tagRomanceHis Pregnant Lover Ch. 05

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 05

bymangrove jack©

The manager of the fish market called to Dave when he was collecting his check for the weeks catch.

"Some of the workers from the processing department want to talk to you," he said as he wished Dave a merry Xmas.

The girls were on smoko sitting along benches on the waterfront. "Hi I'm Rosita," a short slim dark skinned woman said as she thanked him for coming.

"Can we call you Dave she asked?" When he nodded "yes" she went on.

"There is a lot of mischievous talk about you and your camp. We know you. You have a good reputation here at this market. We don't believe what some of the men are saying, so we thought we'd ask you what's going on." Rosita asked as some of her workmates giggled in embarrassment.

"Well it's simple. I helped a pregnant woman who had a bad fall in the mall. That led to me visiting the Maternity clinic. At the clinic I met two other younger girls who were pregnant. They had been kicked out by their families and dumped by their baby's fathers."

"They liked being with me on my houseboat down at the back of the resort. One thing led to another; finally they decided to accept my invitation to stay."

"With too many living on the houseboat I decided to set up camp in that old wartime army barn on the island I bought up river. We have done a lot of work and it's now quite comfortable."

"My family of three ladies has grown in recent days. You all know Charlie. Well he lives up there now, as does a young aboriginal lad Albert and his pregnant sister."

"I know there are rumours about my having a number of wives because I refer to them as my family. One of the oldest workers broke in "The fact that three or four of them are pregnant has set the tongues wagging."

"Yes I know", Dave said acknowledging her smile. "Pregnant or not, they are my family. I love them all. I don't give a bugger what rumours they spread. As long as my family want to stay, they can."

"I have a few rules no drugs and only grog in moderation. Everyone has to pull their weight. Everyone gets a vote on major issues, but the final say is mine."

"Any questions ladies?" he asked as he looked around at the sea of interested faces.

"Well let me thank you for the honest answer." Rosita said.

"Most of the dozen women who work here on a contract basis are either divorced single or widowed. Some people look down their noses at mothers who work at dirty menial jobs like ours. We know what it is to be treated like shit. It would be true to say that there's not a lot of joy in much of our lives."

"We can't help notice how happy you all are together. In fact when you all go past the market in the boat, you all look so happy we get a little jealous."

"Does a girl have to be pregnant before you invite them to join your family? One of the women called.

"Of course not," Dave laughed. "Look we are planning a great family Xmas. I have always lived alone. This Xmas will be special for me, because I won't spend it on my own. I plan to make it special for those I know, especially those who have no family."

"I'll send Albert down in the houseboat just before lunch on Xmas Eve to pick up any of you who want to join us for Xmas. Plan to stay; we'll run any of you who want to back to shore on Xmas morning. You can stay for the holidays if you like, there's tons of room and tons of food. The more the merrier."

Dave was dreaming of the fish market ladies and their sad life when he woke to find Donna licking his already excited prick. "Annabelle wants her daily milking, but I'm first," she giggled as she sucked his prick deep into her throat.

"I thought Betsy was waking me today," Dave growled as he felt his temperature rise under the urging of her warm soft mouth.

"She's not to well, we think she's close," Donna responded her hands squeezing his prick to slow him down. "I want you to fuck me, and then we'll see to Betsy and Annabelle," she whispered.

"It's me on top, or we can spoon." She giggled as she stripped him. Dave laughed at her." What do you call spoon? I thought we'd tried every position imaginable."

"Oh we have, but I call it spoon when I lie on my side and you lay on your side behind me. It's easier on my stomach and you really get in deep."

Dave loved to spoon. Pregnancy made a woman's body so much more cuddly. Lying beside and behind her he could stroke her large belly and play with her milky tits, while his prick filled her cunt.

"Motherhood is wonderful" he told Donna as he started to speed up his thrusts. "A woman is so much softer. Being pregnant not only changes your shape, it changes you from a girl to a woman. It's a change for the better."

It was mid afternoon by the time Dave surfaced. "We need to talk about Xmas," he told the family as they gathered around for afternoon tea.

"The day after tomorrow is Xmas eve. I've invited quite a few people to join us. We will have to ferry them here. Charlie and Ruby are the cooks so it will have to be Albert in charge of the boats."

"Have you got a mate who will help" he asked Albert.

"Yes boss, my woman will help, can I bring her here tonight."

"OK, that's fixed now the rest of us can concentrate on dressing the place up," Dave said with a happy laugh. Let's hire or maybe buy a good tent or large canvas fly."

"We could erect it where the tide floods through the cutting in the sand bar into that sandy hollow behind the barn."

"That way when it's hot we could lie on the sand and let the tide flood over us."

Albert became excited "with a few shovels of sand we could close the entry and keep most of the water up in the hollow. Albert turned to the others "I reckon it will be great lying in the water out of the direct sun, drinking a cold beer."

Dave was on a roll," Make sure we have enough glasses and eating utensils for our visitors, check the number of beds and bed clothes. We'll need some large trestles so we can make a table long enough for us to all to sit down together. We'll need stools and chairs, maybe a hammock or two. I'll bet if we ring Matron she will soon draw up a list of other things we need."

Dave rang Matron. "You're just the one I need," she cried after they had discussed Xmas. "I have just met a young couple; they're out of work and need help. They've come up from the south, she's pregnant and he's a carpenter whose been put off over Xmas."

"Say no more" Dave said, "Get them down to the houseboat mooring. Alberts on his way to pick up his lady. They can come up with him."

"This is the nicest part of the day" Annabelle whispered, surprising Dave when she spoke behind him. He had been day dreaming while he lit the BBQ. "Just as the suns setting, it's so peaceful so quiet and cool. I love it here." She kissed him hard "Thank you Dave, this has been the happiest time of my life."

"Righto that's enough of that, leave that man alone," Betsy called. "Alberts back with the boat. He has some people for you to meet."

Matron was the first one he saw as he went to the beach to help unload the gear. "I've flexed off until new year she told him."

She introduced Tim and his wife Jennie." Tim was a fat jolly person; his wife Jenny was very tall and very very pregnant. "I can't thank you enough for having us," Jenny said as she kissed him on the mouth.

"This is Albert's partner" Annabelle said as she turned to a very large middle aged black skinned lady. "She's from the Solomon Islands."

Dave welcomed them all. "Matron can arrange a bed or maybe a room for you," he told Tim.

"I'm Salome" Albert's lady said as Betsy led Tim and Jenny away to find them a place to stay.

"Yes Salome" she laughed as Dave looked up in surprise.

"Thank you for what you are doing for Albert. He's changed completely since you took him under you wing."

She grabbed Dave and hugged him against her extra large body. "I want to help. I know how to run boats and net, my father and his family were fishermen."

"Well you've just got a job," Dave groaned as she let him escape from her bear hug.

Annabelle was waiting, "While you and Donna were resting," she said as she lifted one eyebrow and winked, "Albert went down to the fish market."

"Five women want to come up for Xmas. They told him you invited them. Two are Vietnamese immigrants with no local family. Rosita says she knows you, she's from the Philippines, she's lonely, her husbands found a younger Pilipino, and dumped her."

"You'll love the other two, they're old, both widows with no family living here.

They'll love being the mother you've always wanted. They both want to come up here and take over the kitchen." "They all finish work today, and if you agree we can bring them up tonight."

"Bring them all up," Dave laughed "if they call this place names and spread rumours now, what will they do when another five women arrive."

It was mid evening when Albert arrived back with the five women. Dave studied them as they were introduced. Down at the markets they all looked the same. They wore long white leather aprons and knee high rubber boots, with their hair covered in a mesh. Now in the warmth of the evening they were dressed in light summer clothes, the transformation was remarkable.

The young firm bodies of the two young Vietnamese caught his eye. "No tits" he thought as he studied their slim shapely bodies. Rosita was different; in comparison her big breasts were full and shapely. Her muscular legs were short; their dark skin drew his attention.

The two older women bustled about taking over the kitchen and preparing a list of cooking utensils, condiments, herbs, spices and oils as well as meat and fruit and vegetables.

One was tall and thin the other short and fat.

"They all call me Grannie" the short fat one told Dave as she kissed him on the cheek. "I'm from Greece and so is Esther. She's not very old really, but she has had a tough life."

"We'll use the BBQ and cook in the open as much as possible," they told Dave later, when Matron was drawing up areas of responsibility.

Annabelle took Dave off to his refurbished bedroom. The women had turned the upstairs area in the barn where he used to store his nets, into a room fit for a king.

A massive king sized four poster bed stood on the polished wood floor surrounded by what Dave could only describe as lush scatter rugs and ladies paraphernalia.

Dave was thrilled to find that he could look down over the newly installed rail onto the large communal eating and lounge area. On the other side of the room the builder had installed a head high window along the wall. It let in light and allowed him to see any boat entering their cove.

Annabelle told him that Betsy and Donna had decided that she should be the first to really share his new bed. "It's too early" he cried as she led him back from the rail and started to undress him.

The soft loving look in Annabelle's eyes stopped him from further protests." I'm the only one of the originals that's not pregnant, now that I've had my baby."

"I want us to make a baby Dave" she whispered as she dropped her last item of clothing and stood nude waiting for him.

Dave dropped to his knees and pulled her body close so he could kiss her cunt. "You're wet" he whispered.

"Yes I've been thinking of you and how your prick fills me. Now that I've had the baby I'm hornier than ever. I just have to think of you to make me wet."

Dave loved licking her big cunt. It had a different smell about it than before the baby was born. He loved the change in her scent and the way her clit stood out seeking his tongue. He held her arse and moved her body so her clit met his tongue.

Annabelle moaned "oh that's nice. I love the way you play with the cheeks of my arse while you lick me."

Dave was enjoying the way his kisses were starting to make her shudder. She was pulling his hair trying to get him to stand up. Dave resisted, he knew that she was ready to come. He liked nothing better than to have her come with his mouth ready to lick her strong sweet tasting come.

He waited for Annabelle to slam her cunt hard against his face. He knew that signal; if he nibbled her clit and kept licking and nibbling she would give a little scream and come with a rush.

His heart always beat faster when she started screaming, her body struggling against his tongue. It was no use trying to stop her. Gradually she would quieten down moaning and groaning, asking him to stop.

He knew if he kept nibbling and added his finger she would give in completely surrendering to the pleasure of his tongue and finger. He knew that Annabelle would still beg him to stop whilst at the same time she would work her cunt harder and harder against his hand.

If he stopped, she would immediately plead for more. Eventually she would go right over the top and again scream quietly. Bashing him with her open hands she would moan "no more no more."

They had played this scene so often yet he was still highly excited. His heart beat faster and faster as he listened to her moans.

Today was no exception. Annabelle let her self fall, "Oh sweetheart, no more, I can't take any more," she groaned.

"I love you, you bastard" she groaned as she now partly recovered, slumped down on top of him. "That was fucking awesome you know what that does to me, you do it every time."

Dave woke to the sound of laughter. Annabelle groaned and rolled over as he struggled out of her arms. He stared at her lush nude body, her soft tits smelling of milk. "I love your great soft tits" he whispered as his mouth and hand combined to get her milk flowing. She smiled and pushed him away. "Off you go, they'll want you."

It was the early hours of the morning. Downstairs in front of his big old open fire place a Xmas tree stood surrounded by presents.

Matron and Betsy were displaying the sexy outfits Dave had bought them. He heard Donna say "I don't know why he bought sleepwear he likes his women nude."

"If you listen to the men down at the fish market he likes his women pregnant," the older woman they called Granny shouted with a laugh.

Betsy rubbed her belly which had grown bigger in recent days joined in laughing, "That's true he loves pregnant women and my pregnant body loves what he does to it."

Dave stood watching and listening in amazement. What a difference meeting those cheeky pregnant young buggers had made to his life.

Donna looked up and spied him watching. "Annabelle's finally let him escape," she cried.

Dave quickly slipped on some clothes. "Yes get your gear on" Donna cried. Come and see what we've done while you were sleeping."

"He wasn't sleeping he was making babies" Annabelle called as he moved down the stairs.

Their imagination and a few dollars had cleaned up his old fireplace and turned the area in front of it into a Xmas wonderland. The new rugs and curtains, pot plants and flowers, had already changed things.

The addition of the Xmas tree, colourful Xmas lights, presents and decorations, had stunningly transformed his old fishing barn.

"It's after midnight, its Xmas Eve" Matron cried as Donna turned on a CD of Xmas song. "Come outside we want to show you the kings chair." Outside under the old Moreton bay fig tree they had installed a large high backed old fashioned seat.

"Charlie found it at the second hand shop," Betsy explained. "This is the king's chair made for a play at the local playhouse. As king of the island you can sit here and survey your people."

"To christen it, I suggest you sit down and take each of us on your knee and kiss us good morning." Donna said.

"In future when ever I spy you sitting in that chair I'll hop up on your lap."

"We'll all do it; Betsy cried "so if you ever want to cuddle just sit in your chair."

As dawn broke on the morning of Christmas Eve, Dave was taken back to bed by Betsy to "get him out of the road."

Matron Donna and Annabelle needed time to make plans for the last trip down river to shop. "Keep him occupied," they laughed "while we draw up a list."

"What an opportunity" Betsy laughed as she headed for his bedroom. "He can rub cream on my fat body, help relieve the pressure in my tits and we'll probably find something else to keep him occupied."

"I'll bet she will" Donna called as Matron took charge. "We need a little present for everyone, so we can dress Dave up as Santa and give him a sack of presents. We'll buy extras so any late visitor won't miss out."

It was late in the afternoon when Matron again found Dave. "It's my job to make sure you dress properly to greet your families' guests" she said as she joined him in his shower.

"I'll just make sure everything is spotlessly clean and sweet" she whispered as she sank down in the waters flow to take his prick in her mouth.

Dave was astounded at the number of people who rang to be ferried to the island. Most just dropped in for a drink, others came to stay a few days.

The doctor from the hospital was a surprise visitor, "I've bought my wife I've told her so much about what you have done for many of our patients that she wanted to see for herself."

"I'm Sandra" she said as she kissed Dave her pointy breasts rubbing against his chest. "I would like to spend some time talking to you. I'm doing a paper on loneliness."

Dave was immediately taken with Sandra. "My god he thought she's the most striking woman I've ever met." He was still staring when Betsy and Donna arrived and took Sandra off on a tour of the barn and its surrounds.

"Can I steal your cooks" the doctor asked as they surveyed the over stocked tables. Piles of Mud crab, prawns, oysters, bugs, fish and fruit were displayed magnificently on trestles under the colourful flood lit Moreton Bay fig tree.

They were sucking oysters when Sandra returned. "Congratulations Dave, this place is just marvellous. I've never experienced such a loving friendly environment," Sandra said as she joined them.

"The only thing it lacks is kids" Sandra added.

"He's working on it" Betsy and Donna laughed as they rubbed their bellies.

"Is he now?" Sandra said as she studied Dave.

He was saved from further scrutiny by Rosita who cried, "Its time for xmas carols" and hauled Dave out to join her makeshift choir.

Just before midnight Donna and Matron whisked Dave off to his bedroom. "Bloody hell," he whispered "not now we can't leave our guests."

"Oh Dave" Donna laughed "we'll fuck you later." "Right now you have to be Father Xmas."

They dressed him in his suit, both taking the opportunity to kiss and fondle him in the process.

"Don't wear undies" they told him as he responded to their kisses. "We want them to feel your excitement when you sit them on your lap."

"What are you buggers up to?" he asked as they whispered together.

"We want you to come down just after midnight when Rosita plays the song "Here comes Santa Claus."

"What'll I do," he asked.

"Oh, just sing out, ho ho ho, touch up a few ladies and go and sit on your big king chair." Donna said as they laughed together. "We will send all the ladies up one at a time to get a present."

"Rosita is dressed as an elf she will sit near you. The boys have to sit on her lap to get a present; the girls will sit on yours."

Dave soon discovered what they had been whispering about. Betsy wriggled her little rump on his prick as she kissed him passionately.

"We are having a kissing competition. The one who draws your hottest response wins the prize" she whispered.

"Oh is that so. What's the prize?" he asked as her tongue again sought his. "You, you're the prize," she giggled. "I'll be back for my present later after you're warmed up."

Dave was surprised at the passion in some of the kisses. Esther was the first to show him that she could easily compare more than favourably in the kissing competition with the younger ones.

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