tagBDSMHis pet's Punishment

His pet's Punishment


Once upon a time there was a Master and His pet. They got along wonderfully and were both very happy. Pet was very obedient and Master was very strong and forceful. They became very close and trusted each other immensely.

Together they shared many secrets. Some of them were simple little bits of knowledge about the other and some were incredibly important, and must never be shared with anyone else. Alas, Master and his Pet grew so close that things began to become so familiar, the lines of what was forbidden and what wasn't were crossed.

Well, one day, pet was spending some time with a mutual acquaintance and inadvertently blurted some information that once was out of her mouth, realized that it should have never been spoken. It was nothing that would spell impending doom for Master, but nevertheless would anger Him if He were to find out. Pet made the friend promise that she would not repeat it to her lover, who may tell Master. (Mistake number 2). Several days had passed and pet went along as though nothing had happened. She had even begun to forget that it had happened.

Pet would never forget the look on her Master's face the fateful day that He found out what had happened. She was going about her day, preparing for their evening together. He walked in the door and promptly slammed it behind Him. The sound startled her but she didn't think anything of it until she saw his face. She had never seen the cold glare that resided there that day. He had always carried a glint of mischief and/or desire when he looked at her, but not that day. The glare told her instantly that he knew what she had done. She approached him cautiously to greet him, but he stopped her.

"You have disappointed me greatly pet," he said in a low but stern voice. He would have done better to shout at her, for that would have been easier to take than the coldness in his voice that went through her like a knife.

"I'm sorry Master, I'm so sorry…" she said as she dropped to her knees, and lowered her head. She was trembling.

"I DIDN'T SAY YOU COULD SPEAK!" He barked at her abruptly and she could feel her eyes brimming with tears. She was too frightened to shed them as she shielded her heart for the worst. "I'm so angry with you I don't even know what I will do with you."

Those words tore through her as though he had slapped her face. It was a sobering remark and it frightened pet. She was afraid he would not forgive her, and that it would never be the same. That would be the most severe punishment that she could ever imagine. She was ashamed for betraying her Master's orders to not repeat the secret, and also for being stupid enough to trust the other woman to remain silent about it. She obviously had repeated the information to her lover, who in turn reported to Master what was said. Pet wished a hole would open in the ground and swallow her. Silently, large hot tears rolled down her cheeks.

Master saw the remorseful way her shoulder's hung and the tears roll down her cheeks. He decided he needed to be away from her for a bit and think. He drew her to her feet by placing his hand under her arm and lifting, and all but shoved her to the floor in a dark room that was rarely used. It had been designated a "punishment room", and Master had never carried a reason to truly "punish" pet before this. There was no furniture in the room, simply carpeting and the walls. There was a window, but no view; just a small amount of sunlight, which was fading fast with the sunset approaching.

Master went into another room and returned carrying a dining chair which he placed facing a corner.

"If you choose to act like a child, you will be punished like one," he spat at her as he slammed the chair onto the floor. He lifted her once again and dragged her to in front of the chair, facing the wall. She was on the floor. He didn't even allow her dignity enough to sit on the chair, but rather the floor. She knew she didn't deserve privilege of the chair, so she remained still and obedient.

"You are to remain here until I return. I am leaving for a while until I decide what to do with you. If you are not in this spot when I return, I will be done with you. Nod your head if you understand." His words were harsh, but calm as he stated his instructions to her. She nodded and he left the room.

When she heard his truck engine turn over, then grow quiet as he left, she began to cry. She was frightened and felt so very alone. She cried until the tears were dry and she could barely breathe. When she calmed down, she began to think about what she had done, her remorse, and what she could do about it. She thought for certain that she had lost her Master. She decided that if she was very, very lucky, he would return at some point but with punishment to endure. Pet decided she would show Master how sorry she was and how badly she wanted him to forgive her. She decided she would endure whatever punishment he saw fit to administer to her, and hopefully he would forgive her. She knew she would never, ever, betray him again. She laid her head on the floor and fell asleep.

When Master returned, it was dark. There were no lights on in the house. He had been gone for several hours. He drove around for quite some time, thinking about what had happened and what he should do with pet. He knew that things had become too familiar between them; the lines of Master and pet had blurred. He had become lax with his Dominance and he needed to remind her that he was in charge. He wasn't so angry with the fact that she had said anything, as it was not harmful information, but rather that she had been careless in following his wishes. He knew she had to be punished. He decided what he would do with her and headed for home.


When Master stepped into the house and turned on the light he was greeted by silence. He didn't like the feeling it gave Him. He was used to His pet's enthusiasm and happy face greeting Him when he arrived. He looked around and everything was just the way he had left it; it appeared that she had not left the spot that he had ordered her to stay in. He walked into the room, the light from the adjacent room spilling into it, casting a wide stream into the room, highlighting the chair in the corner, and pet's rumpled form on the floor next to it. The light and sound of the door must have startled her, as she jumped up and scrambled to her knees, with her hands on her thighs. Her head and eyes were cast downward.

"Had you exercised this type of obedience in the first place you worthless rag, we wouldn't have to do this, now would we?" His words spat at her. She cringed a little at the harshness of His voice, but did not move. She did not acknowledge his question either, as He had not given her permission to. He opened the door wider and walked over to her with long strides. She did not move. He ordered her to her feet and to take her clothes off. She did quickly.

"Since you have proven yourself unworthy to serve me, I won't be eating the dinner you prepared. You will crawl to the kitchen behind me and watch me eat something else. You will not have dinner this evening." He stated brusquely as he turned and left the room. She dropped to her hands and knees and crawled behind him. When he got to the kitchen, he picked up the pan that was still filled with their dinner and dumped it into the garbage. He took a frozen pizza from the freezer and turned on the oven. He then turned to her. She remained on the floor, waiting. He looked around the room quickly, as though searching. His eyes found their mark and he went towards the window.

He pulled the plant from the chain on the hook in the corner and strode towards her once again. He grabbed her hair at the back of her head and pulled her to her feet. He shoved her near the window and removed his belt. He put her wrists together and wrapped the belt around them, drawing it tight. He then lifted it over her head and attached it to the chain where the plant was hanging. He then went to the garage and returned carrying clothespins. He saw her eyes widen as he approached her. To use the pins when she was aroused as part of play was enticing but she was not aroused then. He pinched her nipple roughly and pulled in order to cause it to harden. He then placed the pin on her tender flesh and could see the pain in her eyes. He doubted that she realized that treating her this way hurt him as much as it did her, but was necessary. He did the same with her other nipple and stepped back to look at his work. He contemplated for a moment and then slapped her thighs apart. He spread her labia and pulled on her clit, with roughness yet nonchalance, and placed the final pin there. She felt completely humiliated. She closed her eyes and furrowed her brows, but did not utter a sound. He turned from her as though she didn't exist and placed the pizza in the oven. He walked over to the refrigerator and retrieved a beer. He sat at the table and fumbled through the mail, sipping his beer from the bottle.

She stood there, suspended, while his dinner was baking in the oven. She was too afraid and ashamed to make eye contact. The smell of the pizza baking made her stomach growl and mouth water. Her nipples and clit were aching, almost to the point of being numb. The leather belt was cutting into her wrists and her arms hurt from standing in that position. She remained silent. When the pizza was done, he cut it, took the slice to the table, and sat down to eat.

"If you want me to even consider forgiving you, you will endure 3 days of my punishment. If you accept your punishment obediently, then I will consider keeping you." He said to her calmly in between bites of pizza. She raised her eyes slightly in his general direction and nodded. She then lowered them once again. Had she found the courage and boldness to look at his face she would have seen his brows raised. He was astonished that she would endure God-knows-what he had planned in order to get back into his good graces. He even smiled a little at her determination. He knew he must mean a great deal to her to go through this for him. At that moment he was reminded of how fond he was of her as well, but he wasn't going to let her know that.

It was getting late and he had to go to work in the morning. He left her there for a few more minutes as he put the rest of the pizza away and had another beer. He glanced at the clock to realize that she had been standing there almost an hour. It was a bit irresponsible of him to leave her standing there for so long, and the clips on her intimate areas must have been hurting quite a bit. He walked over to her and removed them, one at a time. She cried out when he did so; as a natural reaction. The sensation was quite painful. The sound that she uttered went through him like a knife. He admired her strength and perseverance. Finally, he lifted the belt from the hook and lowered her arms. He could see the welt that the leather had cut into her flesh and suppressed an urged to comfort her.

"Crawl to the garage and wait for me there," he growled at her harshly. She did as she was told, but was more than a bit alarmed at what he had in store for her. The floor in the garage was cold and dirty. She was tired and frightened. She jumped, startled, when he opened the door and stepped outside. He lifted her once again and shoved her towards the workbench. He pulled the saw horses from the corner and placed them a bit apart. Her eyes grew wide again and she swallowed hard. He pulled her over and bent her over one of the saw horses and then placed the other against her back so she could not move. She began to tremble with fear of what was to become of her, especially when he secured her wrists and ankles with plastic cord ties. He produced a paint stir stick and crouched close to her head.

"Your behavior has earned you 20 lashes. You will count each one and say thank you. If you do not, we will have no choice but to begin again. Am I understood?" His voice was so calm and icy as he delivered his instructions; it made her blood run cold.

"Yes, Master…" she replied meekly and braced herself.

The first blow hit her so sharply and quickly that she lost her breath. "One…thank You Master…" she replied strongly. Her hands gripped in a vise like hold to the wood of the horse and she was grateful for the durable object to help keep her balance. "Two…thank You Master…" and so it went, one by one, steadily through until the last. The rounded flesh of her ass was reddened and tender looking and her cheeks were wet from the tears that fell upon them. Although her breathing was labored, she had endured the brunt of his punishment. He cut the ties with a razor knife and she tumbled to the floor. She remained there, knees held tightly to her chest. He went to the refrigerator and brought her a bottle of cold water. When he approached her to hand it to her she scrambled backwards and crouched against the wall. She did not raise her eyes or her head. She was afraid of him. He felt as though someone had reached into his chest and pulled out his heart. It was all he could do not to go to her and pull her into his arms and hold her. He watched as she drank deep of the water, lifting it high and swallowing in big gulps.

When she finished, she wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand and got on her knees in front of him. "Thank You Sir," she stated softly. He smiled a little and was amazed at her persistence. Perhaps she was tougher than he thought.

"That's enough for tonight. I'm tired." Master said softly. He truly was exhausted. He allowed her to walk instead of crawl this time and instructed her to follow him into the bathroom. She was to remain on the floor, with her back facing him as he took a shower. He did not talk to her, look at her, and worst of all, touch her. Pet decided that was the most severe punishment that he could ever deliver; his disregard of her presence. That crushed her spirit more than anything else. Even if he was beating her, he was paying attention to her. Ignoring her made her feel as though she didn't exist.

When he finished, he dried and went to the bedroom. He drew back the coverings and then went to the closet. He pulled out an old blanket and pillow and threw them to the floor beside the bed. He then got into the bed and rolled away from her. He couldn't bear the bed with out her warmth beside him any more than he could stand looking at her curled form on the floor.

"Thank you Master, please sleep well…" she murmured with a trembling voice, and then became quiet. He closed his eyes and sleep took him.


His sleep was fitful. He tossed and turned, unable to get comfortable enough to fall into a restful enough state to get the sleep that he needed. He turned off the alarm 20 minutes before it was set to go off, and sat upright in the bed. Pet was awake, as he could see her eyes open, but she lay silently. She was on her side, facing the bed. She looked into his eyes briefly and smiled slightly as if to greet him before she dropped them once again. It was all he could do not to grab her and pull her close to him. He wanted to smell her, feel her warmth, and breathe her in. He knew denying her the same was a tremendous punishment indeed. The entire thing, coupled with the lack of sleep made him irritable all over again. He stepped over her as though she wasn't there and headed towards the bathroom.

When he got out of the shower, as he was drying, he could smell fresh coffee and breakfast cooking. His stomach told him to stop the whole thing and enjoy the wonderful food that was being prepared for his benefit, but the stubborn Dominance in his head told him to be persistent. He got dressed and stepped into the kitchen to find his pet, still naked, at the stove making a grand breakfast. Ham steak, fried potatoes and eggs simmered merrily in their prospective pans on the stove as the plate, silver and glass of juice waited patiently at the table. The telltale red marks and welts on her backside caused his appetite to abate a bit. She turned around, startled, and lowered her head. "Good morning Sir," she muttered quietly.

"I don't have time for breakfast, throw it away." He growled at her as he sat to put his shoes on. He could see the wounded look on her face as her gesture of repentance was rejected.

"As You wish Master…" she stated, her voice barely a whisper.

"You better move your ass if you want to get to work on time. Oh, and by the way? Don't call me Master…you haven't earned that right." He said over his shoulder as he slammed the door behind him.

Man, he felt like a heel. It nearly killed him to see her so frightened and sad but he knew it was necessary to drive his point home. He still admired her persistence to please him throughout all of the punishment he was administering to her. There was not a minute throughout the day that he didn't think about her; he hoped she was doing okay at work. He wanted to call her no less than 20 times, but stopped himself.

When he arrived at home, he was elated to see her car in the driveway. She had obviously gotten home in time to shower and start his dinner. When he walked in the door, she was on her knees, head lowered; waiting for him. She smelled so fresh and her soft hair brushing her shoulders ached for his fingers in it. Steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and biscuits. Damn her! It would absolutely kill him to throw it away, but he did. He slammed his fast-food burger and fries on the table and went to the pantry to retrieve a can of soup for her. Her brows furrowed but she remained silent. He did not say a word to her but sat at the table, scowling. She heated her soup and sat on the floor and ate quietly. He rose from the table and headed for the bedroom; he needed a shower.

"Be on the bed when I get out of the shower," he mumbled over his shoulder as he left the room.

He stayed under the strong hot stream of water for quite some time. He figured she would be able to endure the punishment he was about to submit her to, although it would definitely be a challenge to her endurance. He was glad that he didn't have to endure the painful penance that he had put her through the night before again, but he vowed he would be much happier when the whole thing was over.

She was in the middle of the bed on her back when he walked into the room. She was naked. He left the room only to return with a small paper bag. Inside it was several pieces of strong rope and duct tape. He dropped them onto the bed and went to the drawer where they kept several toys and accessories. He pulled out the ones he wanted and turned his attention to her. She was looking at the ceiling, and was lying absolutely stock-still even though her breathing was becoming more rapid by the moment. He knew she must be a little frightened of what he was about to do to her.

"Spread your legs bitch…" he spat at her. She did, wide. He gathered the rope and secured her arms and legs, spread eagled, to the posts of the bed. The harsh fibers of the rope were so rough that it hurt his hands to tie the bindings, let alone what it would do to her delicate skin. He produced a large tube of thick lube and squeezed an exorbitant amount onto her labia and between. The cold gel made her flinch a bit, but she remained obedient and still. He placed a medium sized egg between her labia and a thick vibrator inside her. He had a medium sized plug which he slid in her ass roughly. Her fear had made her clench a bit, thus causing more pain than even he would have intended, but he did not falter. With the devices in place, he pulled a length of the tape; the loud screech of the peeling filling the room. Her eyes were as big as saucers. He doubled the tape in two, so as to not place the harsh glue against her skin and hair. Had he done that, sure the removal would have proved to remove more than hair in its wake and that would prove sheer brutality. He would die rather than hurt her like that. He did it once again and placed the strips over her flesh so as to provide a secure binding for the objects invading her most intimate places. When he was finished, he placed strips over her once again, this time adhering to her bare flesh. He picked up the controls of all three and turned them on to a low hum.

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