tagRomanceHis Pregnant Lover Ch. 08

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 08

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Dave returned to the camp in the early hours of Boxing Day. The camp was quiet, Ruby the only one moving as she bent over the open fire cooking crabs. He stopped to admire her tiny black body.

What a difference clothes can make, he thought, as he studied her with her feet bare in her day to day gear of denim shorts and shirt.

“My god Ruby you looked horny last night in that red dress,” he called.

“Thanks boss,” she grinned and blushed. “If I were you I wouldn’t tease me, remember I’ve got the most favours to redeem from the Xmas pudding.”

Charlie and Albert had been cleaning up after last night’s party. They both collared Dave dragging him off down to the beach. “Listen boss,” Albert said. “We’ve got something to tell you.”

Charlie broke in, “Ruby wants to spend a night with you. She asked me if I would let her and I agreed.” Dave started to speak but Charlie waved him quiet. “Mate, Ruby and I are partners. I told her she doesn’t need to ask me.”

“I love that girl, we’re going to make a good life together, but I’m old. I’m not as virile as I once was. I know she loves you. She keeps telling me what a change you have brought to her life.”

“She spoke to Albert because he is her brother. She thinks because she’s an aborigine that you may not desire her. We’ll understand if you don’t want to, it’s up to you. We just thought we’d tell you, that we would love you two to get together.”

Dave had sat stunned as they spoke. “Thanks boys,” he said when he regained his composure. “First Ruby is beautiful, and her colour or background doesn’t worry me.”

“I’d be thrilled to sleep with her; I am amazed that she wants to, just as I am constantly amazed that beautiful girls like Annabelle Donna and Betsy would want me.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have them love me.”

“To tell you the truth I’m really starting to worry that they think they have a duty to fuck me.”

“Let me finish,” he said as they both objected. “I’m overwhelmed by the way the ladies treat me. They are all so wonderful, so beautiful, I love them all.”

“None of them owe me anything. I am the winner in this whole deal. The change to my life has been fantastic. I just love to come home to my family. Three months ago I came home to an empty boat. Now I come home to an island full of love. I have never been so happy in my whole life.”

He looked up when Charlie pointed behind him.

He swung around to see they had been joined as they spoke by most of his family.

“Shit how much have you heard?” he cried as his embarrassment made his voice quiver.

Annabelle was nursing her baby as she came forward and sat in the sand beside him.

“It really doesn’t matter what we’ve heard. I’m sure I speak for everyone else, when I say I could feel the love in your voice. It made my toes tingle, it made me want to jump you into bed right here and now.”

“We love you for what you are. It’s true we love you for what you’ve done, but you’ve done all this because you’re so kind, so loveable. We all want to mother you and keep you safe in or arms. When you return that love we become complete.”

“Don’t fight it, enjoy it,” She said as she kissed him on the cheek.

Dave was overwhelmed by the hugs and kisses, with a scrum of women telling him they loved him.

“While this ‘love in’ is continuing we could arrange a special family meeting.” Matron said as she started issuing orders. “Albert go and round up everyone, we meet in ten minutes under the Moreton Bay fig, and everyone including visitors are welcome.”

“Did some of visitors stay over?” Dave asked.

“Yes, others went home and came back; we asked them all to have the day with us.” Matron explained.

“Don’t worry the girls and I have it all planned. After our meeting we are going to run the net and get some fresh fish, check the crab pots and collect oysters.”

“That will keep them all busy before we have a fresh seafood lunch. We plan to do what we did the other day. We’ll set up the table in the water so the tide can flood around us and keep us cool.”

Dave looked around; in addition to his family he spotted Madison, Chloe, Grace and Abigail from the shelter. They looked far more relaxed this morning. Madison in shorts showed a fine pair of legs.

My god, that pair are hot, Dave thought as he continued checking out the visitors. He had spied Fred James wife Carol, wearing the tightest of tiny shorts and a string bra. She sat with her daughter Mandy whose shorts were so tight he wondered how she got in and out of them. Their trim pampered bodies made his mouth water.

Rosita smiled as his eyes swept by and then returned. She was stunning in a one piece bathing costume that hugged her generous hips and displayed her fine brown tits.

“Righto!” Matron said as she gave him a dig in the ribs, “study the girls later, let’s start.”

“We have decided that we can’t keep calling our home the hut. We want to give it a proper name. So Fred James and his family helped us have a name board carved out of an old cedar log. Turn round for a minute while I get Carol and Mandy to come here and help.”

She led the three of them over to a pile of blankets and clothes at the entrance to the hut.

When they were removed, Dave was stunned to see that the big old log had had been cleaned and preserved. The words, ‘The Haven’ had been carved on its side.

“It has become a haven,” Annabelle said. “We originally picked ‘Dave`s Haven.’ Given the talk down in the town we thought The Haven may not cause as much gossip, nor offend some of their tiny minds. So our official address is The Haven, Fisherman’s Island.”

“Mandy and Carol with the help of Fred picked the log and had it floated over to the village. They hired a wood carver to do the work, before they brought it back.”

You’d better give them a kiss and say thank you.” Matron said, as she pushed Dave towards Mandy.

Young Mandy giggled, she leant forward and held Dave`s head, kissing him long enough to draw whistles and cheers from the mob.

“My god Carol,” Donna said, “you’ve got a lot to beat.” Dave looked into Carol`s eyes as she pantomimed licking her lips and baring her teeth. When she kissed, he realised she wasn’t joking.

Carol devoured him. Holding his head back, she stuck her tongue out and licked up his lips. Dave was responding. She nibbled his now open mouth lightly, before her mouth closed over his, sucking and biting. Her tongue worked wonders. Dave could feel his cock expanding in his pants. “The oldies are better,” she announced to the cheering mob, as she finally eased her mouth from his, her eyes noting the tent in his pants.

“How is the money holding out boss?” Albert asked as Dave and Charlie joined him under the fly and opened a beer. “Ok why?” Dave asked. “Salome and I can get a little shop building from that village at the back of our island. The developer was going to knock it down so he can clear the block for units.”

“I gave him a hand, doing a bit of maintenance work on his boat on a couple of weekends. “He tried to pay me, but I was just helping out so I knocked his money back. He has been a good mate ever since. Last week he took me over to the shop and said, “if its here at the end of the month I’m going to have to bulldoze it.”

“We walked around it and I told him that it was a shame to knock it down. He stunned me when he said I could have it, if I took it away.”

“Salome’s picked out a spot at the back of the Haven We reckon Charlie and Ruby could live there with us.”

Matron joined in. “You have invited so many people to join your family that even a building the size of the Haven is starting to bulge at its seams.”

“When Albert told us about this building we thought it a good opportunity to talk about our future.

Your family members can be quite properly accommodated in the Haven. But babies are coming and we would like to talk about them.”

“We also need to talk about costs, about paying our way, for example Government social security.”

“No dole here,” Dave said “you can all work; there is a lot of value adding we can do to our catch.”

“That’s all right but they want to know what they have to do. Give them responsibility for particular jobs. Granny in the kitchen, Esther in charge of house keeping, Salome fishing, Ruby crabbing. You know what I mean make them feel they are doing something valuable to help.”

He grabbed Matron and kissed her, “you’re appointed boss,” he said as he swiped her across the bottom. She protested but he waved her protests away. “I know you only come up when you’re off work, but that’s enough for all of us to see what an organiser you are. You’ve been worth your weight in gold over the past few weeks. So that’s it, your boss, discuss it with the family and allocate jobs and responsibilities.”

He turned to address them all, “you don’t have to have an island job. Those who want to keep their jobs in town like Matron, can still live up here. We can run a boat down to the market twice a day and pick up workers.”

“Now let’s get back to Alberts building. Has anyone any questions or ideas?”

“What about council, will we need to get permits to put the shop over here? Do we pull it down or try to float it over? How big is it? Is it in good condition?” The questions were bubbling from the group.

“Right that’s enough sitting around yapping,” Dave called. “Lets walk over to the back of the Island; the boys can bring a couple of dinghies. The sand banks have built up so much since the last flood, we can just about wade over. Those who can’t swim can jump in the dinghies. The tide will not be back in for two or three hours so we have time.”

“Get hats and sand shoes or boots,” he ordered as the giggling and laughing mass started down the track.

The backwater between the Island and the little village was beautiful in the morning sun. They played and swam as they waded through the last little channel before the mainland.

They invaded the little shop. Albert and Salome led them on a tour of inspection. “It used to be a boat hire spot until it went broke and closed down years ago.” Albert said as he pointed out that the shop area could be a lounge dining room and the four small back rooms could be re- designed to become at least two bedrooms.

They trooped up to the village corner store and take away. “Twenty two for tea and coffee,” Albert told the startled shop keeper.

“Bloody hell Albert, I don’t get more than a dozen customers a day you’ll have to give us a hand,” the shopkeeper cried, as Albert introduced him around.

Dave was already in the kitchen when he was joined by Carol. She bumped him quite deliberately with her hip as she bent to take some cups out of a cupboard. “Nice kiss big boy,” she whispered “I’d like to do it again sometime soon”.

Dave stood looking at her backside; the tiny shorts were so tight they moulded the round cheeks of her arse. As she bent over the bulge between her legs gave him an indication of the size of her pussy lips.

Dave stretched out and ran his hand down over her shorts until it was touching bare skin. He moved his finger back to rub the ridge of her pussy lips in her shorts. She pushed back against his fingers.

“Be careful, I might rape you,” she whispered, as she pushed back forcing his fingers hard against her pussy.

Outside the discussion on how to move the shop was in full swing. Charlie pointing out that the building lent itself to be cut in three. The developer’s heavy gear could lift the parts to the waters edge, where the timber getters barge could carry them a piece at a time back to the haven.

“That’s settled we’ll do it,” Dave said as they started to wander back across the sand flats to the island.

Carol was more and more determined to spend time with Dave. She marvelled at how his women folk loved him. Donna had told both her and Mandy that he was a kind and gentle lover. “He’s bloody well hung,” she had added her eyes shining.

Mandy was still a virgin at nineteen. She was hanging around with a disco crowd that were into drugs. Carol was sure Mandy hadn’t used drugs. but she wanted to keep her away from them just in case.

Dave with his islands drug free and limited grog policy intrigued her. The more she studied him and visited with his women, the more certain she was that this was a good place for Mandy to be, and that Dave would make a great first time lover.

Matron had allocated family members to the fishing oystering and crabbing expeditions. She looked at Madison Chloe Grace and Abigail and said for security you had better stay with me. Carol and Mandy were the only other ones without a task.

“Dave you can take Carol and Mandy to help you get fuel and clean up the House boat ready for our family cruise tonight. We’ve only got to fuel up and stock provisions for about 30 people.”

On the house boat Dave slumped down on the lounge.

Dave studied the mother and her daughter. He grinned as he looked up at Mandy, “mum didn’t bring the wrong baby home,” he said. “Your mum is very beautiful; you will be even more beautiful as you grow older, if that’s possible.”

Mandy pouted in mock anger, “does that mean I’m not beautiful now?” she asked as she dropped down on the lounge beside him. “I was going to give you a kiss for inviting us to come back up to the island,” she said pouting again, “but I don’t think I will now.”

“Oh is that so!” Dave exclaimed. Well I’ll kiss your mum.” He beckoned to Carol who came over and sat on the arm of the lounge near him. Dave reached up and pulled her down into his lap, “you won’t refuse me a kiss will you?” he asked.

She did not answer. her lips were too busy kissing. Mandy wrapped her arms around both of them, “Not fair.” she cried. “I had to kiss first before, that gave mum the advantage of seeing what I did.”

“All right,” Carol said, as she pushed herself back up on the arm of the lounge, “show us what you can do.”

Mandy lowered herself on Dave`s lap, smiling as she felt the hardness of his cock. She ground her hard young breasts against his chest and wriggled her pussy on his cock. Her tongue flashed across his lips before filling his mouth and taking Dave`s breath away.

Dave ran his hands all over her firm young body. He was used to more mature bodies, in fact soft pregnant bodies. Mandy was the first virgin body he had held and kissed.

He marvelled at the smooth texture of her skin as his hands played with her tight little but. Her smooth hard flat stomach finally led his roving hands to her breasts. They were like ripe mangoes, full and soft, yet hard to his touch.

Carol sat a few feet away. She knew she should say something, or stop them, or leave. She shifted slightly to allow her legs to open. Her pussy was pulsing as she watched what her nineteen year old virgin daughter was doing with Dave.

She wet her lips as her mouth went dry. She tried to leave but slumped back to watch. She couldn’t take her eyes off them.

Dave`s hands opened Mandy’s string bra. Her tits to sprang out, causing Carol to gasp at the way the nipples stood out as they hardened. Her own nipples were starting to tingle as she watched Dave`s head slide down. His mouth took Mandy’s nipple between his teeth and pulled it out from her breast.

Mandy gasped and raised her head to spy her mother sitting watching. “Oh shit!” she said as she pulled free of Dave and straightened her top.

She was blushing at what her mother had seen. Trying to make a joke of it she said, “Young ones are good kissers too mum.”

“Very good I’d say, if Dave`s performance was any guide,” Carol laughed as Mandy blushed and headed for the toilet.

Dave apologised, “Sorry Carol, I should have had more control.”

“Don’t apologise,” Carol whispered. “I’m sorry you stopped. I worry about her, she’s only nineteen and she hangs around with a bad crowd.

“Fred and I decided to bring her up here to get her away from the drug scene.” When he looked up she said, “She’s not a user. I don’t know what it is, but she’s wrapped in you and this island.”

“She can’t stop talking about you, so don’t worry, I am not angry. In fact I’m pleased. She’s a virgin and needs some big softie like you to be her first. Don’t let me stop you,” she said as she slipped back onto his lap and kissed him, “In fact if she doesn’t get you first. I’ll beat her to it.”

Dave was as horny as hell. Mandy’s young body and exciting kisses had made him hot. Her abrupt departure had allowed him to settle, but Carols kiss again set his heart beat running.

No more fucking fooling around he thought. I want to lay my hands on that fabulous pussy that had stood out in the take way store. He ran his hands down to her shorts and quickly slipped the zip down, so his fingers could find and enter her sopping wet pussy.

Carol moaned as she felt his fingers enter her. One finger pushed in deep while the thumb struggled to reach her clit. Little shudders ran through her, as her body jumped forward before falling back, only to jump forward again at his touch.

Dave felt her shudders as he bit down on her neck, his mouth slipping down to push its way to her breast. They struggled together, grunting as they stripped away any impediment to their lust.

Carol took charge. She pushed him down along the lounge, her knees either side of his body. She held his raging leaking cock and lowered her pussy over it.

Dave grunted in satisfaction as he felt her body pushing down. He heard her moan as he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down hard, his cock ramming home. He smiled at the sound of the wind as it left her with a whoosh.

Their slow strokes gradually quickened, their moans and groans grew louder. Carol quietened their louder moans by finding his mouth, letting her tongue fill it.

Dave knew he would not last; he tried to tell her but her kisses stopped him. He lost control, he rammed hard against her as he felt his come spurt. Carol sensing he was going to come held his cock hard within her. Then she felt her flow start and bucked up quickly. “Now! Dave now!” she gasped. They sighed as their bodies collapsed

They lay panting together.

Mandy had returned from the toilet to sit and watch as her mother fucked Dave. She had never even seen a porno movie, never let a boy touch her pussy. Here she was on Dave`s houseboat, watching her own live sex show, with her mother as the star.

For a minute she was angry and jealous. She wanted Dave. Then as they grunted and slammed into each other, her pussy grew moist, her breasts tingled, and even her toes seemed excited. Watching them climax, she eased out the door back into the toilet. She flushed the bowl and slammed the lid down hard making a lot of noise.

Carol heard the toilet flush, “oh shit Mandy,” she cried as she rushed to find her clothes. Mandy in the hall heard the commotion, “I’ll make a cup of tea,” she called giving them time to dress.

Matron climbed up on to the deck outside as Dave finished his cup of tea. “Take the houseboat for a run and while you’re at it refuel and fill this order,” she said as she finished telling him of her plans.

“We need three sofa beds. Drop Carol off to see if Fred has them in stock and throw them up on the deck when you come back.”

Carol jumped ashore at the market. “I’ll ring Fred and get him to take anything he has back to the village. The boys can get it from there. I1ll go back up with him,” she said as she winked at Dave. “You two can look after the fuel and provisions.”

“Can I steer?” Mandy asked as they pulled away from the shore. “Sure, that’s a good idea, extra skippers are always handy, I’ll give you a few lessons if you like,” Dave responded. He stood behind her, his hands on her waist as she took the wheel.

Mandy stood at the wheel her heart beating faster than usual as she felt Dave`s body touch hers. He put his arm around her and placed his hand over hers on the wheel. “Don’t correct so much, look out the back you can see you are zigzagging.”

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