tagInterracial LoveHis Black Master Ch. 04

His Black Master Ch. 04


When Ty arrived home his wife Monique was sitting on the couch watching television with their son TJ, short for Tyrell Jr.

Monique was 7 months pregnant with their second child. Ty and Monique have had marital problems since the beginning of their marriage and Monique though that having a second child would bring them closer together.

"Where you been?" Monique barked to Ty as he walked in the house.

"Workin' where you think woman? That's all I do is work." Ty walked into the kitchen to get a beer.

"Can't you say hi to yo son?" To Ty, Monique's voice was like nails on a chalk board.

Ty walked back into the living room and rubbed TJ on the head. "Hey buddy how you doin'?"

TJ giggled. "Hi Daddy."

Ty leaned over to give Monique a kiss on the cheek. "You smell," she squealed, "get away from me, go take a shower."

As he walked up stairs to take a shower Ty thought to himself. "Kevin loves my smell and that bitch can't stand it." Once again, the thought of Kevin made his cock start to stiffen.

Ty could hear Monique's mouth flapping as he walked into the bathroom. He stripped off his clothes and admired himself in the mirror. His chest and arms were massive from working at the moving company. Ty was pleased with what he saw in the mirror.

Monique's voice was escalating as Ty stepped into the shower. The hot water felt good running over his tired muscles. He ran his hands over his six pack abs down to his cock stroking it gently, feeling it grow in his hands. Thoughts of the previous night with Kevin filled his head as he beat his massive cock. His breathing got heavy and a huge load of cum flew out of his cock splattering on the shower wall.

After drying himself off, Ty slipped on a pair of boxers and headed downstairs. Ty sank into his leather lounger chair. TJ jumped off the couch and ran over to his Ty.

"Daddy, Daddy, pick me up." TJ squealed as he raised his arms.

Ty bent over and swooped up TJ placing him on his lap. TJ curled up in Ty's lap, resting his little head on Ty's massive chest.

Monique raised herself off the couch and rubbed her pregnant stomach. "I'm going to bed," she mumbled. "I'm tired."

"Make sure TJ is dry before you put him to bed." Monique leaned over and gave Ty a kiss on the cheek and TJ a kiss on the head.

Ty held TJ close as he watched Monique head upstairs. He though about how much he resented Monique for tricking him into marrying her.

Ty's mind drifted back to high school. He was the quarterback on the football team and Monique was the only black cheerleader. Everyone thought they were perfect for each other. They had dated on and off through high school and Ty was looking forward to leaving her ass behind and go off to college.

Ben, one of Ty's teammates, was having a graduation party. Ty went alone and Monique showed up with this skinny guy Jimmy. Monique and Jimmy were making out and all of Ty's friends were telling him to go get his woman.

Ty didn't want to look like a pussy in front of his friends so he went over and punched Jimmy in the gut. Everyone laughed as Jimmy went running out of the door like a little fag.

Ty and Monique went up in one of the bedrooms. Monique is going down on Ty's big cock, telling him how turned on she was that he fought for her.

"Take off that bra and let me fuck those tits," Ty demanded

Monique removed her bra and held her tits together as Ty slid his cock up between them. A smile came across Ty's face as he remembered how much he used to love titty fucking her chocolate breasts.

Ty hated wearing a rubber so he would only fuck Monique in the ass.

Monique got on top of Ty, she took his hard black cock in her hand and popped in into her pussy.

"Hey what are you doin' baby? I ain't got no rubber on," Ty shouted as he tried to push her off.

Monique laughed. "It's okay baby, Auntie took me to the gyno and I am on the pill now."

Ty held her by the hips so she would stop riding his big black cock.

"What?" Ty exclaimed. "Yo Auntie took you to the gyno?"

"Yes," Monique giggled. "I told Auntie you broke up with me because I wouldn't let you fuck me in the pussy."

"So she took you to the gyno?" Ty said in disbelief.

Ty let her go and Monique continued to ride Ty's cock.

The next day Monique tried calling Ty several times. He didn't return her calls.

It was three weeks to the date before Ty was to leave for college. Monique showed up at his house with the news she was knocked up.

Ty was getting ready to leave Monique again when she broke the news that she was pregnant with their second child.

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