tagIncest/TabooHis friend Annie

His friend Annie


We had been having a great time together, and I thought it was amazing that his friends at school believed I was just an older friend from back home rather than his mother. Billy's father had moved out of the house a couple of months ago, and Billy had made it a point to keep up with how I was doing. Billy was that way, mature and responsible for his age. He now seemed to keep up with both me and his younger sister as part of his responsibility.

Billy is twenty-one, and he is a tall, handsome young man. He has short blondish brown hair and captivating blue eyes. He goes out with different girls at school and he seems to be popular. I like to think he got some of his good looks from me, as I have always gotten my share of attention. I am five feet six inches and I have kept fairly fit, weighing about one hundred and twenty-five to one hundred and thirty pounds. I like to work-out and stay active, and I hope it shows.

When I went to visit Billy, I had had my blonde hair cut fairly short in what the stylist said was a sexy cut. Billy immediately complimented me on it when I first saw him. He asked me whether this was a new me, and I had smiled and looked at him and just said maybe.

During the evening, Billy had shown me physical attention like putting his arm around me and hugging me from time to time, and I liked it. I reciprocated and would embrace him or put my arm around his neck. He never flinched or acted uncomfortable at all, so I thought nothing of it.

As the evening wore on and it was getting late, the combination of the wine and our little charade emboldened me, I guess. We had started out kidding with each other that I was going along as Billy's date that night, when Billy had told me at the beginning of the night to just go and relax and have fun. Then, when Billy introduced me as Annie, his date from back home, we had both just laughed and played along from there on out.

One of the other guys was surprised by his girlfriend when she turned his face to her and gave him a nice full kiss on the lips and told him it was time to go home. It was a real sweet and affectionate gesture. Billy sounded very envious when he said to everyone at the table he hated how that kind of thing never happened to him.

I didn't hesitate to turn his face to me, and I sweetly kissed him fully on the lips, lingering there and letting him feel my lips to his. I heard some 'ahs' and clapping at the table and broke the kiss from Billy to see him grinning broadly back at me.

In the car later going back to his apartment, he told me what a great time he had had, and he asked me if I knew what his favorite part was. I said no, and he told me it was me giving him that kiss. I said that that was very sweet of him. There was some silence, and then I said softly it was mine, too.

At his apartment, we were about to turn in for the night. I was to stay in his roommate's bedroom as his roomammate was out of town. We were in the hall between the two bedrooms and we hugged. We just held each other a long while and I told him what a great night I had had. He said he had had a great time as well. As we stood there still embraced I think he knew that I didn't want the night to end. He put his face close to my ear and whispered to me.

"Wanna just stay in my room?"

I swallowed hard and thought of all the reasons to say no. Then, not saying anything, I just nodded.

He took my hand and led me inside. Once inside I headed to his bathroom, and I heard him close the door. He also locked it.

In the bathroom, I tried to straighten my hair and collect myself. Realizing that my stuff was in the other bathroom and that we were just heading to bed anyway, I gave up on how I looked. I took off my jeans, and I was very concerned about what to wear to bed. I took off my bra and put back on the blouse I had worn that evening at least giving myself that comfort.

When I opened the door to go back into the bedroom, the lights were off and I felt such a sense of relief. I made my way to the bed carefully in the darkness, and softly eased into the sheets, nervously excited that it was Billy that would be laying next to me. As I got in, I came into contact with him, my arm and shoulder touching his bare skin at his chest.

He lovingly pulled me to him and I cuddled to his bare chest, resting my face on his smooth chest. My hand rested on his stomach, and I felt his hand go into my hair stroking my hair. I couldn't help myself and I wondered at what he was wearing. I felt myself feeling things I absolutely knew I should not be feeling much less thinking about acting on, and I just tried to be still and enjoy being there with him.

Then, he moved his hand that had been in my hair to my neck and he made a little massaging type of caress that felt very tender and very sensual. I wanted to respond. I moved my head to where I could kiss at his stomach, and I lightly kissed him there. He sighed heavily and I liked him responding to me. I kissed him again there and this time it was longer and it was firmer. He shifted in the bed as if he couldn't help but react.

It was dark but I could make out the fabric of what must have been boxers just down from his stomach. I kissed again a little lower, and wondered how he would react. His hand very gently urged my face a little lower down his abdomen as if to encourage me to move further. I kissed again very aware that I was at the waist line where his boxers started. In the darkness, I could make out the bulge that was there not far from me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed his hand move to the front of my face. He sweetly brushed at my cheek with his hand and I kissed it. He then took his hand to his boxers. His thumb hooked under the waistband and lifted them up and back, bit by bit pushing them down his hips. In the dark, I saw it spring up only a couple of inches from my face. Billy let his boxers bunch below his hips and laid there exposed to me.

I paused and thought of him there. I could tell he was erect and very excited. I shifted further down the bed, letting my arms reposition me. I now had my face to where he was exposed and I put my lips to his head there. It immediately jerked at my kiss. Smooth and warm, it jutted toward me unable to be still. I kissed at it again, this time holding my lips to it so it couldn't move and I heard Billy groan. I couldn't believe I had my lips on my son's cock.

I brought my lips over the head of him and thought about how thick he was. I remembered it had been a long time since I had had any sex, and it had certainly been a long time since I had done this. But I thought he seemed thick even with what I could remember of others for comparison. I let him rest just inside my mouth for a moment and he throbbed.

He felt hard especially at my lips, and I sucked very gently. He groaned louder than before and I felt him move at his hips. The next thing I knew he lifted his hips and pushed himself at my face. His movement pushed his cock further past my lips that were clasped to his shaft and pushed him deep into my mouth. He literally filled my mouth with his dick.

He withdrew some and I let my tongue lick at his shaft as he moved past my lips. He moved into my mouth again, this time not as forcefully and I sucked at him to make my mouth feel as much of him as I could. He groaned. We started moving at the same time where he would pump his hips up and I would move my mouth down, and we would each withdraw at the same time. He was panting and I wondered how long he would last.

The next thing I knew he was pulling me back so that I laid back on the bed, and he brought himself over me. He worked his hands at my hips, tugging my panties off hurriedly. I couldn't believe myself when I lifted my hips slightly to help him get them down.

He brought his hands inside my legs and pushed them apart. I felt myself exposed there even in the darkness. I felt myself breathing heavily as he moved his hand to my crotch. He dragged two fingers through my lips there and I shivered at him knowing how wet I was. His fingers parted my lips there and I let out a little cry.

The head of him brushed at my lips and he must've been making himself slick with me. He shoved into me and it caused my lips and inner folds to just pull inward with him, and I let out another cry. He paused with himself lodged in me and I held onto his strong arms. It was only a moment and he lifted himself and drove into me.

I let out a loud "UNNGG" at his stuffing his cock inside me. Even when he was completely in, he still pushed at me there, and again I grunted. He paused to let me get used to him and I tried to relax, bringing my legs up some. I could feel him deep inside me, hard and overpowering. Later when I thought back on it, I though about how he felt hard like a baton, but that the comparison that really came to mind was that it was like someone had pushed a large banana, with the curve, deep into me.

After his pause, he rocked back and forth and my pussy just seemed to squish around him. I opened my legs more and he responded. He pulled back fast and pushed in fast. I grunted to him.

My legs held to his sides as he pistoned at me there. I would lift my hips to him and I wanted him to know I was trying to fuck back at him. He started pounding harder and I guess I was getting louder as I felt the orgasm welling up. It was a steady, building intensity as I probably sounded like I was getting louder and louder.

Finally, I couldn't hold back any longer. My legs pointed up, and I started screaming. He didn't stop pounding and I held on as my orgasm made me dizzy. I could hear myself letting go. He seemed to fuck harder.

As I came down, he stiffened and grunted louder himself. He tilted his head back and I felt him stop bringing himself out as much. He tried to keep himself in me and I felt him jerk there, knowing he was letting go. I urged him on.

"Yeah, baby. Mmmmmm, yeah baby. Give it to me, okay?"

He got loud and I knew he was cumming when he was yelling, "OOOOoooooooooooo."

He held himself deep in me. My legs came down on his back. I couldn't believe I had let this happen. I thought about the feel of his cock in me.

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