Kate hit the enter key with a decisive “what the fuck, why not” attitude. Tired of the single life, of being alone on the weekends, she had finally decided to try Internet dating. Even though meeting someone off the web was something that went against her safe way of thinking, she also felt a slight thrill at the unknown. Maybe she would actually meet someone she could spend some time with and break her long dry spell. The profile was finished, complete with her sexiest picture, and she was off to a business meeting.

Back at the office and busy with her budget projections, Kate had forgotten about everything except the service account that was giving her fits. Why are the numbers not balancing out? Frustrated with her work, she stands up and stretches and yawns, heading to the coffee pot for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

She pours her usual, a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of creamer, and idly stirs the hot brew as she carefully walks back to her office. Blowing the steam from the mixture, she takes a sip and settles down to continue her budgets.

Kate almost sloshes the java all over her linen pants suit when she sees the pop-up screen in the corner of her computer alerting her to an incoming e-mail. A new email account was setup when she put her advertisement on the dating site and Kate knew immediately it was from a prospective suitor. A smile forms on her lips and her stomach feels fluttery with anticipation as she quickly opens the mail.

Oh please let it be someone halfway decent, she thinks to herself.

The mail opens to a polite introductory note and a quick scroll down locates a picture of a good-looking man. His hair is blonde and he has a kind look about him. He is muscular and looks strong. Kate stares at the picture. A brief image of herself mounting him and riding him to orgasm flashes before her mental vision. Her pussy is always throbbing with horniness, the lack of sex really getting to her. She was guilty of imagining herself in vicarious positions with coworkers, mailmen, construction workers, and the like, much too often.

His ad read, ‘Forty-two year old, divorced father of one, seeking relationship or just friends.’

“Ray,” she utters to herself, liking the sound of his name.

Kate snaps out of her reverie and composes a response enumerating her interest and sends it off. Within minutes Ray had responded back with an invitation to lunch for the next day. Exhilarated, Kate accepts the invitation and happily strolls off into dreamland again, fucking being the main theme in her musings, amazed that she had gotten a response the first day of posting her personal ad.

That evening, Kate could not help but play with herself while lying in bed thinking of Ray. Her mind was having endless thoughts of fucking as she stroked her clit. She pinched her nipples and moaned, feeling the familiar throb in her pussy. She was so horny she almost couldn’t contain herself.

She had thoughts of straddling him and grinding her hips against his while she held his arms down. She dreamed of her long brown hair brushing against his thighs as she arched her back in orgasm, screaming out into the darkness. Before she knew it her fantasy brought her to orgasm and she felt content as sleep overtook her.

Nervous even when she awoke that rainy Friday morning, Kate primps and prepares herself for the lunch date just an hour away. She fretfully glances around her office and feels out of place all of a sudden, dating not being one of her strong points lately.

Kate arrives at the restaurant on time, looking very career-minded in her black ensemble with high heels. She walks to the entrance vestibule, notices him standing there and shakes his outthrust hand while giving him a quick hug. Her brown eyes sweep over him, promptly noticing his Friday work attire. She could not help but note the bulge in his jeans, her eyes lingering one second longer than she would have liked, feeling uncharacteristically embarrassed for a moment.

“You must be Ray,” Kate replies; removing her eyes from his and letting them wander downward again, color seeping into her cheeks.

“Yes I am. And you must be Kate,” Ray replies.

“I have to admit I’m quite nervous.”

“That’s natural but I assure you, I don’t bite,” he says, Kate detecting a slight sarcasm in his voice.

The waiter leads them to a table, the busy café hustling with the lunchtime crowd. After the waiter takes their order and hurries away to attend to other customers, they each settle down into their seats and look at each other from across the table.

Kate had heard of instant attraction and the pheromone theory, her girlfriend swears by it, but she had never experienced it firsthand. A normally reserved and calm person, Kate found she was fidgeting and uncomfortable around him. Her nipples were at attention and she was aware of the usually unseen things around her.

The woman at the table across from them kept staring at Kate. The overly made up woman was talking to her husband much too loudly and would take a fleeting look over her way. The noises in the entire room were growing louder, but yet she felt as if they were alone in the room.

“So, do you have great plans for the weekend,” Ray asked her while sitting confidently in his seat.

“Just the usual I suppose, nothing much.”

“I would have figured a pretty lady like you would be busy going out.”

Blushing slightly, Kate replies, “Oh no, not me. I don’t date often. I guess you could say I’m a loner. I’ve just been busy doing other things and haven’t really paid much attention to the social life.”

“Ah I see. What other things have you been busy doing, if I may ask?”

Unsure of why she does it, Kate blurts out, “I write erotic stories in my spare time.” She stands her ground and looks him dead in the eye, which makes it easier to gauge his reaction.

“Erotic stories?” Ray asked with an intrigued look to him.

Kate takes a deep breath and smiles, refolds the napkin in her lap, and meekly replies, “Yes I do and I’ve been told my stories are quite effective,” as she winks, an old habit of hers.

“Well you will just have to let me read some of these stories. I think I might enjoy them.”

“I certainly will. It will be my pleasure. I only require one thing of my readers. I must receive feedback, as in did you masturbate, did you cum, what thoughts were going through your head as you read it, things like that.”

“I think I can do that.”

“I’ll e-mail you one when I get back to the office.”

Lunch is lively, with small talk abounding. Past, current and future lives were discussed, in a get-to-know-you kind of way that a first encounter is sure to bring about. After lunch, Kate gives Ray another quick hug and leaves to finish out her day. She felt the lunch went well and was hoping he thought so too.

Kate had been writing for a long time, of course doing her theme papers in high school and college, and over time maturing into a fairly consistent erotic writer. She mostly wrote for fun, enjoying the comments she received from her friends. Her stories were always left in draft form. She always kept the story as it was when it spilled out of her onto paper. Therefore, she felt no inhibitions in immediately sending him three unedited stories.

She sent him one story about a couple getting it on in the ocean, another story about a threesome with more voyeurism than fucking, and the final story of fairly rough sex with bondage. Rough sex was something she had always craved but felt she had never fully gotten; in the way she envisioned it. Graphic was one of her favorite stories, portraying her current sexual frustration in a harsh way.

That night Kate’s phone rings and she picks it up on the first ring, busy folding clothes, expecting her best friend Leah to be on the other end.

“Hello,” she says, sounding breathless and right in the middle of something.

Ray says, “Hi Kate.” Her heart skips a beat.

“Hi Ray, what are you up to?”

“I was just calling to tell you I really enjoyed reading your stories.”

“Oh you did? Well I’m glad. So, which was your favorite?”

“I would have to say Graphic was my favorite.”

“Oh really?” Kate sounded surprised, but nonetheless made a mental note of his obvious sexual nature. “Well now isn’t that interesting, that’s one of my favorites as well.”

“Do you have it with you?”

“Do I have what with me?”

“Do you have the story with you?”

“Yes I do. Why?”

“I want you to read it to me.”

“Read it to you? Over the phone?”

“Yes, read it now for me,” his voice deepening with desire.

“Oh…ok…phone sex?” she questioned.

“I just want to hear you read the story,” he answered.

“OK,” her breath quickening while fumbling for the pages on top of her office desk. “Graphic,” Kate states and proceeds to clear her throat and take a deep breath, as she begins reciting the tale.

She yelled to stop that it hurt but he kept on thrusting in. With each thrust he was going deeper into her asshole. Each time he felt her muscles squeeze him, with her head rocking back and her long dark hair gently tickling his groin and stomach. Her arms held back in an uncomfortable position by him, refusing to let go until he was finished with her. Her sweat mingling with his each time he rammed his cock into her ass, her groans and small yelps letting him know she felt it deep.

He let go of one arm and thrust four fingers in her cunt feeling the warmth and wetness of her cum, while still fucking her ass. Her breath caught in her throat and he could tell she was almost ready. He let go of her other arm and grabbed her breast and harshly squeezed her nipple, still thrusting in and out, in and out, his cock going in and his fingers going out, driving her mad with lust. She didn’t know what to expect next since she was blindfolded and strapped to the bed with crude rope around her neck, digging into her each time she tried to get away.

He took her hair gently in his hand and she smiled, until he roughly pulled her head back with her hair and the rope dug into her throat until the pain was unbearable. He wildly rammed his cock into her ass, pulling out completely each time and ramming back in all the way, deep into the black hole, until she was whimpering. He could feel she was ready to explode so he stopped, he pulled his dick out, his fingers out, he completely let go of her and then she was crying for him not to stop, to please fuck her, please. He put a toy in her ass and his dick in her cunt and continued to thrust. To her surprise, he started spanking her hard on her ass. He spanked twice quickly and once slowly, rubbing the sore red spot. He kept spanking her, twice and once, twice and once, until her ass was glowing and she was shaking with ecstasy.

He slowly pulled the dildo from her ass and gradually put it back in deep, as far as it would go, then jerked it back out and rammed it back in so deep that she came off the bed. He kept jerking and ramming until she was screaming. Every limb of hers was shaking and her head was thrust back and her face in a grimace of luxury and pleasure and he could feel her muscles contracting with each orgasm. He continued in frenzy, being turned on more and more by her thrashing on the bed and with the wetness he produced from her. She grabbed his nuts underneath and wouldn’t let go, he kept thrusting and jerking and ramming and spanking until he could feel his own juices start to flow.

He quickly removed the dildo and placed his dick in her ass again and held onto her hips with both hands and gave it to her with full force…everything he had, not holding back, feeling the end of her insides, feeling her sweat, feeling her cum, feeling the heat from the friction between them, until he reached his fiery climax. Each squirt of his cum making her scream out, making it wet, making it slippery, reaching the unreachable of her ass until they both lay still.

Kate was openly moaning the words of the story and was incoherently touching her clit. She hesitates and waits for Ray’s reaction, her breaths coming out as short broken pants.

She hears Ray taking a deep breath and he says, “Mmm…you did good…that was just fine.” Ray had unbuttoned his pants to make room for his growing erection and had stroked his cock during the entire story.

They are both silent over the telephone line except for their breaths. Both were turned on and the silence seemed appropriate.

After what seemed a few minutes of rapid intakes of breath, Ray said, “I have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise? What kind of surprise?” Kate whispers into the phone.

“I wrote you a story.”

“You wrote me a story? An erotic story?” the excitement in her voice evident. “Nobody has ever written me a story before.”

“Yes I did. Guess you could say I was inspired. Would you like for me to read it to you?”

“I cannot believe you wrote me a story. I have to say I’m flattered, and I’m quite curious. Please, I’d love to hear it.” Kate felt hot with the blush flowing over her face, and her clit was throbbing, while she paced around the house and walked outside.

As Ray began reading his story, Kate sat down on the top step of her deck outside and leaned until she was lying on her back looking at the stars. Her heart was pounding with eager anticipation. She was turned on by the first uttered words.

Ray began reading.

She was a little surprised to see the whirlpool tub unoccupied. She had moved into the apartment complex earlier in the month and had always been amazed at the amount of activity around the pool and common area, which included a large whirlpool tub. The tub was exposed to the night air and was comfortable for six or perhaps nine very close friends. It was late December, and the night air was very cold. She could see the steam rising off of the water and her own breath as she approached. She removed her heavy robe and slipped into the hot water. After a few moments, it became obvious that she should have brought something to drink, as the hot water was extracting its toll.

As she began to notice the sweat beads on her forehead, she heard the gate open. A couple walked in through the gate, they did not bother to wear robes. He was of medium build and wearing long purple trunks. She seemed way too hot for him, she had on a white bikini with thong bottom. Her nipples had noticed the night air, even if she had not. Her blonde hair was to her ass. The two of them slipped into the tub, without introducing themselves. She managed a smile and noticed they had placed a cooler by the water. The blonde girl returned the smile and opened the cooler and retrieved a bottle of wine. She slid around to where the first girl was sitting and offered her a drink from the bottle. Oddly, the boy did not seem to be interested in the exchange.

“It’s very hot in this tub, don’t you think,” she said as she passed the wine bottle. As she turned the bottle up to drink she saw the other girl begin to slip off her suit. In a moment, the white bikini was on the concrete beside the cooler. Her breasts were perfectly formed, a size D she would have guessed. She glanced down through the clear water, and was unable to discern any pubic hair. The girl was apparently clean-shaven. She lifted herself out of the water, her nipples instantly swelled with the exposure to the cold air. Without a word, she reached down and unfastened the back of the first girl’s top. Her breasts poured free. She reached down and gently squeezed each breast. The girl moaned softly. She then placed the nipples between her fingernails and gave them a pinch.

All the sensation in her body seemed to dwell in her nipples; they were rock hard and stinging from the unexpected pinch. The first girl slipped off her bottoms and handed them to the blonde. The blonde spread her legs and placed her hand behind the girl’s head. She guided her face toward her shaven pussy. The pussy was wet from the pool, but the taste told her that her juices were flowing as well. The man suddenly appeared and placed a towel behind the blonde. She leaned back and spread her legs still wider. Her boyfriend dropped his trunks. He was unusually large. It seemed to sag from its weight. He squatted over her face, letting his balls hang down to her lips. She began to suck on them and bathe them with her tongue.

The blonde scooted back from the pool, and the first girl followed after her, her lips never leaving the shaven pussy. The first girl was out of the water except for her knees, which rested on the ledge of the pool. Her tits were scraped against the cold concrete, but she was consumed with the taste of this beautiful blonde. She barely noticed the boy move around behind her and slip into the water. She did feel his hands as he parted her cheeks and exposed her pussy to the cold air. She felt his member press against her and slowly push through her wet lips.

He pushed into her deep, forcing her tits even harder into the concrete. She winced at the pain but dared not stray from her task. Her tongue continued to roll against the blonde’s clit. The boy had picked up his pace and was all but slamming into her. The concrete scraped her tits even more and her belly was now being pressed into the cold rough surface as well. The blonde arched her back off of the concrete. She grabbed at the back of the first girl’s hair and pressed her hips into her face. She could feel the blonde’s juices flow down her chin. The taste was intense.

The boy pushed with more urgency into her. She could feel him begin that familiar throb, and she expected him to explode within her at any moment. Suddenly the cock left her and she instinctively arched her ass up in order to reclaim it. She now felt this hot liquid land on her back, now more landed until she felt the last dribble onto her ass, and slowly creep between her cheeks. The warm liquid began to flow toward her asshole. She could not wait to feel it cover her hole there.

The blonde sat up. She watched the steam rise from the man’s load as it lay on the first girl’s back. She sat up and moved to take the warmness into her mouth. Her tongue ran the length of the girl’s back, leaving nothing behind. She chased the liquid as it disappeared in between the first girl’s cheeks. The blonde parted the cheeks and ran her tongue hungrily into the first girl’s ass. The first girl could feel the warm liquid begin to enter her dark hole…no, that was a tongue.

Kate had been openly moaning during his reading and still couldn’t get over that someone had written her a story. “Whew,” Kate says very slowly. “That was hot. Are you as turned on as I am?”

“Where do you live?” Ray quickly asks Kate.

Kate is a little confused and replies, “Where do I live? Um…what do you mean?” She is a little leery of sharing the details of her occupancy, especially practical strangers.

“I want to come see you right now,” Ray says, almost uncontrollably horny.

“Right now?” Kate questions, excitement overtaking her.

“Can I come see you…right now?”

“Well…um…sure. I guess so. I can’t believe you are coming over tonight. Don’t get me wrong I want you to, but I can’t believe it’s happening this fast.”

Impatiently, Ray asks for directions. Kate gives him a detailed route. “I’ll be there in forty five minutes,” Ray utters as he ends the phone conversation.

Kate immediately starts pacing the floors, in amazement that Ray is coming over tonight. Oh my God she thinks, realizing she needs to bathe quickly and prepare herself.

She slips on a cream-colored silk night shirt, buttons opened in the front, revealing her buxom front, and waits.

When she hears the front doorbell ring, she immediately starts shaking, the Wild Turkey and Coke drink not calming her nerves, as she had liked.

She opens the door and Ray is standing there, a small metal case in hand. She feels compelled to hug him and when she does her breasts rub against his manly frame and she shudders. He shuts the door and the first thing he does strikes Kate as being odd.

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