walked into the third locker. "Everything looks great Kevin," Ty said as he put his arm around Kevin's shoulder.

"I have another unit for you to clean out." Ty smiled at Kevin and waved his arm.

Kevin followed Ty down the hall. His eyes were glued to Ty's muscular ass. They walked through the warehouse and Ty unlocked the door to the mechanical room.

The air conditioning unit was running and the room felt warm and was very loud. Ty walked up to another door and unlocked it.

The room was an old 8' x 8' utility closet. It was filled with old ladders, buckets, mops, boxes.

"I need this room emptied out," Ty said in a very quiet deep voice.

Kevin looked around the room. "What should I do with all this stuff?" he asked.

"Just take it out back to the dumpster," Ty said as he closed the door.

Ty reached out and grabbed Kevin by the front of the shirt and pulled him in. Their faces were inches from each other.

Ty looked Kevin in the eyes. "You've been starin' at my cock all mornin' boy."

"S'sorry, Ty," Kevin stuttered.

Ty was not sure what came over him but he pulled Kevin closer and kissed him on the mouth. This was not a passionate kiss but an unrefined animalistic man to man kiss.

Kevin felt Ty's big tongue enter his mouth. His knees went weak and he realized that his feet were not touching the ground. Ty was holding him up as their tongues swirled around in each others mouths.

Ty pushed Kevin away with the same force that he grabbed him with. Kevin fell to the floor at Ty's feet.

Ty unzipped his pants and pulled out his big, black slab of meat. "Get over here boy," he demanded.

Kevin crawled over to Ty and stopped. Ty's hard cock only inches from Kevin's mouth.

Ty started to speak in a very deep authoritative voice. "When we are alone you will call me, Sir. All other times you may call me Ty. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," Kevin replied.

"There will be more rules, but they will come later. Right now you will worship my cock and swallow all of my seed." Ty put his hands on each side of Kevin's head and pulled him towards his throbbing cock.

Kevin stuck his tongue out and licked the pre cum off Ty's piss slit, savoring the flavor. He then swirled his tongue around the cock head and wrapped his hand around the back and began to jerk it gently.

Ty looked down and smiled. It was hot seeing Kevin's milky white hand and sexy mouth wrapped around his big black cock.

Kevin took more and more of Ty's black cock into his mouth and he could hear Ty softly moaning.

Ty put his hands on Kevin's head and started pumping his cock into Kevin's hot mouth.

When Ty let go of his head, Kevin popped Ty's cock out of his mouth, lifted it up and started to lick his big, black sweaty balls as he jerked Ty's hot cock.

Kevin had been watching a lot of porn the past few days and was trying to use what the learned on Ty.

After a few minutes of Kevin licking his balls, Ty pulled Kevin up and started to fuck his mouth.

Ty screamed out, "I'm cumin', swallow it boy."

Ty held Kevin's head in place as he pumped loads of black seed into his hungry mouth.

Kevin greedily swallowed every drop. When he was finished he looked up at Ty and said, "Thank you, Sir."

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I want to be Kevin

Very hot. Can't wait to see where this goes.

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