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His Voice

bylil pixie©

Walking into the room feeling unsure of his intention conflict struggling with in my mind. Part wanting to run away as fast as I can part wanting to stay yet unable to walk away from his desires.

His voice a husky whisper demanding me to come nearer to him.

Nervously unable to deny his commands as in a trance my body moves against my will closer to him

Feeling his eyes moving across me studying my body, Unable to move as he walks around me his cold eyes inspecting my body.

"Undress for me" his words a lower demanding voice that I am unable to resist.

Nervously my fingers fumble at my clothing unable to deny his desires as he watches my every movement.

Sliding the fabric away from my skin as the clothing begins to create a pile at my feet.

Feeling his hand on my chin as he lifts my head looking hard into my eyes. His gaze searing deep into my soul.

My lips begin to tremble his eyes moving to watch as he feeds upon my fear.

His hand reaches for my hair gripping a handful tugging on it pushing my body downward forcing me to kneel before him. My knees weaken as they bend under his force.

Unsure of his plans as he moves around me. Terror gripping at me unable to move, as I remain kneeling.

Crying out at the sudden shock as I feel his whip striking my bare skin, as the leather cuts into my flesh.

Wanting to flee from his punishing lashes. My fear of his reprisal far greater then my desire to run.

Tearing flowing from my eyes as I plead for mercy. His will an unbending force as his whip continues its cruel punishing lashes.

My body shaking from the deep pain as the savage beating ends.

My body racked with pain as I lay sobbing on the floor.

My ears pick up the sounds of his pants unsnapping, the rustling of fabric as his sheds his clothing.

Feeling his hands tugging at my hair as he lifts my head to his cock forcing it inside my mouth demandingly

Unable to deny his desires as I begin sucking feeling his hands pushing my face against his hardness

Feeling the thrust of his body as his hands move in my hair. His cock pounding deep within my lips.

Hearing his groans. As his hands tighten their grip on my head.

Suddenly feeling his hands pulling my head backward as he slides his cock from my lips

Pushing me back to the floor then moving behind my body moving me like a toy as I feel his hand spread my legs.

His hands begin to slide along my thighs making me tremble at his touch. Then feeling his cruel fingers pressing against my clit

Twisting and pinching at my clit with his harsh fingers as my body opens to his touch.

Unable to hold back a moans of pleasure as he slides his fingers deep into my pussy.

Groaning out with desire at his thrusting hands. As I feel his cock rubbing against my ass.

Fear grips my body as I feel the head of his cock pushing at my anus. His hand pounding deep within my body.

Crying out from the sudden pain of his cock pushing deep within my ass.

Clinching my hands tightly feeling my nails biting into my palms as his cock begins its ferocious thrusting.

His hand slides from my pussy moving upward on my body his fingers begin stroking the welts rising on my back.

Pleading with him as his cruel hands trace the cuts his whip carved in my skin.

His hard frame pounding at my body. Forcing himself even deeper in my ass, his fingers digging into my flesh, tears stream down my cheeks.

Screaming out with the pain of his cruel touch. Hearing his laughter ringing in my ears.

Begging for mercy as his thrusting force punishes me for my weakness.

Hearing his groans of pleasure as his cock pounds deeper into my ass.

Fingers clawing at my skin. struggling against his fierce possession as my mind tries to shut out the feelings of pain.

Feeling his hands sliding around my body caressing my breast as his cock pushes deeper into my ass.

Pleading with him as I feeling his cruel finger begin twisting as my nipples pulling them sharply as I struggle with the conflicting emotions within my body.

Confusion at the barbaric treatment as pain is mixed with desire as my mind becomes a whirlwind of emotions.

Crying out unsure if my cries are of pain or passion as his savageness begins to control my emotions.

Feeling my hot juices pouring from my body as pain mingles with pleasure unable to deny his demands on my body as I feel myself begin to cum held prisoner in his arm.

Hearing his groan of pleasure, as his grip tightens on my breast pushes me into him forcing my body to meet his thrusting cock.

Gasping for my breath as I feel his passion over taking me feeling myself tossed over the edge.

Unable to withstand the mixture of pain and pleasure as I feel his thrusting cock brutally forcing itself deeper into my tight ass.

His moans load in my ears telling me of his pleasure as his cock pushes deep within my body with his final thrust filling me with his hot seed.

Laying on the floor for a moment as he withdraws from me. Feeling the cold air surrounding begin to cool the fires inside me.

Feeling the strength of his arms as his carries me to his bed holding me close lying beside me as I fall into a deep sleep surrounded by his warmth.

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