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History - Ulisi


Welcome to the History story series. These are short stories of characters in different stories I've written. Sometimes they're favorite characters readers want to hear more of so here they are. I hope you enjoy.

* * * * *

Ulisi was a adventurous child. Each time her tribe moved, she would wander the forest to feel the layout of the land. From a young age the tribe leaders chose her to train as a sharman due to visions Brother Wolf had given them so they allowed her more freedom than any other child. It was during one of those times that the white men attacked her village. She remained hidden until the warriors had killed or driven the enemies out before running back to the village to give aid of those who needed help. That first attack happened when she was twelve summers old. And because of that, she learnt she had to grow up quickly and that was what she did.

By the time she had turned sixteen and ready for the age trials, she was mature compared to the others of her age. When the elders took the children along with Ulisi into the forest for their trials. Each child sent in a different direction and told to return to the village the next morning if their paths weren't set for them. The elders told them, by the next moon, if given a path, they would return with something from it and the elders would know if they were given one or not. None of the children knew what path gave what item so there was no way of pretending something, they would be found out.

When Ulisi took her path, she just followed her senses until she came upon a clearing. The moon was out in full which shone down to lighten the area as if it were daytime. She felt a belonging there so taking a step inside before sitting down on the ground and closed her eyes to let the calmness flood through her body.

Not knowing how long she had sat there, but she felt another presence coming closer to her. Opening her eyes slowly to see a man with wolf furs covering his body with a wolf headdress on top of his head. She felt more relaxed even though she didn't know the warrior, so she didn't make any movements to escape him. He walked closer to her, before sitting down a few feet away from her.

"You are not scared, child?" he asked in a rough voice.

Giving him a shy little smile. "I don't feel scared. I feel more calm than anything else."

He gave her a single nod. "What is your name?"

Looking into his eyes to see something different about them before lowering her gaze. "Baby Dee at the moment but that will change once I return to the village."

Leaning towards her. "Are you sure your going to be returning to the village, child? What's to stop me from taking you away from your family. No one is around to stop me."

Not able to help but look back up with a bright smile across her lips. "Because if I don't return, my brother will find me."

He sat back and arched a brow at her. "And who would this warrior be. He wouldn't beable to track me. I'm one with this forest."

"So is he. He'd beable to find me." she said with certainty.

Shaking his head a little. "You have no brothers, child. You just lied to me."

It was her turn to shake her head a little. "He is my brother, he was my sisters warrior before she died. He will always be my brother even though he's not living in the village any more. But I've seen him watch over me while I'm looking for herbs and wandering the forest." Tilting her head a little looking at the man. "So is his brother that left the village. Even though his brother isn't like he use to be. But his brother is my brother as well and so is his woman that's with them, she is my sister."

The man seem to think over her words for a long time. "Are you sure that they are on the same side, child?"

Baby Deer looked at him and smiled. "I know they are. I can feel them watching over the village while we sleep. I can see the trails they left and seen the animals they bring closer to us for the warriors to hunt. The elders think it's just because we're in a good spot but I know better. But I won't tell anyone about them. They are the village guardians so I wouldn't interfere with how they want to do things."

"You do know sometimes secrets will get you into trouble if the elders find out about them and you not telling them."

Nodding. "I do but it's not my secret to say."

Silence took them again as both enjoyed the peacefulness of the forest. He then moved around to sit beside her but keeping a small distance from her. "Do you know who I am, child?"

She stretched her legs out in front of her and lent back with her hands behind her to lean back on them. "Your a friend, a protector, a guardian of the forest and her people."

"What is my name?"

Tilting her head a little as she turned her gaze to him. "Your Brother Wolf."

"Do you know why I'm here with you?"

Smiling a little and not breaking her gaze from him. "My path is yours."

Giving her a small smile then looking across the clearing and motioning for her to look. As she did, she could see a dark gray wolf stalking towards them. She couldn't take her eyes off the wolf which would soon be hers as she would be the wolfs. "Once you have joined souls, I have a request of you, child." he softly said.

Not taking her eyes off the wolf as it started to run towards her. "I will accept the request, Brother Wolf, no matter what it is." Once the wolf was in leaping distance to her. It jumped towards her and she let out a gasp as it entered her body. Bringing her knees up and hugging her chest. She took a few deep breaths with her eyes closed. Watching the wolf pace around in her mind before it settled and curled up to rest.

He waited until her breathing was back to normal and then shift to face her properly. She opened her eyes and looked around to see things more clearly than they were before, before turning to face him like they sat when he first spoke to her.

"My request pup is when you reach twenty-five summers. I want you to make your wolf sleep. I know you know the herbs to do just that. I need you to age slowly as the humans do. I want you to do this because of our brother, Gray Wolf. It will be one of your childrens children that will give him his mate and I want you to watch over the child until he can claim her as his."

She didn't expect something like that to be the request but when it sunk in. She gave a soft nod. "I will do what is requested. How will I know that the child is born?"

He sighed a little. "The daughter that will have the child will pass away and both brothers will be there when you leave her. It will be a terrible time but at the same time, you will have your true family with you. But at the same time, I ask you do not reveal yourself until she is ready to take on the wolf. She is to know nothing of her future. I will try to keep her wolf away from her but when she is born her wolf will try to get to her. You can tell her our stories but nothing of the truth of who she is."

Giving a soft nod and looking down at the grass in front of her. "A sad but happy time. I will teach her the old ways like I will do with each child before her. I will keep the secret until she is ready. But my wolf is going to be really unhappy with me when she wakes."

Wolf chuckled a little. "Your wolf knows what is going on. As long as you allow her to have a good run until that time to sleep comes, she won't be to upset with however long it will take. As well, she will find your true mate once she is awaken so that will ease her."

She could feel her wolf happy with that idea which made her smile. "I think she likes that idea."

Standing up and holding his hand out to her. "Let's go for a run. I will visit you so we can run together and I will begin your training."

Taking his hand to stand up then blushed a little as he began to undress. Turning her back to him slightly and undressed herself. She listened to his words with how to shift into a wolf and soon became lost in the feeling of the shift and landed on the ground on four feet. She shook her fur and looked down at the legs to see the dark gray fur. She looked at him and gave a wolfy grin as they ran into the forest to begin her new path.

* * * * *

During the years of their friendship, Wolf and Baby Deer became closer and closer. They would curl up together during the evenings after a long run or hunt. But time soon came of her twenty-fifth summer and it was time to let her wolf sleep. During that evening, they hunted and played in the forest before ending up in the cave they shared during her time away from the village.

They sat together at the opening of the cave. She was resting her head against his shoulder and just staring out over the forest. "This is our last night together, isn't it?"

Slipping his arm around her and softly kissing the top of her head. "It is. I won't see you again until the child is born then the next time it will be when the child receives her wolf." Standing up he lead her back into the cave, mixing the drink that she would be taking for a long time and handing it to her. "It's time."

Nodding a little, she took the cup from him and began to drink it slowly but not stopping until it was finished. She felt her wolf fighting the sleep before it moved into the back of her mind and allowing the herbs to take full affect. Once it did, she started to look around quickly, holding her hands out in front of her where she finally felt Wolf taking her hands and leading her over to the fur bedding. "What is wrong with my vision?"

He laid her down and laid down beside her. "That is the effects of the herbs. Wolves need sight and without sight they're not predators any more. Your sight has gone back to being human. But once she awakens your sight will return as it was."

She rested against his body and nodded a little. "I will keep her asleep until the child is born. I will adjust. Is that why you had me learn the scents of the herbs?"

Feeling him nod before he spoke. "That's correct. Over the next few years your sight will go completely. But you will still beable to work as a sharman. You will still have all of the wolf senses except you won't smell like a wolf and you won't beable to see until it's time to waken her. You will age slowly, but once you do your first shift, you will look as you do now."

Nodding a little. "As long as I can still work. I will be happy."

He lent down and kissed her forehead then both of her eyes before softly kissing her lips. He began to move back but she stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder and leaning forward to kiss him again. Their kiss began soft and teasing before it turned into one of passion. Letting out a soft growl, he lent back. "If you keep that up, I won't beable to stop myself, little wolf."

Blushing a little and hid her face against his chest. Once she had her breathing under control, she let back and traced her fingertips against his lips. "I... I have a request."

Taking her hand gently and kissed each of her fingertips. "What is your request?"

Watching his lips kiss each of her fingers, she looked back up into his eyes. "This is our last night together. Would you... Instead of it being a sad evening. Could you make it a pleasant one for me?"

He felt his wolf stirring with her words and the scents coming from her body. "How would you like me to make it a pleasant one, little wolf?"

She could just see his other half stirring underneath the service and her body began to react to it. "Would you... Would you take me.. Take me as a lover would? I know you have better partners out there, but would you take me as one of them just for this night?"

His voice turned husky as he let towards her. "Are you sure you want me as your first?"

Nodding a little. "It would be an honor for me to have you as my first. It would give me good memories of this sad night of letting my wolf sleep and having to wait until I find my true mate when she wakens."

He gave her a soft nod before leaning down and kissing her deeply. She knew what type of wolf he was, never with any single female for to long if it was more than a single night of enjoyment. He knew, she knew it would only be a single night of enjoyment for both of them. He had seen this in his vision and knew he was going to make her scream out his name. Even though, he had ulterior motives of doing this, he wouldn't let her know about that until she found out for herself.

The night was filled with passion she never knew was possible. She didn't know how many times she came or he came. He was relentless of his passion and showing her the true meaning of making love. They ended up falling asleep in each others arms a few hours before dawn but once she woke, she was alone with just the aches of their night of passion. She couldn't help but smile with what they had done. At least she didn't feel to bad with putting her wolf to sleep after what he had done to her. It was mid-morning by the time she had left the cave to return to the village. During the daylight, her vision was back to being just human, but the rest of her senses were still as a wolf. He had told her during one of their short breaks that her vision would disappear completely after a few years. So until that time came, she would do everything possible to make sure she had some good memories to think back on.

* * * * *

A full moon after placing her wolf sleep, she started to feel strange. She closed her eyes to try to figure out what it was then the next moment she had run to the back of her home and began to be sick. A couple of women from her tribe saw her being sick and quickly went to her aid. They helped her back into her home and let her rest.

As time continued and each day she was sick. Others started to question what was wrong with their sharman until finally one of the elders came and spoke with her about it. It was during the talk with the elder that both realized what it was.

She was with child.

The elders questioned her who was the father but she said he was a good man, not of the village. They ended up getting tired of that answer and soon allowed her peace with no more questions. Soon time came when she was screaming out as the birth arrived and when the child took its first breath and cried out, the wolves around the village began to howl.

Everyone in the village knew Baby Deer's path was that of the wolf so didn't think to much of it. The village never had any problems with wolves and didn't expect to so now. Even a few wild wolves came into the village and helped the hunters find food as long as they were paid in a share of the meat.

Time soon came when the daughter of Baby Dee was five seasons old. Baby Deer lost her sight completely and her eyes had turned opaque to show the full signs of blindness. Her daughter took her into the forest to find herbs needed and became her guide.

During one of those outings her daughter squeezed her mothers hand tightly and stepped closer to her. "Mamma. These a really big wolf ahead of us."

Baby Deer knelt down and placed her arms around her daughter body. "What color are his eyes?" Knowing Brother Wolf changed his coloring all of the time but his golden eyes always remained the same.

The girl stared at the wolf and whispered. "Gold like the sunset."

Baby Deer smiled and sat down on the ground and pulled her daughter into her lap to face the wolf and began to tell her stories of Brother Wolf and how he protects the people of his blood which included herself and her daughter and their daughters to come.

They sat like that for a long time before the girl relaxed completely even with the wolf slowly coming towards them. Once he was close enough, he bowed his head to the girl and she slowly reached towards him and scratched his cheek a little. The wolf made a murring sound before quickly moving forward and swiping his tongue against the girls cheek and then again against Baby Deer's cheek which made both females laugh. He gave a chuff before darting into the forest and disappearing as Baby Deer continued the stories but not telling the one she really wanted to tell. Of the evening that her wolf was placed to sleep and making love to a man who was her daughters father. That story she promised herself would always remain a secret.

* * * * *

Over the next few generations, her daughter and daughters daughters would watch as they grew old and she would remain slowly aging. Her bloodline continued to die as she continued to age. Even though the daughters knew the truth of who she was. The men in their lives would know her as their aunt or later in her life as grandmother.

A few of the men her daughters picked were ones she would prefer to hunt but she allowed her daughters to do as they wished and always sharing stories of the past. The women knew she was a wolf and had a long life so they did everything possible to aid her whenever they could.

After nine generations, her heart broke the worse of seeing her other child pass as she continued to live. Her pregnant daughter and her husband were in a car accident. The doctors gave her a choice. She had to make the choice of loosing both daughter and child she was carried or loosing just her daughter. She made the choice for the doctors to save the child. Afterwards, they bought her daughter back to her room. Then she felt a familiar presence she hadn't had in a long time. Not able to help but smile a little with a small nod. She knew her time was nearly up before allowing her wolf to awaken. She lent down and kissed her daughters temple before placing the sheet up over her face.

Picking up her cane she made her way to the door and left quietly before moving across the room where she smelt the wolf and someone darker in the hallway. Stopping a few meters away from them. "Can you tell me what she looks like please? My granddaughter there, Maria-Jane." Asking them with a little hope in her voice they would do that honor for her.

When a deep but soft voice answered her question. She couldn't help but smile at his description. She knew then this was Gray Wolf and his brother Mountain Thunder, just as Brother Wolf had promised her. Deciding to be a little sneaky, she told them that she would be rising the child because of her parents dieing.

They both offered to aid her if she ever had any problems they could call her for assistance. While her mischievous ways continued she told them a story long ago about the brothers she once knew and could hear their curiosity coming to the surface further, but leaving them hanging of who she really was.

Richard and Eric began to call her Ulisi and later introduced her to Dee who use to be Gold Lightening. It was years until they figured out who Ulisi was from the old days but continued to call her Ulisi because of how she looked.

As she did with her other daughters, she taught Maria their ways of the past. Told her stories long forgotten which drove Maria to paint the stories on canvas.

Time soon came when Maria turned eighteen and Ulisi changed the tea she had always drunk. She could feel her wolf beginning to stir in its slumber. Her eyes never changed color but she started to see things again but it wasn't time yet to let anyone know she could see again. She hadn't learnt how to read English so continued to read braille. Keeping quiet was one of the hardest things she had to do but during the first full moon of Eric claiming Maria, she couldn't help but tell Maria off with the tattoo she had of a wolf.

During the early morning when Eric and Maria slept after the hunt and after Maria claimed her wolf. She padded off into the forest to the clearing where she first met Wolf. He was waiting for her. She shifted back to human and smiled to him. "It's good to see you again, Brother."

Her features changed to being that of a twenty-five year old, except for her hair which was still a platinum gray. "It's good to see your wolf awaken. It has been to long, Baby Deer."

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