His Favorite Birthday: The Next Day


Her hands slid down his body, finally lingering just below his belt. She could feel him stiffen quickly, and she rubbed and massaged the growing bulge in his shorts. Before he was completely hard, she pushed both her hands into his pants and her fingers quickly brought him the rest of the way.

Through the binoculars, Tonya could clearly see as Kate undid his belt, unbuttoned his shorts and pushed them down his legs. The bulge in his skimpy briefs was clear as day. When this last piece of clothing was pulled down, Tonya could see Ross' erect penis spring out, pointed directly at her. She fiddled with the zoom, just to see how close she could get and found that on the highest setting, his erection pretty much filled the view. It looked even closer than she had seen earlier in the day.

Ross turned to face Kate and started kissing her. Tonya zoomed out slightly to watch the whole scene as the couple kissed and groped. Kate's clothes soon fell into the pile and she was naked in the night air. Ross began kissing his way down her neck, fondling and licking her breasts, sucking on her nipples. Tonya could see both his hands were working between her thighs, and Kate was soon twitching in response to his fingers probing.

Ross grabbed one of the chairs, turned it to face the house, and Kate sat down, slouching back into it, gripping the armrests. He pushed apart her legs and buried his face into her lap. Through the night air, Tonya could hear her soft moaning turn quickly to passionate screams as Kate came, her body jerking violently with each spasm. Ross kept working her, his hands and tongue prolonging his wife's orgasm to the point where Kate was finally spent, and she actually had to pull him back.

Just then, Pat walked out through the sliding door and in a hushed voice, he asked Tonya, "What's up? What's all that noise? Is everything OK? What are you looking at with those things?" The moon hadn't set and Pat's eyes quickly adjusted to the low light. "Is that Ross and Kate down on the dock? Are they doing what I think they're doing?"

Tonya felt like she had just been busted. Her little escapade as a voyeur had been discovered, but she wasn't going to apologize. "Well, yes. Now that you've torn yourself away from the baseball game, you can sit down here and look through these things, it's amazing how much you can see."

As she recovered from her orgasm, Kate had heard the sliding door open and shut and had heard murmurings on the deck. She looked and could see Pat's silhouette against the lights in the living room. Next, she saw the small, dull red light indicating that he was looking directly at her through the night vision binoculars. She decided it was time for her to put on that show.

She stood up, pushed Ross onto his back, and lowered herself on top of him. She took firm hold of his hardened cock and slid it into her dripping pussy, shuddering as he entered her. She almost collapsed on top of him as she impaled herself on his penis, and she could feel the waves of ecstasy starting to build already.

Kate forced herself to sit up straight, and with one hand holding back her hair, her other hand rubbed her clitoris with quickening strokes. She knew exactly what Pat was seeing through the binoculars. She knew he could see her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode Ross, his penis sliding in and out of her. She knew he was watching her as she rubbed her clitoris, her body starting to shake and quiver as her passion built up inside.

One last time, she looked up at the deck, directly at Pat, and she felt herself reach the point of no return. She was going to come right now, and he was going to see her. She felt the waves of pleasure sweep over her again, and she writhed and convulsed, groaning and gasping.

She sat up as long as she could to stay fully displayed, but eventually, she couldn't help herself any more and she collapsed on top of Ross. He hugged her tightly, and kept thrusting his hips and contracting his cock inside her, extending her orgasm until she could take no more. She lay spent, her entire weight on top of him, trying to recover her breath.

Eventually, she rolled over, pulling Ross with her, keeping him inside her. With him on top, she whispered to him, "Now it's you turn. Fuck me hard. Let them see you fuck me."

Tonya took the binoculars from Pat, saying, "OK, now it's my turn." She watched as the two lovers rolled over. She watched Ross drive his cock into Kate with an increasing tempo. When she zoomed in, she could occasionally catch a glimpse of the shaft of his cock as it slid in and out of Kate. Tonya watched as his pace quickened, and she could tell when he was close to coming, his tempo becoming more erratic and uneven.

Suddenly, she saw Kate push Ross away, making him straighten up, kneeling between her legs. Through the binoculars, Tonya could see Kate grab Ross' cock and stroke it, until Ross arched his back and clenched his fists. He threw back his head, letting out an audible groan, and suddenly, his sperm was spewing all over Kate. Tonya watched closely as the jets of semen streamed out of his cock, landing first on Kate's breasts, then her stomach, and finally dripping all over her legs.

As his orgasm wound down, Ross fell onto his hands and then on top of Kate, holding himself up on his elbows. He was still convulsing occasionally, as Kate's hands continued to stroke him. Tonya watched him until his writhing had subsided completely. As Ross rolled over onto his back, she could see through the binoculars that he was still hard, and she watched it closely as it twitched slightly with every one of his heartbeats.

The two lovers lay still, exhausted and spent. Glistening moonlight could be seen reflecting off of the cum on Kate's breasts and stomach, and Tonya wondered if she was going to clean up before walking back up to the deck. Her question was answered quickly as Kate rolled off the dock into the water, with Ross following quickly. Pat and Tonya listened as the other couple played and washed in the lake.

In a few minutes, Ross and Kate climbed out, used their discarded clothes to dry off, slowly walking naked back to the deck. When she got close enough, Kate whispered in Tonya's ear, "Now it's your turn."

Pat hadn't heard Kate, but he knew exactly what he wanted to do. Despite Tonya's misgivings about being that bold, he stood and took her by the hand and led her down the flagstone pathway to the dock. They paused there, and both looked back at the deck. Tonya saw that Ross had the binoculars, and they were trained right at her.

She hesitated, but Pat helped her out of her shirt, then her shorts, then her bra, and finally her panties. She stood facing Ross, knowing that he was taking a very close look at her naked body.

Ross zoomed in on Tonya's breasts, which at that relatively short distance, took up the entire field of view of the binoculars. He smiled as he looked closely at her large areolas and erect nipples. He stared at her breasts until Pat escorted her out to the end of the dock.

Kate grabbed the binoculars from Ross to watch Pat strip down. She gasped slightly as she saw his fully erect cock popped out of his boxers, and Kate fantasized about being the one beneath him as he lowered himself onto his wife, directing his cock into her.

Kate watched as Pat's ass rose and fell; she could almost feel the penetration herself as his cock was driving into Tonya. Kate was mesmerized as the other couple's passion rose. She never gave any thought to passing the binoculars to Ross. She was transfixed. She had to see Pat come.

In the dim moonlight, Ross could see some of what was going on. He could make out the couples forms as Pat pulled Tonya up and rolled her over and started pumping into her from behind. Kate gasped at the sight of him thrusting and pumping, and then she slapped Ross' hands when he tried to take the binoculars from her for a closer look. She wasn't going to miss any of the sight of Pat's cock as it was in action.

After a few minutes, Pat sat back in the chair and pulled Tonya on top of him, making her face the house, her legs spread wide as he forced his cock back into her. Kate watched with her mouth agape as his penis slid in and out from between Tonya's legs. She zoomed in as close as she could to watch the details, enjoying every inch of the show.

Tonya's hands had been rubbing and pinching her own nipples. After a couple of minutes, her hands moved down her body, she started rubbing her clitoris, and the effect was almost immediate. Even on the deck, her moans were increasingly audible. Ross grabbed the binoculars from Kate. "My turn," he insisted.

He watched as Tonya began to jerk and twist, her hands moving faster and faster between her legs until she gave out a short scream and bent forward, convulsing on top of Pat's legs. Ross could hear her gasps and grunts as she climaxed, right there in his view.

Tonya rather quickly regained her breath, got up off of Pat and lay down on the dock, inviting him on top of her. Pat gladly got out of the chair and knelt down between her open legs, which Tonya wrapped around him as he mounted her.

Pat was pushing his hips rhythmically into Tonya, their motions synced. When his groans got louder than Tonya's, Kate snatched back the binoculars from Ross. She had to see Pat come.

And she did. Pat's thrusting got harder and faster until he began writhing and bucking. She saw him throw his head back and scream, and she knew he was spilling his semen into Tonya. Kate watched intently as he continued to jerk and quiver for quite a while, his hips pumping up and down, well illuminated in the night vision binoculars. Deep inside, Kate was wishing it was her underneath his hunky body, taking in his sperm. If not that, she was at least hoping that Pat was turned on having her watch him in action as he fucked his wife.

Eventually, Pat rolled over off of Tonya. They lay there for a minute or so. "So, did you enjoy that?" Ross whispered to Kate as he took the binoculars thinking the show was over.

Then, as Ross watched, Tonya slowly got up and sat down in the chair facing the deck. She was looking right at him. She knew he was watching her. Her fingers slowly started to roll around her nipples, and she spread her legs wide. Pat lay on the dock watching her, smiling at the performance that he knew was coming.

Her nipples fully erect, Tonya's hands moved down between her thighs and she started rubbing her clitoris. Ross could see clearly as she slid two fingers of her left hand inside her cunt; soon, there were three. He was thinking that maybe this show was entirely for his benefit, and he was proud and excited that Tonya would do this just for him.

Tonya's body started arching, her hips bouncing more quickly in the moonlight. Soon, she was moaning audibly, and shortly after, she was gasping and jerking as she came for all to see. Ross and Kate could hear Tonya's shrieks of pleasure as she came and came and came. Tonya kept her hands between her legs, vibrating softly as she carried on for several minutes.

"Wow, I wish I could come like that," Kate said softly. "It might kill me, but it would be fun to try." Kate had a newfound respect for Tonya.

In response, Ross laughed and said, "It might kill me too, but I'd be willing to give it a shot with you."

Pat and Tonya sat out at the end of the dock for another ten minutes before walking back to the deck without even putting their clothes back on. Kate suggested that they all jump in the hot tub before hitting the sack, and all four of them thought that was a great way to end the day.

The two couples relaxed and said little as the warm water and jets relaxed them even more. The guys were so tired that they were literally groggy when they finally stepped out. Pat disappeared upstairs quickly and Ross could only towel dry and lay down on the bed right inside the master bedroom, his naked body clearly visible to the women still in the hot tub.

"So, that was quite a performance out there Tonya," Kate said, admiringly. "You have to teach me the trick to maintaining an orgasm that long. You were like a Zen master out there. What's your secret?"

"There's no trick. Pat likes to watch me do that to myself, and I guess I really enjoy having him watch me too. I like to finish that way; coming like that makes me feel real satisfied and I'm done for the evening. I have to confess I got really, really excited, knowing I was being watched by somebody else. It was even more exciting than normal, and it was even better than watching you and Ross. It was strange; I just couldn't stop coming tonight. I only stopped because I was actually getting sore. If it's any consolation, I usually can't come more than once, so I know you've got me beat there. I wonder what's better, come long or come often?"

The two women pondered the question for a few seconds before Kate suggested, "I think maybe it's just important to come, one way or the other." The two women chuckled in agreement.

After a few more seconds, Kate continued, "I apologize for ever thinking you were a prude. So what's next for the new Tonya? Are you going to tell me that we're swapping spouses next time we come up here?" Kate's laugh was forced, and wasn't completely convincing, even to herself.

Tonya hesitated a telltale moment before responding, "No, that might still be out of my league."

But both women were actually thinking about it now, and they both knew it.

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This was a great sequel to the previous story. The tease was fantastic. It would be hard to improve in this, but I would like to see you try.

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