tagIncest/TabooHis friend Annie Ch. 02

His friend Annie Ch. 02


I laid there feeling him breathing hard on top of me, and I hoped he didn't worry that things had ended too quickly. The build-up had been intense for both of us, and when I hit my orgasm, I knew it would affect him.

He was semi-hard inside me still as I felt him moving. I kissed at his neck. Between the party and the sex, we both must've tired as I started drifting with him still on top of me. I was thinking of his chest pressed against my breasts when I dozed on off.

I woke up when he was coming back into the bedroom, closing the door behind himself. As we both looked at each other with silly, conspiratorial grins, he softly warned me.

"Hey, my roommate's back. He and his girlfriend broke up, and he's over in his bedroom."

"Yeah?" I tried to figure out how to get my things, while waking myself up.

"It's okay. I told him you'd just pop in and get your things," he explained.

"Yeah? Well, okay I guess." There had to be a better way I thought as I tried to think straight after just waking up.

I slipped out of the bed and pulled on my blouse and panties, trying to remember where I'd left my jeans. He must've figured that that was what I was doing.

"Hey," he told me smiling, "just go on over like that. It's okay. He just broke up, so he could use the excitement, the tease."

"Huh?" I nervously replied. I mean, I did feel a little daring, especially after the night we'd had, but going into a guy's room like this? Still, I did feel sexy. And, still sexual. Besides, he wanted me to. It was like some pull of me to whatever he liked or wanted me to do. Was this going to do something for him, I wondered to myself.

In a strange way, I felt like his. I wanted to please him still.

I looked down for a moment, as if to gather myself. And then, looking straight at him, I shyly grinned, and I left his bedroom.

I nervously stood outside the roommate's bedroom door. I very reluctantly tapped at his door.

"Yeah, c'mon in," the voice responded.

I slowly opened the door and moved inside, mostly looking down and trying to make myself as less intrusive as I could.

"I'll just get my things, okay?" I didn't even look to his bed, just moved in the direction of the bathroom where my stuff was.

Halfway there, I heard the young man's voice softly beckon me.

"Hey, wait. Come here a sec."

I took three short steps to his bedside, feeling embarrassed and very self-conscious.

"Hey," he called to me again, causing me to finally look up.

There just before me was a young black guy laying half under a sheet, looking up at me with half-closed eyes.

"I'm Jason."

"Uh, hi." It was all I could manage. I tried to focus on his face. I knew he was only covered to near his waist. Above that, he was nude. And, I stood with my blouse extending to just below where my panties clung to me.

"Well. Bobby said you guys got together for the first time last night."

My face must've blushed. What else did he know. And, he was talking about me having had sex.

"Is that right?"

"Yes, it is." I answered meekly.

"Can you tell me? Was it good?"

"Uh huh," was all I could manage.

I watched and Jason looked at me while his hand snaked under the sheet to his crotch. I looked up to find him catching me watching.

I didn't move, but I involuntarily sighed. ...

"You know what?" He asked.


"I think you still got the need, don't you?" He teased.

I thought of how I needed to walk away. I did have a restlessness still, and I needed to go back to the other bedroom. My legs felt weak, and I felt my temperature rise. I liked that he was aroused by me, but was I ready to break more taboos, I doubted it.

My eyes strayed to where his hand took its time going up and down under the sheet. The sheet at his fist tented, and it looked like his hips were also moving. I felt it there between my legs, my sex betraying my mind by flushing to my lips and making me want to touch myself now. The thought of me masturbating in front of him skipped across my mind and I tried to quell it. But, I also smiled.

"Yeah, go ahead. ..." He urged.

(to be continued)

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