His Surrender Ch. 02


Then I am kissing his chest. Other than along the edges most of the pink has receeded. My right hand is stroking him bringing him closer, I can feel the tension building tighter. I work my way down over his abdomen, slowly, nipping, suckling, teasing him. His breath is again ragged and shallow. This time caused by pleasure.

I take him in my mouth, burying him, holding him in my throat. He knows words are expressly forbidden, other than safety, or if he is answering a question. He also knows that if he doesn't get permission to cum he will incur punishment. I have only forced him to fail once. Taking him to the point of begging and not relieving him. Sending him to bed in misery. That will not happen this time.

I feel the change in his body. I feel him struggling not to beg, trying to managing the rising wave. I release him. His body shudders, his hips push forward, his shoulders strain, and his cock bobs. I lean in and kiss him once more. Gentle and teasing I swipe my tongue over his lips without probing his mouth.

I start the deep thudding blows. I pull the tails through my hand compacting and straightening, they land with a single solid blow. There is very little sting, this is almost pure impact play. Although his breathing is heavy, his moans and groans continual, he is relaxed. This is familiar and manageable. His erection does not fail, I am truly pleased.

I stand just in front of Jessie, I lift his chin to look at me. His eyes open, they are damp and begging. I am going to offer him out. I hope he chooses to finish, from his expression he may not. "Jessie, now you have felt the three ways the flogger can be used. I will use all three techniques in combination for four minutes. Then we will repeat what we have already done in reverse."

I lower his arms which allows his hips to bend. His toes rest on the ground, his butt rests against his heels. He is receiving a break."I am going to get us water while you think about this. Would you like to be released right now?"

I return with a single glass of water and allow him to sip through a straw till he is refreshed. I put the glass down and return to stand in front of him. I tilt his face up."Jessie, what have you decided. Would you like to be released?"

A single tear drops down his cheek."No Miss Carol." His voice is soft but clear. It is full of humiliation at the choice he has made. He trembles as I reposition him. Then we continue. By the end of the flogging he is openly sobbing, his body covered in sweat.

I release his ankles and knees, allowing him to pull his legs together, kneeling up. I start at his ankles, unwrapping the ropes, massaging the welts. I remove the ropes slowly, moving my mouth over the welts left behind. Finally, only his wrists remain restrained spread and stretched above him. His cock is trailing a stream of pre-cum to a small puddle on the floor.

"Jessie, you get to choose. If I leave your arms restrained and pull you up so our standing on your toes. I will use my mouth to make you cum. Or I will release you. Then you can lay back and relax and I will use my hand. So should I use my mouth or my hand?" He is tired and needy. I wonder if he will take the rest, or will he choose what we both prefer.

"Please use your mouth Ms. Carol." I tap his shoulder. He moves to his feet, which allows the bar to rest in front of his chest.

"Jessie, rest the bar across the back of your shoulders. Relax, you have permission to cum." That is his cue not to speak. He follows the direction without hesitation. The movement is a little awkward with his wrists attached to the bar. I am going to keep him in this position.

I run my nails along his arms. It elicits a soft mewing noise. I love the lines and definitions of his muscles. I kiss my way across his chest, suckling each nipple. Nibbling, soft bites, suckling, eliciting more insistent moans. His hips pushing into me.

I capture his cock in my mouth. Just the head pressing it to the roof and pulsing my tongue. It elicits a gasp and his hips try to thrust into my mouth, I simply lean back retaining my hold on just the head. Finally, I release him running my tongue just under the ridge of its head.

I am playing, I know he desperately wants to cum, but I am going to make it enjoyable not just a release. He has earned the comfort of being slowly brought to the edge, and gently pushed over. I start slowly taking him. His moans are deepening, his hips try to thrust, as I hold him still.

I take him in moving my tongue around him, gently scraping my teeth on the way out. Moving only the width of my lips deeper with each stroke. When I have captured his whole length he is raising quickly. He is ready to shatter. I pulse for just a moment causing his cock to jump in my throat. The I release his hips and stroke him, with my mouth, following the rhythm of his hips.

Finally I allow him to simply fuck my mouth. Trapping him again only as he passes the point of no return. Pulsing my tongue just under the head, allowing the cum to pool in the back of my mouth before swallowing.

I release his wrists, setting aside the bar, I lean into his chest, I tilt my head up."Jessie, kiss me." Unexpectedly he wraps his arms around me, pulling me tighter against him, he crushes my lips. Kissing me passionately, our tongues dance. When he releases me I am breathless.

I remove the cuffs from his wrists, suckling the welts. Massaging the blood back it to his hands. When I finish I curl up in the wing back chair to simply watch him bundle the ropes, put away the bars, and the flogger, before he goes to his room. He often gets lost in his own thoughts. There is something truly beautiful about him.

It has been a long day. I stretch and go to my room, a long hot shower is in order.


Authors footnote: Now three chapters have been written. Third person, Jessie's and Carol's point of views. Do you have a preference? I'd like to hear your thoughts. Please comment. Happy fantasies and many wet dreams. Ms. Marg.

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