tagBDSMHis Surrender Ch. 02

His Surrender Ch. 02


I lay still, I stayed at the Messer House on the nursery grounds. It was built in 1952 by Frank's grandmother. A powerful woman. This house a monument to what she accomplished. A war widow with seven children she turned the full section wheat farm into a thriving nursery. She sold starter shrubs to the contractors and bedding plants to the new suburbanites.

The sky is turning dove grey to the east. The first of the birds are beginning their calls, one to the next as if announcing the coming of the new day. I watch the window for the first hints of color, I won't pull myself out of bed before the sun entices me.

I see the first hints of purple and orange. I stand at the window watching the world come to life. I love the color of morning. It seeps into you, fills you with this sense of wonder. The colors layer upon layer, bumping into each other. The sun follows pushing the colors up until they fade away when you forget to look.

It's my twenty fifth wedding anniversary, half my life, married. There is a lot to reflect on. Frank and I will have a quiet dinner at the yacht club. I got him an antique watch and cuff links.

Frank Messer, my husband is a gay man, twenty years my senior. I have know this since long before I married him. At the time I thought I was simply non-sexual. I have learned since that I am primarily asexual. Although I am truly aroused by a submissive male, I rarely have any desire for their sexual touch.

Frank Messer needed a wife to stifle the gay rumors. They were threatening to put him out of business. It was the eighties in the Motor city, the world around us was homophobic. A lot of it still is. At a time when other States are approving same sex marriage, Michigan has banned it.

A woman in charge of a multi-million dollar business was new. A young woman in charge unheard of. I was barely eighteen when I had to take over. An only child my parents were killed in a helicopter accident in Hawaii over Christmas vacation. On December 30th I buried my parents, on January 2nd a blizzard hit and I had to handle our response. I have been in charge ever since.

Findier Property Management, I have done well. From four apartment buildings in 1984 to over a thousand properties at last count,seventy of them complexes.

Frank became a source of support. He handled the landscaping for all four buildings. We met weekly, to review the bill and pay him. It was unnecessary, really, we had a contract, and bills get paid as submitted. But, it had been that way since my parents first hired his company in the sixties, still is.

Our first date was the Mayor's fireworks party. Frank was complaining about having to find a date for the event. I was in the same boat, dreading trying to find a date myself. I suggested we go together. We went to all public functions together after that.

Six years later a social columnist headline prompted our marriage. "Frank Messer gay? Carol Findier his beard?" We threw a lavish event at the Nursery. It was the eighties that ended all rumors. We never hid any thing from each other, just the rest of the world. Frank's mate was our best man, and I love Edward every bit as much as I love Frank.

My alarm goes off pulling me back to the present. My calendar is full. I will finalize the arrangements for the fourth of July weekend open house. It's the biggest event at the Nursery all year. The four day party will include several charity events, plenty of free events, and fireworks.

I pull a white sheath from my closet. Plain sheath dresses in a rainbow of colors hang on the upper rack, suit jackets on the lower. It's my work uniform, easy, comfortable, and always chic. I grab a cute cropped red gingham jacket, and navy pumps.

Deep in paperwork I am lost in thought when the phone rings. I picked it up mindlessly, "Carol Messer, how can I help you?" It's Edward, he sounds like he's crying.

"Carol, Frank's had a heart attack you need to come to Beaumont." My heart is in my mouth, and I hear myself answer woodenly. My secretary Bella notice my state as I head out of the office without a word.

"Carol, what's wrong?" She chases after me and grabs my shoulder to get my attention. She ends up driving my to the hospital. Edward is waiting outside the ER for me. Tears still streaming down his face.

"Why aren't you with him? He shouldn't be alone." I ask as Edward pulls me into a hug.

"I'm not his spouse, parent or child they won't let me in." I gasp, and hug him tighter.

"I am so sorry, let's get in there." Hand in hand we go in. Edward has been Frank's partner for forty years. What a world they have had to deal with.

When we leave Frank is resting comfortably. They have cleared several blocked arteries. He's going to recover. I walk Edward back to his car, he pulls me into arms."Carol, your a wonderful wife to us. Thank you for an amazing twenty five years."

I kiss his cheek, run my hand over the soft ends of his snow white crew cut, and smile."I love you too Edward."

This seems to be a day full of reflection. It's a thirty minutes drive up the avenue to the Waterfront Condo. I love this drive. From thirteen mile to the river you see life in all its forms. From the National Shrine of the Little Flower, and the affluent suburbs, to Ferndale and its diverse alternate lifestyle, through some of the worst neighbors, past Hockeytown, through the cultural center, ending at Hart Plaza, the base of the river front.

I hang my purse on the hook next to the door, throw my keys in the tray on the table. The smell of fresh coffee is wafting in the air. Jessie is home, he's been staying here a lot since his sister left for camp. I head for the kitchen. He has a salad sitting in front of my place at the table, it's a beautiful anti pasta plate. I am sure Janet left it in the refrigerator, Jessie doesn't cook.

"Edward called, he accidentally picked up your keys to the office, he didn't want you to worry. I figure you've had a long day and neglected yourself. Please eat. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Jessie has become very adept at caring for me over the last three weeks.

"The salad can wait I need my hair down my head is starting to pound." I hadn't noticed until just that moment. When down, my hair hangs to my waist. During the day it is always up, captured on my head. Today its in a series of braids,wrapped into a bun, it is very heavy. I walk straight for my chair in the living room.

Jessie follows me immediately, he pours each of us water from the tray on the table. I am pleased he prefers plain water. Janet has set the tray with a crystal pitcher, matching tumblers and an ice bucket that looks like a large shot glass. He hands me my water then retrieves the wooden hairbrush from the drawer.

Jessie removes the pins releasing the braids from the back of my head. Then pulls the braids through his fingers gently tugging them apart, allowing them to hang loose. It is a great relief redistributing the weight and easing the tension."Jessie please take my shoes off before you continue."

Kneeling at my feet, taking my shoes off, his appearance always takes my breath away. I run my hand over his neatly cropped hair.

He is talented at massaging my feet and calves, relieving the strain my heels have caused. I relax into the chair."Frank had a heart attack. They cleared blockages, he is going to recover. He's in ICU tonight they expect to move him to the cardiac main floor tomorrow." His mouth on my legs is so relaxing. I am already dripping wet.

"Now, take my jacket and get me the men in ropes book to browse while you finish my hair. After you finish with my hair you can pick a pose to try." His cock is bobbing and drooling. As he takes my jacket, I run the nails of my extended arm over his balls gently, eliciting a soft moan. He is very observant, he notices the things that please me. That particular sound is delightful.

Jessie picked this book the first time I had him wait for me in this room. He chooses it more than any other. I know the ropes fascinate him, he likes handling them as he rebundles them to hang on the wall. He often runs his fingers over the welts left behind. Fleeting memories passing over his face. I love just watching him.

My fingers wander over the pages, as if caressing the naked bound bodies. I linger over a picture, the young man is bound kneeling, his arms behind him attached to a pole, his ankles pulled up and attached to his thighs.

Jessie has finally freed my hair of its braids and is gently running his fingers through it , massaging my scalp as a precursor to brushing. It's my turn to moan.

I continue browsing the images. This is the image I want him to choose, I stroke the picture for a long time, running my fingers over the ropes. Sighing softly I close my eyes, I roll my neck leisurely. It will give him a very clear view of the book. I hear his breath catch, he can see the entire image. I resume my browsing while he finishes brushing my hair.

It has been an hour of total bliss. I hand him the book."Jessie, put the book mark in the page you choose. Put it on the bench in the playroom and wait for me." I head for the kitchen, now that I have relaxed, I am ravenous.

Jessie is kneeling next to the rope wall in his appointed position. I open the book, an immediate smile crosses my face, he has chosen the image."Jessie, please position yourself centered on the mat." Impact cushioning mats, I will not injure his knees by balancing him on them, they will be protected.

I grab the bundles of ropes I need to place the cuffs on his body, he is now very used to wrist and ankle cuffs, but the cuffs at his knee and upper thigh with be new. I will be careful to run the thigh cuff along the natural crease, I do not want to pinch his femoral artery, as it supports the load of his lower leg.

Jessie often smiles, his eyes riveted to my working hands. I build much of his restraint in comfortable positions. I like the intimate contact between us. My fingers working the ropes checking and rechecking the tension. A foreplay of sorts, a dance building anticipation.

Jessie is sitting comfortably on the mat. His legs are bent, his knees are spread, and his wrists rest extended over them. I tie his wrist, ankle and knee cuffs. I have access to all of him, it is fun to play. I stroke him often, playing with his balls, savoring every moan, sigh, and intake of breath. His cuffs complete I stroke him in ernest, licking up each drop of pre-cum as it appears.

His moans are deeper, his breath ragged. I know before he starts to beg "Ms. Carol I am going to cum. May I please cum please."

Jessie knows he will not cum yet, he knows what he will endure before then. It does not stop his hips from pumping, or his cock from jumping when I take my hand away."Good boy!" I smile at him.

"Jessie, please rest your arms back supporting you so I can tie the chest ropes for the harness." I am not suspending him; this is simple restraint. I wrap a doubled rope twice, both above and below his pecs. I start the lower rope with its loop in the center of his chest, securing it with double half hitches.

I take two ropes, I loop them together around the front center lower rope so one tail come out on either direction securing them. I pull each rope on an angle passing it over his nipple and securing it to the upper rope. I pass them over his shoulders and secure each to both chest ropes, across his shoulders blades, securing them to the back center. I stroke him right to the edge again.

"Jessie, please stand up and relax your arms crossed in front of you and legs spread." I start with the loop at the top of his hip bone, I wrap the rope carefully to create the cuff. I pass my fingers under the cuff, and pull the loop towards the center back. I secure the leads first to the cuff, then the center back of the chest harness. Every change of position requires further frustration.

It's time to put him in the final pose."Jessie please kneel in an upright position with your knees spread." I attach the twenty four inch spreader bar to his knee cuffs. I open the flap in the mat and secure the spreader bar down. He will not be able to fly and swing. I lower the bar in front of him and attach his wrist cuffs to either end. I pull his arms up so they are fully spread extended.

The final piece, I pull each ankle up and secure it to his thigh with about a six inch gap. His body will rock on his knees as I flog him.

I stand directly in front of Jessie, lifting his chin I lean down and kiss him. It is loving and warm, a sensuous kiss. My right hand fondles his balls, my left playing around his nipple between the ropes "Would you like to see how beautiful you are for yourself?" It's almost a purr. He is indeed beautiful, his bronzed body bound in natural ropes. I sigh, and moan against him.

"Yes please Ms. Carol." His voice is anxious and needy. I roll the full length mirror to the edge of the mat directly in front of him. His breath hitches and he gasps. He looks like a captured God bound to the earth. It is very different than the effect in the book. The male in the book was a twink, his long slender under developed body gave the impression of a punished slave, even without a single mark on his body.

I walk slowly to the whip section of the wall. I can feel his eyes on me, watching what I choose. I choose a fairly small flogger, total length eighteen inches. It is a deceptive whip, it has a heavy shot bag in its nine inch handle, and there are many many tails, making them heavy as well.

I will use three kinds of motion, swings that a are heavy and thud against his torso, ones that dance and wrap leaving a million little biting stings in their wake, and simple twirling sweeps that at first seem innocent but leave stinging heat.

His eyes never leave me. I return to where he is restrained. I play gently with my left hand, cupping his balls fondling them. I hold the whip in my right. It will be the first time I have used a whip on him. We have used my hand, a hairbrush, paddles and slappers, but never a whip."Jessie, this is a flogger. I am going to hit you on your butt, but also on your shoulders and chest."

I watch as fear and anticipation chase each other through his body, contorting his face."I am going to start slow and build. We're going to do this like a circuit work out. Time will work like a pyramid the first round will go one minute, we will build to four and then work our way back down. The intensity will build each and every time." I pause letting him process my words.

"You have been learning how to process pain very well. I will calm you between rounds." Now, it is his decision he has not earned punishment, so if he would prefer to wait, he can choose not to cum until our next session. He has never made the choice to stop."Jessie, would you like me to release you now?"

Jessie hesitates, it is the first time. He is staring at the flogger, then a small flush passes through him."No, Ms. Carol." his whole body is trembling.

I purposely choose the flogger as the first pyramid session. The anticipation of what the flogger will feel like the first time is much worst than the reality. Small doses to start relieves the angst.

I lean down, capturing his mouth kissing him. He is beginning to relax, starting to let himself enjoy kissing, not just submitting to the invasion. No matter how I touch his body it is still the most intimate contact between us.

I kiss my way down his body. Running my nails along the edges of the ropes. Occasionally, nipping at his skin and quickly suckling the sting away. The whip is simply dragging in my hand, a presence only.

I pull his cock into my mouth, I hold his hips, pressing the whip handle against him. I bury my face against him. Holding him to me, pulsing, an inward swallowing. Then I begin, running my teeth over him as I pull back. Playing my tongue over the head. Pushing him back into me. Once more I take him to the very edge.

I start behind him, just twenty seconds on each area. I spin the handle in my right hand, letting the tails wisp over his skin. I run the tails down over his ass. I see him relax, his breathing steady. I switch hands spinning the whips so the tails wisp up, brushing the lower edge of his cheeks.

It's like brushing against nettles on a walk in the woods. It's warm, tingly subtle at first but quickly turning hot and uncomfortable. His breathing is shallow, a moan escapes, as the whip moves away.

I start the over hand spin again, running the whip across his shoulders at the upper rope line. His breathing calms, soft mews escape. Once again as the subtle heat ensues, his breathing becomes shallower. I switch hands and spin upward wisps along the lower rope, blending the stinging.

I move in front of him, I smile, he is watching me. I start spinning the flogger, Jessie has to pull his chin up and back out of the way. His head moves from side to side, he bites at his lips. His sounds are soft and controlled. He has become accustomed to the stinging. His breathing is deep relaxing, moans rumbling in his chest.

His eyes follow me as I move. When I switch to the upward strokes his neck relaxes. I allow the tails to swish against the lower rope, and along his sides, over his ribs. The minute is over, but I can't resist spinning the tales gently over his cock and balls. His legs try to pull up instinctively, the bar holds him to the floor. His cock bobs, his shoulders flex, and a deep moan escapes.

I run my nails over the slightly pink tone the whip has given his chest. The color of rose gold, the pink layered over his already bronze skin. I play between the ropes, mouthing his pecs, nipping, suckling, teasing him.

I let the tails of the whip hang loosely over his cock. Though it had relaxed slightly during the whip play, it is moving the tails as it stiffness, they cascade and dance around it. I stroke him, I won't bring him all the way to the edge. Not this time.

This session will be the worst for him. The wrapping stinging of the whip tails will push at his tolerance. Men, do not handle this effect well. I will stand purposely close. I will bring the whip against his body in such a manner that the tails wrap around him. They will leave behind a million little biting stings.

I start on his flank, letting the tails wrap and kiss the ridge of his hip. He immediately cries out, gasping. "Breathe, you can do this. Just breathe." I bring the whip around the opposite hip kissing the opposite ridge. There is a sharp intake of breath, then moan, followed by several deep breaths.

He fights for his control, his breath is rippled, in short stammering intakes. His head lolls from side to side. His breath out a moan, deep and strained. His eyes have closed, his cock now flaccid.

I move up to his ribs, moving along his sides, over his lats, finally letting it wrap his biceps. This elicits an uncontrolled cry, sharp pained, popping his eyes open. The faint blush that covers him as he catches his image In the mirror, tightens my belly.

I once again stand between Jessie and the mirror. In front of him, I play over the most space. I start allowing the tails to wrap their magic around his thighs. I can watch the effect pushing him. Then I move along his arms, and finally along his ribs, allowing the stinging to fall on his back. His eyes once again close, his lips are tight, his jaw clenched, a moan resonates from his chest with each stinging blow.

His whole body sags, his breath is coming back to normal, as I take his head between my hands."Jessie, look at me." He slowly opens his eyes, they are damp though no tears have fallen. "Your doing very well." I kiss him, he does not yet equate it with tender care. The trust is building. I so want him to desire being kissed.

I lay a trail of kisses along his jaw. Then over his shoulder, lingering at his ropes. Playing along the edges with my tongue. His is again moaning, this time breathy and filled with pleasure. I move along his arms, suckling and kissing over the pink skin, with the angry red flecks. I allow my right hand to linger over his hardening cock.

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