tagInterracial LoveHis Black Master Ch. 11

His Black Master Ch. 11


The black driver was leaning against the limo watching the photographer take pictures of Kevin & Kathleen. Ty got out of the limo and stood next to the driver. Without shifting his gaze the limo driver spoke, almost as if he were thinking out loud. "They look like the all American couple."

Ty let out a snicker as he placed his hand on his crotch and ran his hand down the length of his hard cock. "With one big dark secret," he said with a big grin.

"You tap dat fine white pussy yet?" the limo driver asked, still staring ahead.

"Tonight," Ty said as his cock jumped in his tuxedo pants.

"Eww wee," the limo driver said while shaking his head. "Dat is cold takin' her pussy on her weddin' night, damn brotha."

Ty hit the limo driver on the arm with the back of his hand. "Crazy part is it was their idea to do it on the weddin' night," he said with a chuckle.

The limo driver laughed. "Crazy ass white folk, they do insane shit for black cock."

Ty offered his hand to the limo driver. "I'm Tyrell, folks call my Ty."

The driver took his hand "James," he said.

Ty laughed, "You got to be shittin' me, a limo driver named James? I bet you get..."

James laughed. "Don't even say it, if I had a dolla' for every time some drunk ass rich white boy said 'Home James' to me, they would be drivin' my black ass around."

James looked back towards Kathleen. "Damn Tyrell, you is one lucky motha fucka."

Ty could see James' crotch bulging as he looked at Kathleen. "What about you James, you get much white pussy?"

"Naw," said James. "My old lady would cut my nuts off if she caught me doin' dat."

Ty laughed. "I had an old lady like that. I left her fat ass."

"Tell you what." Ty said while turning his gaze to James crotch. "I'm gonna help you out with your little problem there."

"What the fuck you talkin' about?" James asked.

"Trust me, my friend. You are about to get the best head you have ever had," Ty said with a laugh.

James eyes lit up as he looked at Kathleen. "Is she dat good?" he asked while rubbing his crotch.

Ty looked at James. "Don't know, I will find out tonight," he said with a wink. "Get in the back of the limo and make yo self comfortable. I'll be right back."

James was getting in the back of the limo as Ty walked up to the photographer. "Take a few extra shots of the lady," as he handed him a $100.00 bill. Ty put his arm around Kevin's shoulder. "I got somethin' for ya," he said as they walked towards the limo.

Kevin could feel a tingle in his stomach. He had wanted to take care of Ty's cock since the limo ride. He could still feel Ty's cum up his ass from the morning rape and he was hoping for another load of Ty's black seed either down his throat or deep in his pussy.

Ty opened the limo door and pushed Kevin inside. James was sitting on the seat with his pants around his ankles and his thick black cock sticking up in the air. Kevin felt sick to his stomach. He wanted to service Ty, not James. Kevin felt a hand on the back of his head pushing him towards James' fat black cock and he heard Ty's deep voice, "Go on boy, we ain't got all day here."

Kevin went to work on James' stiff cock, swirling his tongue around his cock head and then taking it deep down his throat. It was not as long as Ty's but just as thick. It didn't take long for James to reward Kevin with his creamy black load. Kevin suckled his cock a while savoring the flavor of his cum. "Damn kid that was good," James said as he zipped up his pants and got out of the limo.

Kevin sat there feeling confused. Why would Ty do this to him? he thought to himself. He looked out the window and saw Ty and Kathleen approaching the car. James opened the door for them and they took a seat next to each other. Ty immediately pulled Kathleen onto his lap and started kissing her as his fingers made their way under her wedding dress and into her sweet pussy. The limo pulled out of the parking lot and headed for the Westwood County Club. Kevin was already starting to feel left out.

James parked the limo in front of the country club. He graciously opened the back door and Kathleen stepped out first followed by Kevin. The looked like the model bride and groom as the headed into the ballroom. Everyone applauded as the entered and they quickly began welcoming their guests. Ty walked in a few minutes later.

"Where have you been?" Margaret shouted to Ty. "We were worried about you."

Ty laughed. "No need to worry about me, Margaret. I am a big boy." Raising his eyebrows, "I had to help Monique with the boys. Sorry I should have told you."

The hostess announced that cocktail hour had ended and asked everyone to join the bride and groom in the dining room for dinner. From the outside looking in everything looked perfect. A beautiful young bride and her dashing husband starting a new life together surrounded by family and friends.

Kevin and Kathleen sat at the head table. Ty was to Kathleen's left and Kevin to her right. Margaret sat to Kevin's right. Ty had his hand on Kathleen's thigh during dinner which made Kevin slightly jealous and uncomfortable. During Margaret's toast to the bride and groom Ty's hand tried to make its way up Kathleen's wedding dress towards her pussy. Kathleen reached down and tried to move his hand away, angering Ty. He forcefully opened her legs with one hand and glided two fingers deep into her pussy. Kathleen immediately started to get wet and was soon brought to an explosive orgasm.

Red and Nora found Ty's toast very touching. Ty spoke of the tight bond between he and Kevin and how honored he was to be a part of their wedding and their lives.

Kathleen and Kevin went to the dance floor for their first dance. It was the first time they had been alone together all day. Kevin felt awkward and was holding on to Kathleen for dear life. "Are you okay?" he asked nervously.

"Yes, why?" she inquired

Kevin's voice was quivering. "I mean with Ty and all, you know, the stuff in the limo."

Kathleen moaned softly into Kevin's ear. "Mmmm, yes Kevin, very okay with it." She giggled. "Ty made me cum during Margaret's speech, right in front of Dad and Mom. It was fantastic. I am so looking forward to tonight. You are the best husband."

By now both sets of parents had joined them on the dance floor along with Ty and Margaret. Kathleen danced with her Dad and Kevin with Ellen. Finally it was Ty's turn to dance with the bride. He held her close taking her hand in his he brought it down to his stiff cock clasping her hand around it. This was the first contact Kathleen had with the one eyed monster and she let out a slight gasp. Ty pulled her close and whispered in her ear. "I am going to fuck you so good tonight, baby." Kathleen let out a small moan. "And don't you ever push my hand away from dat pussy again. It belongs to me now."

"Yes Ty," Kathleen whispered as he removed her hand from his hard cock and they walked off the dance floor.

Ellen took every opportunity to steal a glance at Ty. The sight of him made her heart race. She was speaking with Nora when she felt a hand around her waist. "May I have this dance, pretty lady?" Ty asked as he pulled her towards the dance floor.

Ellen giggled, "I guess I don't have much of a choice." Ty took Ellen in his big strong arms and held her close. She could smell a mixture of sweat and cologne and she found it intoxicating. Ty's hand found its way to her ample ass and he cupped it gently. Ellen felt a tingling in her loins and her pussy started to get wet. He slowly moved his hand up and gently caressed her back. Ty leaned in close to Ellen. "You really know your way around the dance floor."

"Oh I haven't danced in years," she blushed. "Martin hates to dance."

Ty twirled her around and then grabbed her by the waist pulling her into him. There bodies pressed together. Ellen could feel his hard cock rubbing against her stomach.

"It's like sex," Ty said in a low sexy voice. "Once you know how to do it you never forget."

Ellen felt her legs give way. "I had better sit down," her voice was shaking.

Being the perfect gentleman, he escorted Ellen back to her seat, kissing her hand after she was seated. "She's all yours Mr. O'Malley."

Marty looked at Ellen and laughed. "Your face is all flushed. You are too old to be out there dancing."

Ellen excused herself and went into the ladies room. Thank goodness it was empty she thought to herself as she rushed into an empty stall. She lifted her dress and put her hand inside of her pantyhose. Her pussy had not been that wet in years. Pulling down her hose she sat on the toilet. She spread her pussy lips open and feverishly probed her pussy with her finger. She closed her eyes and thought of Ty driving his big hard black cock into her pussy. She bit her bottom lip to try not to make a sound as a second finger entered her. She pinched her nipple with her other hand as she felt her pussy pulsate ending in an exhilarating climax.

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