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His Seed


I was 18 when I went by train to visit my brother who was away in college. It was a trip of many firsts for me. It was the first time I got drunk. I was the first time I got stoned. It was the first time I threw up until my stomach was empty. It was also the first time I explored my sexuality and discovered my sensuality, desire, and the nature of erotica.

I was on the train heading home. It was late afternoon so I went to the observation car to watch the sunset beyond the mountains. I was still a virgin and my thoughts were swimming in thoughts of girls, sex, and intimacy. I lamented over a girl at school who I desperately wanted. I wanted to pleasure her and make her feel like a queen. I wanted to make her feel special, and, in return, feel a sense of worth I desperately lacked.

He sat next to me. It made me a little uncomfortable, since there were many open seats in the car. I did not look at him until he spoke.


"Hello" I return.

"Beautiful day, huh?"

"Yes. I like the way the black mountains contrast with the crimson sky."

"It would make a nice painting."

"uh huh."

"My name is Robert."

"Greg." I shake his hand.

We chatted for a bit about were we come from and where we were going. I became more comfortable with him as the conversation continued. He offered me to join him at dinner and I accepted. I returned to my coach seat and read a little before the first seating.

I found him in the dining car. Already, a glass of wine was before him. I sat down and looked out the window. The landscape is cloaked in darkness. The lights of the dining car drown out stars so there is nothing to see. We talk and talk. He owns a bar in Denver. He is full of stories. I find myself really drawn to him.

Maybe it is his lively blue eyes. They twinkle in the lights of the car. He has a strong jaw and a full well manicured mustache. He is well built. I find his hands strangely attractive. They are large, strong, and like is mustache, well cared for. I guess his age to be in the early 40s. I find myself gazing at him like a star struck teenybopper. I am enthralled with the wisdom and mystery that comes with age.

Even more odd, I am untroubled by my feelings. Perhaps it is his warm smile and easy laugh. The conversation flows well past dessert. My full cup of coffee has grown cold.

"So are you in coach?" I ask.

"Nope. I have a sleeper car."

"Are they nice?"

"A little small, but sure beats sleeping in coach."

"Yeah, I bet it does. I remember the restless sleep I got on the way to see my brother. Can I see your room?"

"Of course" he smiles.

He pays for both our dinners and I thank him. We walk towards the engine where the sleeper cars are located. Three cars later we arrive at his room. It is at the end of the car. He opens the door and turns on the light. He lets me enter before him.

The room is small, but nice. To my left is a single bed. In front are a big window and a small table that folds in to the wall for more space. There is a vase with fresh flowers and 2 bottles of complimentary champagne on ice. Next to the table is a chair. There is a bathroom to my right. The bathroom is also a shower with a handheld sprayer attached next to the toilette.

I notice the room is well insulated. The rhythmic ka-chunk of the tracks is muted to a pleasant muffle. He shuts the door behind him and stands behind me. I turn and shut off the lights.

"That's better. I can see the stars with out the light on."

I feel his hand, strong, warm, and confident on my shoulder. I feel goose bumps all over my body. His hand reaches my other shoulder. He rubs me. I melt in to his touch. I feel his breath on my neck. He kisses me. I shudder. His masculine moustache tickles my virgin skin. His hands smooth over my body as he hugs me from behind. One hand leaves me as he turns to lock the door.

I feel electric. His hands return to explore me. I feel the blood rush to my penis. I loose myself in the caress of this older man. He is so confident and gentle. He is gentle in a way that only amplifies the power in his strong body. I imagine what he could do to me...what he will do to me.

I am so inexperienced. I can only stand submissively as he explores me. He untucks my shirt and pulls it over my head. His wonderful hands touch my skin. I moan his name. He kisses my neck again and my body is consumed in the sensation. I lean my head against his shoulder as he ravishes me.

His hands slide up my flat stomach to my hard nipples. He pinches them between is fingers.


I feel his warm breath on my saliva cooled skin escape in a chuckle. He is so experienced. He is magical. He is beautiful. Our age difference separates us not only in time, but also in self-knowledge. He may have made love to hundred men for all I know, but this is my first time. I let him guide me deep in to my first sexual experience. He is such a gentle and sensual man. I feel no reservations. I drink in the moment.

He moves from me. My body craves his attention. I feel disappointed but I do not voice it. I am in a strange land, experiencing wonderful foreign things and I fear speaking will transport me back to the dull world I left when I entered his cabin.

"Champagne?" He asks as he opens one of the bottles. He flashes me a wonderful smile. I adore him.

"Sure." I absently answer. I am still reveling in living dream.

"You OK?" he chuckles.

"I have never been more alive, or erect" I smile back.

He laughs and hands me my glass.

"What shall we toast?"

"How about new horizons?" I offer.

"To new horizons"

Our glasses clink. The train rolls on. The stars light the room gently. He takes my glass from my hand and sets it on the table with his. Grabbing my waist he pulls me to him. His cologne is an aphrodisiac. We kiss my first passionate kiss. His mustache feels so masculine against my upper lip. His hot tongue enters my mouth. I taste champagne. I sigh and feel my body and my soul melt in to him. Our tongues slowly slide and circle each other.

Never did I imagine passion could be so deep. I thought kissing was for the benefit of the girl, as a prelude to getting in to her pants. I realize I am the girl. I was not lamenting to have that girl. I wanted to be her. I want to be sexy and inspire the lust of my lover. It was not me making love to her, but my dream lover taking me. It is me that is being aroused by my masculine lover. And I am not making her wet...I am making him hard.

"Wow!" I breathe after our embrace.

He laughs again. I feel so delightfully overwhelmed. I know I am his plaything. He is toying with me. I am OK with that. I want this to last as long as it can. He hands me my glass. We drain our glasses and he opens the other bottle.

He runs his hands over my chest. My nipples are on fire. I feel the wetness of my precum saturating my shorts. He takes my nipple in to his warm mouth. I gasp.

"Oh God!"

He sucks, licks, and nibbles my nipples.

"You are going to make me cum if you keep doing that!"

"Actually, I better take care of the first so you can enjoy this"

I don't know what he means. He unbuckles my belt, unbuttons and unzips my pants, and pulls them down to my knees. My aching cock looks so big and angry. The head is a rich and dark purple. It glistens with my clear lustful oozings. He engulfs me in his mouth. I am over stimulated. I can't breathe. His muscular tongue, warm mouth, sucking, and slurping sound, all combine and assault my senses. I look down and am amazed and excited at the vision of my handsome lover sucking my dick. It is so fucking hot. I can't contain myself.

"Ahhh!" I scream as my seed pumps in to his wonderful mouth. My legs weaken. My breath is ragged. My body tingles and shivers. I cum and cum. I feel like I am exhaling a long held stale breath of stagnant air and sucking in pure sensual joy. It feels incredible to cum in this beautiful man's mouth. He drinks my semen in to his beautiful body.

When my orgasm fades he stands before me. He admires my body. MY body. I can't believe he is enjoying my body. I have never considered myself sexy. Here in my new world I am a sexual creature that inspires desires and lustful looks. In this world, age gives way to intimacy expressed in a sensual bond between lovers.


I take my clothes off. In gym glass I was always shy and hated undressing in front of the other boys. But here...here with Robert...I want to be naked for him. I want to pleasure him.

My skin is pale white in the starlit room. My penis is again erect, but the urgency to cum has been replaced by a desire to feel and be felt.

Warm strong hands are around my narrow waist. My arms wrap around his neck. We kiss like lovers lost in our time. My hands drift to his chest. I pull his shirt off.

"Oh Robert!" I exclaim as his muscled body is exposed for my delight. Dark hair compliments is hard body. He pulls me to his hairy chest. My nipples and skin drink in the feel of his warm skin and hair. He kisses my neck. My hands run up his strong back. So strong...

He breaks our embrace. He pulls off his pants as I down my drink. I am feeling quite giddy. Is it from the wine or the sex? His penis shows proud in the dim cabin. He is erect. "I did that,” I say to myself. His penis is long and thick. He wears it well. He stands with his hands on his hips like a god. I kneel before him.

I cup his large testicles in my hand. They are hot and heavy. I kiss the large mushroom shaped penis head. I never thought a penis could be beautiful. Now I am here worshiping his member. I make love to it. I lick the length of his shaft. I feel the thick veins with my tongue. I smell the musty man scent mixed with his cologne. I feel his cock with my lips and hands. I let it slide across my face as I lick and suck his swollen balls.

He moans for me. His pleasure vocalized inspires me. I take him gently in to my mouth. I let it fill me. Relaxing, his beauty slides deep in to my throat. I should have gagged. I did not. He is breathing heavy.

I am actually pleasuring this man. I am having sex with a man! My mouth is full of cock! My mind is peppered with similar thoughts as my mouth is salted with his precum. It is nectar to me. I am full of wonder over how I can use my body to pleasure him. I use my hands to pull on his balls in the same way I do when I jack off. I pull him deeper in to my throat by squeezing his firm buns and pulling him in to me. I consume him as he consumes me. My nose nestles in to his dark pubic hair. I close my eyes and just feel him. His cock is my world. I am eager to explore.

He pulls me up from my knees. He kisses me. Can I ever grow tired of his kisses? Our hard cocks meet. We rub against each other. His penis is slick with my saliva. His hands grope and rub and massage my young body. My virgin skin is so sensitive to his touch. I am his and, I realize with pride, he is mine. He turns me around to face the window.

"The moon is out"

I look at the bright moon. The mountains and the pines are black. Where they meet, the starlit sky it looks like raggedly torn paper. It is as if the sky were torn to reveal the infinite darkness behind it. The moon lights our bodies. It is a lover's light. The soft glow is perfect for my introduction in to sex and sensuality. Even if this were to end now, I will never be the same.

He hugs me from behind. His hands are on my waist. His lips are on my neck. His hard, hot, beautiful penis is between my ass cheeks. I am in heaven. He dry humps my ass. His penis slides between my cheeks. I moan and lean my head back to rest on his shoulder. I want him to fuck me.

I feel his hands trail down my back as he kneels at my ass. His confident hands part my tight cheeks. I feel his hot breath as I hold my own in anticipation. His tongue slides down my crack. I shiver in a small seizure of pleasure. All these new feelings felt in one glorious evening rock my world. I had no idea. I thought I knew fantasy. Robert is taking me places of which I never dreamed.

His tongue on my anus is amazing. I fantasized about licking that girl’s pussy and making her shiver and cum. Now it is my lover and my virgin ass assuming the roles. And it is better than any dream. His tongue delves in to me. In to my ass. In to my pussy. I give him my hole.

"Oh Robert!" I moan as I grip the table for stability. I close my eyes and concentrate on the feeling of his wet strong tongue bathing my puckered hole. He makes love to it. He kisses it as he kissed my mouth. It is so beautiful. I feel my eyes water in joy.



"I want you inside me."

He pauses. "You sure?"

"Yes. I want to use my body to pleasure you."

"You already are."

"I need to feel you inside me."

He pulls his bag out from under the bed. My heart is racing. Will it hurt? His penis is so big. What if I don't like it? He pulls out a bottle of clear lubricant and a condom. He rolls the condom on to his big cock. He gets on his knees. I hear him squirt lubricant from the bottle. A warm hand grabs my left cheek and massages it. I close my eyes.


I feel the cool lubricant being rubbed between my cheeks. He lubricates my entire crack. Then I feel pressure. I exhale and relax. His finger enters me. I like it. He slowly twists and hooks his digit in me. I surrender to his expertise. I trust him.

There is more pressure and a little discomfort as he inserts another finger. I adjust quickly. So strange. It feels so strange and erotic to have something foreign enter my ass. Will the wonders never cease? The gushy noises and the anal sensations both raise my arousal. My heart is still racing, but not from fear. It is racing with the thought of having this sexy man fuck me. He will fuck me and cum because I feel good to him.

The third or forth finger enters more smoothly. I feel like a puppet and at the same time like a lover. He wipes his hand on a towel I do not remember him grabbing. I start to move.

Stay right there. His hands run up my flat tummy and pinch my nipples again. I realize that my nipples are very sensitive. Robert has helped me find an erogenous zone before unknown to me. I am moaning like the virgin I am. His condom covered cock rubs up and down my lubricated crack. It feels so good. It feels so good to have a beautiful man desire me. His dick is so hard and long. It feels longer than my crack.

He puts a hand on my shoulder and leans me forward. I put my hands on the glass and spread my legs. God I feel sexy! Here I am submitting my body to him. I am begging him to take me with my actions. I am breathing so heavy.

I feel pressure again. He keeps constant pressure as my anus yields to his hardness. I relax and breathe. I coax him in to me with my mind.

He is in. I grit my teeth from the pain. My asshole is on fire. He does not move. The fire dies. The realization hits. There is a big cock in your butt! Robert's dick is in your ass!

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah. It hurt for a moment there."

"I thought it would. I just put the head in for now."

I look to my right and discover there is a mirror. I see a muscular fucking hot forty-year-old man that has the tip of his big dick in the ass of a 18-year-old boy. The boy has his long slender legs spread to accommodate his lover. His round cheeks glow in the moonlight. His hands are pressed against the glass of the window. His eyes glow with lustful passion. His hard penis is erect to a 45-degree angle.

I almost came. It was if I saw myself for the first time. It is the first time I have looked at myself and thought I was sexy.

The pain is gone and I can feel the thickness of his cock. I imagine the large mushroomed head of cock in my ass. I need more. I push off from the glass and take more of him in to my body. The more I am filled, the more I am fulfilled. He lets me work his cock with my body. I feel so sexy. I begin to sway my hips so I can feel him in new places. I take more and more of him in to me. I keep checking the mirror to find out how deep he is. I have a ways to go!

My anus is sending pleasure through out my body. Other than the feeling of being filled, I do not feel much past my hole. Then I go for it and engulf his whole cock in my body.

"Wow!" we say in unison. I definitely feel something deep with in me and it feels GOOD! It is like jacking off on the inside. His long thick cock is rubbing something inside my body. I look in the mirror. He is in. His warm body is against my cheeks.

He takes my hips and begins to slide out of me. My anus sings. He pushes all the way in.


He hit the spot again. Slowly out and slowly in he works my hole. I groan every time he hits my magic place. I am in ecstasy. What more can I offer this sexy man other than my ass for his pleasure? The gushy slurping noises are too hot. The vision of his muscular body sliding his big dick in an out of me in the mirror is driving me crazy. I almost feel detached...as if I could never be a part of something so beautiful. But I am. Robert has made me part of this beautiful vision.

His muscles ripple as he makes love to me. He notices when I moan and finds my place. He works it with savage jabs. My cock has drooled a long thread of precum. I am lost in wonder. How can a dick in my ass feel so good?

Tingley warmth spreads through my body. My balls tighten.


"Yeah baby?"

"Look in the mirror."

He looks as I shoot a long rope of thick semen on to the table.

"Oh Honey" he moans and starts really fucking me hard. I want to tell him I love him, but my orgasm takes over my body and I am left chanting "Oh, Oh, Oh!" as my penis spurts cum and my body is rocked my his violent thrusts. His cock conducts the orchestra of my orgasm as chords of thick semen spew from my body.

He stops pumping as my orgasm fades.

"That was beautiful"

I can only nod as I try to catch my breath.

His hands caress my body. I am so sensitive. His touch is electric and makes me shake. He pulls out from my ass and removes his condom. I am momentarily disappointed because I wanted to make him cum. But I realize there is nothing preventing me from doing so.

"That was the most exciting thing I have every done. I have never felt such an orgasm."

"I have never seen someone cum so much!" he chuckles as he looks at the mess I made of the table.

I kiss him. I take his cock in my hand and squeeze it. How can something so firm, be so soft?

"What am I going to do with this? Such a nasty swelling! I will have to drain it." I smile.

I grab the bottle of lubricant and squirt some in to my hand. I coat his penis. It shines in the moonlight like a knight's sword. I jack him off with both hands. I feel him with my fingers and palms. I gently twist the great knob of his cock head.

He sits down on the armless chair. I kneel and continue pleasuring him. I tickle him with my fingers. I massage his balls. I jack him. I tend to his wonderful cock, as a lover should. His pleasure is mine.

His moans are deep and soulful. I tell him that I love him with my hands. I admire his muscled body. God he is beautiful! I grow hard again.

I straddle him. He looks me in the eye "I should wear a condom."

"I want your seed in my body"

His eyes grow soft and appear to water. I guide his penis in to my body. He slides in smoothly. I am filled again with my lover's penis. I grab the towel from the table and wipe my hands. He is still looking at me in awe. I ride him long and smooth.

"You feel so good" he says shaking his head

"You feel wonderful. You fill me like nothing ever has"

His hands cup and massage my firm cheeks. I run my fingers through his dark hair. I caress his chest while I ride his hardness. I feel him deep in my body. I pinch his nipples and he moans. We kiss. His tongue penetrates my mouth, as does his cock. I am filled with him in every hole I can offer.

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