tagInterracial LoveHis Black Master Ch. 12

His Black Master Ch. 12


The limo pulled up to the Ritz Carlton. James opened the door and Ty exited first, extending his hand into the limo to help Kathleen. She wrapped her arm around his as they walked into the lobby. Kevin followed behind.

As Kevin checked into the bridal suite Ty and Kathleen stood in the lobby exchanging kisses. To everyone it appeared that they were the one's who had just gotten married.

For Kevin the elevator ride up to the 35th floor seemed to take forever. Ty took Kathleen into his arms and started kissing her passionately. His tongue swirling in her mouth as the elevator beeped at each floor they passed. The elevator finally reached the floor and Ty picked up Kathleen and carried her to the room. Kevin held the door as Ty carried Kathleen over the threshold.

With Kathleen still in his arms Ty nodded his head toward the bedroom door. Kevin opened the double door and obediently waited as Ty carried his bride into the room, placing her gently on the bed.

Ty looked over at Kevin who was still standing outside by the door. "Get us some champagne, boy." Grabbing the bottle of champagne, Kevin popped the cork and poured two glasses, handing them to Ty and Kathleen.

Ty looked into Kathleen's eyes. "To making all of your dreams come true." The clinked glasses and took a sip. Taking the glass from Kathleen's hand Ty set it on the nightstand next to his glass. He cradles her head in his big hand and kissed her softly while laying her petite body on the bed, covering her with his muscular frame.

He moved down, nuzzling her neck. She let out a slight moan as he worked his way down to her chest, gently kissing and nibbling her soft white skin. Ty sat up and loosened his bowtie as he moved down the bed. He took Kathleen's foot in his hand and gently removed her shoes and started massaging her feet. His big black hands were working his way up her legs as his fingers danced up her silk stockings.

Kevin's eyes were as big as saucers as he stood next to the bed watching. His cock encased in a steel cage unable to get hard. Ty instructed Kevin to light the candles, dim the lights and then to sit on the bed with his back against the headboard. Ty lifted Kathleen and placed her head in Kevin's lap.

Ty looked up at Kevin. "Lift her dress," he said in a demanding voice.

Kevin lifted Kathleen's wedding gown. Her pussy was beautifully framed by the satin garter belt. Ty traced his fingers around her glistening pussy lips as Kathleen moaned softly.

Ty spread Kathleen's legs wider and lifted them over his shoulders, letting her feet rest on his back. Her pussy lips parted slightly, as if it were welcoming Ty's attention.

He leaned forward, feeling the heat of her pussy against his face, smelling her fragrance, sweet and heavy. He started to lick the edges of her pink pussy lips, up and down, soft and gentle. Kathleen moaned and took her breasts in her hands, kneading them through the fabric of her wedding dress. Her nipples quickly became erect and responsive to her touch.

Ty continued to softly lick Kathleen's labia, making sure not to touch her clitoris with his tongue or enter her pussy at this point. His fingers ran over her stomach and he felt her twitch at his touch. Then he returned to her thighs. Kathleen was still massaging her breasts and pulling on her nipples, pinching them gently and writhing slowly with her hips, trying to get Ty's tongue to run over her clit, but Ty was following her movements and was not going to let Kathleen take control.

Kathleen's moans started to get louder as Ty's tongue slowly worked its way closer to her clit. He touched it softly with the tip of his tongue and Kathleen moaned with pleasure. He started to lick her clitoris, massaging it and running his tongue down and flicking it in and out of her pussy. Kathleen's gyrations became faster. Ty continued to lick her, and every now and again he sucked on her clit, feeling how hard it had become with each probe of his thick tongue.

Ty brought a hand up to Kathleen's pussy, licked the fingers, and gently inserted a finger into her vagina, moving it round and in and out slowly. Kathleen missed a breath as she felt Ty's long black finger gliding in, and then groaned as he put a second finger in. Ty was still licking her lips and clit as he explored the inside of her pussy, using the motion of her hips to help heighten the sensation. He curled his fingers up towards the area of her vagina just below her clitoris. Now he could use his tongue to push down on her clit while his fingers supported it from inside. As Ty licked and massaged Kathleen's clit, he pushed down on it, feeling the response of Kathleen's body as it writhed and bounced at his touch.

Kathleen's breathing was loud and she started to gasp as Ty kept licking, sucking and pushing on her clitoris. Ty pulled the top of her wedding dress down and began massaging her breasts. Kathleen put her now free hand on the back of Ty's head and pushed it against her clitoris, increasing the pressure on it as she felt her stomach and pussy muscles start to contract. She brought her legs up into the air, feeling the tension in her thighs.

Ty rolled the nipple he had between his fingers, licked her clitoris vigorously and finally sucked hard on it. All of Kathleen's muscles tightened and she arched her back as a pure sensation of ecstasy flooded though her body and she held her breath momentarily before exhaling and moaning as she climaxed. She pushed Ty's head against her pussy, trying to extract every possible bit of orgasm out of her body. At last Ty felt Kathleen relax and sink back against Kevin, gasping and trying to catch her breath.

Ty stood up and undressed. Kathleen's eyes were glued to his muscular black body and rock hard cock. Ty climbed onto the bed and took Kathleen in his arms flipping her to the other side of the bed. Kevin once again sat alone. Ty and Kathleen kissed passionately and ran their fingers lovingly over each other, exploring each others bodies.

Kathleen's hands ran down Ty's back and over his muscular buttocks, then round to his washboard stomach and down towards his rock hard cock. She ran her fingers up and down Ty's massive cock. Kathleen pushed Ty onto his back and kneeled next to him, and started to kiss his chest, taking his nipples between her lips alternately. She moved down slightly and kissed his stomach, continuing down until she met his aroused black cock. Ty was pleased with her aggressive behavior. Kathleen cupped his balls with one hand and massaged them gently while she started to lick the tip of his thick black cock. She ran her tongue over his head and round the rim, and enjoyed the sensation of his bobbing cock against the roof of her mouth. Kathleen took as much of him as she could in her mouth, sucking and rising up along his shaft and then down again, using her tongue to massage him. Ty could feel the pleasurable contractions in his groin starting to well up as he watched his black cock slide in between her pink frosted lips.

Ty lifted Kathleen up so that she was straddling him, her hot and wet pussy hovering over his thick shaft. She could feel herself throbbing inside with anticipation. Finally she was going to be fucked by a black cock.

Kevin was sitting on the bed next to them watching. Ty looked over at him, "Guide my black cock into yo' wife's tight white pussy," he snarled.

Kathleen leaned forward lifting her dress with one hand and supporting herself with the other. Kevin held Ty's hard black fuck pole, guiding it towards her clit. Kevin rubbed Ty's cock against her pink pussy lips as Kathleen spread them with her fingers. The tip of Ty's black shaft was perfectly positioned. Slowly, ever so gently, Kathleen started to lower herself onto Ty's shaft, taking it in, feeling it fill her pussy. Halfway down, she stopped feeling like it was going to split her in two. She rose up again loving the sensation of his black cock sliding against the walls of her pussy. Then she lowered herself again, deeper and deeper, until Ty was fully inside her. Ty held her down by the waist. "Just sit tight and get used to it," he whispered.

Kathleen waited a bit and then began to rise and fall, finding her rhythm as she enjoyed the feeling of her cunt being massaged so sweetly by his black shaft. Ty's hands came up to hold her breasts and squeeze them gently, an action that was greeted with more moans of pleasure, especially when Ty pinched her hard nipples.

Kathleen was riding him faster now, not just up and down, but also back and forth, trying to get Ty's cock to touch her all over inside. Ty held on to her nipples, holding them so that Kathleen initiated the pulling by moving back and forth.

Their moans started to come in unison now as the tempo built up and they both climbed towards orgasmic fulfillment. Kathleen was started fingering her clit and playing with her nipples when she felt herself tighten again, her muscles contracting. Ty felt it too as her pussy began to spasm. Ty increased the speed of his thrusts, his stomach contracting as well, Kathleen's finger rubbing her clit faster and faster, both of them moaning and gasping. Ty knew it was only a matter of seconds. He squeezed, pinched and pulled on Kathleen's nipple and thrust himself deep inside her as her pussy started to vibrate with pleasure and she arched her back as Ty came. She felt his massive cock explode inside her, filling her with his black seed as she contracted her pussy around his cock, squeezing as much of it into her as she could. Ty drove deep inside her one last time as continued to shoot ropes of cum inside her pussy.

Ty flopped over on top of Kathleen, his massive frame completely covering her. "Please leave your cock in me," she said, while bringing her legs up onto his back and crossing them as her orgasm went on slowly diminishing.

They kissed tenderly and soft, exploring each others bodies. Ty rolled off of Kathleen. She could feel his cum running out of her pussy onto her wedding dress. Ty took her by the ankles and raised her knees up trying to keep as much of his cum in her as he could.

Pulling Kevin over by his hair Ty guided Kevin's face inches away from Kathleen's freshly fucked pussy. Ty spread her pussy lips open and dipped his finger in her cum filled pussy. "Look at all that cum, boy?" he growled at Kevin. Ty brought his finger to Kevin's lips. "Taste it," he ordered.

Kevin greedily licked the cum off Ty's finger. Ty took Kevin by the neck and brought his mouth right up to Kathleen's gaping cum filled pussy. "Lick it up," Ty said with an evil laugh.

Kevin hesitated a minute which pissed off Ty. Squeezing his neck harder Ty pushed Kevin's face into Kathleen's dripping pussy. He started to lap up Ty's cum like a kitten drinking milk for the first time.

Kathleen started to softly moan as she grabbed the back of Kevin's head and pushed it harder into her pussy. "Eat all that black cum out of me, baby," she cooed. This encouraged Kevin to try harder. He felt Kathleen's pussy grasping tighter on his tongue as she pushed his head harder into her pussy. "Don't stop," she screamed as she soaked Kevin's face with her orgasm.

All of the energy was now drained out of Kathleen's petite body. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Ty slipped on his boxers and went out and sat on the balcony overlooking the city. He lit a Cuban cigar and called for Kevin.

"Yes Sir," Kevin said softly.

Ty took a puff off the cigar. "Enjoyin' yo' weddin' night?" he said with a snicker.

"Yes, thank you, Sir." Kevin replied as he watched Ty's cock tent in his boxers.

"Yes, thank you, Sir...that is all you have to say?' Ty barked.

Kevin dropped his head. "Thank you, Sir for pleasing my wife with your magnificent black cock on our wedding night, also for giving her the pleasure of multiple orgasms, and most of all, Sir for agreeing to be her lover and giving us the honor of serving you."

"Damn right," Ty laughed as he puffed on his cigar. Ty flicked his stiff cock which was sticking straight out of the fly of his boxers. "Get that damn tux off boy and get yo' ass over here."

Kevin stripped off his tux and stood there naked, his cock still encased in its steel cage. Ty walks inside and grabs a key and handing it to Kevin. "Take that thing off yo' prick. You deserve to have a little fun on yo weddin' night."

Ty takes off his boxers and sits back down in his chair as he shoots a look over to Kevin. Instinctively Kevin walks over and drops to his knees. His cock is finally free of its cage and ready to explode but he knows he must control himself.

Kevin waits for his next command. Ty lifts his legs which is Kevin's sign to proceed. With both hands he spreads Ty's ass cheeks apart and starts lapping around his hole. Ty spreads his legs wider allowing Kevin's tongue to go deeper.

"Suck my nuts," he shouts and Kevin takes his tongue out of Ty's hole and begins to lick his balls. He can taste Kathleen's juices and this excites him even more. Ty places his hands on the side of Kevin's head and starts moving his mouth up and down his hard black shaft. "Clean all that pussy juice off my cock," Ty commands and Kevin eagerly obliges.

Kathleen awakes, still wearing her wedding dress she walks towards the window. She sees Kevin on his knees sucking her lovers black rod. She freezes in her tracks; this is the first time she has seen Kevin service Ty. Feeling a rush of excitement she lifts her wedding dress and begins to finger her dripping pussy, watching in amazement at how much of Ty's black monster her husband can take.

She sees Ty's chest start to heave and Kevin clamps down on his cock. It seems like time stood still for a second and then she can see Kevin's throat swallowing Ty's thick load of black seed. She feels her own pussy gripping her fingers and she and Ty come in unison.

Kevin still has a mouth full of black cock and he hears Ty's deep voice. "You may cum, boy." Kevin looks up into Ty's eyes as Ty nods his head yes. Kevin grabs hold of his cock and gives it a few stokes, his cum shooting onto the stone floor.

Kathleen sees Ty get up and she scurries back to the bedroom and lies on the bed with her eyes half closed. She can see Ty walking towards the bedroom. "Make sure you lick all that up," he says to Kevin as he closes the bedroom door. He crawls into bed next to Kathleen and puts him arm around her as they both drift off to sleep.

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